Find your LSWM guru!

Every low status white male needs his own LSWM guru, who tells you exactly what to be angry about and what to do about it (which probably involves buying his books or vitamin supplements). I created the following test, to help you find your perfect guru. Let me know who you get in the comments. Funfact: You can get me as your guru.



  1. Elon Musk 82%
    Alex Jones 20%
    Wouldn’t have it any other way. Gonna recommend this to all my LSWM friends. I’m finally at peace with the thought that my dream car is a Tesla, and will continue stepping up my tap water intake.

  2. Tucker Carlson. Though a surprisingly strong finish by Adolf Hitler just out of the money in fourth place.

    But there’s only one guy singlehandedly boosting natto sales worldwide …

  3. I got Elon in first place, Hitler in second with Tucker Carlson just pipping Trump for 3rd place. Sorry Rintrah, you came in 6th after Jordan Peterson and Andrew Tate. Oh well, at least you managed to beat Joe Rogan, Alex Jones and Kanye West. So there is that at least.

  4. 64% Radagast and 54% funny moustache man.
    Pretty accurate given that I’ve been following you since 2015 or so.
    Do you ever plan on re-releasing your posts from r/accountt1234? You really had some gems on there. Even if you don’t agree with the stuff your past self wrote, a lot of those posts were really inspirational and insightful to us LSWMs.

    Some particularly meaningful ones that I remember were: “The true will,” “What Tolkien can teach us about ourselves,” and “Losing a friend,” but there were many more.

    • Thanks sir.

      I don’t know. Maybe there’s something there that should be rereleased, but I’m inclined to say the past should be allowed to sleep. Most classical texts, written by people much smarter than me, were lost to time.

      Heck, the early Christians recorded the sayings of Jesus, but the text was lost and is only known from people who quoted it.

  5. The second time you did Come up as my guru , yes i’am a fan, wy don’t we do a rintrah members meeting .. very curieus Who else follows this dude

  6. You won with 64%, followed by Jordan Peterson with 42%.

    OK, Guru, now we need a place where we can gathering. Any suggestions?

  7. I’ve got 62% funny moustacheman followed by 57% Radagast. I guess my perfect guru would be an hyper racist nordicist Radagast?

    • Hilarious quiz – I sent it to lots of friends who enjoyed it. The first question leaves out genX as a possible age, yet I’m struck by how many LSWM gurus are genX – Kanye, JBP, Rogan, AJ, Elon & Tucker.

  8. I didn’t like that there was no option between “young adult” and “boomer”, and a couple questions I thought were too binary/false-alternative, but I got Rintrah 86% with Peterson in second place.

    • Jesus, that’s what I got too. I find Peterson really annoying now. I would literally punch him if he started lecturing me.

    • To modern teenagers, boomer now just means “old and financially secure”. As a Gen X, if you own your own house, if you look like you’re graying, sorry, you’re just a boomer.

        • Yes, all that we GenX had was that we weren’t fucking boomer morons. Per the Federal Reserve Board (via Fortune magazine), the 70 million boomers have about 65 trillion in assets. The 65 million GenX have about 22 trillion in assets. There are loads and loads and loads of homeless GenX. But it is true that the 72 million Millennials only have 6 trillion in assets, and I don’t see them catching up in any way, since they are sick and fat and covid vaxxed, so really GenX is in great shape compared with them, wow that is terrible.

  9. Dude!

    I strongly suspect You used AI to create this test, Elon came up number one ?!!. I don’t like this Guy at all. You where second I can accept that.
    Thanks for your work

  10. Radagast 64%
    Jordan Peterson 42%
    Alex Jones 40%
    Andrew Tate 38%
    Funny moustacheman 31%
    Elon Musk 27%
    Joe Rogan 27%
    Tucker Carlson 10%
    Kanye West 10%
    Donald Trump 8%

    This is all because I picked “Goth” instead of “Blonde” isn’t it?

    • I’m ok with brown people. But most LSWMs wish there were less brown people in their country. It’s a pillar of the LSWM worldview.

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