Dutch government agency admits sudden dementia explosion in the population

Today is the rare day that requires me to make a double-post.

A few months ago, I revealed to you all that the Dutch population is suffering from an explosion in dementia cases.

And well, you should never believe something you read on an obscure blog by a crazy anonymous Dutch stoner. Unless that guy is me.

Because have a look at what the Dutch RIVM just revealed:

A sudden massive increase in Dutch people reporting memory problems to their doctor!

Significant increase in memory and concentration problems among adults

In the first quarter of 2023, there was a 24% increase in GP visits related to memory and concentration problems among adults (age 25 years and older) compared to the same period in 2020. This is evidenced by the latest quarterly research update from the GOR Network. The increase in memory and concentration problems of adults seems to be a longer-term effect of the coronavirus measures as well as SARS-CoV-2 infections.Older people (75+) are most likely to visit their GP with the symptoms. The youngest two age groups among adults (25-44 and 45-64 years) are relatively unlikely to visit their GP for these symptoms. The number of GP visits for memory and concentration problems increased in all age groups among adults (aged 25 years and up), but the biggest increase was seen in the age groups from 45 to 74 years (+40%). A 31% increase was seen among adults aged 24-44, and an 18% increase among adults over 75. No increase was observed among young people (under 25 years old).

I warned you all about this, many many times. You are constantly infecting the whole population with a neurovirulent virus, due to your failed vaccination strategy.

In fact, because antibodies generally fail to pass the blood brain barrier, your vaccination program is giving a selective advantage to versions of SARS2 that are more neurovirulent. The direction of evolution of this virus is towards increasing neurovirulence, with the lungs being increasingly spared. Why do you think the new variants show pink eye as a symptom, even as the hospitals remain empty? You morons gave a selective advantage to neurovirulent varieties. Nice job.

That’s your own fault, because of your retarded attempt at vaccinating this virus out of existence. I warned you not to do that.

I told you to just take the hit and move on, but no, you had to make the mess you created with your man-made sarbecovirus even worse, by deploying a bad vaccine against it.

Now we’re all starting to suffer brain damage. And the RIVM at least honestly admits that we’re getting brain damage from this virus. Most governments now pretend that all the shit we’re dealing with now is due to the lockdowns, because then they don’t have to admit it will just keep getting worse.

And if you browse my blog, you will also notice me trying to warn you about the accumulating brain damage. I already told you, you need to break down the Spike protein and the amyloid building up in your brain. This is not just some autistic obsession of mine, it’s my best attempt at getting more people through this global transition. Eat Natto.

Tobacco and cannabis can also help, but please eat your natto.

Most of the vaccinated don’t seem to notice something is wrong, because their immune response to this neurovirulent virus is tolerogenic (see: IgG4 among other issues). You people are gently going into that good night.

It’s the unvaccinated, who do tend to notice their brains are constantly fighting against something. Give your body a helping hand: Give it the enzymes that break down the Spike protein.

And I know most of you will just ignore me again, I know most of you won’t bother taking care of your brain until you notice the damage interfering in your daily life, by which time it is mostly too late. Kind of similar to how you low IQ morons are treating the environmental crisis, isn’t it?

Eat your natto.


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    Update: Alhamdulillah! It looks like you can all share your own genius insights under my genius insights again!

    Most of the old comments have also been restored.

    Sorry again for the inconvenience. Three of my own posts are still missing, but I’m just going to accept that I think.

    Layers of software stacked on top of each other turns into a maze too complex for mere mortals like me to navigate.

  2. Rintrah,

    I know you have covered this before, but….with regards to natto, do you buy it raw, already prepared, how do you cook it?

    • I buy mine at nattodan.com. I just add some soy sauce and some dijon mustard. That’s how the Japanese generally eat it (but with their own type of mustard).

      • You mentioned taking nattokinase pills only when you have a full stomach to avoid your digestive system destroying it. Does that imply that there is a recommended protocol for eating natto?

        If so, what would that be?

          • Mine also says to take on an empty stomach. I did that for months with no problem. Then I tried taking it on a full stomach and I ended up hurting all over with a terrible stomach ache (I tried several times). I went back to taking it on an empty stomach and am hoping for the best. Maybe it is something about how they encapsulate it. Or maybe now my stomach acid is destroying it so that I’m not getting side effects, but also not getting any benefit.

  3. Signs of mental convergence. I am not a Muslim, not even of Middle Eastern origin, yet “Alhamdullilah!” has been on my mind for several days. Someone, or Someone, is transmitting. The interesting times are not over.

  4. Thank you Radagast, for your persistent coverage of these issues. I’ve been following your posts for about 1.5 years now and I really appreciate the effort you put into collecting and analyzing all this information and presenting it in such a way that us poor LSWMs can understand it 😉

    As a fellow Dutchman, and never having tried natto myself, I do have to ask you – where do you get yours?

    Thanks again for all you’ve given us!

  5. Low dose methylene blue seems like it might be helpful with prion disease, and inflammation, and it’s an anti-viral, and it crosses the blood brain barrier (and stains your brain blue), and it is an antidepressant, and it has anti-aging qualities due to its effect on the mitochondria. And it is cheap and legal. But it is dangerous to take with SSRIs and some stimulants; you can end up dead from serotonin syndrome.

  6. Thanks for this post.

    One of my many food sensitivities is soy. I’ve read that serrapeptase has a mechanism of action similar to natto. I recently bought some but haven’t yet started taking it. Two weeks ago, I spent about three hours with an elderly friend who is vaxxed (I’m not), including being in her car with windows up. I actually felt icky after being with her and am now better. I’m going to start taking serrapeptase today. I hope it works as well as natto.

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