Easy solution to a hard problem

This is worth a read. What I’ve noticed is that almost all the critique of Israel’s response in Gaza comes from people who are either intellectually insincere (Muslims and paranoid schizophrenic low IQ LSWM antisemites) or just don’t really understand how the world works because they’re coddled (white women and pillow-biting twinks). We see the latter in the video above.

You’re just not going to find a mentally healthy heterosexual white man above the age of thirty, with an IQ above 100, who looks at the war in Gaza and can genuinely at his core believe that Israel is doing something morally wrong. If I was still twenty, I might mistakenly believe that Israel is in the wrong. But reflection teaches you the world is a nasty place.

Theories that evil global elites are plotting against us all only APPEAR dark, because they offer the promise of an easy solution: Get rid of those elites. The reality is much darker. If you replaced the people ruling us today through the WEF and the Bilderberg group and similar institutes, you would end up with even worse people. Netanyahu is a dark man. But the even darker reality, is that he may not be dark enough for the job he has to do.

Our problems generally don’t have easy solutions. When we think we found an easy solution, we make them worse. mRNA vaccines? Easy solution to a hard problem. Just raise the antibodies higher and higher until you can’t get infected anymore! Easy solution to a hard problem (hello IgG4).

Ozempic? Easy solution to a hard problem. “Global warming is a hoax”? Easy solution to a hard problem. I have enough respect for you, to bother taking the effort from time to time, to explain to you why you’re wrong in thinking global warming is a hoax. But I also have enough respect for you, to trust I won’t have to explain to you why Ozempic is a bad idea.

“Peak oil is a hoax”? Easy solution to a hard problem. Education increases intelligence? Easy solution to a hard problem. “Putin is one of the good guys”? Easy solution to a hard problem. If you feel like a woman in a man’s body or vice versa, you can just get a surgeon to turn you into the other sex? Easy solution to a hard problem. We can all just start driving electric cars? Easy solution to a hard problem. Migrants can do our jobs as our population ages? Easy solution to a hard problem.

“Actually it was just Israel who slaughtered those people at the psytrance desert party.” Easy solution to a hard problem. “ISIS is run by Israel.” Easy solution to a hard problem. Oh how I wish, that the LSWMs were right and Muslims did not actually believe in the religion they believe in. That was an interesting early 2000’s era idea that aged rather poorly.

And yet, as suspicious as I will readily acknowledge 9/11 looks (not to mention the Russian apartment bombings), the reality is also: Muslims genuinely believe the stupid crap they believe and many are perfectly willing to act on those beliefs. There are millions of them out there, willing to spend a fortune to fly to the desert and get crushed to death in a tunnel underneath the scorching sun.

You have to be guided by conspiratorial thinking, or feelings and outrage, to believe Israel is doing something wrong. You’ll find some musicians of course, because even male musicians, when they are good, have brains that work very similar to those of women and gay men.

The ones who don’t like Jews will argue Israel does something wrong of course, but even they don’t genuinely believe it. They just failed at life and get sucked into some Internet bubble full of other low status white males, who teach them that the Jews are responsible for everything they don’t like about the modern world.

Because what do we see? We see three things:

-Urban warfare in densely populated cities

-An enemy that blurs the distinction between civilians and fighters

-Use of civilians as human shields

We knew from day one it was going to be a blood bath. And frankly, if anything I’m surprised at what the Jews pulled off. It has been said by others, but it’s worth repeating: Hamas argues for a death toll of 31,000, without distinguishing between its soldiers and civilians, or any people killed by their own rockets. Israel claims to have killed 13,000 Hamas militants. Take both claims at face value and you arrive at 1.38 civilian deaths, for every militant. Under these conditions that is mind-blowing. What does the United Nations say? It says that ninety percent of war-time casualties are civilians, particularly in densely populated areas. In other words, you would expect 9 civilian deaths for every militant. I honestly struggle to believe only 31,000 people in Gaza have died.

I’m a rational man, or at least try to be. The problem with mass migration of Muslims to non-Muslim countries is the same problem I have with climate change, which expands the desert regions where Islam tends to thrive. We’re being set up for a thousand Hamas movements all around the world. That’s why I don’t want to have children: It will be a very miserable world. The Nigerian version of Hamas, consists of Fulani herdsmen moving south, to slaughter Christian civilians. Low IQ low status white males like to think that increasing atmospheric CO2 will make the planet greener (easy solution to a hard problem), but that’s not what happens when you increase the concentration at the fastest rate known in geological history.

Now what the white women and twinks are arguing for is essentially a “hostage exception” to the rules of war. If Hitler had strapped French babies to German soldiers and sent them off in boats to England until they had surrounded London, Churchill should not have called for his forces to repel the German troops, because of all the babies strapped to their uniform that would have died. He should have just accepted that from now on, most of England is in German hands.

They want a new precedent: The Hamas precedent. The white women and pillow-biting twinks position on war is that when a terrorist movement commits genocide, but then uses its own civilians as human shields, you should tolerate their continued threat to your country.

And so tomorrow, once the white women and pillow-biting twinks manage to convince our governments of this, we will wake up with terrorist movements in Nigeria, Syria, Turkey, Xinjiang and all around the world, that dress up as civilians and live in tunnels underneath the apartments. We will just have to learn to live with that new normal. Climate change activism? Well, the most optimal path no longer becomes shouting slogans. It becomes capturing kids of oil executives and keeping them in tunnels under cities.

The PKK wants an independent Kurdistan? Well, attack the Turks from underneath your cities! Uighurs want to break off from China? Hide beneath your cities! Weaponize the tears of white women with pronouns in their bio! Mobilize the twinks! From now on, in the world ruled by white women and pillow-biting twinks, the optimal strategy to achieve your goals is to commit genocide, while hiding behind as many innocent civilians as possible.

White women and pillow-biting twinks say they want a ceasefire. I’m going to ignore what Muslims and paranoid schizophrenic low IQ low status white males want, because they’re intellectually insincere, they want Jews to be violently exterminated, which they can not say out loud without discrediting themselves.

Well, here’s the problem. Hamas continues firing rockets, during the ceasefires! Hamas began its invasion of Israel, during a ceasefire! This is not a movement that respects ceasefires. So what you are effectively saying, is that you refuse to bend over, unless Israel bends over to Hamas.

Imagine for a moment that Belgium has a terrorist movement, that invades the Netherlands at random moments to slaughter as many civilians as it can. I’m not going to entertain the theories of the Muslims and the paranoid schizophrenic low IQ low status white male antisemites, that Israel slaughtered the civilians, for a simple reason: Hamas has taken young children back to their tunnels, so Hamas makes no secret of targeting civilians.

But imagine that were the case. What should the Netherlands do exactly? You can not have a functional society, if you are expected to tolerate a movement like this on your border. People will not want to live near the border. People will not want to live in the country or invest in it. Your civilians will be traumatized and mentally ill.

Frankly, this could happen in the first place because Israel was doing what Jews always do: Tolerate too much abuse. I live in the Netherlands. Smart people from all over the world want to live here. Would those people want to live here, if we constantly had ringing sirens due to rockets going off above our heads and being automatically shot down by some giant anti-air missile device? No.

Hamas pursues the strategy it does, of terrorism, because it is a strategy that succeeds at making a state non-viable. So they have to go. You don’t really have an alternative. If you don’t get rid of them, they will retake the Gaza strip.

But what about Palestinian civilians? Well, no movement can operate at this scale, without at least some degree of support from the civilian population. When a Hamas militant steals the phone of a Jewish woman, to brag to his parents about killing ten Jews, those are civilians he is bragging to. Civilians who raised their son to be a terrorist.

When a Palestinian boy spits on the body of a Jewish girl, what are we looking at? A civilian. And we can forgive the boy, but the parents had a lifetime of opportunities for reflection. How do you end up with a son who brags about killing ten Jews to you on the phone? There are innocent civilians dying in this conflict, but the Gazans have collectively chosen this path. This is different from when a bank robber takes the employees hostage.

When white women yell and scream about 14,000 dead children, I say to them: It’s probably more than that. Hamas started something catastrophic and has an incentive to downplay the consequences, to maintain support among their own population. But that’s not “genocide”. Because genocide is not defined by a large number of civilian casualties in a war, genocide is defined by the intention to cause an ethnic group to cease to exist. If Israel wanted Palestinian genocide, it would be easy to find out: There are two million Palestinian Arabs living in Israel.

This is what war in cities is like. Whether it’s war in the trenches like in Ukraine, or war in cities like in Gaza, war is horrifying. But war in cities is unique, in the death toll it inflicts on civilians.

The thing to keep in mind, is that there’s a fate worse than death. If I was born in the Gaza strip, I wouldn’t mind dying. My life would be awful as I would be surrounded by Muslims whose entire life is devoted to hating Jews, so I would rather just not live. But if I was being held hostage in the tunnels by Hamas, I would try to kill myself, because that is a fate worse than death.

And that’s the problem. You can not ask of Israel to let a single one of its citizens be held hostage by these people.


  1. I don’t disagree with everything, BUT the problem is that Europeans can’t stop thinking and behaving like Manichaists.
    In this Manichaist landscape, you can’t recognize that someone might care about Israelis, and still be critical of the whole handling because it hurts THEM too.
    I don’t have to get into details. But it’s easy to see that Manichaism leads to incosistency. Like: why did Israel have no other choice, but Russia had other choices?
    Anyway, I am old enough not to get into a fierce debate, since the more consistent (and obvious) takeaway is that things are NOT that simple.
    + + +
    Last but not least: have ye guys thought that, maybe, “Christian” Zionists really WANT to bring an Armaggedon (accurately located) bc that is what their belief system tells them? Last month I gave you a deep analysis in Greek which you can google translate.

    • >Like: why did Israel have no other choice, but Russia had other choices?

      Israel had no other choice, because it was invaded by a movement that intentionally slaughters innocent civilians of all ages.

      As far as I am aware, Ukraine has never shown any intention of doing such a thing to Russians, whether Russian-speakers in Ukraine, or in Russia itself.

      • >As far as I am aware, Ukraine has never shown any intention of doing such a thing to Russians, whether Russian-speakers in Ukraine

        Ok, so is this a genuine admission of ignorance?

        The Ukranian regime has been shelling its (using a term generous to Western ideology) Eastern regions since at least 2014. They killed 14,000 people in this manner.

        Shortly before Feb 2022, if the Russians are to be believed, the Ukranian regime was amassing forces in the East. Without Russian intervention, they would have rolled in and slaughtered the ethnic Russian population.

        Yes, much of this hangs on the word of Russians, but I find it quite surprising that you are adamant in your defence of e.g. Bellingcat, MI6, and the USMIC by naively reiterating their position that Puton just went mad and randomly invaded Ukraine, as if there is no possible counterpoint.

        PS I see you removed the Shalom question. I found that one quite amusing

        • Oh, yes! That also.
          In Ukraine, it was like they were provoking Russia for the last decade… Probably, they WERE provoking Russia. God knows why.
          (They have been doing that in the Baltics too, with ethnic Russians there, but Russia was “ignoring” them. What a Putler, right?)

        • Be advised that Hitler used a similar argument for the invasion of Poland (the so-called “Danzig genocide”). According to him, ethnic Germans were being exterminated in Poland and the Nazis just had to act.
          Ignoring the spirit of “No proof? No problem!” and that psychopaths can be so kind and caring regarding foreign suffering, there is the fact that military action was never the sole option. If Russia gave a damn about these poor settlers (which it doesn’t, since many of those “victims” were later used in meat wave attacks) it could have just opened the border and invited the Russians to flee into Russia. The evil Ukrainian Nazis would not have followed them, they would have been safe.

          The sensible conclusion is that whatever the suffering of the Russian settlers in Eastern Ukraine, their purported plight was not a factor in Russia’s decision to invade. You could argue whether or not Putin has lost his mind but you can’t make the claim that he has gained a heart.

          • It is not that simple, and I already countered that argument when I said that Putin has NOT used the card of ethnic Russians in the Baltics, to invade them, as Hitler would have done. (30% of Estonians are ethnic Russians, and Estonia denies them their political rights on the basis that they can’t speak Estonian, a difficult language similar to Finnish. Also in Latvia, but Latvian is much easier, having a mixture of Baltic, Slavic, and German lexicon. Baltoslavic is a superfamily).
            He would be crazy to do it (that would make him a Putler), and ignoring those Russian minorities is another sign that he wanted to get along well with the West.
            And what has the West done, besides hugely expanding NATO?
            The fact is that for more than a decade (much earlier in fact *some* local govts were bloating Ukrainian nationalism, berating the local Russians and trying to change their language) the West was provoking Putin to intervene. In fact, even Navalny was accusing Putin for NOT doing enough in handling the issue of Ukraine! Everyone wanted a more dynamic intervention.
            The matter of fact is that Ukraine is an existential issue for Russia in many ways, and it resembles Radagast’s opinions about the existential threats that the neighbors of Israel pose to the Israelis.
            Really, the dissonance is so obvious that I feel like exploding, but the thing is that all (or most) of ye know SO little about the area of Eastern Slavic Europe. Whilst I know much more because I am Greek, Orthodox, and I study Russian (I have friends from there etc)

          • P.S. I said:
            > The matter of fact is that Ukraine is an existential issue for Russia in many ways, and it resembles Radagast’s opinions about the existential threats that the neighbors of Israel pose to the Israelis.

            I am adding:
            Ukraine is not just a source of threats (like, say, Gaza to Israel, according to Radagast) to Russia. It is also the cradle of Russia (as Judaea is for the Jews), and a place of enormous historical fightings (even much earlier than WWI), for Russia to be what it is (let alone, a country of huge resources obviously). They have no reason to cut their ties with Ukraine, as the West wants them to…

      • Ok, that wasn’t my main point, and maybe that wasn’t a great example of me. But given the obvious agression/expansionism by NATO/USA, and the declared desire to break the Russian Federation in many smaller states/pieces (plus the fact that they don’t care about Ukraine and Ukrainians), it is very naive to think that it’s ok to have a NATO-member/armed country to the south of Russia (like you are worried about an armed Gaza to the south of Israel), and to ‘westernize’/take away the Kiev area, which is the historical origin of Russia, much like Israel and Jerusalem is the historical origin of the Jews.
        + + +
        My main point is: you care about Israel(is), but what if they turn them into a western proxy (like they wanna make Ukraine) in (a) war(s) that is/are detrimental to them (Israelis, Ukrainians)?
        The “Christian” Zionists have deep roots (much older than Jewish Zionism) and maybe they wanna bring the end of the world. The rabbis of Eastern Europe were against Zionists, bc they believed that returning to Zion will be a work of the Messiah, and not of Politics.
        So maybe Netanyahu is not a necessary evil but an avoidable stupid evil.

  2. For a while we got climate, covid and pigs.
    Now we get climate, covid and jews.

    Isn’t it strange how you use both for your moral exaltation?

    As jew I would be annoyed about this.

    • >As jew I would be annoyed about this.
      Who cares? The livestock industry is no different from the holocaust, I’m not memeing or channeling Wuot, functionally it’s the same. Jews of-course care more about the holocaust than the meat industry because they were the ones put up to the slaughter in the holocaust, so of-course out of self-interest they care more about the former than the latter. But if you’re not a jew or a pig you should value them both equally.

      • Yeah, there are similarities, but there are differences too.

        Perhaps the main one being that the victims cannot beg for mercy in your own language.

        All of this veganism talk takes me back. . .

        I once argued with a senior vet about whether halal slaughter was humane or not.

        I’m not a fan of halal, my preference being for slaughter to involve shutting down the victim’s central nervous system with a single, devastating, blow to the head – instant death.

        Their argument to me was that cutting the animals throat was also instant enough and that the animal, according to science, didn’t suffer.

        “How so?” I asked.

        “Because after you cut its throat, it cannot run around and scream and so forth, thus, it is not in pain.” They claimed.

        Needless to say, I was not convinced.

        • No method is without its own downsides though.

          Take, say, a captive bolt pistol. On paper, it looks like a good method, but it penetrates, and could spread brain matter about, which is a risk – BSE and so forth.

          Plus, it’s a relatively complicated device, so it can be hard to maintain a supply chain of parts and consumables to keep it operating – an obvious issue if, say, you happen to have been tasked with trying to improve slaughter methods in Southeast Asia to make them more humane.

          A man could go insane doing work like that. . .

          • There are lots of ways to drive a man insane though.

            The first part of the trick is to set him an impossible goal to achieve, be it improving animal welfare in some hellhole where they hang cows up by their legs before hacking them apart alive, or increasing climate change awareness while preventing him from talking about policy to prevent same, or saving abandoned allies from persecution, torture, and murder, by terrorist pigs without letting him take any meaningful steps to rescue them, etc.

            Yes, that’s how it’s done.

            First, you set things up for him so that he cannot possibly win, then you put him to work at it – as if any of these things were ever actally winnable in the first place.

            Oh, and you make it so he cannot point out the flaws in the doomed approach – he’s supposed to self-censor.

          • We have all been profoundly shamed and dishonoured.

            Mercifully, most of you probably just don’t know how bad it gets, and it gets far worse than anything I’ve seen or done.

            Even so, I am ashamed.

            In particular, I am deeply ashamed of what happened to all those ‘useful idiots’ and decent working people the west abandoned.

            Let me tell you, I won’t miss this system at all.

            And I can honestly say, I hope it dies soon.

          • Wombat:

            >No method is without its own downsides though. Take, say, a captive bolt pistol. On paper, it looks like a good method, but it penetrates, and could spread brain matter about, which is a risk – BSE and so forth. Plus, it’s a relatively complicated device, so it can be hard to maintain a supply chain of parts and consumables to keep it operating – an obvious issue if, say, you happen to have been tasked with trying to improve slaughter methods in Southeast Asia to make them more humane. A man could go insane doing work like that. . .

            If you haven’t read it already, you might appreciate this classic David Foster Wallace essay, “Consider The Lobster”

            I’m sure out host would appreciate it as well if he is not already familiar. It reads in his style:


  3. If the internet and television didn’t constantly talk about it, would you even know there was a war between those distant and unrelated groups?

    No, you are caught up in the Current Thing.

    You are a propaganda victim for even caring about any of it.

      • Nice observation, but those peasants also were propaganda victims.

        I’m not saying that it is some kind of historically new thing to be a propaganda victim, far from it – most people, throughout most of the ages of the earth, ever have been.

        Their propaganda merely flowed through different channels – books, scrolls, priests, their local government officials. To not be a propaganda victim is itself a colossal lifelong undertaking no matter when you are alive or how people communicate, because it’s about finding even more fundamental ways we are unknowingly playing along with the assumptions of others.

        The typical pattern is, a surface deception regarding XYZ points of fact about an issue, which distracts people from the deeper question of whether or not the issue matters enough to be worth their paying any attention to it at all.

        Imagine being in Salem, trying to get your crops planted, and everyone is hysterical about witches. They spend all their days debating about the mechanics of witches’ nefarious deeds, how they hide themselves, where they hide, who they are, etcetera. In this hypothetical, there are no witches, and even falling for the paranoia that there might be is to have already become a propaganda victim.

        • I agree with that. I basically agree with what you said replying to his “saccharine” text, that it is important not to pay any attention to movies, pop music, “news” etc.
          I think this is fairly easy to do, given that movies are often really crap, as is pop music, and the news is so obviously manipulative, as they pitch it to work on people of low intelligence.
          I don’t know what they can really do about that, as if they were to construct “news” so it would appear less ridiculous to the more intelligent, it would be pretty much unintelligible to the less intelligent masses. It would be ignored.

          I can easily remember when there was no internet, or only for a nerdy minority, in those days of course the TV and radio had more influence, and in those days people really did all talk pretty much about the same things, TV soaps, stupid sports etc.
          The effect you were talking about has slackened off what with people being able to pursue niche interests on the internet.
          I remember the book “Fifty Shades of Grey” being promoted like crazy on online media, that may have been ten or fifteen years ago. Such a none-book receiving such wall to wall coverage, and more worthy books are ignored. It should dawn on more people that consuming propaganda and mass media is not good.

    • I remember thinking much the same thing when I was a kid and they made me watch the news at primary school:

      “What do I care about this war between Iraq and Iran?”

      “It’s a long way away, further even than the mountains, so it will never reach here.”

      “Why can’t I go outside to play?”

      “I should blast someone with a nice juicy tissue-goober through my pea shooter – break this shit up a bit”

  4. The Middle East conflict has gone on for ages. It is an intractable religious conflict. In religion, there is no rationale. The only solution IMO is to station permanent UN peace keeping forces in the region, and in every troubled city.

  5. I’m a simple guy, I see a picture of “that creepy old bald German guy who wants to kill us all”, I click.

  6. Imagine how peaceful the world would be if you killed off all the Jews, Arabs and retarded Anglo goyim and just kept the East Asian little tight pussy for the big fat Slavic penis to impregnate. A Slavic/Asian hybrid paradise run with BYD elecric cars and Chinese sex toys. Indians would be kept behind an Indian Iron Curtain and forced to just do call centres and IT, so that the Filipinos can get back to prostitution. Africans can all be sent to Europe.

    • The only weak point of your plan is that majority of NE Asia nations are nearly retarded in comparison with northerners…
      And you missed the point that we Slavs despite better genes and IQ still fail to establish ourselves… Living on rimland is simply a curse as it affects not only economy but also affects mindset and culture. Only fast zero cost transportation on land could change this situation.

  7. Good description of how it works in the real world. A world full of problems but where the simple solutions are conspicuous by their absence. Yet it is simple solutions to these problems that today’s rulers often present as the solution. Solutions that only remain solutions as long as they remain on paper but end in fiasco when implemented in reality.

  8. Since we are talking about the Middle East, let us not forget that it has been a cradle of civilization and wisdom. Specifically, you can read the Genesis, which is the cream of that wisdom.
    And, since we are suppossed to be grown-ups, we can support our sayings with some sources.
    Take a look at Chapter 34 from the Genesis. A Hivite leader (Canaan people) violates (rapes) Dinah, the daughter of Jacob.
    I am not saying this is an easy text, whence we can support a moralistic conclusion. But the text CAN support that things are NOT simple (humans have complicated feelings), and that there’s many things at play, at any given time.
    In any case, it is very interesting, credible, and Archaeology, Anthropology, Sociology etc attest that this is how societies work, evolve etc.
    Read it yourselves, Christians, Judeophiles, neo-Pagans alike, I don’t want to spoil the special feeling of reading such an ancient text.
    (International Standard Version — not as lovely as the KJV language, but more comprehensible)

    • Cradle was in Europe. The civilization that is ignored in books.
      Southern influence first infected Rome and later whole Europe. Levantine ways and city filth degraded whole global culture. Even alien chinese meritocratic collectivism is better.

  9. Previous colonizations worked along similar lines:

    “Cruel, uneducated savages attacked our peaceful settlement and raped our women and killed innocent people”

    (forgetting that the peaceful settlement is on the land previously owned by savages)

    “Let’s kill more savages and drive them away for our safety”

    “Oh, here’s some empty land, how unexpected; let’s open another peaceful settlement”

    • Aren’t you living in California?

      We should really have a rule that Americans who make the “settler colonial” argument against Israel are laughed out of the room.

    • Yep, people find a justification for going ‘Viking’.

      Going Viking used to be justification enough in and of itself, but now we seem to need to find a way to hide what we’re up to, even from ourselves.

      Back when I studied psychology, it occurred to me that if you were to classify the whole human race according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, then it would clearly meet the criteria for some kind of psychopath.

      It follows from there, that if you work for the system that humans have made, which we all have to do (unless you happen to have the nuts to go full blown Diogenes or Desert Father), that you will have to do psychopathic things.

      It makes life difficult really.

      On the one hand, we have these standards/morals that we’re raised with to be a decent, honourable people, and then we have to go work and find ourselves doing psychopathic things.

      Maybe it would all be a bit easier if we lived in small groups of 50 to 500 people?

      At least then each of us would have greater visibility and personal responsibility over the horrors we inflict, and then perhaps we could hold ourselves to a less painful set of standards.

      • >Back when I studied psychology, it occurred to me that if you were to classify the whole human race according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, then it would clearly meet the criteria for some kind of psychopath.

        “14 If you’ve never picked up DSM-IV™, we strongly recommend that you do so. You’ll find yourself in it. You’ll find your friends and associates in it. You’ll find your family members in it. Indeed, *you’ll find everyone in it.* In other words, from the point of view of psychiatry, everyone has a “mental disorder.” *For
        psychiatry, there is no such thing as mental HEALTH, only degrees of pathology!”

        >It follows from there, that if you work for the system that humans have made, which we all have to do (unless you happen to have the nuts to go full blown Diogenes or Desert Father), that you will have to do psychopathic things.

        “We do not expect to hear from many true, mature, operating, successful Masters since anonymity is essential to the success of his action. Some sole practitioners may want to come in for a checkup; some, perhaps, for companionship, a break from the tedium of dealing with common man. We want to hear from those who wish to become Practitioners, of course, but take care: it will cost you a lot, perhaps much more than you are willing or prepared to pay. Like those who seek “enlightenment” we know that very few will “make it.” As the wise man said, no more than 5% of you will get anything from it; the rest of you are food. If you dare to spit at the odds come ahead, but we advise against it. We suggest that you get rid of this book now before you are poisoned further. You have been warned.

        If you are going to go ahead despite our warnings, we have a few suggestions for both the aspiring and practicing Toxick Magician: first, buy two copies of this book. One, of course, is for your personal use. You should put the other away for your offspring or for future generations since, like Hoffer’s “The True Believer,” this first public edition will go out of print all too soon; and perhaps the book itself might be forced out since it is so “dangerous.”


        If you forgot everything else, remember this: Everyone is a Psychopath.

        — Nicholas Tharcher
        Enroute to Outer Mongolia, 2004


    • Are you aware that Jews have always lived in the area? That they and the Christians were made second class citizens following the Islamic conquest? The Islamic empire collapsed, the Ottomans lost their territory, the British acquired it perfectly legally. And they were entitled to divide it up into nation-states among the inhabitants as they saw fit.

      It was perfectly reasonable of them to carve out separate states for the Christians, Lebanon, and the Jews, Israel, so that they could protect themselves from their erstwhile imperial overlords who continue to see themselves as superior. The Ottomans only abolished the dhimmi system in the mid-19th century because they were forced to do so by the west when they became weak. Muslims have absolutely zero regret for their imperialist religious supremacist history, which is why they refused to let the British give their former dhimmis a single square inch of the land Allah gave them at the point of a sword.

      • The British acquired it (by conquest, but no different from any previous transition, and it was the Ottomans who made war on them) as a mandate, not as a form of ownership, legal or otherwise. And the mandate was to create a ‘homeland’ for the Jews, out of an area that had no previous sovereign designation in nearly two millennia, without jeopardizing the civil and religious rights of the ‘Palestinians’, so not quite ‘as they saw fit’. In any event, things didn’t quite go that way. The British stalled and the Jews ended up with less than advertised and the Muslim natives never accepted the result. Oh, and the British never had control over Lebanon/Syria; that was under French mandate.

      • Finally a smart comment on my blog. The Ottomans began to commit genocide against the Christian minorities of the empire once the empire began to crumble. It’s insane that people expect Jews and Christians to live under Islamic yoke in the region.

    • Would you say the same about Russian colonisation of East? 😉 because these were the same and you can add conquista in SA. More good genes added good to the worldq more fertile genes even more as statistics and natural selection creates quality of quantity.

  10. I wonder if this is a good time to broach what’s probably the hardest problem of the day, which is, let’s face it, ecological overshoot driven by overpopulation.

    That’s the brutal reality.

    My favourite ‘boomer doomer’ has been musing on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqKkHF1Wifc

    So, what’s his ‘easy solution’ to the issue of Palestinians who are 100% reliant on airdrops of food aid for survival? Well, it sounds more or less like: “Keep your damn pecker in your pants, and your knickers up!”

    I’m not doing his misanthropy total justice there though, as he’d have the whole human race sterilized if he could.

    But back to the subject at hand, is his characterization of the issue as being a symptom of overshoot/overpopulation a fair one?

    Now, I totally accept that the Palestinians are being bombed, which is horrific and is going to make life terrible and impossible for them. And I accept that terrorism is terrible all around.

    People are gonna people though.

    We are driven by competition for resources etc. And we have an impact on where we live.

    Forgive me, but I’m going to ask for a little forbearance while I ask some questions raised by the doomer that might sound a little ‘out of order’ given the slaughter that’s going on.

    For starters, is there any wildlife left in Gaza? Does Gaza produce any of its own food? To which I would add, where does their water come from? Is the whole project of ‘Palestine’ sustainable? Israel is overpopulated too (like everywhere else on Earth), and no doubt under pressure to expand and secure resources. Is Israel sustainable either?

    I’m not judging here, my own country is overpopulated and in ecological overshoot. The project cannot be sustained here either.

    So, I can’t help but wonder if the boomer doomer isn’t making a fair point, which is that we can all expect to see a lot more of this in the years and decades ahead as modernity collapses due to overshoot/overpopulation/overconsumption.

    And with that in mind, I’d advise everyone to keep an eye on their neighbours, because sooner or later, they might just develop a taste for ‘long pig’ after they eat their last can of beanie weenies.

    • Seeing as I brought up long pig. . .

      I’m betting that one of life’s greatest ironies will end up being a return to the ‘taboo diet’, especially on those little mangy islands out there in the Pacific where the world’s biggest planet eaters have been so busy buying their doomsday hideaways.

      A deft flick of the old greenstone mere, off goes the top of the brainbox, then chop the whole lot up and stick into the hāngī with some veg.

      A fitting end to all those techno-fetishists.

      • It’s racist to mention cannibalism these days, even though it was everywhere here in the antipodes.

        Fortunately for me, not everyone tastes as good. Apparently, back in the day, the Chinese in the goldfields tasted like goanna, which was more in keeping with the natural food sources and local tastes than salty, tough, criminal stock.

        But elites like Zuckerberg look like soft axolotls to me, so I’m sure they’re gonna end up even higher on the menu.

    • >And with that in mind, I’d advise everyone to keep an eye on their neighbours, because sooner or later, they might just develop a taste for ‘long pig’ after they eat their last can of beanie weenies.

      As Nietzsche often observed, so-called “morality” is a “luxury belief” that lasts only as long as peoples’ bellies are full.

      >But elites like Zuckerberg look like soft axolotls to me, so I’m sure they’re gonna end up even higher on the menu.

      I’m more curious about what Radagast might do should it come to this. Will he enjoy eating the meat of his fellow mammals?

      • Rats in overcrowded conditions doesnt reproduce… they block their biological moon regulated spawning, naturally to not fully destroy balance with environment and food supplies.
        We as humans block everything what was our natural regulations in place.. intentionally or unintentionally through blindly innovating.

  11. Projecting your own pathological hatred of the goyim, and lust for mass murder, particularly of children, and lying about it, is so quintessentially Judaic that I am left almost admiring the vile chutzpah involved. In case you missed it, or took some bad drugs, the vast majority of the world, including many decent, humane Jews, revile Israel’s utter barbarity.

    • I’m beginning to believe Radagast’s purported drug use is a LARP, a con, a Macguffin. Speaking as someone who has actually experimented with many substances, I have noted previously that there are many oddities with Radagast’s tales (apart from his myopic/autistc focus on biochemical minutiae).

      I’m beginning to think this place is just another Heeb Hive like so many others I’ve bounced from in my day.

    • Yeah, I can’t muster any enthusiasm for what is happening over there.

      At best, I can try to view it as another example of terrible, sinful, phenomena that we’re all supposed to look at with a kind of dispassionate, bloodless, detachment as we do all the rest of the horrific sins going on around us – or perhaps have to try to adopt if we want to stay sane.

      That is probably coming close to making a comparison between this and that horror though. Is it appropriate to draw comparisons, or should each of these horrors be viewed independently of any other context? I don’t know.

      I do know that if I hated the Jews, and wanted to take them down, then I’d probably support what they’re doing. Because what they’re doing seems like the surest way to lower the esteem that they’re held in by the rest of the world, and a sure way to create an inordinate number of enemies.

      And that’s against a backdrop of resources getting scarcer and shifting global power constellations. It’s not hard to imagine them all getting killed, ‘incidentally’ as it were, as the big powers fight over fossil fuels in the region and crush them underfoot in their bigger struggle.

      Or, perhaps as things change, the West won’t be able to provide Israel with the same kind of support it has in the past, and/or that its enemies will get supplied with better weapons, at which point I imagine they’d be absorbed by their neighbours – who happen to massively outnumber them.

      Maybe what’s going on represents Israel’s last push back against the inevitable? It does seem to have a kind of fanatical, irrational desperation about it. If yes, then perhaps events are even more horrific both because of the horror they inflict now, and because they will probably prove pointless in staving off the inevitable in the long run.

      If the Jews do have a god on their side, I wonder if he’s a fan of getting them encircled and wiped out? Seems like it’s happened before once or twice, and that circumstances could tip that way once more.

  12. Maybe I’m wrong, but I do feel like the West is in decline.

    So is everything else, I guess, but the relative power the West once had to ride roughshod over ‘opponents’ seems to have been broken fairly recently.

    Ukraine is probably a good example to raise here.

    Here is basically the story that I believe:

    – all civilizations need to draw resources from the periphery to the core where they are burned up. If something interrupts this process, then the civ might collapse and/or go nova like a star without enough material to burn

    – Resources are getting scarcer, and harder to get, so the power of the West to take resources is falling – plus it has sent lots of its industries offshore, which has strengthened various players on the periphery while reducing its own power

    – So, the West is looking for a nice fat target to consume to keep itself going, and Russia fits the bill. The West wants Russia broken up, so its own robber barons can loot the place and take its resources back to Western core, where they can be burned up

    – So the West armed Ukraine to the teeth, and heaped on pressure, until it got the proxy war that it wanted with Russia, that it thought it would win
    – Reality bats last though, and some of the more abstract Western weapons failed to have any real impact, and the West can’t win conventionally, and neither can its proxies, who simply don’t have the power to pull it off
    – the West can sense it’s in existential trouble, so it keeps on going

    Maybe, having now seemingly lost in Ukraine (after rebuilding the Ukrainian army three times only to have the Russians crush it three times), the West will quit on this front, and test another one. Maybe they’ll have a go at China next.

    All of the other places where the West enjoyed dominion are seeing this going on, and they are testing things too. Take the Houthis, for example, who ever heard of the Houthis before? Now they’re shutting down sea lanes. The French have been chucked out of Niger, which is the sort of thing that might help explain why these colonial European powers are so keen to chance their arm now.

    They can feel their power slipping.

    There’s probably about a three in four chance of this all ending with a mega war, which will make whatever is happening at the moment a mere sideshow.

    In terms of the numbers of dead, Ukraine probably blows whatever is happening in the middle east out of the water, but this will be nothing if this really blows up.

    Which is not to diminish the losses, which are most likely up in the hundreds of thousands of dead Ukrainians now. But, they have to hang in there, I mean, there are elections in the USA to consider. . .

    Can’t lose the war before the elections. . .

    And it is, in all probability, lost. Why keep going? Just to hurt the Russians, I guess. And out of a desperate, existential, concern that your colonial empire is dying.

    How disgusting is that?

    Puts what Israel is doing in some perspective, certainly on the body count.

    • It may also be fair to say that Israel is another Western colony that could be chucked out by the natives.

      Down here in the colony of Oz, well, it’s a different story. The original people here are a nice bunch. I like them. They’ve always been good to me, and they helped my ancestors out when help was needed, so I owe them a debt, and I’m more than happy to pay.

      My guess is that, together, we’ll be the low hanging fruit.

      Whoever wins up north will get to own us – presuming you don’t all nuke each other.

      • And I’m sure there are plenty of nice Israelis and Palestinians too, but I’m not so sure that an accommodation between them is on the cards.

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