Dutch children begin to show signs of immunodeficiency

A short post on SARS2 today, but tomorrow I want to address something else.

As you know, me and plenty of other people warned society, but people went ahead and vaccinated Dutch children against SARS2. The vaccines were supposed to stop them from catching it. Then the vaccines failed to stop them from catching it. But, we were told, it still prevents severe disease! What is severe COVID? It means you get pneumonia. So what are we supposed to see? Less pneumonia. And what we do actually see? You guessed it.

In 2021 there was no pneumonia season, in 2022 there was a normal pneumonia season and in 2023, things are looking pretty awful. So what’s causing these infections? Mostly SARS-COV-2 and RSV.

We already know that a recent SARS2 infection makes a subsequent RSV infection more likely in kids.

What we are seeing is suggestive of two things: Severe infections from the novel BA.2.86 family and immune system damage from constant exposure to the SARS2 virus. These problems can be traced back to the failed vaccine experiment.

Simultaneously, we see another problem emerge again:

Too many people are dying. I have explained before, we should be having deficit mortality, after such a long period of excess mortality. A human being can only die once after all.

The excess mortality of course, once again coincides with mass SARS2:

You can compare the curves yourself: The excess mortality shows up whenever there’s a lot of SARS2 in sewage and disappears again when SARS2 disappears.

This proves that the main direct cause are the SARS2 infections. Those constant infections of course are a consequence of the failed vaccine experiment. So far, the death toll from all the adverse effects that you constantly see people talk about, like strokes and heart failure, are a tiny drop in the bucket, compared to the main problem that nobody wants to talk about:

These vaccines made the pandemic worse, by inducing an inappropriate immune response that encourages the virus to mutate around it.

Why are record numbers of Dutch children suffering pneumonia now? Why do millions of people show signs of brain damage? Why are millions of people now handicapped and unable to work? Why do we have constant excess mortality? Why do we see signs of severe mental distress in record numbers of people?

We gave people a vaccine against a virus, that leads their bodies to get stuck on the wrong kind of immune response. This made the virus much more potent than it would otherwise have been and prevented it from dying out. The sort of immune response that our bodies now deploy against this virus rapidly becomes exhausted. Hence we see elevated levels of T cell exhaustion in the whole population.

I have spend a lot of effort, to educate people about this.

When you leave billions of people stuck with the wrong kind of immune response, you encourage a virus like this to mutate around that immune response. One way for this virus to achieve this, is by focusing more on infecting our brains, where our antibodies generally can’t reach due to the blood-brain barrier.

So now we have very neurovirulent SARS2 viruses constantly reinfecting us and depleting our immune systems.

In a future post I want to look more at how this problem is going to evolve in the years ahead, but I wanted to show you what their stupidity has caused.


  1. In the interest of keeping enough cognition intact to deal with the immune response problem:

    ‘University of Queensland researchers have found a way to reverse a cellular process triggered by COVID-19 that contributes to premature ageing of the brain.

    Dr Julio Aguado and a team from UQ’s Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) used synthetic brain organoid models, grown in a laboratory from human stem cells, to study the effect of different SARS-COV-2 variants on brain tissue.

    “We found COVID-19 accelerates the presence of ‘zombie’ or senescent cells, which accumulate naturally and gradually in the brain as we get older,” Dr Aguado said.

    The researchers found four drugs that selectively eliminated the cells caused by COVID-19 – navitoclax, ABT-737, fisetin and a cocktail of dasatinib plus quercetin (D+Q).”
    (Turning back the clock on brains aged by COVID-19, University of Queensland, Australia, UQ News, 22 November 2023).

    Fisetin is available as a supplement, and seems to be generally safe. I am not going to take it since I had bad luck with taking flavonoid supplements in the past; they seemed to screw up my thyroid function while I was taking them (and it was probably not my imagination since apparently flavonoids can decrease thyroid hormone activity and even cause goiter). I drink purple grape juice and red wine every day instead. But it is worth looking into if you want to take flavonoids.

    • I think with the Fisetin you would want to take it in brief bursts, all at once, instead of one pill a day.

      Otherwise I imagine you’re just training the senescent cells to develop resistance to it.

  2. It’s also (possibly) the result of these kids getting locked in their rooms for years. It may be a hunch, but I think your immune system adjusts to how socially connected you are, since belonging to a tribe is a fundamental human need. If you have nobody, and are socially isolated, you wind up being weakened by all kinds of things. Also, you need to build up tolerance to things when you’re young, and many of these kids haven’t due to being thrown in jail, essentially.
    In my own life, I remember that during the period I was very stressed (also during the lockdowns) I couldn’t even seem to beat back simple viruses. It literally took me a week to fight off a cold, when I was feeling very down. And this is despite being a trad alpha male, of pure blood, not smoking or drinking, etc etc. Once I recovered from that period, started going outside again and socializing, I hardly got sick and was never bad.

  3. Appreciate these updates. Regarding your recommendations regarding the use of psilocybe to stave off and potentially repair neurodegeneration caused by COVID, it seems possible that adding Lion’s Mane may have additional synergistic benefits as it regenerates the myelin on the sheath of the nerves while the psilocybe proliferates nerve tip growth. This combination (with additional niacin) is what Paul Stamets recommends.

    Just a brief note on what’s happened in Dublin today and tonight. Low I.Q. LSWMs are giving us medium and high I.Q. critics of Islam/multiculturalism a really bad reputation and tarnishing our image and credibility. An Algerian randomly started stabbing young children and women outside a school in the centre of Dublin city. In response, a bunch of retards started burning police cars, buses and trams and looting shops and department stores, and attacking riot police. Those morons waving their Irish flags at the riots tonight probably couldn’t even name the six counties of Northern Ireland. And now all of us are being put into one big group and labelled “far right lunatics” by the media.

    • The media would do that anyway. Just remind them that rioting and looting are the voice of the unheard, and that voice is telling the muslims that it’s closing time at the bar. They don’t have to go home, but they can’t stay here.

    • Yep. And China is now saying it’s just the normal usual mix of viruses that they always see in kids.

      If you believe them, that means it’s probably not a new virus or other germ, nor lockdown debt, but just a sign of widespread immunodeficiency in the population.

      France is also seeing the highest rate in ten years apparently of mycoplasma pneumonium infections in kids.

  4. Not stupidity my friend. It was a very clever trap that all the shekel chasers fell for hook, line and sinker. Those that devised this cDNA clone knew exactly how the corrupt system would react, and react it did – exactly as expected. Watch now as everybody’s brains slowly rot out.

  5. Denis Rancourt and his team sees no evidence of covid causing excess mortality from 2020 to now, none. He thinks it’s all due to the vaccines, denial of early treatment, and other things our governments did to their populations. But I think I agree with you and Igor Chudov who look at things like wastewater, follow the peaks and conclude that the virus is working in tandem with the crazy shots to wreak havoc.
    We would have been far better off if we had completely ignored the “pandemic,” done the opposite of CDC advice and gone about life as usual.
    It would be in the rear view mirror by now.

      • In this context, what would the herd immunity have looked like? Roughly the prevalence and severity of the common cold? Or do you think SARS-COV-2 would have disappeared?

        • It would most likely have become something like tuberculosis, which used to kill huge numbers of people in Europe, but now only survives in immunocompromised populations.

          • I don’t think SARS2 could have survived without the lockdowns and the vaccines, because we have four corona viruses of our own that are inevitably in competition with SARS2. Immunocompromised populations are exceptions of course, but the variants they give rise to would not be able to spread if most people had a healthy functional immune response to them.

            It’s only when you give SARS2 an artificial advantage, that it can win the competition with the hCOVs.

            We’ve seen multiple sarbecovirus outbreaks, we had SARS1, we even saw MERS spread in South Korea.

            There also seem to be other corona viruses that constantly infect the human population.

            But none of these viruses ever get a chance to permanently establish themselves in our population.

            SARS2 is different.

            It’s different because of what we did: We gave it the opportunity to freely train against our Spike antibodies.

          • Consider BA.2.86* as an example of why we don’t have herd immunity now.

            It was born from a chronic infection. But it didn’t really change anything, except the spike protein.

            It only seems to be spreading in highly mRNA vaccinated European nations, where the immune response is mostly antibodies against Spike.

            Of course when it receives enough opportunities to replicate in those people, it gets to recombine with other variants, so now it has produced recombinants, that have inherited a much better backbone from other variants.

            Those recombinants can then start infecting healthy people who were not vaccinated again.

            And thus even unvaccinated regions of the world end up with recombinant BA.2.86* waves.

            Without mass vaccination, it’s possible something like BA.2.86 would have come into existence in people with severe immunodeficiency.

            But without mass vaccination, such a variant would have spread locally and then gone extinct. It would not have had the opportunity to improve itself further.

      • Exactly. The virus was designed to be an inoculation trap. Remember, a biological solution does not require agreement. You just release it.

  6. “Yep. And China is now saying it’s just the normal usual mix of viruses that they always see in kids. If you believe them, that means it’s probably not a new virus or other germ, nor lockdown debt, but just a sign of widespread immunodeficiency in the population.”

    Ok, but I’ve never been entirely clear on what the covid vax situation in China ended up being. I know they shunned the mRNAs, so did their children all get injected with something else that would be doing this?

  7. Interesting response(s). I hadn’t thought about MERS and the first SARS, which are indeed examples of how things might have played out. The main difference is that SARS-COV-2 did appear to be better at spreading than those earlier examples, even before any interventions.

  8. I wonder this too. They used the more traditional route using the whole inactivated virus. I don’t know how many of their kids they vaxxed. I’m not even sure in my country (UK) how many kids were vaxxed compared to adults, but I don’t think it was that much. I think it’s the virus that’s causing this. Even before these reports came out I noticed loads of sick kids with really bad coughs and that was in the summer months.

    I’m not as smart as Radagast but presumably using the whole inactivated virus would give their immune system a complete picture of the virus as opposed to just the spike which the MRNA vaccines utilised instead for some weird reason, probably because it is cheaper and they could roll it out faster. The traditional route doesn’t seem to be working either.

    I do wonder if this virus has been purposely engineered to bypass the immune system to create an airborne AIDS virus. Perhaps it was already fully primed when it was released, a trojan horse virus basically – it looks like a bad flu so nothing to worry about when in fact it’s recking every organ in your body.

    • It looks like we’re heading towards hell on earth. Loads of parents aren’t even vaccinating their kids now with vaccines that actually work against threats like Polio because of the fallout from this shit covid vaccine.

      It’s strange as well that all the pharm companies involved utilised just the spike protein. Why the spike unless they knew something? Gates did that weird pandemic exercise conference (September 2019) one month after he invested 55 million into BioNtech, a little known company which went on to make hundreds of millions off the pandemic. Why in the name of fuck is this not a subject of outrage? It’s so blatant, it cannot be a coincidence.

      • > It’s strange as well that all the pharm companies involved utilised just the spike protein. Why the spike unless they knew something?

        I’ve written here before that I learned from a retired “insider” that they chose the S-protein because otherwise the risk of ADE was too great.

        I’m not qualified to know whether that is correct or not.

      • I read somewhere early on that the problem with whole killed virus vaccines was that they were more likely to cause ADE.

        I thought that in order for regular childhood vaccines like the polio vaccine (and comparable vaccines for adults) to work, the person being vaccinated had to have a decently functioning immune system. If your immune system is shot, you can have polio vaccines injected in you night and day, but they won’t help you avoid catching polio. That is how it is working with covid; they’ve basically conceded that the covid vaccine does nothing for immunocompromised people. So as kids and dogs lose their immune systems, it really won’t matter whether or not they get their traditional vaccines, since they won’t help anyway. But the parents will be blamed of course for not having the kids have their regular shots, since someone has to be blamed.

      • I suggest you read more on vaccines and their alleged successes, including polio. I recommend Turtles All The Way Down as a start.

  9. I hadn’t even heard of mycoplasma until a couple of days ago. Now it looks like it might be what is hospitalizing children in China, due to their immune systems being weakened by covid. And also, per this article (NBCSanDiego.com, “What to Know About Severe Illness At San Diego Humane Society Shelter That Killed Three Dogs, Eric S. Page, Nov. 13th, 2023”:

    “The dogs are being attacked by a one-two punch of Streptococcus Equi subspecies zooepidemicus, which is also known as Strep zoo, and the bacterial infection Mycoplasma, according to SDHS, which said the pair acting in combination “have led to more severe disease than what the shelter might see with just one of these pathogens.””

    “Antibiotics treatments are available, but infections often reoccur after treatment, and emerging resistant strains have been described for most antibiotics in the majority of mycoplasmas (25). No vaccine is available for human-pathogenic species, and only a small number of low-efficiency vaccines are available for livestock-pathogenic species (26). Most studies report that vaccination yields a typical immune response with high titers of circulating specific antibodies, followed by an often disappointing level of protection when vaccinated individuals are challenged with pathogenic strains” (“Beware of Mycoplasma Anti-immunoglobulin Strategies”, ASM Journals, 16 November 2021).

    • Yeah protection against mycoplasma seems to depend on T cells.

      But… a significant portion the T cells are exhausted.

      NK cells don’t seem to help protect against mycoplasma infections.

  10. Read this! Official statement from the EMA, signed by its executive director Emer Cooke (18 October 2023, EMA/451828/2023):

    “You are indeed correct to point out that COVID-19 vaccines have not been authorised for preventing transmission from one person to another. The indications are for protecting the vaccinated individuals only. … In addition, EMA’s assessment reports on the authorisation of the vaccines note the lack of data on transmissibility.”


    • Thank you!!!

      Some friends of mine, who happen to be lawyers, are trying to bring justice for HCWs in Greece.
      This might prove useful!

      If EMA didn’t authorise for transmission-prevention, this fact could weaken the constitutionality of the State’s decision to suspend HCWs who wouldn’t vaccinate.

      Is there more context for this EMA letter?

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