Everyone is boring

-Everyone has a nice recipe with avocado and sweet potato.

-Everyone lost a lot of weight on the keto diet.

-Everyone’s into craft beers.

-Everyone’s “basically a flexitarian”.

-Everyone recycles.

-Everyone thinks everyone else should consider living in a tiny house.

-Everyone thinks global warming is the fault of capitalism.

-Everyone had their mind opened by psychedelics, figuring out that it’s all about love and we’re all one consciousness and the whole universe is basically composed of vibrations and we’re destroying the planet and need to become sustainable and stuff man.

-Everyone realizes there’s so much we can learn from indigenous cultures.

-Everyone’s into art house movies. Everyone’s favorite art house movie is Pulp Fiction.

-Everyone’s aware of how privileged they are.

-Everyone wanted to have a job working with animals as a kid. Everyone ended up staring at a screen instead.

-Everyone hates neoliberalism.

-Everyone is glad they got to grow up in the 90’s.

-Everyone went to South America for an Ayahuasca ceremony and everyone had a really cathartic experience that allowed everyone to move on.

-Everyone likes Sylvia Plath.

-Everyone read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.

-Everyone thinks it’s like 1984.

-Everyone thinks it’s strange how the media doesn’t call it terrorism when they do it.

-Everyone likes Jordan Peterson or makes fun of people who like Jordan Peterson.

-Everyone watches Game of Thrones.

-Everyone listens to minimal techno.

-Everyone quit doing cocaine.

-Everyone is playing Among Us.

-Everyone is “not as into it as he is, but”.

-Everyone doesn’t like the CCP.

-Every woman is “spiritual but not religious”.

-Every man is “basically a libertarian”.

-Everyone read the Bhagavad Gita.

-Everyone meditates.

-Everyone practices mindfulness.

-Everyone wants to sell you a VPN account.

-Everyone accepts your donations.

-Everyone thinks Ted Kaczynski had a point but doesn’t agree with his methods.

-Everyone thinks you’re probably right but there’s not much you can do about it.

-Everyone thinks cancel culture has gone too far.

-Everyone is “not a Trump supporter but”.

-Everyone supports gay marriage and legal marijuana.

-Everyone “isn’t sure whether it was worth the money”, but “wouldn’t trade their college memories for anything”.

-Everyone “hears all the time” they “look young for their age”.

-Everyone is glad they didn’t marry the first person they fell in love with, because that “would have been a disaster”.

-Everyone first wants to travel around the world.

-Everyone loves to travel.

-Everyone met online.

-Everyone has tinnitus.

-Everyone is neurodiverse.

-Everyone has (c)PTSD.

-Everyone is on the spectrum.

-Everyone is highly sensitive.

-Everyone’s an empath.

-Everyone is writing a novel.

-Everyone has an idea for a movie.

-Everyone spent a gap year backpacking.

-Everyone has a cryptocurrency you need to hear about.

-Everyone “made some money” with cryptocurrency.

-Everyone works at a tech startup.

-Everyone deleted their Facebook.

-Everyone had to make a Linkedin profile for their job.

-Everyone saw what Elon Musk tweeted. Everyone needs you to see it too.

-Everyone informs you about the news you try to avoid paying attention to.

-Everyone sends you the meme you saw yesterday. (There are two parties at fault here though)

-Everyone has a solution to the pandemic, but nobody seems to want to hear it.

-Everyone is “probably retiring early”.

-Everyone is getting out before the bubble pops.

-Everyone is “trying to come up with some idea to start their own business”.

-Everyone is “not ready to settle down yet”.

-Everyone is “not looking to do the 9 to 5 thing”.

-Everyone is “not sure they want children, it’s kind of hard to plan for the future right now”.

-Everyone is “just trying to make the best of it, we all want this to end”.

-Everyone is “not afraid, just being careful”.

-Everyone is “kind of feeling tired lately and not sleeping well”.

Everyone is boring.




Dump your own additions in the comments, I know you want to.


      • Everybody isolated from the hive that I know is now dead or in prison. Or a waste of life druggie scumfuck.

        It gets lonely out here once you live on the fringe long enough.

        Try to establish a healthy community so you don’t end up the only person living free wondering alone in the park throwing a frisbee at 🐿️.

        • This is powerfully true.

          Effectively, the normals all get their ideas from a few standard sources, and are not engaged in the discovery of any original ideas. Thus, they essentially become meat relays for Reddit. You know, like a bipedal wifi hotspot.

          The free thinkers on the other hand are extremely likely to be so mentally unconstrained that they will never agree with their fellow fringies on even one point, ever. If they manage to, they will likely free think their way into believing something radically different in a few months. The same independent spirit that allowed them to scorn the normal herd, will be turned against the outcast herd as well.

          I can’t list all the fringies I’ve known who burned themselves out one way or another. They turn to drugs, alienate all their friends, get themselves imprisoned or taken out by someone, or worst of all give up and become conformist. I’ve pretty much seen it all at this point, or so I’d like to think.

          I do not know what in the hell the ideal solution is, but if history is any indication, one good solution is to write all your ideas down in some sort of book and then get a following of acolytes. It doesn’t surround you with free thinking types, but they at least aren’t normals.

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