Free Luxembourg! Introducing The Luxembourger Liberation Movement

Not many people know this, but Belgium is a racist colonialist settler state, that broke away in 1830 from the Kingdom of the Netherlands. They fought a war against us Dutch people with British support, leading ultimately to their de facto independence as a country, although we refuse to recognize their independence in the UN. We are technically still at war with them. This country is based on the racist ideology of Belgianism, the idea that Dutch, French and German speaking Catholic people are somehow one ethnic group, tracing their mythical origins back to the Roman era.

The victims of this tragedy are the Luxembourgers, a brethren people of the Dutch who we care deeply about. In 1839 with the treaty of London, our loss of the war against the Belgian entity and their British supporters led to The Nightmare: The partition of Luxembourg.

As you can see, Luxembourg was once a much bigger country. In 1839 however, we were forced to sign a treaty that handed most of Luxembourg to the Belgian entity. The Belgians stole two thirds of Luxembourg, leaving half of the population stuck in the overpopulated duchy of Luxembourg. This happened because the Belgians were not able to conquer the Luxembourg castle.

For the Luxembourgers, this Belgian settler colonialist project was catastrophic. Between 1840 and 1870, a third of the population left to France and the United States. These are, whether you like it or not, refugees from the Belgian settler colonialist project. This is ethnic cleansing.

So if you now please close your eyes for a moment, I will wave my magic wand and from this point onward, Belgians, Luxembourgers, Dutch, French and Germans all start thinking like other people who lost a war.

So first of all, let me announce to you our slogan:

From the castle to Durbuy, Luxembourg will be free!

As you can see, Durbuy lies all the way on the edge of Belgian-annexed Luxembourg. So what happened in our timeline is that Luxembourgers in the Belgian settler state could not accept Belgian dominance. People left as soon as the country began its war. This created the Luxembourgian diaspora.

In France, where thousands of Luxembourgers ended up, Luxembourgers don’t receive citizenship. They can’t do most jobs, they can’t receive medical care, they live in Luxembourgish refugee camps. If they have children born in those camps, those children are Luxembourgers too, with no rights to French citizenship. And In Germany and the Netherlands, we do the same.

In the League of Nations, Germany and the Netherlands constantly complain about the Belgian entity and its treatment of the Luxembourgers. We care deeply about our Luxembourger brethren, but don’t help them out ourselves of course. We do allow leaders of rebel movements to live in our countries, Luxembourg revanchists who want to restore the duchy to its former glory.

The Luxembourgers, rather than trying to make something out of their own country, begin incursions back into Belgium. At first just to check up with their family (yes, families were split by this tragedy), or to tend to their old farms. But later on they begin kidnapping Belgian soldiers and bombing government offices.

Luxembourgers are now still allowed to work in Belgium, in fact many do, but to avoid further attacks, they now have to go through a bunch of checkpoints to go to Belgium. We call this Apartheid at the League of Nations. We emphasize this is further evidence of Belgian racism.

The Belgians are proud Catholics, so in hopes of ending Luxembourg’s impoverishment and bitterness, they help build a seminary in Luxembourg. In this seminary, people preach a kind of ultratraditional Catholic revanchist ideology, in which the highest goal to aspire to is to die in the crusade against the Godless imposter Catholic Belgians.

Conspiracy theorists now claim that Belgium created this movement itself. Belgium really doesn’t like what’s going on in Luxembourg, with constant violent incursions into the country, so Belgium allows some Belgian settlers to move into Luxembourg and build some farms there for local Luxembourgers to work on.

In the meantime, the population in Luxembourg keeps growing. The government refuses to give birth control to its citizens. After all, the citizens are needed to win the eventual struggle against Belgium. The more people, the better the chances of winning. Women here have the world’s highest fertility rate, the population balloons.

As poverty increases, the population of Luxembourg further radicalizes. Except for a handful of grandfathers, the people of Luxembourg have no real idea what their lost territory looks like, most people were born outside of Belgian Luxembourg. But they still want it back! After all, it’s their rightful land.

So what we see now is the Luxembourg Crusader Movement of Durbuy born. They named themselves after Durbuy, which they insist is a sacred city to their people. They escalate their attacks, first on soldiers, then on citizens too. Eventually they take over and Belgium retreats its own settlers from Luxembourg. They leave the farms behind, but Luxembourgers just torch it all.

Sometimes Belgians take a wrong road and accidentally end up in Luxembourg. When this happens, the Luxembourgers kill them and proudly hold up their bloody hands to the window, parading outside the streets carrying the organs of their victims (you can find photos of people doing this, I won’t post them).

Belgium really doesn’t like any of this, so Belgium begins building a big wall around Luxembourg. France and Germany don’t want to get involved in any of this either, so they don’t let people out of Luxembourg either. The rights of Luxembourgers to work in Belgium are very much curtailed.

Then one day, when Belgium is in some political crisis, Luxembourgers storm across the border early in the morning and kill literally anyone they can find. They ask you to pronounce some Luxembourgish phrase, if you can’t, they kill you. If they find you working for Belgians, they also kill you, considering you a traitor. After a while Belgium kills the invading forces.

Belgium now concludes it can’t live with these people on their border. And Germany and France are even more reluctant than ever before to let people leave Luxembourg. Belgium begins shelling munition deposits in Luxembourg. But most of these munition deposits are underground, below hospitals. Whenever something goes wrong, the Netherlands, Germany and college students across the Western world hurry up to denounce Belgium.

What is the eventual outcome?

Well here’s the irony. This didn’t happen. Luxembourgers did not start an armed revolt against Belgians, so Belgians can live in Luxembourg, Luxembourgers can live in Belgium and all of them can live in the Netherlands. If Luxembourgers had responded like some other people did, while being encouraged in this by Germany, France and the Netherlands, Europe would have become a very different place.


  1. If Luxembourg was populated by arabs this would have been how it all would have developed. Arabs can only be subdued by force. Genes matter.

  2. The smart move for the Zionists would have been to not respond to the provocation and to instead call for a meeting of the UN General Assembly seeking a resolution demanding return of the hostages. The Jews however did not do this. Instead they invoked the Old Testament response of vengeance, revenge, payback, retribution, retaliation, reprisal punishment, tit for tat redress and eye for an eye counterattack – over and over again, relentlessly. The Israeli government is the enemy of the Jews. The Jews could have shown pity and mercy and loved their enemy, like Christians. They did not. This was their choice and they will be, in the fullness of time, feasting upon their banquet of consequences because of their lack of pity and mercy. Warfare is about using your enemy’s weakness against them, to your advantage. The blood-lust for vengeance and retribution is the weakness of the Israeli government and this will be their downfall. Why, because the US money-printing ATM has now run dry. The US cannot prop them up anymore and they are surrounded by a billion Arabs that want to genocide them. The Jews made the same mistake that the Armenians made. 1) They refused to concede and come to a peace deal when they had a position of strength; and 2) They pissed off the Kremlin. I pray for the Jews, because they will need my prayers.

  3. You didn´t mention Burgund! That was the greatest crime of them all! The proud duchy of Burgund being swallowed by the French and partionend into Belgium and the Netherlands! Luxemburg is the last piece of Burgund and I am all for the resurrection of Burgund! Finally then the miserly Dutch and the glutonous Belgian would finally learn again what is real culture! Lorraine can stay French as they are traitors anyhow!

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