Fouad Did Nothing Wrong

Yes, I’m going to die on this hill. If I had to choose between being a normie or an animal, I’d choose being an animal every single day. Autists are as different from normies, as animal species are from each other. Normies don’t mind sending pigs to the gas chamber, so why should I care about their species?

I didn’t invent this. For all practical purposes we’re a different species. Our heads are bigger at birth. Normies in high school I had never even spoken a word to would shit on me out of the blue, just for having a big head.

Our heads are bigger because they need more room for neurons. We have 67% more neurons in our prefontal cortex than normies. As the human brain tripled in size in the past five million years of evolution, the prefrontal cortex increased sixfold in size.

The prefrontal cortex is where the neuronal connections occur that enable us to have complex thoughts. Because autists have more neurons in the prefontal cortex, they are able to have a much wider variety of complex thoughts than normies. They are the reason we have any cultural novelty whatsoever.

We are unironically just the next stage in human evolution. We only have a low fertility rate because normies reduced the planet’s carrying capacity. Autists’ fertility rate will skyrocket when Mother Nature completes the normie removal procedure.

My brother was complaining the Erasmus shooter was posting on 4chan where “all the incels and far right extremists hang out”. Yeah. It’s also where all the good memes are born. And these alt-right nazi incels are the only reason you don’t have to wear a cork in your anus and a gas mask on your face when you go to the supermarket now. These alt-right nazi incels are the only reason you don’t lose one of your weekly contact points in the app when you visit your cousin’s wedding. At the end of the day we’re just LARPing, but you people are something far worse than the Nazi’s and completely serious about it.

You know the difference between Fouad and normies? If I was in medical school with Fouad, I would have called him a sandnigger who should go back to his own barbary pirate shithole country, to which he would say something like “at least my mom doesn’t have an Only Fans account and my grandma doesn’t sit in her own shit-stained diaper all day long”. But the normie who overhears that conversation would file an anonymous complaint against me and then I would spend the next two years of my life unaware of why they’re not giving me my Bachelor’s degree.

We autists are the only reason Mother Nature was hesitant to release the plague. “I don’t want to do this, I might kill some autists in the process, but the Amazon rain forest is about to die so I have no choice.” Is what She thought to Herself, before She created a small breeze that opened Shi Zhengli’s refrigerator in Wuhan.

If vaccines cause autism, we need more vaccines. If vaccines cause autism, vaccinate normies against acne and dandruff. If you’re really convinced vaccines cause autism, do me a favor and stick a needle full of Spike mRNA in your toddler. It’s like an uplift, you’re turning an Australopithecus into a Homo.

The reason I’ll always stick up for our Swedish queen even when LSWMs shit on her and even when she parrots tiresome leftist cliches is because I only really believe in no enemies on the spectrum. Black, white, brown, male or female, I genuinely don’t care, if you have the ’tism you get the benefit of the doubt.

The toe nail of a black girl with the tism is worth more than the lives of a million normies

Heck, if you go postal and have the ’tism, you get my benefit of the doubt. I’m going to embarrass myself in polite company, making excuses for you. When a killer whale goes on a rampage in the ocean and slaughters a bunch of fish, we don’t mourn the fish.

Do you know the difference between fish and normies? Fish don’t plan a genocide against whales. They accept that whales are a natural part of the dance of life. Normies would abort you if they knew you’re going to have the ’tism. Normies tried to stop an Aspie in the Netherlands from donating sperm because he didn’t reveal he has the sperg.

They unironically want you to go extinct. They look at you as a genetic defect that has to be purged from the population. They spend millions, studying to discover the genes that make you YOU, so that they can remove those genes from the human population.

Because you don’t hold open a door for them. Because you don’t make small talk with them but immediately jump to what you find interesting. Because you don’t show emotion in your voice. Because your head is bigger. They want to kick you out of medical school, because you’re “weird”.

You know normies, two centuries ago there were also autists. But you left room for us. There were light house keepers. There were goat herders. There were monks in monasteries on top of mountains. There were anonymous poets and authors. Today there is just the swarm. And you want to genetically test whether a fetus is going to grow up to fit into your swarm.

To that I have just one response: Free Fouad.


  1. “They unironically want you to go extinct. They look at you as a genetic defect that has to be purged from the population.”

    Some are predicting that the next big “thing” after the transgender-ism social contagion craze dies away will be legalization and promotion of euthanasia. We are already seeing the early signs of this with woke Canada’s “MAID” (medical assistance in dying) program, which the government is now attempting to expand to include people with mental illnesses.

    In a few years time we might be reading Op-Ed articles in The New York Times and Washington Post describing how euthanasia is “good” for society. As more and more people become disabled due to the interactions between SARS2 and the vaccines, this potential “solution” may become more socially acceptable. No doubt that people with ASD will be among those targeted by these psychopaths.

    Anyways, it’s disappointing that debating the causes of autism is still such a social taboo. You yourself seem to believe that it is mainly a result of excessive exposure to testosterone in the womb. Many mainstream scientists and doctors believe that being born to older parents (fathers in particular) is a primary risk factor. And Steve Kirsch (MIT graduate and Silicon Valley entrepreneur) has himself come to the conclusion that vaccines are the main cause:

    He is desperately trying to have a live debate with representatives from the medical establishment, to no avail. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has being trying (unsuccessfully) for a debate on vaccines and autism for the last 20 years. If the mainstream medical scientists/doctors are so convinced that vaccines don’t cause autism and have nothing to hide, they should accept the debate challenge. But they won’t. Not very reassuring! No wonder confidence in public health authorities is at an all time low.

    I also wonder if being autistic in countries like Germany, The Netherlands, Finland etc. is slightly easier than in other countries since the Germans, Dutch and Scandinavians have a stereotype for being very blunt and direct when discussing topics, almost to the point of being perceived as rude by people from other countries where “small talk” and “beating around the bush” is more commonplace, like The United States for example.

    • Autist men marry in their late 30-40’s or even older. So older Fathers having Autistic children excluding the impact of Vaccines is a chicken and egg question.

  2. Quote: “We are unironically just the next stage in human evolution.”

    Could be. But I think we are made for the same reason as the night birds under us. Evolutionists say nature made some of us into night birds so that the pack has protection at night. And some of us have to go the way of intellectual outsiders for other survival reasons.

    Quote: “Autists’ fertility rate will skyrocket when Mother Nature completes the normie removal procedure.”

    If all autists become normies, and then super-autists appear, then what exactly has changed?

    A word about this Fouad guy:
    The whole mecical sector is totaly problematic for aspis/autists. The two main reasons to become a medic are a helper complex or the need to be seen as halfgod in white. You can only survive and have success in this environment with high-grade social skills, or at least the ability to pretend them. It wasn’t intelligent from him to choose this sector.

  3. I’ve been really concerned about the explosion in autism rates. (How can civilization keep chugging along when 10% of the population is afflicted that way?) So it’s a relief to hear that you guys are actually mutant superheroes, with big heads to contain all those extra neurons, the next step in human evolution. But Homo what? Sapiens sapiens sapiens?

    • I have a theory why aliens have big heads:

      Look, animals have two brain hemispheres. I think they are housing the fight or flight personalities. Humans have this additional hemispheres which I think are the cooperate or compete personalities.

      And Aliens? I think they have a third pair of hemispheres, therefore they have big heads. I came to the solution that the third pair have collective or ubermensch personalities.
      The collective mind is borg like and the ubermensch part is extreme individualist.

  4. Lmao you may be right about the tism genetic thing. My head is massive. I can’t buy hats or helmets. All the stuff about small talk rings true. Been attacked for being “ice cold”.
    My two infant sons have large heads. First one had vaccines up to 6 months before we came to our senses, second has had none.

    Still, I think that the damage that vaccines inflict on children is not the same as being autistic. Normies might see it as such, but my stone face is not the same as these nonverbal “neurodivergent” wrecks

  5. The linked study says clearly that autists have DEFICITS in 14 areas of the brain. Which get less pronounced with age. Obviously autists cant do some stuff. They may compensate in other arreas but it sure as hell not evolutionary advantageous and the numbers have skyrocketed in lockstep with vaccines. This is not evolution it is damage.making excuses for autism is like saying fat people are an evolution because they will survive the coming famine.

    • If we compare normies like you to a chimpanzee, we would find deficits compared to chimpanzees too. They have superior short term memory to humans.

      Evolution means that some skills get more emphasized and others are deemphasized over time.

      • Quote: “Evolution means that some skills get more emphasized and others are deemphasized over time.”

        Or, to be simple, any advantage has a disadvantge. But seems like you don’t want accept that. For you the autist should have all, great brain, full social acceptance … even the leadership over mankind should be presented to them on a silver tablet, because superiority. Right?

        Leadership must be earned, not demanded, like the nobles did.

  6. > We are unironically just the next stage in human evolution. We only have a low fertility rate because normies reduced the planet’s carrying capacity. Autists’ fertility rate will skyrocket when Mother Nature completes the normie removal procedure.

    Oh so now eugenic breeding is good, now that it’s your idea this time?

    You are an outright solipsist. You are basically Christian Weston Chandler on shrooms.

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