Eurovision: Volksgeist on Display

You can just understand all of history and human psychology, by looking at the Eurovision song festival. It just tells you everything about how a country looks at itself and the world. No other continent really has something like this. How you kick a ball into a net doesn’t tell us anything about a country.

The Scandinavians are the popular blonde girl in high school everyone looks up to, who secretly hates her safe coddled existence. She wants nothing more than to be a freak, she wants to be one of the misfits. So the Finnish send these guys:

Iceland sends these guys:

And the Norwegians send these guys:

Scandinavians are confident. They know this is a party that’s supposed to be for women and gays, but they don’t care.

Imagine Eurovision is a high school party. The Scandinavians are the blonde girl with big boobs and wealthy parents, who thinks to herself: “Oh you think I’m a prep? Oh I’ll show you.” She then proceeds to take a line of ketamine and cocaine in front of everyone, pisses off the balcony, skinnydips in the pool and fellates the nerd in the bathroom.

The Scandinavians have exactly this attitude:

It’s not that she hates herself. It’s that she is genuinely perfect.

She is beautiful. She is smart. She is talented. She is wealthy. She is good.

So when she realizes that people look at her as an unattainable ideal they seek to emulate, she hates it.

Because when you are truly good, you have just one true desire: To set others free. So when your very existence becomes a source of oppression and anxiety for others, you yearn to pervert and twist the image they have of you. This is exactly what is so dangerous about “wokeism”. It tells good people that their own goodness is a source of oppression for others. It’s why every really pretty girl now feels the need to get a tattoo or a piercing.

Now there are the Dutch and the English. The Dutch and the English are the natural leaders of Europe. They used to challenge each other, but since the Glorious Revolution we’re really basically just the same thing. The French and Germans have a habit of challenging us, but never quite manage to. So the Dutch just always end up kind of exemplifying what you’re supposed to do:

It’s supposed to be a little camp, gay and silly. The Netherlands almost never wins, because when you fit in too well, everyone forgets you.

One of those hidden secrets of Eurovision, is that it’s gay for a reason: To keep the muslims out. Turkey stopped participating after the bearded lady won. We literally just bullied them out of the party, by ramping up the sodomy until they couldn’t take it anymore. Officially, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey are all allowed to participate. But because the whole thing reeks of sodomy, they never do.

And then there’s Israel. You can summarize Israel, as the girl who is a little too nervous. She sleeps poorly because she’s nervous, so she gets a pimple, so she covers it up with makeup, but it’s a little too much makeup. And she’s so busy making sure everything goes right, she kind of forgets to actually enjoy the party. For the upcoming 2024 contest, Israel was forced to constantly rewrite the lyrics of their song.

There’s also Germany. Most of the time, Germany’s act comes down to proving to everyone that we’re really not nazi’s anymore guys! As an example, here’s their 2021 act, “I don’t feel hate”:

It’s cringe, nobody wants this. It’s basically just this comic:

Turned into a song.

Next year, please send Rammstein. If the Germans showed up dressed in long black leather coats and simply sang a song that goes like “yeah we’re nazi’s, what’re you gonna do about it?” they would leave the competition in the dust, everyone would vote for them. It’s a gay party, you’re a dom, act like it.

One of those funny things about Eurovision, is that it tells you immediately which countries want to get along with which other countries. As an example, Israel almost always gets points from Germany. On the other hand, Germany almost never gets points from Israel.

There’s a really simple way to fix that. Send these guys:

Your lifelong dream will come true: Twelve points from Israel, guaranteed.


  1. You enter a remote American bar. The bar table stretches out to your left, a few steps away. In front of you there are a series of round tables and chairs, and some longer benches tucked away in the back. The bar is primarily empty, save for a few men at the bar table, the bartender, and a man sitting alone at one of the tables. It is quiet, as men talk in low American voices. There is no music. The bar is pretty well lit, with white walls that reflect sunlight around the bar. It is an old bar, with irregular wooden beams. A large bearded man drinks a Bud Light. He stands up, and announces:

    “We are going to sing the Star Spangled Banner!”

    It is apparent that he has had many beers previously. He continues:


    He motions for the others to sing along, continuing:


    The others chime in now, continuing:


    None of the men are particularly good at singing, and some are drunk. The man at the table remains silent. Wuot interrupts the singing by throwing a beer glass at him. He storms over to the man.


    The man waves him off indifferently.

    Wuot: That is not going to do! Didn’t you hear the lyrics? “What so proudly we hail’d , At the twilight’s last gleaming?… .” Didn’t you hear that? What is your problem? Where is your American brotherhood?

    Man: I don’t agree with it.


    Man: The nationalistic lyrics, I don’t like them. America has suffered enough from that! The world has suffered enough. People have-


    The man stands up calmly to leave. He is somewhat older, so it takes him some time to get up. Wuot watches for a moment, before pouncing upon him with his mug, smashing it into his face repeatedly. It breaks, lacerating the man with glass.

    Wuot: Sing the fucking song!

    He turns back to the others: sing the song!

    The men at the bar begin to sing nervously, trying to encourage the old man to save himself. They are probably too drunk to intervene physically, not to mention fearful of Wuot’s powerful energy, his maniacal numen. The old man says nothing, prompting further abuse from Wuot.


    He begins to punch the man, taking shards of glass to slice open his throat, cutting off his head tissue by tissue, ripping the wounds open with his hands. The old man, now facing death, tries to sing. His bravado has faded.


    Wuot rants on inconsolably as he rips apart the man’s head. The man is not, in fact, Hispanic, nor does he show any indication of being such. He is dead by now, his body twitching. The floor and Wuot are covered in blood. The bar men have stopped singing. Wuot finally severs the man’s spine, standing up to hold his foot on the body, ripping his head off. A piece of spine remains attached to the head. He throws it at the men.


    “Oh, say, can you see
    By the dawn’s early light
    What so proudly we hail’d
    At the twilight’s last gleaming?
    Whose broad stripes and bright stars
    Through the perilous fight
    O’er the ramparts we watch’d
    Were so gallantly streaming?
    And the rocket’s red glare
    The bombs bursting in air
    Gave proof through the night
    That our flag was still there
    O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
    O’er the land of the free
    And the home of the brave?”

    • If you’re curious about why Wuot is talking about Zenta, he had a Vietnam flashback of his previous incarnation as Frederick William I of Prussia.

  2. “Because when you are truly good, you have just one true desire: To set others free. So when your very existence becomes a source of oppression and anxiety for others, you yearn to pervert and twist the image they have of you.”

    Ooooooohhhh! That’s one hell of a clever insight there.

  3. Zoomer: I have pity on your soul. Your generation is completely lost. My advice for you is to take a break from the internet for 30 days. Go on a backpacking trip. Do not listen to any music. Do not listen to any news. And most importantly DO NOT USE ANY DRUGS! I promise you when you come back you will be an improved man.

    Keith: You are truly a low status white male, probably 90IQ too, and that most certainly is not a compliment.

    Wombat: is a psychopathic bootlicker of those who say they are Jews but are not. Ignore everything this man says, there is no wisdom here.

    And finally, Rintrah, the famous Troll, the infamous Dutch Creeper, the man that quality women despise, and only a confused homosexual could love, aka, head recruiter for Satan’s Army:

    You are clever, but you are not wise. Your vision is myopic. Paraphrase: “Oh, my best friend is a Jew, my one and only girlfriend was a Jew, and they are not bad, they are good, they’ve been to Israel, and they say it’s great, and they just want to be live in peace.”

    Oh my God, you are so fucking dumb. You know it all, and yet all your information comes from 4chan and Wikipedia, aka the internet, and very little real world experience. Well, young man, some of us read books. By your own admission you do not have the attention span to read a book. And yet you have the audacity to call people who are more well read than you low IQ low status white males. “Fucko the Clown” tried to recommend a book for you “The Body Electric” and yet you won’t read it, because you don’t have the attention span?

    News flash: People who do not have the attention span to read books do not have a high IQ!!!!

      • Shadow Butterfly seems to be really mad at us because we don’t hate Jews like she does.
        Apparently she’s been really frustrated about not being being able to post for weeks because of the ‘Shalom’ requirement. Life sucks when you lead a hateful existence wrapped in a burka.

        • You sick honeypot, I don’t hate Jews! Never said I did. I’m not a Muslim, a Christian, or a Jew! ACTUALLY, most of my friends and most important teachers growing up were Jewish. Nevertheless, I stand by my original statement: Israel is the most corrupt country in the world. Only a criminal would defend it. For example, it’s the sex trafficking and organ harvesting capital of the world.

          Prove me wrong, Rinrah, I dare you! Investigate the matter deeper than Wikipedia. Make a post about it, explore the illegal organ harvesting trade in Israel today in 2024.

          The State of Israel is a Ponzi scheme, the whole entire history and precedence for the country is a scam, it’s a grifter’s paradise, a long con, but you are all for that, aren’t you, as long as you get a piece of the pie, am I right, you unethical piece of shit!

          But of course you already know that, right, because you’ve chosen your side, just as you’ve sold your soul, because perhaps your livelihood depends on it, and you did not see an alternative, that is why you so rabidly unconsciously defend it as if your life depends on it.

          Well, FUCK YOU, you fucking middle aged mid wit! Agent Keith of the ADL, I hope you don’t die from complications from your sex change operation! SHALOM!

    • Shadow Butterfly, explain to me why jews are the root of all evil in the world and not merely another interest in our nations. I would like to remind you that I used to be a wignat and I’ve heard all the typical theories; yes I know they’re over-represented in many industries, you can see the numbers yourself (Though this is obviously a decade out of date, things haven’t change much.)

      The thing is, I simply don’t care. Jews are not a hivemind, nor are they all powerful. There’s leftist jews, right wings jews, commie jews, and whatever else. If jews were truly all powerful, why hasn’t the United States obliterated the Palestinians yet? Why did Israel even need to attack the USS Liberty to TRY and get us to attack Egypt on their behalf? (While failing in the process).

      You know jews are and always have been? Puppets, manipulated by our rulers for centuries. Look at what Radagast posted in the last thread, about how French Kings manipulated and used them over and over throughout history, nothing has changed. English Kings used jews as tax collectors, then when the people began to hate them since no one likes taxes, the King would expel the jews only to invite them back in the next generation. If anything, jews are dupes; the most ruthless of their kind so obsessed with monetary wealth they’re blind to true power.

      Our God, Jesus/Wotan larped as the King of the Jews knowing they’d kill him for it, in order to mantle the role of Yahweh and subvert Rome in a masterstroke of tactical genius that has defined the last two thousand years of history. Jews have been used even by God as a tool to further his own aims.

      Satan is a powerless imbecile doomed to always lose, and he only has power in the middle east. Everything that has been labeled “satan” in the west is just what opposes God’s plans, not an actual metaphysical challenger. You really think isolated pagan medieval peasants were worshiping some evil Semitic God? Don’t be ridiculous.

      • It’s the same old story of the fall of Troy as it’s always been.

        The powerful take and sack the city, kill the men, cast the babies from the battlements, rape the women, take survivors as slaves, etc.

        Those with power and will do these things, and if they’re fated to win/lose that’s what happens, same as they’ve always done. Morality doesn’t seem to come into it really – more a case of Machiavellianism perhaps.

        The general consensus seems to be that we should see these as terrible and tragic events, but so what if we do? The general consensus that they are terrible and tragic doesn’t seem to stop them from happening when they are fated to happen.

        It’s not always as bad as burning cities and so forth though, there are plenty of lesser evils that we all do on a daily basis. We have a remarkable capacity for self-deception. People can’t even strip the euphemisms and so forth from their deeds and see the evil things that they do for the evils that they are.

        The majority in the first world would probably fit that bill. Whiny hypocrites all over the place. How many of them are living in countries built on the theft of someone else’s lands/wealth at some point in history? Or by way of theft of resources and possessing objects produced by slaves in far flung places even today?

        And here we all are on the edge of the ecological abyss, driving around in cars, using electricity, wearing shoes made in China, etc. Etc.

        Is it any wonder self-deception is so commonplace?

        Everyone’s self-esteem would be destroyed otherwise.

        Anyway, moving on. . .

        Jesus/Wotan, crucified/hanged, no god/s coming to help, both pierced in the side with a spear, both spend time in darkness and then rise, both gain something from the sacrifice (forgiveness/wisdom)

        It’s even written in the stars, which is cool:

      • >The thing is, I simply don’t care. Jews are not a hivemind[…]

        I wouldn’t be so sure of that.

        One of the absolutely best explications of this phenomenon was provided by mad-genius and prolific commenter “Priss Factor” and it blew my mind:

        Priss has a tendency to go on and on for pages but it’s always “ALL KILLER NO FILLER” so I don’t mind, myself. I’m always illuminated by his fevered writings. He likes to use examples from cinema to illustrate his perceptions of the dynamics of ZogWorld, so you may not be interested in reading the first few pages or so of this particular comment. Or maybe you would? He writes interminably, but every sentence and paragraph is distilled and condensed Power of Observation.

        If you are short on time, I would suggest skipping to the paragraph beginning with the sentence:

        “Now, what is the operative mode of Jewish Power? Is there like a super-don of the Tribe who gives orders to underlings in a chain of command? Is the Jewish Power structure like that among the Italian mafia or the Japanese yakuza? A strict hierarchy? No. Indeed, such structuralism proved to be an Achilles Heel for the Italians.”

        He goes into the biology and signaling of bees and such things, likening Jewish cohesiveness to an emergent natural property, like the way we see starlings fly in formation. Might be of interest to Radagast (if his love of the “natural world” is sincere) and of interest to you (if you’re not just another crytpo-Jew gatekeeping on this blog)

        • You people honestly embarrass me with your stupidity, but I’m feeling tolerant enough to expand my tolerance to low IQ low status white males, so I’ll approve your comment.

  4. Quote: “Because when you are truly good, you have just one true desire: To set others free.”

    To think “I’m truly good” is to cross the line between idealism and fanatism.

    To set free is something which must be done by self, not by others.

    • Let me think about this for a second.

      Let’s say a good person wants others to be happy, or at least free of suffering.

      By having high esteem, a good person makes some people unhappy, let’s say by creating envy.

      Therefore, the good person may undertake some self-destructive behaviour, to lower their own esteem, which they believe will increase the wellbeing of the other.

      Can you make the other person feel better that way? Yeab, I’d say you can. In a conciliatory kind of way. The other might have to deceive themself a bit, because they probably don’t deserve the boost to their esteem from the loss in someone else’s, but people are good at self-deception.

      Yeah, the logic still seems solid to me.

      I’m not sure I totally get the setting yourself free angle you raise – I’m sure one can come to certain realizations and so forth, but there seems to be limits. E.g. it seems to me that I/you set a bird free from its cage, but the bird (lacking opposable thumbs) can’t/doesn’t set itself free, unless we are getting into some kind of mystical eastern thing wherein the bird goes into a catatonic state, dissociates from reality, and finds freedom for itself that way or something.

      • Quote: “… a good person makes some people unhappy, let’s say by creating envy.”

        To be a “successful” person (beautiful, smart, talented, wealthy) has nothing to do with to be a “good” person. An evil person can have the same attributes.

        The problem with to be a good person is to define first what “good” is. Is Order good and chaos bad? Seems so but both are bad in the extremes. Too much chaos and nothing can exist, too much order and nothing can change.

        So it’s logical that you can only be a good person if you’re balanced, and deny both extremes. Stay rational and idealistic, avoid to be fanatic good or fanatic bad.

        • I’m defining a good person, at least in this context, as someone who is motivated by wanting others to be happy and/or free of suffering. That’s how I’m defining it for this purpose.

          In that context, I think the proposed theory seems to offer a likely explanation for a particular type of seemingly self-defeating behaviours.

          It’s not necessarily all sacrifice though, as the ‘good’ person may stand to gain something from as well.

          For most of our history we used to live in small groups with scarce resources. Dealing with envy was a serious issue and there were rules about dealing with it to maintain cohesion. One could be killed if others became too envious. Perhaps this sort of thing explains potlatch ceremonies and so forth.

          It may seem extreme to give everything away, from something intangible like ‘esteem’, right on through to something tangible, but it may also seem extreme to keep everything for yourself when the other has little to nothing.

          Ultimately, I guess it’s not so much about being ‘good’ or ‘bad’ as not getting brained by a nulla nulla and losing absolutely everything that one may happen to have.

  5. Cool post. One of Ireland’s wins came in 1993, so when it was hosted in Dublin the following year, this was our version of the Superbowl’s “half-time show”:

    I’d encourage you to watch it all from the start, but if like me, your attention span and dopamine receptors have been fried from over a decade of chronic internet addiction and technology abuse, the traditional Irish music and dancing starts at 2:22. Or, if you’re REALLY impatient, skip to 5:20.

  6. As a North American, I did not read any of this. We do not give a shit about Europe. It is just some vacation spot with colorful locals and traditions who blah blah and think they are in charge. Very quaint and all. We blew up the Nord Stream pipeline and made you pay 3X for LNG for christakes. Even Russia does not give a shit about you:

    You are even de-industrializing and going into recession and think this is a good thing LOL.

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