Five Trillion Brown People In Our Country: A Vision For A Brighter Tomorrow

by Hugh Status-Whitemale, PhD

Genius University

Senior Policy Advisor, European Council of Smart People

Throughout the European Union, we are witnessing a growing right wing populist backlash against immigration, fueled by resurgent nationalist sentiments and virulent Islamophobia.

Economists however, recognise migration as a vital ingredient of a healthy economy. Rather than being a source of economic concern, migration actually stimulates economic growth.

Pension schemes depend on a healthy demographic pyramid, with sufficient working-age people contributing a portion of their salary, for every retiree.

When the demographic pyramid ceases to look like a pyramid, the scheme becomes at risk of collapse.

With declining birth rates observed throughout Europe, immigration is today more vital to stimulate economic growth than ever before.

In addition, high debt burdens become more managable, when populations grow. Consider the country with the highest debt as a percentage of GDP: Japan. With its shrinking population, the debt becomes harder to pay off.

On the other hand, consider what would happen if our population were to double overnight: Our national debt per capita would halve.

Most of our continent’s wealth is tied up in real estate. The value of this real estate is a product of supply and demand. With more brown people in our countries, demand for physical space will increase, while supply will remain the same.

As any economist can tell you, this will cause prices to rise, increasing the value of our assets. This is essential for investors, who have often used debt to pay for their real estate and will need rising prices to help pay off these debts.

The banks that offered people mortgages similarly can not afford the value of their collateral to go down. They would be at risk of bankruptcy.

With more brown people in our countries, these risks can be averted. Consider this: Every brown person needs a place to live. Governments will have to reserve houses for brown people, which will help force young Europeans to borrow more money to pay for the remainder of available homes.

Critics have argued that more brown people in our countries comes with downsides too. For example, there is the widely feared risk of brown people blowing up.

Like spontaneous human combustion in the past, the issue of brown people blowing up can be addressed through technological developments. Bomb detectors and bomb sniffing dogs can help reduce such incidents.

The question economists have struggled to answer, is the optimal number of brown people in our country to maximise economic growth.

Despite claims otherwise from far right demagogues, brown people’s propensity for blowing up does not have to hurt our economic growth prospects.

History teaches us that every incident of a brown person blowing up stimulated more economic activity: New trains had to be built, airport security had to be expanded, etc. This also helped create new jobs.

Other issues are more complex to address. Right now, the supply of brown people is capped, at around five billion. Evidence suggests however, that the economic benefits of more brown people in our countries would exceed the costs at least until we reach a point of five trillion brown people across the EU.

To increase the number of brown people in our union by five trillion, would first require scaling up the production of new brown people by three orders of magnitude.

Our experience with solar panel production demonstrates such growth can be achieved within a few years.

Other issues to consider are physical space constraints. With excessive numbers of brown people in our countries, it would become hard to open your door to go to work, as piles of brown people would collapse into your home.

Our experience with superconductors tells us however, that improvements in technology and skills can allow us to achieve the same results with fewer material inputs.

On average, brown people are already physically smaller than racist low status white males and other outdated human resources.

This has many advantages. Smaller people burn fewer calories and consume less food. With new chairs, existing public transport could be used to move more people to their workplace.

Archeological evidence suggests the smallest brown people used to live on the island of Flores, but in a few years, it should become possible to transition to breeding gnome sized brown people.

The invention of gnome-sized brown people, which experts believe could be achieved before 2030, would allow us to build smaller houses. For example, consider the following house, designed for gnome-sized brown people:


This house can be constructed at low cost, using carbon-neutral biodegradable materials. Indigenous gnomes may have to be evicted from the European forests, but they are probably racist anyway.

The development of gnome-sized brown people, who can be housed in toadstools in the local park, would allow us to reconcile a growing economy with meeting our climate ambitions.

Unfortunately surveys show that consumers may not be ready yet for the introduction of gnome-sized brown people.

“When I walk down an alleyway at night and see a guy like that catcall me, I don’t get wet, because I don’t fear I’m about to get raped. I could just pick him up and throw him in a garbage bin.”

One woman stated. In fact, consumer trends suggest there is a growing appetite for larger brown people instead. Brown people above six feet in height are highly sought after.

There are other options to consider. An estimated 39% of Europe is currently covered by trees, a profound waste of space.

It could be possible to chop down these trees, to replace them by naked brown people standing on top of each other. Ecofascists among the far right would probably put up resistance against this, but if the brown people are instructed to hold leaves in their arms, it should be hard for anyone to tell the difference.






To make so-called “brown people trees” economically viable, it would probably first be necessary to increase the price of carbon.

Experiments in particle physics suggest it may also be possible to rip open a hole in the space-time continuum. This would allow us to evenly spread out brown people across different quantum realities, if the many-worlds interpretation proves to be correct.

We would have to be careful however, as alternative timelines may prove to include greater number of racist right wing populists, conspiracy theorists and ecofascists, placing a hamper on our ambition for five trillion brown people. The survival of various other branches of evolution can not be excluded either:


In conclusion, there are many reasons to be optimistic about the future. Nothing suggests that economic growth has to come to a halt.


  1. Like I said before, the best way to solve the massive debt/GDP conundrum is devalue paper fiat currencies against gold. Central banks all around the world continue to purchase thousands of tonnes of bullion through 2023. Considering how many trillions of units of currency that central banks have issued (QE) in the last 15 years, you would literally have to add another zero to the price of gold to account for all this debt accumulation. So, going from $2,000/oz. to $20,000/oz. or thereabouts. Any revaluation to a price lower than this risks a deflationary spiral. There is a decent chance that this could happen in 2024. The tiny percentage of the world’s population that is aware of these developments can profit massively, simply by buying gold now while it’s still cheap:

  2. Rintrah, I just smoked weed, gyrated like a praying Hindu Priest on meth to Starsign by Apoptygma Berzerk, and entered the enlightened dimension of this world I’d only ever felt normally while high on shrooms. I’ve allowed your blog to influence way too much on what’s on my mind, and I don’t hate myself for doing so. Anyway, thank you, oh wise one. I now know at-least that the Mushroom Goddess is true, I saw a miracle of her work today, my whole experience on substances has been guided by her hand. I won’t bore you with the details. (Though if you actually care I’ll tell you, I know allot of the shit I write isn’t terribly interesting to you.) Thanks again.

    • Never-mind, the “Goddess” Is just my anima, sorry for the misinformation. Well, now we’re just going back to “We’re all God” Concept. So actually, yes, and no. They’re both, and everything.

      • I now see why you give zero fucks about organizing a religion; I feel the same way now. Think I’ll stop trying to pray to the Norse Gods, I really don’t know if they’re out there. If they are out there, I’d hope they’d give me a sign, because while I do want to serve them. I also refuse to larp. My Dream God to serve would be Odin, but an idealized Odin with a bit-less darkness. I could have this one day, though perhaps I won’t, with my priories changing. Please ignore any more sperg posts if you find them annoying.

        • You could say I should find Christ. But Christ isn’t truly a lighter Odin, Christ is a propagandist. Christ is nothing. Christ is a warrior to the warrior, and a bitch to the bitch. Christ is God, and he is not.

  3. Rationalists are masculine.

    Men who allow their Anima (Why do you think we call it anime? Why do men love it so much? Now you know) More influence on their personality become spiritualists.

    Spiritualism is inherently feminine.

    Duality, all creatures should strive for it. Including the ones that don’t exist. You know why.

    Duality is wisdom.

    Fear is my motivator, I like it, which is why fear is used so much with my substance experiences. Fear gives meaning to my life. I may be a coward, but that’s because I love fear but don’t want to like it. True cowards are different beasts, they’re rabbits, they’re slaves, they’re npcs.

    I do not believe I am an npc, but I could be.

  4. I will be Vegan now, it will be a long difficult road for me. I have always hated the taste of earth’s bounty, instead preferring the slop and the flesh of beasts, but I will commit to this. I don’t truly understand why you push veganism Rintrah, but I know now that you are truly wiser than me. What you care about is real.

    This does not change who I am fundamentally, I still have the heart of a warrior that wants to fight. Modern predation is not fighting, it’s slaughter. Slaughter is wrong and evil. Plenty of men have enjoyed stabbing each-other, homo butsex causes pain same as smashing someone’s skull. It hurts, but we enjoy it. Forcing such fetishes on those that don’t enjoy them is one of the worst crimes imaginable.

    This is why rape is typically worse than murder. As Homo-Sapiens, we evolved to hunt and kill to secure our interests, the groups that didn’t do this died out. Killing other beings is part of our inherent lower nature. We however have the ability to learn right and wrong, and not such much overcome this lower nature, and more-so understand it, and minimize harming the unwilling. Bloodsports between willing men is the answer for men’s lust for blood and power. Not eat animals.

    There’s a reason why in the Garden of Eden man only becomes sinful after eating a fruit. Only the enlightened can be truly evil. If I returned to my old dietary ways after this, that would mean I would be truly evil. I do not want to be evil.

      • Look I’m not sure how to tell you this but rights are not granted, they’re seized. YOU bring back dueling this very instant by engaging in mutual combat. Don’t wait for some whore politician to pass a law, don’t wait for a cop to tell you it’s okay, just do it, yourself, right now.

        Anyone who is bitch enough to need a daddy figure to sign off on his dueling isn’t going to adapt to dueling culture nearly as well as he thinks.

        • You are completely right, but that is scary. Not so much the dying in combat part, I have testosterone; rather what is scary is the risk of being locked in a cage and my name being dragged through the mud. I don’t know what I want to do with my life. I wanted to be a soldier, but even before I was enlightened I knew that life would be little better than a mercenary serving banal evil. Everything in modern society is perverted; a warrior’s spirit like mine is typically perverted to the ends of serving the ignorant and evil.

          • I think I will get into martial arts. I think the struggle is more important than the blood.

    • I am weak, if I fail it will bring me great shame and I will already beat myself up enough for it, so please don’t shame me. Right now, I think I will try my best and succeed, but I don’t know for sure.

    • Meat is Tamasic food. It insulates from reality, but in doing so it chains you to suffering. Any direction you look, inwards or outwards, it is associated with suffering. But it insulates the mind from understanding this.

      The main exception seem to be shellfish.

  5. Also, just to let you know, I don’t want you to come to my house and duel me to the death. I see you as a beloved teacher, not an enemy, such as act would actually hurt me.

    This is a completely insane train of though, I understand you would never actually do this. Stating it is more of a mental exercise to help me narrow out my truth than something I genuinely believe is truly possible in this life.

    This is why Low Status White Males like us love fantasy with unfeeling monsters. We want to fight but not against anything that can actually feel real emotions. Sometimes we project what we desire onto actual people; and well, you know what they say, treat a man like a monster and he’ll become one.

  6. Of-course animals are just people who are even more ignorant than npcs. Npcs are the worst, because they’re in the middle ground between enlightenment and beastly idiocy. The Christian idea that animals are just tools for man is even more pronounced in Christianity’s natural evolution, modernity.

    At-least Christianity says animals have some deeper meaning in their existence (Serving man) Modernity teaches that animals weren’t even created by a God. They’re just meaningless chemicals, no from different from the concrete we make buildings out of. What a progression! We go from one retarded idea to something even more blasphemous and ignorant!

  7. If you locked comments because you’re worried about me fedposting, don’t worry, I’m not going to do that. I’m not THAT stupid. I don’t even really want to do anything like that anyway.

    Perhaps you just did it to hide my embarrassment, but that isn’t necessary. I have nothing to be ashamed of anymore.

    • I didn’t lock comments. I just have a spamfilter that approves most stuff automatically, but changing your name, email or IP address will force me to manually review comments.

      • I get it, I think my confusion was a teaching lesson for me. You can see I replied to Fucko the Clown when I realized this. The universe/myself/God was just teaching me another lesson in duality. I am a Dualist, but I am not just this, I am also a sensitive young man. This itself is another aspect of duality.

  8. I have fully realized that my true life’s calling it that of the martial artist. I don’t exist to slave away and serve as ammunition for people who don’t care about me; in the nightmare atrocity slaughterhouse moderns call “war”. I exist to better myself and test myself against other men on the same path I’m on. It’s funny, before I got high today I bought a game about martial arts called “Sifu” God was starting to tell me something even then.

      • All war is human sacrifice; modern war is human sacrifice for rationalism, for Apollo. I am beyond Apollo, Apollo is half of a whole, and the societies that Apollo builds are unpleasant. I however would not sacrifice for anti-rational spiritualism, for Dionysus, either. The civilization’s that Apollo and Dionysus both build alone are unpleasant either way. The Aztecs were just as hellish as modern western civilization, just in a different way.

        There must be balance, a coming together, Dualism. Only through balance can we truly enjoy life for what it is.

        • Balance is good!
          And peace, between seemingly-or-truly opposing sides, is very good.
          (Maybe we make our sides battle..)
          Also, reality and the perception-of-reality seem to have a distance between them.
          I think I understand why you and Radagast and other readers here love poetry.
          Poetry seems to bring peace to the aforementioned distance.
          A language of definitions (not a natural language) can be limiting.
          But poetic language can make words more open to reality and realities.
          Like the distinction between digital and analog. Was it Diogenes (the blog’s reader) the one who mentioned this?
          Discrete Maths (for a digital world?) are fun and useful, but there might be other Mathematics, more poetic…
          BTW, our Lady Theotokos (Mariam, Mary), is the one whom we praise as bringing balance and Peace to the formerly battling ‘sides’.
          There can be Peace. Don’t torture yourselves..

          • The Aesir and Vanir warred with one another, the Aesir representing rationality, and the Vanir representing spirituality. The Aesir-Vanir war only caused great pain for everyone involved, and eventually both tribes of Gods had enough and they made peace. The Aesir and Vanir married together, and this communion changed both the individual Gods who partook in it, and their children.

            The Aesir and Vanir have their squabbles, they don’t always get along. But they deal with such things in a healthy way, through verbal and physical sparring rather than the destruction of war. Of-course there are beings who are truly alien to both tribes of Gods, the Jotunn.

            The Jotunn represent the pure elements without enlightenment, they are foolish lumbering beasts, yet they came before the Gods. The Gods are actually the children of the Jotunn, they are an evolution of them.

            The mistake of the Norse Gods was to see the alien and to want to destroy it. Yes the Jotunn are not the same as the Gods, their inherent nature is different, and they live in environments the Gods can’t survive in and vice versa, but there’s nothing wrong with this. We can have different types of beings living in harmony together. Both the Aseir and Vanir should have figured this out after they warred against each-other. For their narrow-mindedness, the Gods will be punished in Ragnarok.

            Rationalists are the Aesir, Spiritualists are the Vanir, and animals are the Jotunn.

            Also thank you for helping me understand poetry, I never could (I don’t know If I do even now) But I at-least feel like I have an approximation of it, thank you Apollo.

  9. Rintrah, there’s a game that I now realize has had a profound impact on my psyche, and has given me some of the wisdom I needed to get me to this point, the game is Bloodborne. Bloodborne is a story teaching us about the cycles of reincarnation and how they relate to modernity. Where’s most Fromsoftware games take place in archaic medieval fantasy lands, and teach us more about existence and the cycles overall, Bloodborne is much more modern, taking place in a dark Victorian city of unimaginable nightmarish cruelty. The city is called Yharnam.

    Yharnam is a city plagued by disease, where the ignorant slaves that make their homes within its walls are willingly experimented on by amoral scientist priests of the “Healing Church” A plague devastated the city a bit before the actual games takes place (Ashen Blood, though the name of the disease in the setting doesn’t really matter) and in response the Healing Church began the process of blood ministration.

    Blood ministration is a process where the blood of enlightened beings, the Great Ones, is harvested and then injected into people for healing and strength. The blood ministration cures people of their diseases, and makes them stronger than ever before, but it comes at a cost. All people who go through blood ministration will eventually turn into beasts, nightmare werewolf abominations that only seek to devour other lifeforms in a desperate grasping for more of this blood of power. The blood of power corrupts the beasts, they’re now blind and can only rely on their sense of smell and instincts to hunt. The beasts are incapable of understanding the truth.

    In response to the people of Yharnam turning into beasts, the Healing Church did not stop blood ministration, even though they knew better. Instead, the Healing Church began to enlist an army of hunters, who were powered by the very same blood the beasts were. The Church’s answer to the scourge of beasts was to use the beastly strength to keep the beast’s numbers down, ignoring they were only continuing the cycle of suffering through their own hunters eventually turning into beasts themselves that needed to be hunted.

    The hunters were cumrags, slaves, their strength was borrowed and an illusion. But most hunters didn’t care, they loved the thrill of the hunt! Of slaughter! Of how powerful they felt! They went drunk with blood as they delved into ignorance, beasthood, and suffering, until eventually their own comrades would hunt them as-well; and take just as much joy in their demise as they took in ending the lives of others.

    This cycle occurs both on a societal and individual level. The hunters are not only cursed in this life for their sins, but their next as-well. All hunters of beasts are reincarnated in the Hunter’s Nightmare, a horror realm where they ignorantly butcher each-other and innocent beasts over and over again while screaming about blood. The hunters are cursed in life due to their abuse of the blood of power; but their karmic debt is not settled once they die due to a far greater sin.

    Before the game takes place, and before Yharnam started to fall apart, the hunters committed the gravest sin imaginable. The hunter murdered a loving Mother Goddess named Kos, and her innocent villager followers, in the pursuit of power and knowledge. Kos cursed the hunters for their blasphemy, and sends their souls into the nightmare to further their ignorant suffering.

    The only way to escape from the cycles of beasthood and hunting is to ascend, and become a Great One yourself. To escape from the cycles of bloodshed, you had to become the very type of being the beasts and the hunters were cargo-culting without really understanding. (That’s why they inject the blood of Great Ones)

    To become a Great One, you must first gain insight. You must open eyes on your brain through exposing yourself to all of life’s nightmares. Then, you must consume the umbilical cords, the fruits that remind you what you were all along, the you that existed before you were born. Then you ascend.

    The Healing Church is modern society. The citizens of Yharnam who got experimented on are normies. The beasts are animals who used to be, AND are literally people who are stuck in a loop of slaughter, suffering, and reincarnation. The hunters are the low status white male carnivores who could choose to be better, but instead delve into beastly idiocy of their own accord, and suffer for it. Kos, the mother Goddess, represents the feminine and spiritual side of existence that modern society has ruthlessly crushed in the pursuit of power and false insight.The whole concept of insight, and ascending to becoming a Great One just means learning about yourself through challenging yourself, and eating a stupid mushroom to become above it all. It all makes sense.

    Bloodborne was very influential on my trips. My religious mushroom trip saw me/my anima/God make the outside world look a nightmarish forest realm filled with what I imagined to be lurking beats. What this meant was that my anima was telling me that I didn’t need to go into the forest to learn about myself, and rather I had to turn inward and work through my issues with those I love first, in order to truly become. This is what the world looked like to me when I first got truly high on shrooms.

    During my trip, after I did what God told me to do, the outside world started to switch between light and dark, beauty and horror. On my next trip, on weed instead of mushrooms but that not really mattering, I only saw the beauty. This was the miracle I mentioned earlier.

    On my first trip, I was also reminded of the Amygdala, a spider like creature named after, and representing the grey matter in your brain responsible for processing emotions, especially fear. This was a symbol of me facing my fears and overcoming them.

    Dude, the Japanese get it. I finally understand what this insane maniac was saying.

    Rintrah, please reply if you see this, you don’t need to say anything meaningful. It would just mean allot to me to know you read it.

    • Yeah this sounds about right. All good fiction seems an attempt to manifest timeless truths about the nature of existence.

      • You are Djura, a man who stands from a tower of moral superiority, and who desperately tries to teach the hunters; and make them turn back from butchering their brothers and sisters, to no avail. The hunters see you as weak and silly, but you are actually far stronger and wiser than they ever could be.

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