Everyone has AIDS!

You like bacon, SUVs and sleazy New York real estate moguls, you don’t like eating bugs, drinking Oatly and you especially don’t like autistic Swedish femcels, right LSWMs? Well I hope you like having AIDS too, because you probably will soon. That’s what happens when Shi Zhengli doesn’t check whether her rodents with human ACE2 receptors bit a hole in the pipe leading to the air vent before testing how long her newest creation takes to make them suffocate in their own blood.

Remember long COVID? That fake and gay disease invented by neurotic middle-aged women, right? Yeah, about that, I don’t know how these ladies pull it off, but they must have some telepathic control over their immune systems, because their blood values look like they really truly managed to screw something up.

Have a look at this nightmare of an abstract:

Up to half of individuals who contract SARS-CoV-2 develop symptoms of long-COVID approximately three months after initial infection. These symptoms are highly variable, and the mechanisms inducing them are yet to be understood. We compared plasma cytokine levels from individuals with long-COVID to healthy individuals and found that those with long-COVID had 100% reductions in circulating levels of Interferon Gamma (IFNγ) and Interleukin-8 (IL-8). Additionally, we found significant reductions in levels of IL-6, IL-2, IL-17, IL-13, and IL-4 in individuals with long-COVID. We propose immune exhaustion as the driver of long-COVID, with the complete absence of IFNγ and IL-8preventing the lungs and other organs from healing after acute infection, and reducing the ability to fight off subsequent infections, both contributing to the myriad of symptoms suffered by those with long-COVID.

Yes, they found a universal zero, when it comes to circulating levels of Interferon Gamma. That’s AIDS. AIDS is just an abbreviation of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and this is an acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. If you don’t like that, invent some new term for what HIV does. I’m going to call a spade a spade.

Let me tell you, this is not what you want to be seeing in a person, assuming you don’t hate their guts. It looks like the immune system has basically been destroyed. NK cells and other immune cells would normally be secreting large amounts of Interferon Gamma, but for these unfortunate women, that’s not happening. And that matters, because Interferon Gamma is not just a signaling molecule, it’s a directly antiviral protein. Hence why it’s called Interferon: It interferes with viral replication in almost every step along the way. That sudden massive wave of excess deaths we saw last December? It might just be a demographic of people whose immune systems no longer respond with Interferon Gamma to respiratory viruses.

Similarly, IL-8 would be expected to be produced in large amounts by NK cells and by macrophages, but again, there’s zero. Are their natural killer cells and their macrophages dead? That’s what it looks like.

These cells are important, not just in fighting nasty bugs, but also in regulating the repair of damaged tissues. And so what seems to happen is that the lungs are scarred and damaged, because a portion of the immune cell population is gone, thus gradually leading to the symptoms that these women experience months after being infected, as the body becomes unable to repair the damage.

It turns out a virus named SARS2 can permanently fuck up your lungs. Who could’ve seen that one coming?

And that would be bad enough, if it was over now. But it’s not, as we continually get reinfected. A first infection has a 4% long covid risk, a reinfection 2.4%. At two infections a year, you’d have a 38% risk of getting it after ten year, assuming the risk stays stuck at 2.4% now.

So we’re moving in the direction of the whole population developing some degree of immune system damage. Let’s say that’s happening, what would it look like?

I don’t know, something like this perhaps?

This is the UK’s sickness absence rate, it’s skyrocketing. And that’s just the people still in the labor force, you can add to that all the people now stuck with long term sickness, unable to make themselves “useful” (lol).

Of course most low IQ morons now live in denial and I’m fine with that because everything these morons tried as a solution made it worse. Your mass vaccination strategy was directly followed within months by a novel variant that led to constantly recurrent waves infecting the whole population that take down your immune system. I tried warning you and anyone with some basic knowledge of evolutionary biology should have been able to anticipate this. But morons are going to do moronic things.

I will say, it is hilarious though how deeply the morons are in denial. When they sneeze it’s their allergies. When they cough their lungs out it’s their allergies too. And if they suddenly developed new allergies, to things they were never allergic to before, that means it’s working! Your constant headaches are completely normal too, as that’s just a normal part of the human condition (when there’s a neurovirulent sarbecovirus going around).

Can you morons still run, or are you out of breath within seconds? That’s worth checking before you find out your scarred lungs turned you from a regular moron into a crippled moron. I know it’s hard to find a minute to go to the gym in between very important discussions at work and very important paperwork, but when your cardiorespiratory system fails you won’t be able to sit in an office chair and stare at a spreadsheet anymore either, so take that into consideration.

But hey, there’s good news too! Your pension funds have finally closed the hole in their balance sheet! Have a look at the latest update made in 2022 to your projected life expectancy:

With everyone dying “suddenly”, they notched down the projected life expectancy by half a year. Here’s what they had to say:

“While deaths in 2020 and 2021 were clearly abnormally high due to the significant numbers of deaths seen during the first two Covid-19 waves, deaths in 2022 were persistently higher than pre-pandemic expectations through much of the year,” said Jonathan Hughes, chair of the CMI. “The CMI’s view is that these persistently higher than expected deaths may continue, as the underlying drivers appear likely to remain soon.”

In regular English: Get used to dying proles. And if a scientific genius somewhere successfully “predicts” the next pandemic by passing an Ebola virus through humanized mice, we might just be able to ditch the whole outdated retirement concept altogether. Think of how much money that would save!

This is what happens when you vaccinate everyone: It seems to work great at first, but in the long run it means everyone’s permanently stuck with an impoverished immune response to this virus. It’s reminiscent of how the Dutch city Rotterdam was faced with a homeless crisis after the war and hurriedly built some shoddy housing in response, ensuring we’d be stuck with miserable crime-ridden ghettos for decades to come. You have to get it right the first time. We didn’t.


  1. Anecdotally this AIDS situation is confirmed by several people I work with that have chronic sniffles/runny nose. One 50-ish woman has a deep cough that accompanied illness. Onset of Illness was early February. Cough persists.

    • Yeah and all these obese middle-aged low IQ morons with dysfunctional immune systems will be shedding it into the air.

      So you’ll be continually exposed to it. It’s like they insist on making sure there’s no future after they’re dead.

  2. Rintrah, be aware that Long Covid (which is real) is very poorly studied, with studies lacking comparison groups, small groups of people, findings never replicated, etc.

    I know one person with lung fibrosis (from early 2021)

    LC is not even defined properly. It is a shame because, indeed, many people have long covid.

    I also have some issues, which do not relate temporally to the only Covid I had, but are long-covid-like, and I have no idea what causes them. I also had 2/3 of my thyroid removed 29 years ago and had energy issues all my life, either having too much or too little energy. Lately, it’s been mostly too little.

    • >LC is not even defined properly. It is a shame because, indeed, many people have long covid.

      Yes, this is true. Depending on how you wish to define it, most people now have long covid.

      My VO2 max is still above average, but there’s something going on in my brain. Only real way to avoid it seems to be staying away from obese elderly morons, who are chronically infected and shedding this junk into the air on a constant basis.

      The governments and the low IQ morons who elected them were willing to return to normal, after they made normal impossible. Ironic.

      • To be honest, I also have some issues, such as brain fog. But it is hard to pin down on Covid for two reasons:

        – I had it before Covid, but less often
        – It did not worsen following Covid, but at least a year after
        – It goes away if I rest very well and sleep a lot

        I do NOT get sick more often than I did before the pandemic. I never use any recreational drugs.

        I do think that Covid is the plague. But I do not think that we know the exact mechanism yet.

        • Intermittent fasting (16/8) dramatically reduced my long Covid symptoms, including brain fog. I am insulin-resistant, overweight.

          Donating blood was also helpful, felt visibly better starting a week after each donation.

  3. “this is not what you want to be seeing in a person, assuming you don’t hate their guts”

    Ah, but denial is magical. If you don’t want to admit the thing, all you have to do is cultivate a hatred of the people affected by it.

  4. So those who took the clot shot are fucked because of various inefficacies of the vaccine and its planning, and the clot shot pushers are therefore stupid, but those who didn’t trust it and ended up surviving the virus basically unscathed as far as they can tell, are also fucked, and from your scathing tone are also apparently stupid for choosing that path too, in a chaotic time period where none of this was known?

    How about you explain in your own words what the non stupid course of action would’ve been during that time frame, using only information generally accepted as knowable during the years of 2020-21.

    I greatly anticipate finally hearing what the rational course of action was.

    • >I greatly anticipate finally hearing what the rational course of action was.

      There is none.

      You refuse to live within ecological boundaries, so you get AIDS and die.

      That’s how this thing works. In 2019 every obese middle-aged moron thought “well I’ll be dead before it happens” before shoving another piece of pork down their throat.

      In 2020 they freaked out, turns out karma is real.
      In 2021 they signed up for gene therapy that didn’t work.
      In 2022 they got AIDS.

      Humans thought they could just exploit the non-human world without consequences. The non-human world had other ideas.

      • The only thing that could have made a difference was just humility, accepting the punishment.

        If we had no social distancing, no vaccine experiments, no masks, no lockdowns, what would have happened would be that the oldest elderly would have died, the boomers would have been hospitalized in droves and after that we would have developed herd immunity and moved on with our lives.

        But they couldn’t do that. They had to throw the young before the bus.

        So now we have a sarbecovirus steadily reverting to virulence and taking down everyone’s immune systems.

        • Why punishment? What ideally could and should’ve happened is a massive worldwide concerted push to research and deploy early treatment that worked, as in being better than nothing. But that would have defied the whole purpose …

      • You are starting to sound like Dan/Harvard2TheBigHouse:

        Increasingly messianic/apocalyptic as the original predictions fail to materialize, and shoring up the cognitive dissonance with high-dudgeon moralisms as subjective justifications.

        But what do I know. I’m a LSWM

        • >Increasingly messianic/apocalyptic as the original predictions fail to materialize, and shoring up the cognitive dissonance with high-dudgeon moralisms as subjective justifications.

          I don’t know about that one.


          In march 2020 I told you excess mortality that year would be about 10%, which it was. I wanted to say 20%, but I really wanted someone to take my bet, so I went with 10%.

          You can go back and read it.

          And since mid 2021, I have been warning that mass vaccination would cause big waves of unprecedented mass infection by homogenizing the population’s collective immune response and fixating it on an extinct version of the virus, ultimately leading to mass death.

          I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but we’ve been stuck with “unexplained” excess mortality ever since these morons began their vaccination experiment.

          I’m a polysubstance drug addict dropout from the Netherlands. Yet so far I’d say I have a better track record than your public health officials, who promised you these vaccines would deliver you to the promised land of herd immunity. They brought you to the not-promised land of negative efficacy against infection, which I warned about constantly and which studies later demonstrated to be true.

          I’ve never given you some concrete timeline of “by January 2023 5 billion people will be dead from AIDS”, as far as I can remember. I did say by late 2022 you’d be likely to see mass death. Well, that happened. We had an unprecedented spike in excess mortality in December, in all the highly vaccinated European nations. And keep in mind, that’s with the most vulnerable people already having died in preceding waves and all the survivors having immunity from previous variants.

          But I’m generally not very concrete, because I don’t know everything. I just know the basic principles of evolutionary biology, that’s the lens through which I look at this.

          And if you look at things through that lens, you can say “this is a good idea” or “this is a disastrous idea”. And if you think something is a disastrous idea, you’re going to sperg out and write endless posts about it. And if you go back, you’ll probably find things that were wrong, but more worrisome I think is that most of it is just correct, yet public health officials could not figure it out apparently.

          But evolutionary biology doesn’t allow you to figure out every variable in the equation. They come up with Paxlovid and it kinda works? Yeah, death toll will go down, but how am I supposed to properly anticipate that? I personally thought they would’ve figured out better ways to treat it by late 2020, took them longer than I expected. I knew that the death toll in the first wave was inflated by mass hysteria.

    • I am wondering if maybe harvard2h, scared of covid and also unvaxxed was the path?? There was a guy on twitter @JohnSmi23509890, but he seems to have (?) stopped posting. Again, scared of covid and also unvaxxed. “Scared” may not be the word I’m looking for. I found this site through John Smith twitter, although I noticed the other day that eugyppius has written about this site as well. One thing that would’ve been helpful is if citizens as a group had aggressively demanded to know the exact nature of the virus. Here in America, I think people were intimidated by the forcefulness of the insistence on natural origins.

  5. Read an article or listened to a podcast by a doctor a while after mRNA’s were introduced. He said those that were jabbed could expect to be getting colds more frequent than before, with each occurrence taking longer to get over.

    I have seen this personally, with people I know getting a cold that lasts almost a month. The person finally gets over it, and sometimes within two weeks they have another cold. And it is easy for a lot of people to think it’s because they are getting older. It is the young people in their 20’s that I worry about. On some level they must know that this is not normal. But there is no discussion about the elephant in the room.

  6. Daniel Brittain Dugger is an AIDS activist who has been ranting about this on twitter/nitter. He’s been arguing that we need viral load tests for covid, and to get people into treatment right away after they catch covid so that reservoirs don’t form, and that we are wasting precious time because covid is destroying the liver and kidney function that will be needed to process the drugs that people will need. But that the population now has hypo metabolic frontal lobes, so we’re toast. A typical tweet of his: “Why people struggle with what to do when there is microglia, astrocyte, perivascular macrophage involvement and CD4 apoptosis is really beyond me. LMAO,” and “not good when you let folks run around with elevated VEGF levels. We’ve decided to just let the shit hit the fan. Karposi’s Sarcoma is coming.”

    He’s not nearly as smart as you but he is smart enough and he has been on the front lines of something similar.

    • No offense, but that guy is one of the biggest charlatans in the space. He’s a programmer who volunteered for an AIDS community advisory board at Vanderbilt, seemingly just so he could brag about the meaningless affiliation.

      He once claimed that he led an epidemiological study which was actually just a high school English paper.

      • Okay, but what is he saying that is wrong? About viral reservoirs, and the need for viral load tests, and the role of the microglia, and the need to treat before reservoirs are formed, and the need to act fast before people’s livers and and kidneys are too badly shot to tolerate the drugs needed to treat and before they are too badly gone cognitively? I haven’t seen anyone else saying that. I don’t care if he’s a crazy freak if he is right and what he is saying makes sense. Who else is saying this, whom I should read instead?

        • I just know that he has demonstrated a willingness to bend the truth when it suits him, and is clearly trying to leverage fear for financial gain (see MyPoxPal).

  7. Thank you again for your insights

    I took an extra nattokinase tablet after reading this

    For us LSWM workers, are we to assume that our office mates with long covid are shedding spike into the air?

    • >For us LSWM workers, are we to assume that our office mates with long covid are shedding spike into the air?

      Yes. And it binds to your nicotinic acetylcholine receptors where it gets stuck, so your cholinergic neurotransmission is fucked up. Nicotine is said to help with that, to displace the protein, but don’t expect any miracles.

      Oh and your neurons produce amyloid in an effort to get rid of it.

      That’s what happens when fat boomers throw the young before the train in an attempt to save themselves.

        • There is a novel response after Omicron variants, but at the level of the population you would expect our collective response to remain handicapped by the imprinting that took place. There is simply less diversity in our collective response than there would have been otherwise.

          Unfortunately it doesn’t really matter much. After these unprecedented global waves of OAS facilitated mass infection, we’re now stuck with a swarm of variants and droves of people suffering persistent infections and damage to their immune system.

          It made herd immunity impossible.

          Now that the antibody repertoire is broadening again in response to all these waves of mass infection, you’re reaching the point where antibody escape through Spike mutation doesn’t really achieve much anymore.

          So now you’re faced with a situation where the adaptive immune response is sabotaged altogether, through improved interferon suppression. If it takes much longer to activate the adaptive immune response, that allows the virus to use its host to spread for much longer too. The price the host pays is worse health effects.

          You have numerous persistent infections that learn this, those infections then recombine with other variants to keep the useful new traits and ditch the useless ones (see BA.2.75 > XBB).

          And so SARS2 massively got to expand the repertoire of terrible songs it gets to perform for us.

          If we hadn’t vaccinated droves of people, the Omicron waves would have been much smaller than the Delta wave (which would have taken much longer to replace Alpha). You would expect to see herd immunity by now.

          And if we had never performed any of the vaccine experiments, Alpha Beta, Gamma and Delta would probably never have come into existence, as there would be no people with a narrow antibody response against a minority of Spike epitopes.

  8. Like El Gato Malo wrote about this and the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1917: we would have all been better off, and millions of needless deaths averted, if we had done nothing at all.

  9. I think any discussion of long covid now needs to include the effects of hypoxia from excessive masking. CO2 poisoning can cause organ failure, as well as most of the symptoms you mention, including immunodeficiency, severe headaches, not to mention lung irritation if masking is involved.. Our friend commenting above mentions fiber in his lungs; curious how that got there.

  10. Not feasible that the self selected cohort that presented with long covid had immune issues that caused the long covid rather than the other way around?

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