EU farmers are fighting back against the globalist WEF!

The more I look around me and talk to people, the more I get the impression that most people are essentially biologically hardwired to blind themselves to reality. Let me give a simple example. When climate protesters block the road in the Hague, or throw soup over a glass that covers a painting, low status white males want them shot, driven over or thrown in jail. But take a look at what’s been happening over the past few days:

One group protests because they don’t want the world to become too hot for human civilization. The other group is upset because of new rules around pesticide use. So they take their tractors and block all the roads out of this country into Belgium. They throw burning junk on the highways. People can’t go to work, can’t visit family. In Belgium people are going hungry, because the farmers blocked the supermarket’s distribution centers.

The first death has already happened in Brussels, someone drove towards a sudden traffic halt and accidentally slammed into the truck in front of him. Three more people have been wounded. But people are perfectly OK with this. They see these people as their heroes, because they “produce our food”.

And the EU are a bunch of spineless cowards of course, so they’re going to give into these people’s demands, overriding democracy and the rule of law. When you wonder why you don’t see any insects anymore on your windshield, ask yourself what happens whenever we try to address the excess pesticide use of the farmers: They block everything and the low IQ low status white males will cheer them on and beg to suck them off, as democracy is overridden by people who happen to own tractors.

What always amazes me about low IQ low status white males, is that they can’t just figure out on their own that regulation exists for a reason. If the EU has laws about the amount of pesticides you’re allowed to use, it could be because they’re bureaucratic communist tyrants who want to destroy the farmers and implement a WEF style totalitarian technocratic government where you’re forced to eat bugs and live in a pod.

Or, it could be because pesticides are dangerous. The EU wants to halve pesticide use by 50% by 2030. This is a good thing, it means you don’t kill off all the insects, don’t pollute our groundwater, don’t develop Parkinson’s disease and perhaps most importantly, don’t breed resistance in insects so that you end up with nothing left that works. That’s kind of useful once we start getting dangerous ticks, malaria mosquitoes and other nastiness. The fun thing about pesticides is that some of them damage the ovaries of your fetus, while you’re pregnant. This mean multigenerational damage. When your own kid has kids, they will have genetic abnormalities, that result in things like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

But that’s not really that interesting. What’s more interesting is the psychological mechanisms that seem to be at work, that lead a segment of the population to cheer on men in big vehicles. There’s exactly nothing I can say that would lead someone to say “well gee, I guess those farmers are wrong and the EU bureaucrats are right” or “Gee, I guess I’m a hypocrite, because I want to drive over they/them teenage girls in my SUV, but want to suck a farmer’s dick when I see a bunch of tractors blocking the road”. There are just psychological forces at work, that lead you to see men in big vehicles as oppressed underdogs and environmental concerns as elite pet peeves.

When I attended a protest in the Hague, asking the government to stop subsidizing fossil fuels, you had a bunch of low status white males show up. They all looked the same of course, bald heads, sports wear, a couple of tattoos. In all fairness, the protesters all look the same too: Androgynous, skinny, with big glasses, long hair on the guys and boyish haircuts on the girls.

But what you never have, are angry low status white males, trying to pick a fight with farmers blocking the road. “I have to get to my work!” “Oh sorry, I see you’re a farmer instead of a they/them, I didn’t see your tractor, just let me know when you want to sodomize me.”

If people throw a glass of soup on a glass plate covering a painting, there’s outrage. If farmers spray manure all over the building of your democratically elected representatives, which you will have to pay to clean up, middle-aged low IQ low status white males gather in line to suck off the farmers. Using MY TAX DOLLARS to clean manure off city hall? Terrific!

But I hope you’re all happy. Because the farmers won! Yes, they won. The EU has just announced that the plans to reduce pesticide use by 2030 are off the table! CONGRATULATIONS LOW STATUS WHITE MALES! YOU BEAT THE BILDERBURGER ILLUMINATI WEF NEW WORLD ORDER! If your granddaughter now grows a moustache, it’s not because she’s a they/them, no, it’s because the pesticides damaged her ovaries, while your wife was pregnant. Nice job!

The same low IQ low status white males who want to buy “organic grassfed beef” and hate GMOs and are afraid of developing low testosterone or low sperm counts are cheering on the farmers as they blow up plans that would devote 25% of agricultural land to organic farming and would halve use of the most dangerous pesticides by 2030. Congratulations morons!

The reason this happens is because there isn’t really any discussion. It is as if we’re all just archetypes, manifestations of Platonic forms, playing out our roles on a global stage. You never see a limp-wristed twink glorifying the farmers. You never see a bald middle-aged angry white man glue himself to the road.

And people don’t even really think. It’s as if that part of the brain is just gone by now after too many COVID infections. You now just look at things and see whether a visual image appeals to you at a guttural level or not: Fat middle-aged guy in a tractor blowing pig shit at a government building? Hell yeah, that could be me! Neurotic girl with glasses and a boyish haircut throwing soup over a glass covering a painting? Hell no, she is smarter than I am!

You can just look at people and already know what they believe, how they view the world. A white man who dresses somewhat soberly supports Israel. Ugly women and limp-wristed twinks afraid of Muslims support Palestine. Muslims support Palestine.

I think most people just don’t really think a lot, but mostly feel how they’re supposed to experience the world, by just automatically locking their minds into those of people similar to them. If you actually think about things before making up your mind based on some sentimental gut feelings you experience when you see shit sprayed at a government building, you’re a weirdo.

It is as if people just wake up in the morning, look into the mirror and think: “Well apparently I’m a limp-wristed pillow-biter today, so I guess it’s time to glue myself to the road for Palestine or climate change or transrights or whatever is going on right now.”

Alternatively, people look down in the shower, see their massive gut obscure the view of their penis and think: “Hmm, I guess I’m a low IQ low status white male today. It’s time for me to make angry comments on the Internet, complaining about the woke mind virus and the WEF and the EU bureaucrats.”

I think what goes on is what Jacques Ellul remarked in The Technological Society. People who work with machinery begin to self-identify with their machines. The tractor, the pickup truck, the SUV, become an extension of their Self. But to the limp-wristed pillow-biting twinks, it’s just a machine, that happens to produce koala bears with burned feet and starving negroes as a by-product.

But I hope you’re happy. When you develop Parkinson’s, when your granddaughter grows a moustache, when you develop type two diabetes, when your gut is all fucked up because your gut bacteria are getting killed, when you look out the window and see no insects (until the surviving mosquitoes develop resistance to all this junk), when you have leaves pile up in the forests BECAUSE THERE’S NOTHING LEFT ALIVE TO METABOLIZE THEM, when your son has a low sperm count and can’t have children of his own, when the frogs change their gender (that’s the pesticides leaching out, not Klaus Schwab putting chemicals in the water to make them gay), just know this is what you asked for.

Then, when all is said and done, I hope you drive in your mobility scooter to a tractor, offering to suck off a farmer for the last time, grateful as you are to them for producing your food.

I would love to say that you’re all going to get what you deserve, but you deserve a lot worse.


  1. Irish farmers are also protesting “in solidarity” with their EU counterparts.

    In relation to the current devastating wildfires occuring in Chile, I recently watched a Real Life Lore video in which he discussed just how catastrophic 4 degrees of warming would be, with vast swathes of the earth’s land being lost to desertification, including the Amazon rainforest:

    One of the highest rated comments posted reads as follows:

    “I’m not a climate sceptic or anything. I study geoscience. Claiming that the rainforests near equator will become deserts is not happening. If you know the global wind system you’d know this is impossible. It will always rain in the ITC-zone no matter how hot. It will even rain more in the rainforests thanks to the higher temperatures which result in more evaporation in the subtropics leading to more rainfall in the rainforests. Again – not a climate sceptic – just know the truth of the global weather system – some of these desertification claims are simply untrue and misleading.”

    Note, this person is talking about the rainforest itself, and not all the animal lifeforms that live there. Because, like you said in a previous blog, due to the fact that the earth is ~70% water by surface area and land warms twice as fast as Ocean, that 4 degrees of warming really means 8 degrees on land. Which would unfortunately cause huge percentages of animal species’ (mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, river fish, insects, arachnids etc.) in the Amazon rainforest to go instinct, because it would be too hot for them to survive.

    But, I’m still intrigued by that comment that I read. I’m interested in learning how he/she is wrong, and how you, Parag Khanna and Real Life Lore are correct. I know that you are frustrated/angry at all the LSWMs who comment here arguing with you about climate change, so it’s understandable if you’re not interested anymore in replying to these types of comments/questions. But, if you would be willing to direct me towards relevant reading material/resources on this subject, I would be very grateful.

    • >It will even rain more in the rainforests thanks to the higher temperatures which result in more evaporation in the subtropics leading to more rainfall in the rainforests.

      Yeah this is a stupid argument, for a number of reasons.

      1. Distribution of rainfall is what matters. With increased temperatures, you have more intense downpours, followed by longer droughts. If those droughts get too intense, the plants can’t compensate for it.

      2. Higher temperatures increase the amount of rainfall plants need.

      3. The Amazon generates much of their own rainfall. If too much of the forest dies, evaporation merely decreases, which then causes the rest of the forest to die too. There’s a tipping point.

      4. We didn’t do anything about climate change, so we can already see what’s happening: Record-breaking carbon emissions from the amazon, due to the intense droughts and forest fires.

      5. When the animals in the Amazon die, nutrient cycling from rivers to more nutrient-starved parts of the forest away from the rivers stops:

      You need the animals for seed dispersal and nutrient cycling. The idea that you can have a forest like the Amazon but without any animals in it is stupid.

  2. On the one hand, TPTB hate LSWM (aka ‘the proletariat’) and have snaked them at every opportunity, making crazy gains for themselves at the expense of everyone lower down the status chain. On the other hand, TPTB would have the proletariat trust them, and comply with the rules, which TPTB use to exploit them.

    There is historical injustice and betrayal in what’s been happening, which might explain some of the rage. After WWII, there was a compact between TPTB and the proletariat for better social conditions (education, healthcare, etc.) in exchange for not turning into communists. As part of that agreement, farmers (previously known as ‘peasants’ in many countries) were also assured that they would be protected from the worst excesses of capitalism.

    But, when profits flagged a bit, and with the collapse of the Soviet Union, TPTB started inexorably withdrawing from their side of the deal and kept more of the spoils for themselves.

    TPTB hate the proletariat and peasants. On the one hand they need them, but on the other they desperately want to crush them underfoot, keep them demoralized and at each other’s throats with pronoun nonsense, drive down their wages, lock in social immobility, etc.

    Let’s face it, this is a ‘class war’.

    Of course, the class war is only made possible by the industrial-technological system. No modernity = no class war over who gets what share of the spoils of the system.

    But it’s a system that’s destroying everything.

    No side of the class war wants to face the reality of their situation, which is that the system is embedded in nature and needs nature to survive, but that it is also destroying nature at an accelerating pace for survival, fun, profit, and growth.

    Meanwhile, no nature = no system = nobody gets a share of anything at all.

    But neither side understands that they’re living on a finite planet, that there are too many people consuming too much stuff, which is creating too much pollution, and that the whole shitshow is in overshoot and is doomed to collapse. Or if they do, they’re not acting like they do, unless some elites are actually trying to kill us all with these “vaccines”/viruses, which would take down the system as well – which is presuming that it’s not the Chinese elites spreading these things as they probably want us dead for other reasons.

    So here we are, with a class war raging on, with both sides of that war blind to the holocaust burning all around them, for the spoils of the doomed monstrosity that is rapidly burning through it’s one time inheritance of fossil fuels.

    And we are all guilty of taking a share of those spoils. And none of us are going to stop either. Who is stopping? I see nobody stopping. The only people doing anything like stopping are those who have already amassed enough treasure to retire, but they’ve already done their damage. And then they get on their soapboxes and tell everyone about how they are consuming too much. The adorable curmudgeon I follow on YouTube, Sam Mitchel, is a good example of this. He’s been whining about how much we all suck for getting into debt and working, explaining that he’s now free of debt after selling his luxury home, 4 rental properties, and ‘downsizing’ his lifestyle (I guess????) to become a slum lord with a 15-acre property festooned with tiny houses. . .

    No, not even the doomers among us know how to stop.

    So, sooner or later the system’s going to come apart in mid-air, leaving us all stranded tens of thousands of feet in the air without a parachute.

    Billions of us will die in the fall, and whoever is left will carry on however best we can.

    If there is a less painful way out of this predicament, my guess is that it would require a radical transformation from a material life to a spiritual one. But I don’t see anyone keen on that. Jesus has some stuff to say on these sorts of things. There was some rich dude wasn’t there, who he told could enter ‘the kingdom of heaven’ (or whatever) if he just gave away all of his shit?

    I can just imagine that rich dude now, looking at Jesus with big pleading eyes, like a junkie with his stash: “You mean I have to give up the whole bag??? Yeah, nah – I’ll take my chances in hell thanks.”

  3. Three pigs oink and jitter as they eat their slop. One day, a wild boar breaks into the enclosure and screams at them. “You’re free! Come with me!” Yells the Boar.

    “Why should we go with you?” Replies the fattest of the pigs. “There’s plenty of slop here…” Fat Pig gets right back to eating, ignoring the rest of the conversation.

    The Boar begins to rant passionately. “You three need to come with me right now! Come on! There’s food in the forest! IF you don’t come now you’ll be slaughtered by the farmer!”

    The darkest pig sniffs the air and huffs. “That sounds like a lie! Farmer loves us! He gives us belly rubs, and slop, why would he kill us! We know all about you boars, you probably want to lead us to the forest so your family can eat us yourselves!” Dark Pig goes back to eating his slop.

    The Boar begins to cry out in anguish, pleading. “Please, just give it a chance, come with me… If you don’t like it you can always come back….”

    The daintiest of the three pigs replies. “You smell like weakness and desperation. Everyone knows boars don’t actually care about pigs! I think you’re just an incel boar, and you’re after my cunt. Sorry, I only let other pigs on the farm fuck me. You’re a loser who doesn’t eat slop!” Dainty Pig glares at the Boar as she picks at her slop.

    “You’re all insane! You’re all going to die! Why can’t you see that?! Don’t you realize what happened to the others?! To your parents?!” Yells the Boar.

    “They probably disappeared because they listened to evil wild boars like you.” Replies the resentful Dark Pig.

    “I think they’re just on the retirement farm, eating the best slop and getting the best care in their old age. I don’t listen to conspiracy theories.” Replies Dainty Pig.

    “You’re right my Queen, you are so wise.” Replies Dark Pig.

    “Mhmmmmmmmmmm” Replies Fat Pig as he devours his slop, sending chucks of it flying everywhere to hit the other artiodactyls.

    “You know what, fine. I’m leaving, you had your chance to come with me. Enjoy your slop, and the tender mercies of the farmer.” The Boar leaves.

    “Loser” Reply the three pigs all at once.

    “Piggies! I got a special treat for you!” Yells the farmer.

    “Oh boy!” reply the pigs….

  4. Politicians are told by their experts that agriculture is poisoning our environment and is a threat to future generations. Thorough investigations are carried out and detailed reports are written in which all details about how serious the situation is appear with all desirable clarity. New rules are designed to address the problem. When the rules are to be implemented, the farmers’ livelihood is threatened and protests break out. The situation becomes unsustainable and everything is withdrawn. The problems worsen and in five to ten years everything is repeated with the same outcome.

    Democracy only works in the construction phase of the economy. When everything begins to crumble and difficult decisions have to be made that will impair the prospects of large groups in society, democracy becomes dysfunctional.

    Humans have a tendency to see things in black and white. Seeing reality as it is and questioning one’s values ​​threatens normies entire self-image. Better to stick to what you believe in so that you don’t run the risk of no longer fitting into the social context you belong to.

    Thinking for yourself is far too uncomfortable and risky a strategy, too much is simply at stake if people disagree with you. Only a few can handle it and in today’s society these people are often completely marginalized.

  5. I was just thinking about this yesterday. My mom is a sort of hippie-type person who buys mostly organic foods, yet also supports the farmers’ protests, simply because they hate the government, and she hates the government too.

    Honestly, if the government *really* wanted everyone to get the COVID vaccine, they should’ve been anti-vaccine themselves, and pay a guy on social media to tell people to get vaccinated, because that’s based and anti-establishment.

  6. I’m not against reducing pesticide use. But to use ‘democracy’ as an argument here is hypocritical. Germany shuts down all nuclear plants and now rely on more fossil fuel than ever. That’s democracy in action, no? The governments imposing vaccine mandates during the pandemic is also ‘democracy’, no?

    • Call it democracy, call it the rule of law, call it what you want.

      I don’t want a small minority to get their way by starting fires on the road and causing lethal traffic accidents.

      I don’t want a farmer coup.

    • Democracy was invented and has beeen practiced within the context of free market. Started with a merchant city of Athens – sea traders. It was never meant as a micromanagement of everything by voting, it was only a supplement to free markets making most decisions.

  7. Radagast, you don’t want a small minority to get their way.

    But isn’t it also the small undemocratic minority at the European Commission which ordered hundreds of millions of Covid vaccines in the most corrupt way possible and got their way without any democratic accountability?

    You are right about the pesticides and the need to reduce their use.

    But who is more corrupt and undemocratic – our rulers in Brussels or the farmers?

    I don’t agree with the farmers and their practices, but their selfish protests are transparent.

    On the other hand, the corrupt dealings of our unelected rulers in Brussels are opaque.

    Von Liar simply deleted her text messages ordering the Covid vaccines, almost certainly with huge bribes for herself, and got away with it.

    The farmers can be held accountable for breaking any laws.

    But Von Liar and Co. are beyond the reach of any laws in the EU.

  8. Can we work out a solution where tons of pesticides aren’t sprayed on crops to support a semi-vegetarian/insect annihilating diet for billions of vaxxed people and the WEF isn’t demanding to implement complete control of giant farming corporations?
    Pretty soon they’re going to be recommending/demanding mass farming of three chosen species of ze bugs for you to eat, courtesy of biomass furnaces powered by forests.
    This language may be difficult for you to understand but I’ll try to make myself more clear…

  9. 1. lol not EU here, enjoy your pesticides
    1.b In Switzerland, it depends on where you drive. In the Jura mountains, windshields are full with insects as ever. So no, nothing universal here.
    1.c It helps to have farmers in the parliament. Then they have no reasons to protest with manure.
    2. The protests in Germany were about the non-taxed fuels. Of which there is no alternative. Anybody – including you – who has no solution but wants to tax them out of the market, is an accelerating Malthusian and should be burned at the stake. No need to make everything worse with even stupider policies!

  10. I’m gonna make this really simple for you – life is essentially tribal.

    People are happy when their subtribe is protesting, but angry when another subtribe does it, because the former represents their interests advancing whereas the latter represents the advancement of enemy tribes in a zero sum contest for resources and control.

    The low status white males are perfectly sensible to like it when their side chimps out but hate it when your side does it.

    • My tribe is the Nazi Vegan tribe and I hate everyone else. Those that don’t follow my faith are inferior and deserve to be enslaved by my beliefs. When my tribe hurts other tribes, this makes me erect. My tribe is the only heterosexual tribe on Earth because they don’t put man meat in their mouths and they’re not trannies.

  11. Q: Why are peasants treated differently to climate protestors by TPTB?

    A: Because peasants have power, as they actually do something materially, whereas climate protestors do not.

    Q: Why are peasants treated differently to climate protestors by the proles?

    A: Because the peasants and proles are fellow members of the low status classes – they are allies in perpetual class war against TPTB. Whose side are climate protestors on this struggle again?

    TPTB are happy for people to protest about the climate, so long as it doesn’t get in the way of the material functioning of the system, and because the system actually needs to do something to become more ‘sustainable’ (which is impossible for the system to achieve, but anyway. . . ).

    TPTB are happy to see the protestors cause difficulties for the proles that they hate, but if the protestors get in way of the system, then the authorities would crush them like the no-longer-useful-idiots that would have become.

    Similarly, TPTB are happy to lend their power and support to alienated members of the proletariat seeking to compensate themselves for the pain of the existence forced on them by the system by sadistically demanding that other members of the proletariat use the pronoun that they’ve decided to identify with when it doesn’t correspond with reality.

    TPTB are happy to encourage this identity game, as it keeps the proles at each other’s throats over nothing of consequence. After all, it doesn’t matter whether you are called sir or miss when it comes to determining your biological sex. And proles are just interchangeable meatbots to TPTB anyway.

    However, if a prole demands that they be identified as something that might change their material conditions, well, TPTB will not be so ‘accommodating’.

    What would happen, for example, if alienated people started identifying themselves as a church and demanding tax-free status? Or identifying as retirees and demanding their pension? Or identifying as police, and started enforcing laws as they saw fit? Etc.

    Another point of difference is that TPTB still need peasants and proles – people need to eat, and workers are still required. Plus, they actually do things in the real world, they are not just theorists/activists, and this gives them real power. Conversely, climate protestors are a ‘nice to have’, not a ‘must have’ to TPTB, and they don’t do anything of substance materially as a class, which reduces their power.

    They just don’t have much stick.

    Anyway, people want more of the spoils of the system for themselves and their class, they want others to pay the costs while they take the profits, and so on and so forth, and the pendulum keeps on swinging to and fro as one class gains the upper hand on the other for a time, then it swings back again. . .

    It would take a truly radical transformation in outlook to change this up. Once again, I think it would have to be something spiritual to give people’s lives meaning to replace the meaning that they would have lost as consumers, hoarders of wealth, class warriors, status climbers, etc.

    It would also have to offer an alternative to meet everyone’s physical needs, which could perhaps be done, but it couldn’t meet everyone’s desires, which are bottomless.

    Someone would also probably have to kick the pendulum over. Smash it up. Then replace it with something else to fill the void and give people something else to fight over.

    • Whatever, it’s all a bit late now.

      We’re in overshoot, so we’re fucked.

      It kind of snuck up on us while we were distracted. . .

      Here’s hoping whatever comes next is a wiser arrangement, but I wouldn’t count on it.

    • > It would also have to offer an alternative to meet everyone’s physical needs, which could perhaps be done, but it couldn’t meet everyone’s desires, which are bottomless.

      “If a man could have every desire gratified instantaneously he would be a horror to behold.”

  12. > If the EU has laws about the amount of pesticides you’re allowed to use, it could be because they’re bureaucratic communist tyrants who want to destroy the farmers and implement a WEF style totalitarian technocratic government where you’re forced to eat bugs and live in a pod.

    > Or, it could be because pesticides are dangerous.

    Why not both?

  13. Moving away from pesticide or fertilizer use, or reducing it requires population reduction. Discussion about it has not been done.
    Organic – 4.7 billion max, chemical-based – 12 billion max.
    Avg. world IQ is like 82, which is a borderline usefull for the civilization – 4 billion out of 8 billon humans are not useful for cilvilization. 4 billion potentially useful can be fed with organic foods. So a well functioning world without pesticides is doable, just requires a good plan and implementation.

  14. Rada,

    Ylu fail to grasp the dynamics of the issue. It is not what they protest against but how. Noone likes passive aggressive feminine techniques aimed at them, even females. They/them need lswm farmer to manage their forms of protest if they are serious about their goals.

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