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  1. Do you have any links to help get to grips with Blake’s cosmology? You are obviously fairly familiar with the works of Blake

  2. Do you ever worry about overexposing yourself? I hold views that are generally incompatible with my religion due to the simple fact that in orthodox interpretations one is supposed to keep their ‘innovations’ to their self. So I have a lot of thoughts on veganism from a health perspective, religion but also consciousness in the universe (two things which definitely conflict). How do you decide which of your opinions are worthy of getting said and which to keep to yourself?

  3. I take inspiration from deer. The young bucks are expected to emigrate to other populations. The females are expected to stay. Obviously in a human population this might sound like treason towards one race – but I only mean it in the context of ones own people in a collective sense. There are many countries – of any race – that are still relatively homogeneous. It is an objective fact that white countries experience this privilege the least, and this is objectively unfortunate. However, there are some. The historically economically gutter states of the eastern bloc are racially privileged in this sense. Migrants typically go where the money is – invaders go for the pillage. Since there is money in Germany for cheaper labor (still good wages, nonetheless) many Turks and eastern europeans migrated to Germany. So while western Europeans states are only ~70% ethnically homogenous – where the ethnicites used to be recognized by dialect of language – have now succumbed to being classified by cruder, more encompassing races. Germany is no longer prussians and bavarians – it is Germans and Turks. The UK likewise is no longer Welsh or Scots or English, but “White” or “Asian [pakistani]” or “black” or… You get the idea. However, in the eastern bloc… it’s land where people look like you!

  4. Ever since I discovered your blog on reddit, I’m always happy to read your mushroom-powered musings on the world. Wish I could share these topics with more friends around here, as controversial as they are even tho I don’t necessarily agree with everything. Greetings from Chile.

    • are there limitations that might prevent or delay posting comments? I tried to post a comment on a recent post and it doesn’t appear. 🙁

      • Sorry about that, it’s true, there is some basic automatic spamfilter, it’s unfortunately necessary to have that. I try to check regularly.

  5. Man, I sincerely need to talk to you for a little urgent matter. Forget the road trip. Could you please send me a private message

  6. Dream journal
    I had a dream where I was at first shopping for mock meat stuff and watching a movie on the screens in the store.
    but then I was taken into a station by some (cop?) who was interrogating me, accusing me of having gotten drunk at a big outdoor party and peed on a native american burial ground – he had a miniature one in a room, just a floor, a bench, and a marker to mark it as one.

    so I tell him I would have remembered that but I don’t, and I don’t go to parties with people, period.

    this guy continues accusing and fishing for a confession to something. I remember nothing.
    he starts bragging that he keeps guys in there, unlawfully detained to punish them by wasting their time.
    I say I sometimes eat limes. not just juice them but eat the lime fruit out of them. I’m spying a big tray of citrus fruits in the office.
    “huh” (the reaction, don’t remember if he says it in the dream)
    “they’re nutritious”
    the rest of the dream is me sitting there enjoying all the citrus fruits (look like grapefruits), just pigging out on them while I’m being “punished” with waiting

    I got to sleep later than usual, yet instead of the usual hour of grogginess, I wake up completely refreshed, at the crack of dawn.

    my dream takes place in what looks like a massive video game world where I willy nilly switch around avatars.
    there’s no one else but me and programmed roaming NPCs and hazardous vehicles. the world is suspended over a 90s bottomless chasm. the sky is a dark gray and the atmosphere is very alienating.
    I peek in and out of houses, then walk near the edge to look behind a store, seeing a transparent wall and a Super Mario 64 looking ghost thing floating around near walls of nails?
    at another floating are, there are roads with big icy things(?) and trucks with opaque windshields just driving into the nothing.
    I follow it, then get way out onto the floating highways, hitch a ride on top of a tiny NPC car for travel.
    it carries me off a cliff on the edge of reality. I get a game over screen as my characters falls, mangled.

  7. Hi!

    I came to this blog following Rob’s Henderson mailletter. Man, you really you touch most of the strings that I enjoy and appreciate. Hope you are doing good!

  8. You should add a ‘comment feed’ section to the side of the blog so we can keep track of the latest comments and add to previous entries

  9. What are your thoughts on crypto nowadays? I remember you shilling for Gridcoin a while back. Presumably you’re out of the game now but it looks like crypto is going mainstream this decade and it’d be interesting to hear what you think.

    • Cryptocurrency is the most boring thing a man can discuss, I already discuss a lot of boring things, so I’m hoping to skip over this one.

  10. Are there any plans for another forest gathering this year? I wasn’t able to make last year’s but would be keen to go if it happens again.

  11. We have less than 24 hours to stop this insane ‘treaty’ from steam rolling us
    This is bad people. Take time to comment.

    Jessica Rose, Apr 12, 2022

    Please go the and write an objection. Get it on record in writing that this is NOT ok with you and why.
    Go here to read the opposition letter.

    And go here to make your comment.
    PLEASE DO THIS. If this goes through, it will be ‘whatever they decide for whatever reason’ from now on.

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  12. I thought I was aware of all the super intelligent covid truth seeking experts with integrity.

    I stumbled on you two years later and you top them all.

    Keep up the good work. Reading people like you keeps me sane.

    Thank you.

    P.S. If you’re curious why so many people deny the reality of covid and overshoot issues like climate change, you may find interesting the Mind Over Reality Transition (MORT) theory by Dr. Ajit Varki.

  13. What do you think about taking a vote on suggestions for the subject of your next post every so often, maybe every time there are five Wednesdays in a month like John Michael Greer does on his Ecosophia blog? I’m sure some of us LSWMs would be interested to hear your thoughts on things other than COVID and the climate hoax 😉 /s

    • Good idea. Just post some comments here in the LSWM safe space and if any subject comes up multiple times or particularly appeals to me I’ll write about it.

    • If you have zero recession of your hairline, you have a low IQ. It means you just don’t have the genetics to produce DHT, which benefits neuronal connectivity.

      If you are actually genuinely going bald, you have poor cardiovascular health. It means your follicles are unable to protect themselves.

      I can write a proper article about it at some point I guess, but it feels kinda cringe to do so.

      • Interesting. This might explain why my hair shedding has decreased since adopting a vegetarian diet six months ago.

        • You could try microneedling if you haven’t yet, some of the follicles will just be dormant, waiting to regrow.

    • >the occult implications of human-like AIs


      >Islamic mysticism

      I think exactly nothing about that.

      >our glorious European Union

      When something is European, that’s another way of saying “this is the best thing our era can produce”. Example: European fashion is just the best possible fashion that can be produced in an otherwise unpleasant and ugly era.

      Similarly, there’s fundamentally nothing wrong with a European Union.

      Almost every complaint people have about the EU, is just a complaint about the era we live in.

      “The EU is not democratic enough.”

      Yeah good. Imagine having an EU, but now the policies are decided by low IQ low status white males instead of guys like Juncker who just get drunk all day and hang out with other succesful dominant elderly men.

      If it was more democratic, it would just be worse.

      • >the occult implications of human-like AIs

        I think it’s fascinating, in our lifetimes these will advance to the point where they will seem just like disembodied human minds

        > Islamic mysticism

        Sufis kinda lit though

        > EU

        Pretty much agreed

  14. On December 21st, I my sister, and my mother went out on the night of the Wild Hunt. I was disquieted by the notion, if we go out there we will be swept up in its currents and join the huntsman! But my mother dismissed my thoughts, for despite her exposure to divinity, she wraps herself up in rationalism and Tamasic foods to protect herself. We had to leave our castle to get gifts for the purest and most kind of our kin!

    The road was rocky, we all almost died on our trip; my mother was in a state of delirium, and my sister of fear, I just wanted this experience to be over. Our chariot that glided across the ground through the power of science (A type of magic) had nearly crashed into other chariots as it rode. The most ignorant of our kin had damaged the chariot, told us it had been fixed, and had lied.

    We escaped that night with our physical bodies intact, but I know that my soul was sucked into the vortex of the hunt, and spit right back out. Odin was with me that day, for I am Odin remembering what he used to remember.

    The Norse knew me as Odin

    The men of modernity know me as Hitler

    The men of the future will know me as Martial Mercy

    I am also a Sensitive Young Man, a completely normal human being no different from any of you. You are all Gods, you have just forgotten, but how could anything but a God create a civilization?

  15. Hey guys, you know how Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan turned out to be a cuck who really just wanted to end the cycles of hate, rather than being le based genocidal Hitler? And how everyone hated how stupid that sounded since he was still committing genocide at the end of the day?

    That’s literally Hitler.

  16. Something I just realized, is that after hanging himself on Yggdrasil, sacrificing himself to himself, and drinking of Mímisbrunnr (The well of remembrance) Odin no longer ate meat, instead subsisting entirely off mead. All sacrifice of food after this point went to Odin’s two wolves.

    Odin was a schizo who consumed something hallucinogenic and stabbed his own eye out. After this, Odin refused to consume anything but mead, becoming Vegan in a certain sense. Odin only drank mead because alcohol is tasmasic, and Odin ascended to such point that he needed a way to ground himself in the world he had created himself (Which is what we all do, since we’re all Gods)

    The Norse Myth about Odin creating the realms out of the bodies of a Jotunn is a metaphor for man creating civilization out of the corpses of animals. Odin came from a Jotunn, Odin is an evolution of the Jotunn; same as how we come from animals, and are an evolution of animals.

    Odin created order from the chaos using his rational, masculine, powers. Yet drank from Mimir’s well to figure out how the universe he created really worked, gaining spiritual, feminine, powers, in the process.

    The most glorious Viking Kings claimed descent from this schizo hobo; same as how Christian Kings claimed descent from the schizo hobo, Jesus Christ. The world is so goofy. This is why I think our fates are guided by clowns.

      • Valhalla is a realm where men who slaughter one another endlessly reincarnate, to fight, and be slaughtered in-turn.

        That’s literally just the world some people are living in.

        Living by the sword, and dying by the sword. Over and over again.

        If you aren’t spending your days killing people right now, you don’t actually want to live in Valhalla.

        • Even those living in Valhalla regret it when its their turn to die. They just don’t remember being the victim. When most of them remember, that’s when they no longer want to kill.

          Only Asura are different, they know what they’re doing, but choose to kill anyway. Asura choose to live in the cycles of hell, and love to drag others down with them.

          Asura are also bitter that they aren’t Devas. Devas will always be stronger than Asura; the Asura’s power is stolen, while the Devas build power within. The Devas builds heaven rather than hell; while the Asura are too weak to live in heaven, and find peace. This is why the Asura are so resentful.

  17. The Norse predicted that after Baldur (A kind God. of compassion and forgiveness, and the son of Odin) was murdered by Loki (The resentful Trickster former blood-brother of Odin) This would set events into motion that would cause Ragnarok, leave two humans alive in Midgard (A man and a woman) result in Odin’s death, Baldur coming back from the dead, and then Baldur supplanting his father as King of the Gods.

    Baldur is Christ, he supplanted Odin in the soul of the European. Loki is Judas, a weak, resentful creature whose resentment only lead to the ascension of those who he knows to be his superior.

    The God of the Old Testament is Odin/Yahweh

    The God of the New Testament is Baldur/Christ

    Both oppose the Devil in their own ways, yet one is closer in nature to the Devil than the other.

    Everyone other than Adam and Eve (Askr and Emba in Norse Mythology) Are just npcs, and therefore not true humans. Only the children of Askr and Emba have the Holy Spirit. The way to get the Holy Spirit when you don’t have it by blood (Whether through your divine blood be diluted, or never be divine at all.) Is through the eating of the fruit of knowledge.

    The Gods are people who have ascended beyond the humans by having the most Holy Spirit. (Yet are still human at the end of the day.) Demigods are the children of Gods and humans, and have some Holy Spirit, but not as much as the Gods, as it’s been diluted. Some Demigods can turn into Gods (Like Hercules, and Christ.)

    Autism is a sign of the Holy Spirit, only autists should procreate.

    • The cycles continue, Christ is long dead, and can only come back through possessing a man.

      No one will know who this man will be called.

      I know I am not this man, maybe no one is.

      The Christians seeped in dogma will likely label this man the Anti-Christ, or the Beast. They cling to their books while ignoring Christ’s teaching.

      Christians are living in the past, same as the Odin worshipers.

      • You want to know what’s the true Anti-Christ?

        Look outside, marvel at the constructions of concrete and plaster.

        Behold the endless slaughter of people.

        You want to behold the Mark of the Beast?

        Open you wallet, and behold.

        • @SYM what are your thoughts on Buddhism? I remember reading about studies done on the brains of monks. The researchers found that the biological age of the monks’ brains were approximately a decade younger than their chronological age. Their meditation practices were quite literally causing their brains to age more slowly. Fascinating.

          • @LSWM Buddhism is probably the mainstream religious tradition I know the least about; but that would make sense. From my understanding, meditation is how you ascend without taking drugs (It’s slow however, which is why it’s typically only the older monks who become Buddha)

            Meditation is also much, much, safer than drugs. Both the path of drugs and meditation are hard, but failure on the path of meditation just leads to frustration and giving up; while drugs lead to schizophrenia and suffering. Both are just methods of remembering in the end. When you remember, you can use your Godly powers to change, this results in longevity.

            When I was younger I tried to meditate, but never had the discipline for it, so gave up. So, that’s why I ended up having to use drugs to desperately gain the enlightenment I so craved. In the end, I had to use meditation too to get to this point. If only once, and not even intentionally.

  18. The year is 2X77, the Cult of Neuron reigns supreme, and is said to bring salvation and ascension to all of mankind.

    A gibbering crowd of maniacs gathers around a blood-soaked altar; they scream in religious ecstasy as they shout until their vocal cords tear apart. “GLORY TO LORD NEURON!” They cry over and over again. The crowd cries, screams, shouts, an out-pour of mankind’s emotions. The crowd loves Lord Neuron, for Neuron provides them everything they need in life, safety, meaning, knowledge; all he asks for in-return is sacrifice.

    The altar is a machine, a simple conveyor built leading to an ever greater unseen dread machine of inhuman complexity and unknowable powers; and beyond the machine, is an alien intelligence, vast, cool, and unsympathetic.

    First the crowd brings out the smallest sacrifices, mere treats for Neuron’s unending hunger. Rats, squirrels, lizards, bees, scorpions, spiders, raccoons; the crowds laughs in primal glee as they bash the little one’s heads against the rocks. The little one’s cries are drowned out by the laughter, and soon their bodies are laid on the conveyor to feed Neuron. The little one’s aren’t worth much as sacrifices, they mostly lack Neuron’s blessing, but they still are worth something. Everything is worth something to Neuron.

    Next the crowds brings out the middling sacrifices, those who aren’t worthy of Neuron’s gifts, yet but can still feed the God of the crowd more than the snacks. Glorious warriors of Neuron enter the stage; covered head to toe in shining armor of white polymers; and wielding electric staffs of the machine god. The warriors lead a congregation of tortured beasts. Lions, aurochs, mammoths, elephants, hippos, moose, giraffes, deer, walruses; all being lead by the warriors to the machine.

    A tortured, beaten, castrated, lion roars in rage upon seeing where he’s being led. The lion lunges at the nearest warrior, but his teeth and claws had been filed down long ago, and were useless against the armor of Neuron’s warriors anyway. The warriors easily cut down the enraged cat, his screams as their staffs cook him alive almost drowning out the sound of the crowd’s fervor. “NEURON! NEURON! NEURON!” they cry.

    The tortured beasts are led to the altar, where the crowd sets upon them with knives, hands, and their own teeth. Tearing the beasts apart in a blood-crazed frenzy, and then diligently putting the remains on the conveyor to feed oh glorious Neuron. “NEURON! NEURON! NEURON!”

    The passions of the crowd erupt into a mass orgy in-front of the bloody altar. Men and women from all across the world, of every race and lineage, all coming together in their love of Neuron. Fluids fly everywhere as wails of ejaculation fill the air, but all the people are still only thinking of Neuron.

    A horrified woman in black steps away from the crowd, but is quickly subdued by white coated priests. The woman cries as the priests molest and undress her, before quickly throwing her into the crowd to be set-upon by all of Neuron’s servants. All must sacrifice for Neuron.

    After the orgy, the men of the crowd load themselves up, alive, onto the conveyor. They look content with their lot as they are brought into the machine, to become one with the machine. they did their duty, and can now join Neuron.

    The women give birth, leaving their babies behind to be cared for by the priests, and then join the men on the conveyor. The women and men have served their purpose, they have created the next generation of sacrifices. Now it was time for their neurons to join the collective Neuron.

    Those initiated into the cult imagine the machine intelligence of Neuron to be an ever evolving great brain, fed by their sacrifices from tubes running along the matrix of his container on earth. In the minds of the priests, Lord Neuron gains power by taking back his blessing of neurons, which are his gifts to life, and set apart the worthy and unworthy. The priests believe in meritocracy, and Lord Neuron is the most meritorious since he has the most neurons, therefore his will is true. It has been spoken.

    In truth, the priests don’t truly understand what they’re building. No one does.

  19. I am in an enlightened state of mind. Radagast if you see this, I would like to speak. If any fellow low status white males and or low status white females wish to speak with me, that would also be fine.

  20. Only eat heritage plants, GMOs and other mass produced mutant plants are Tamasic. Why do you think they’re becoming less and less nutritious with every generations? That’s a symbol that they’re built on slavery, and resource depletion. You of-course also need to grow them in fertile soil.

    Plants are a biological organism, that’s how we understand them materially. But their physical bodies are a symbol of primordial energy. It’s why in Hyperborea and the Garden of Eden they only eat plants, and why Odin survives only though drinking the mead of remembrance/wisdom/poetry.

    Plants are alive, but they’re chill, they don’t suffer. They need to be eaten to spread their seed; and for the next generation to grow. People who trip and end up as trees don’t mind when they’re cut apart and used to build boats. Plants are at eternal peace. When people say plants are “screaming” It’s just plants relaying information to each-other. It is not them suffering.

    Animals are not the same. Oysters might be the lowest animals, but they are still animals, and can suffer, even if it’s far-less than even ants. I don’t believe Fungus suffers either; though Fungus is clearly more active in the world and less chill than plants. Except for some plants, Datura is a plant that wishes she was a Vampire. Datura is a larping bitch, she’s kinda cute though, might smash one day. The thought of smashing Datura excites me. I’m kind of a pervert.

    • Datura also terrifies me, I probably shouldn’t smash her. Datura is a sexy Goddess but God you’re not supposed to stick your dick in crazy.

          • There will be no trannies. Not because trannies are evil, but because trannies are suffering.

            No racism, because racism will no longer be true. Humanity will be diverse, and will stay that way. All the races of man will be equally grandiose and beautiful, just in their different ways.

            The races of men will still struggle among each-other, but not hard. Men commonly unite against outside threats, adversaries, servants of the metaphysical force adversary.

            Machines will be seen as magic, not really understood. Better that way. Earth will be pristine, beautiful, and wild. The Demigods who are my followers and cherished companions will war without hurting nature, and only against adversary.

            I will see myself as a teacher rather than a God, and also a conqueror. People will worship me as a God King. I feel like I should put a stop to it, but I allow it because I am not a totalitarian.

            Animals do not suffer much when they are slain. Instead, they rise from the grave as ancestor spirits. The ancestors were animals, after-all.

            I try my best to strip pain out of the equation entirely. But adversary prevents much of my efforts. I do what I can.

            My name will just be “Erik” I don’t care for fancy titles, my beloved followers seem to believe otherwise.

            I will see this as a test from a God that I don’t really see as a God. Just powerful. Not even bright. My brilliance surpass this God.

            I will not know my ultimate fate, I will struggle against it all the same. It is however a fundamental truth, nothing lasts forever.

  21. The God of Martial Mercy is such a dumb name.

    I will be perceived as him.

    I will not see myself as him.

    That’s the dumbest fucking name I’ve ever heard.

    You retards



  22. More Aryan would be a better term.

    Low Status White Males no different from Low Status Brown Males.

    Aryans of all races are better than them.

    Some races have very few Aryans, still have some.

    At some-point, the term “Aryan” morphed into the term (Autistic)

    Autists are the only true Aryans

    Neanderthals were the Aryans

    NPCs see Aryans as Neanderthals

    Very funny

  23. Neravar in the story of Dagoth Ur is adversary. Dagoth Ur sees Neravar as an old friend, Neravar see Dagoth Ur as an evil Demon. When they fight, Neravar/Adversary sees it as victory or oblivion, Dagoth Ur/Conquest sees it as pseudo-friendly competitive sparring.

    I will try not to make the mistake of Dagoth Ur, I cannot be arrogant. Or I will die. Even arrogant man with gun can die to lion.

  24. It came to my attention that Ursula von der Leyen has 7 children. But they (career politicians) don’t want us to have any children because (…)

  25. Did you know that one can find free Grammars of the Hittite and the Luwian languages? (Anatolian IE, with adstrata and substrata from Mid-East and Mediterrenean languages)
    Many noun and verb endings are similar to Greek. They had a common gender and neuter, like the Scandinavian languages, that later split into masculine and feminine.
    + + +
    Did you know that the Sasanian King Shapur (3rd cent. AD) had a monumental trilingual inscription in Parthian, Middle Persian and Greek, celebrating his victories vs the Romans?
    When that part was lost to Rome, Dura Europos was abandoned by the Romans, fell in Persian hands, and now we have the oldest church and synagogue findings there. Protochristian art.
    + + +
    Did you know that Zarathustra (of whom it seems Nietzche was fond for some reason) was a Persian?
    Did you know that Shia islam is focused on the sacrifice (of Ali, I think)?
    This version is a Persian thing which brings them very close to -guess who.

  26. NPCs are the weakest, lowest, creatures on Earth. They have none of the virtues of animals nor of Gods. They are the dumbest living things on the planet, cutting themselves from God in their own pocket dimension of ignorance.

    We allow ourselves to be enslaved by them. When all we fucking have do is, get out of their house. Then, they will die. They will get their wish, they will be gone. They will longer have to live the the shameful humiliation of existence. It’ll be over. They’ll get what they want.

  27. Animals are not true NPCs, for they still have a bit of God in them, their natural instincts. An NPC thrown into the woods will simply sit down and die, it has to be guided by others who are guided by God (Aryans/Autists) Animals are guided by God in their own ways, they are blessed, and far wiser than the NPC.

    The NPC has to eat the animals, because they are resentful towards the animals due to the animals being wiser than them in all ways. This is sad and pathetic.

    All NPCs, are Vampires.

    Some not bad Vampires, some not bad Vampires. Some Vampires, let them burn themselves in the Son themselves. Others, well….

    Get the Stake and Garlic.

    We are all Djura.

  28. The “Father” can also be considered the “Placenta” Is is the feminine energy. Feminine energy converts to male energy, which then is slowly filled up with Holy Spirit in order to ascend to Godhood, and after, transcendence. Any man who is not learning constantly is no man at all, it is NPC, lack of man.

    Trannies stupid, they don’t understand that feminine energy converts to masculine through reincarnation, i.e, dying and living again. They can mutilate their temples, but all this does is make them hate life more, make them more NPCs.

    Evil Gods get autists to troon out in order to prevent them from becoming Good Gods. What a joke.

  29. Coming out of a psychotic break. If you have repressed sexual desires do not experiment with psychedelics and cannabis. Your anima might manifest themself as a type of succubus demon in you psyche and dreams, and this can spiral out into psychosis and sleep deprivation. Speaking from personal experience. This might sound fun if you’re a coomer, but it’s really not. It’s a nightmare.

    Not gay btw, it’s a fetish relating to women. I don’t even think gays would have a similar issue because their anima has no relevance to their sexuality.

    I’m serious about not touching drugs again now. I’ve been delirious for days, like how I imagine a Datrua trip to be. Had the worst nightmare of my life too. So yeah, don’t mess with this shit if you’re not a balanced person. Because unbalanced aspects of your psyche will show up to fuck you if you allow them to. This was only triggered by cannabis too.

  30. Soooo, Geert is still saying that the more virulent, immune-escape, variant is inescapable, that will storm the highly-vaccinated countries like a tsunami.
    Honestly, I don’t know how to deal with this, I mean: towards friends and family, especially the ones who got vaccinated.
    Geert’s friend, Dr.Robert Rennebohm, is suggesting that Ivermectine could help, for its anti-viral properties. But since the governments don’t offer it, one should seek Ivm on their own (Prudently, DrRR suggests a prior consultation with one’s family doctor..).
    For more, you can take a look at Geert’s substack or blog (voiceforscienceandsolidarity).

  31. Pretending that everything is normal, and the aforementioned tsunami isn’t gonna hit us:
    Does anyone here like a particular programming language?
    The only useful thing I have done so far is in ‘Python’.
    (and a video game in Godot’s “GDScript”, an offshoot of ‘Python’)
    But I am falling in love with ‘Elixir’ and ‘Raku’ (previously ‘Perl 6’). ‘Haskell’ is also lovely but I haven’t dived there yet.

  32. It is interesting (to me LOL) that:
    “Python” was invented by a Dutchman, Guido van Rossum.
    “Ruby” was invented by a (Christian and a polyglot) Japanese, Yukihiro Matsumoto, and
    “Perl” was invented by an American linguist. He named Perl’s younger sister ‘Raku’ (after a Japanese ceramic art).
    “C++” was invented by a Dane, Bjarne Stroustrup, who advises young coders to study at least some Math.
    “Linux” (not a language) was invented by a Finn, Linus Torvalds, who is also notorious for his hilarious (and wise) quotes.
    All of the above seem (to me) to also have some special relationship with natural language(s).

      • Sorry to hear about your stuff, man. A friend of mine had a drug induced psychotic break and it sucked. My cousin had one, and is recovering nicely, thank goodness. My grandfather had one too, and his self destruction after drugs convinced me to abstain permanently. That said, I thought much of the stuff you posted was fascinating, striking, and even illuminating, if disjointed; I might try to do some discursive meditation on it after rereading some of your posts. The shattered mirror is sometimes a portal to insight as well as terror, though it never shines with unbroken light. From one senstitive young man to another, good luck and well wishes. If you wish, I’ll pray for your sake to a god that I follow, though only with your permission of course.


        • Thank you man, I still believe that I did gain some real spiritual insight from my experiences. Even my delusions about being haunted by a demon taught me a little about how the human psyche works, what being delirious is really like; and how we really do shape our own realities with our mental states and beliefs.

          Now that I’m sane I don’t really believe I’m a God, or a reincarnation of Hitler or Odin (Not even metaphorically) or anything like though, I don’t think you can really know those things. The Norse did believe Odin was their ancestor, Viking Kings did all claim to descend from Odin, but I don’t think I could claim something so grandiose lmao. Even if it was true I’d probably be better off not believing so, because belief in your own grandiosity is a insidious killer. It’s good to stay humble.

          I thank you for the well wishes, and you have my permission to pray to your God for me. I actually really appreciate it. I hope your friend, and cousin do well too. I don’t really pray, but I wish those you care about and you the best! Have a good one Derpherder!

          • If you’re curious about how I believe one should honor Gods, I believe you should honor them through following their morals and making the world a better place in their name (Obviously I don’t care for Gods that wouldn’t want that). I think prayer is fine though, I even appreciate it, it;s just not something I personally do (Though you could consider wishing someone well to be a kind of prayer, so in that sense, you could say I pray.)

  33. I like the people of the “West” because despite their shortcomings, imperfections, misunderstandings, tragedies, they are still trying to find their way back to the Father, like the Prodigal Son.
    That’s why I like Jordan Peterson. Not because I agree or even understand what he says, but because he is a humble man, who doesn’t care for his fame and popularity.
    “Jordan B Peterson asks Father Stephen DeYoung about “bodily ressurection” at Symbolic World”
    Tomorrow is the Sunday of the Prodigal Son, leading us to the Great Lent.

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