Free Africa: Against Apartheid Settler Colonialism

For generations, elephants, lions, hippos, rhinoceroses, primates and many other non-verbal People of Tails have lived under a human supremacist system, that destroys the natural world and robs them of their rights, as part of a continent-wide genocide. Consider what has happened to the African elephant population:

Meanwhile, this is what happened to the settler colonizer population of Africa:

Look at what has happened to the territory of Hippopotamusland, which has been subjected to relentless human colonization:

And look at what happened to Lionstan:

Even what we call Turkey today, is really just occupied Lionstan.

For millions of years, People of Tails have lived in a sustainable balance with their environment. Some People of Tails, like the Beaver people, actually built dams in the water made of 100% biodegradable material, that are used by fish to lay their eggs in. Other People of Tails, like the Lion people, hunt sickly animals to ensure their population remains below carrying capacity.

But sadly, throughout Africa, we now see a racist human supremacist apartheid system, which systematically strips People of Tails of their rights and destroys the environment that People of Tails have sought to preserve and protect for millions of years. People of Tails now have their land stolen and are shoved into wildlife reserves, killed for food, horns, tusks or simple pleasure. A handful of People of Tails are kept around as entertainment, a source of income through tourism. But People of Tails don’t exist for your entertainment.

People of Tails suffer systematic disenfranchisement under the African human supremacist apartheid system. They have no right to hold elected office and are not given the right to vote. Because they can not vote, they are not able to elect representatives to safeguard their interests. When famine breaks out among humans who refuse to reduce their fertility, the human elected government officials simply look the other way as humans encroach upon land owned by People of Tails.

Evidence shows that elephant society is disintegrating, because so many elephants suffer symptoms of PTSD after seeing their family members murdered by human supremacists. There is widespread trauma among these animals. Particularly the murder of elderly males has a huge impact on elephant families. They are freely murdered by humans, because humans think they don’t contribute to the population anymore.

Don’t worry, I am not going to block traffic to protest human supremacy. Rather, I have set up an underground resistance organization, run by People of Tails and their humanoid allies.

We aim to decolonize Africa, through use of assymetrical warfare. You must always attack your enemy in his weak spot. The weakness of the Human Supremacists is that they are genetically highly similar to each other and live together in dense populations, inhaling each other’s air.

Me and other humanoid allies have spread a cocktail of viruses, parasites and bacterial pathogens. Our brave bat warriors of the Mbanza Ngungu cave martyrs brigade, have infected themselves through our assistance with Ebola, Marburg and various Sarbecoviruses, in preparation for a suicide attack. Brave mosquitoes are also readying themselves, to begin spreading novel variants of drug-resistant malaria. And our chimpanzee friends have already struck a first blow, by infecting the human supremacists with a new virus, HIV.

We are planning an act of spontaneous insurrection, a surprise assault from every front that will infect the African population with Ebola, Marburg, MERS, malaria and various other pathogens, to trigger a positive feedback loop of escalating immune depletion. HIV was merely the first step in this continent-wide operation of decolonization.

When you turn on the news and receive your human supremacist propaganda and are told to feel sorry for some African human dying of malaria, just keep in mind that these human supremacists are organizing their parties and building their cities next to the concentration camps they have built for People of Tails.

When Nigeria goes from 200 million people to five million brain-damaged survivors in a single year once our highly contagious genetically enhanced versions of Ebola begin to spread, the human supremacist Western media will be out in full force in an effort to draw your sympathy, but I want you to remember what they did to People of Tails.

Do you think decolonization means writing weird blog posts? Ha, losers! I am passing Ebola Reston virus through HeLa cells in my lab as we speak. This is not a joke, I have literally unironically infected thousands of wild African bats with novel genetically enhanced viruses optimized for human to human transmission. Call Interpol if you don’t like it.

We will not rest until the entirety of Africa has been decolonized.

Free Africa!


  1. I have a dream, a dream of herding hordes of negroids into the lakes to be torn apart by enraged hippos. I dream of unleashing lions into our cities to frolic and destroy degenerated man; feasting on him like baby gazelle. I dream of the spirit of Breivik possessing the Polar Bears and leading them to victory in the North; as every simian that has ever uttered a leftist platitude is destroyed by nature’s wrath. Herds of elephants, giraffes, reindeer, moose, wild horses, running free.

    • It’s so awful and depressing I don’t even like to read about it but I will examine these maps.
      I don’t want Africa to explode in population to 4 billion humanoids at the cost of elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras, rhinoceroses, cheetahs, and wildebeests.
      Fuck Bill Gates who invests his billions into vaccines which make him more billions and fuck all the Extinction Rebellion types who never invest anything in actually preventing extinctions. Greta can go to hell too.

  2. Obligatory cringe disclaimer:

    There are cool Africans. Yes, including sub-Saharan Africans.

    It’s mostly leaving Africa, ending up in the Western world and going to college, that seems to make them insufferable.

    Same for most ethnic minorities by the way.

    If I could make a list of people whose lives I’d spare, I would include anyone who never graduated college.

    • “It’s mostly leaving Africa, ending up in the Western world and going to college, that seems to make them insufferable.”

      When they go to college, they become narcissistic insufferable leftists. When they don’t go to college, this is the result:

      It’s fascinating seeing all the abandoned and dilapidated buildings being slowly taken over by nature. All the overgrown plants starting to crawl up the walls, all the trees now starting to grow through the windows and inside the houses themselves.

      Presumably this is what many neighborhoods, suburbs and cities will start to look like over the coming decades in Western countries as SARS2 continues to ravage the population and society begins a slow and gradual collapse with falling birthrates and excess deaths, decaying infrastructure and crumbling roads, intermittent power outages, economic stagnation/collapse, et cetera. Here’s hoping that it won’t descend into a full-on “Mad Max” scenario.

    • “Educating” minorities college is a cruel Western thing, one of the most disfiguring and horrible forms of colonialism. Force people to start working real jobs and stop endlessly pursuing credentials. No more fake jobs, no more fake economy, and no more managerialism.

  3. My question here is, why have African settlers and/or natives suddenly reduced the elephant population so drastically?

    As I understand it, the vast, vast majority of Africa is still totally uninhabited, meaning, not used for farming.

    To me it would seem that you could have vast reserves for these creatures and restore 90% of their territory with 0 impact on the agricultural out put of Africa.

    This suggests that the collapse was due to direct hunting for hunting’s sake e.g. tusks, hide or pleasure and there is no physical reason this couldn’t be reversed, unlike in Europe where large wolf populations would directly come into conflict with people.

    Maybe my IQ is too low to understand the need to kill these tail-havers for no apparent gain.

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