Freedom-loving patriot debunks climate hysteria

“This is all wrong. I shouldn’t be up here, I should be mining coal, on the mountains of Appalachia. And yet y’all come to us low status white males, for guilt. How dare you! You have stolen my SUV and my grass-fed beef, with your fake elitist hoax. And yet, I’m one of the lucky ones. Patriots are losing their jobs, the keto diet is becoming unaffordable, entire economic sectors are collapsing, we are in the beginning of an economic depression and all you can talk about is your elitist green agenda and fairy tales of a zero carbon economy, how dare you!”

-Average low status white male on the Internet

In all seriousness, one of the problems I think we face as a society, that causes low status white males to stick their heads in the sand, is that climate change just isn’t being properly communicated to them.

Let’s start with something basic. Regardless of what happens, every decade from now on is going to be warmer than this decade. In the absolute best case scenario, the global warming you have right now, is what you’re stuck with for the rest of your life.

There is no scenario where we find out in 2030 that those heatwaves are pretty awful after all, listen to the libruls, overhaul the whole system overnight and go back to the sort of weather we have today. CO2 has a half life in the atmosphere of about 120 years.

Shutting down half the power plants, removing half the car fleet, culling half the cattle, wouldn’t mean global warming would be cut in half. It would be more akin to continuing to warm up the Earth, but now at half the speed.

It would surprise you how many people don’t understand this.

Then there’s another point hardly anyone seems to realize. Whenever you hear about keeping global warming under 1.5 degree celsius, or 2 degree celsius, that doesn’t mean YOU will experience 2 degree of warming. The average person reading this, will get almost double that amount.

Land warms twice as fast as the ocean, but land is just 30% of the Earth’s surface. And it’s the ocean that’s spared, not the continents.

Have a look at this:

Notice something? All those orange spots, are above land. Not above water.

But it gets worse.

There is about half a degree of warming hidden by toxic air pollution. Once you stop burning fossil fuels, that extra warming will reveal itself. In other words, if you want to make it, you’re supposed to get down to zero, BEFORE you notice the problem affecting you. Because if you notice the problem affecting you and stop burning fossil fuels overnight, you still get that extra half a degree that was hidden. And if LSWMs would pay attention, they’d realize the problem is now starting to interfere in everything.

And where is that additional warming being hidden? Well you guessed it: Typically in the exact places where most people live:

So could you just block the sun? You could, but that means you’re kicking the can down the hall. You would reduce the planet’s oxidizing capacity, that allows it to remove greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. In other words, you would simply be borrowing from the future.

So what happens when all this warming ahead of us starts to reveal itself? Well there’s the other thing nobody bothers to tell the low status white males about. Warming triggers more warming. Throughout millions of years, warming was always caused by subtle changes in the course of the Earth (Milankovic cycles) triggering natural feedback loops.

But now we’re getting warming from the fossil carbon that hasn’t participated in the climate system in tens of millions of years, BUT WITH THOSE NATURAL FEEDBACK LOOPS STACKED ON TOP!

With enough warming the Siberian permafrost starts melting, so in the coming decades that starts releasing more greenhouse gasses, stored beneath the frozen soil.

Another feedback you’re dealing with is soil erosion. When it rains it now tends to fall in larger downpours, followed by longer dry periods. That’s what happens when the Earth warms up. Anyone older than thirty, who pays attention to his environment, should have noticed this pattern by now. Rain now is just different compared to when I was a kid.

Those downpours exceed the soil’s absorption capacity. This causes the rain to flood downhill, taking soil with it into the rivers. The effect this has is that the soil left on the hills, can absorb less water than before. So now it’s more vulnerable to further erosion. And a portion of the carbon stored in the eroded soil is then released into the atmosphere.

You’re dealing with the same problem for our tropical rain forests, like the Amazon. The droughts are causing them to release the carbon they have stored. So as the Amazon forest dies from global warming, the release of carbon from the dying trees causes more global warming. These are not “models” predicting doomsday. This is just stuff you can observe. You can measure that the Amazon began releasing more carbon than it sequesters.

And there are other feedback problems we start running into as well. There is up to half a degree Celsius of additional warming you can expect by 2100, because ocean acidification will impact phytoplankton. In the long run this just continues, as eventually the Earth darkens further and thus absorbs more energy because the Greenland ice sheet is lost. That’s part of what’s called Earth system sensitivity, which is estimated to be about twice as high as climate sensitivity.

If anything, the models tend to underestimate the severity of the problem. The drought in the Netherlands now is hitting us thirty years earlier than was expected.

One of those fun things about tropical weather is that it gets you tropical diseases too. We’re now getting mosquito born diseases like West Nile virus in the Netherlands. By 2030 we can expect to get dengue, yellow fever and zika-carrying mosquitoes in Europe too. Without cold winters, we’ll fail to kill of parasites in the soil and water too, which can migrate out of Africa to places that will no longer get freezing temperatures in winter.

But nobody really seems to bother explaining any of this to the low IQ low status white males. They read, where they discover that the world didn’t end despite some clickbait headline suggesting it would and think to themselves “checkmate libruls”.

But wait… hasn’t CO2 been much higher in the past? Yes that’s right. But back then the sun was weaker, we received less radiation from the sun, which steadily increases over millions of years:

Back when the fossil carbon we’re now releasing was participating in the climate system, the sun was much weaker.

And of course, while I’m at it, you’re not a dinosaur, you’re a low status white male. You don’t eat tree leaves, you mostly eat poor animals stuck in cages who watch their babies torn away from them, because some steroid injecting grifter on Twitter told you carbohydrates give you AIDS. And those animals eat grain.

I don’t know if you realize this, but all the grains we eat, evolved to thrive in an atmosphere with low amounts of CO2. In high CO2 atmospheres, they lose their competitive advantage. For what it’s worth, the low status white male brain evolved under conditions of low CO2 in the atmosphere too. The sort of CO2 concentrations we’re approaching in the latter half of this century, resemble the sort of air you get in a crowded office. It prohibits you from thinking straight. Frankly, I wonder if all the low IQ low status white males comment on my blog from a small crowded office together, it would explain a lot.

The reality you’re dealing with is that we’re in the process of dramatically reducing this planet’s carrying capacity. There will no longer be room for eight billion people, as our soils will be eroded and flushed out into the ocean. And you could say to yourself, in typical LSWM fashion: “Well, sucks for the brown people.” But Europe isn’t exactly going to be paradise under these climatic conditions either.

And as I just explained, the situation will just get worse, as long as our civilization continues. Your best bet to address the problem would be massive widespread reforestation of the Earth’s surface. Not just because it sequesters the carbon we emitted (it can actually remove just a small fraction of it), but because it gives nature room to adjust. It would help reduce the droughts and it would help threatened species to recover. There are different ways to accomplish this:

-The population could transition to plant based diets overnight, freeing up massive space for natural vegetation. Most people clearly don’t want this, especially the LSWMs. They want their Keto diet that kills them.

Which brings us to another option:

-We could just have a sudden die-off. Maybe the Sarbecovirus will start doing Sarbecovirus sort of things.

This is what I am expecting.

I’m a simple man. I can’t believe the Earth will just be transformed into a nightmarish desert, without coral reefs and rain forests. My brain won’t allow me to believe that.

And so I’m expecting a wildcard.


  1. You’re still on the trip, CO2 would be the one and only regulating screw for global temperature. This is not only a “reductio ad absurdum”, it’s a shame for someone like you with exceptional mental abilities. The only excuse I have for you is, that you were blinded and misguided, and your pride hinder you from realizing this.

    “Scientists” do like as if the Earth would be a so called “Black Body”, which is always emitting the same amount of heat. This is so terribly wrong, and completely ignoring the geothermal activity of Earths core makes any climate “scientist” a completely fool.

    • >This is so terribly wrong, and completely ignoring the geothermal activity of Earths core

      I remember when LSWMs were blaming the sun.

      Is this now the new LSWM theory? It’s the Earth’s core that’s doing it?

  2. I expect to live a semi nomadic existence, constantly seeking the best available territory on a timescale of about 5 years. It would be far more efficient if the remaining whites tribed up and made efforts to keep browns out of the last few good areas, just on principle. By being tough, adaptable and cunning, we will make it through this – but hopefully not everyone else.

    Unrelated, but today is the American “Juneteenth” fake holiday, where uppity manbeasts celebrate being freed from slavery, but never once express gratitude or even awareness towards the 360,222 soldiers from God’s Master Race who died in the civil war to give them that freedom. Today on this fake holiday with no trading hours on the major stock exchanges, let’s remember those 360,222 brave yet misguided souls.

  3. Thank you for all your posts!
    Last week I visited a mountain village outside Corinth, at 600 m.
    It was lovely–pretty cool at 21 degrees Celsius, compared to 29 at sea level.
    The air was so fresh.. I bet it’s great for one’s health.
    So, re-forestation would be a great thing.
    + + +
    I can’t contribute much to this, but I wish there was some open public dialogue.
    Dialogue leads to good things, like engagement and understanding.

  4. Do you have a link or source for that chart of the sun’s luminosity. So I can share it with my skeptical LSWF (LSWFather) who always wants to check sources.

  5. PS Personally I am awaiting some type of big consequences of the genetic injections besides the immune escape. I wonder why you haven’t brought this up. We know the risk of mRNA reverse transcription is real, but with recent findings (see Bhakdi and Kevin McKernan Interview) the injections were apparently even contaminated with DNA, so you don’t even have to speculate on the reverse transcription. So it’s likely that billions of people have been genetically modified. From an esoteric/religious perspective, I don’t think this will go without consequences, since it goes against important principles, e.g. your body is the temple of God, etc. IMO this might even be more insane than climate change, destruction of nature, vaccines with negative efficacy, wars, etc, since these events only affect the individual indirectly. But here people (unknowingly) sold themselves and potentially also their future generations to novel gene therapy for worldly pleasures, and now that everything has come to light, they still don’t even bother about it. Maybe it’s true what you said about the slaughtered animal spirits migrating to humans for revenge.

    • >Personally I am awaiting some type of big consequences of the genetic injections besides the immune escape. I wonder why you haven’t brought this up. We know the risk of mRNA reverse transcription is real,

      I just don’t think it matters much. Our genome is full of the remnants of old retroviruses. I haven’t seen anyone explain what the impact of mRNA reverse transcription would be. It wouldn’t necessarily mean the cell keeps producing spike proteins either. You’d need a proper promoter and you would need to avoid epigenetic silencing of the gene.

      What matters far more to me is that throughout evolution we see the genetic fingerprints of natural selection by corona viruses.

      We know that corona viruses can decimate a population after jumping the species barrier.

      And our species was dumb enough to break our immune response against such a virus.

    • No. Some people function in our society as “low status white male gurus”. A low status white male guru teaches low status white males what to believe. Examples are Liver King, Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson.

      Elon Musk fits the definition of a low status white male guru. The reason he is rich, is because he succeeded at fooling low status white males into investing in his company.

  6. I have an aunt who is in her 70s. She has two kids and three grandkids, and she loves to fly to Florida from the midwest as often as she and her husband can during the winter, and they also like to fly to Europe for boat cruises. They are all omnivores. I mentioned to her that global warming was a problem, and she said, “well, you can’t worry about everything.”

    I have a neighbor who is in her late 50s. She has two kids, and a few years ago she was relentlessly nagging me to affirm the global warming creed and to become politically active concerning global warming since it was the most important issue. The thing is, she is an omnivore, she and her husband drive a SUV and a pickup truck and have a second home 160 miles away that they go to every weekend and she flies often enough. My carbon footprint is about a zillionth of hers, but I had to recite the creed to satisfy her (I didn’t). I just told her I thought it was all baked in but I would continue living my life in a way that didn’t destroy things.

    I have another neighbor; she is in her 70s. Her husband just wants to sit home and read. She insists on flying around the country constantly to visit friends and flying to different continents in a search for self-fulfillment. My mom was the same way until she got too old to do those things; every year she flew to a different continent. She would bring along her friend who used to be her cleaning lady; they went to Mexico and Costa Rica and Portugal and countless other places together. Her friend’s ex-partner and their adult son are totally vile human beings, but they never travel anywhere.

    There’s a lady in my church who is virtue signaling all of the time, from her five bedroom house and while driving her giant SUV, which she drives “because of safety.”

    So, I don’t know why you are so focused on males. In my experience, women love to travel and drive SUVs and own big houses more than men do, and men mostly get those things in order to humor the women in their lives. I really like all of the ladies that I described, they are very kindly, but they are the AGW problem, not their husbands. I realize that it is disorienting to consider that women are often kindly and nice, but are disproportionately destructive (despite talking a good talk), but there you go, that is reality.

    • >In my experience, women love to travel and drive SUVs and own big houses more than men do, and men mostly get those things in order to humor the women in their lives.

      You are correct of course.

      If good-looking young women were lining up to have sex with homeless vegans, there would all of a sudden be a lot of homeless vegans.

      Men tend to do what women want them to do. Women want them to sit in a cubicle and earn a steady income, so that’s what men do.

      But keep in mind: Only low status white males spend their days trying to “debunk” the “climate change hoax”.

      And that’s why I have to mock them. There’s no point in arguing with cowardly self-absorbed hypocrites. As far as I’m concerned we throw all of them in a volcano.

      The reason I bother engaging the low status white males, is because I think they’re the only people worth engaging on this topic. They really fooled themselves into thinking we don’t have a real problem.

      Everyone else just does what they see the dumb herd do.

  7. Again, your Covid analysis is excellent, your “the earth is warming and people will die” is just wrong. You make so many non sequiters that it’s simply non-sense.
    And you won’t publish comments critical of you or your assertions. Gamma behavior
    C’mon man you can do better!
    Or you in the payroll of the WEF???
    And then you require people to self abnegate to publish. Shame on you.

    • >your “the earth is warming and people will die” is just wrong


      Honestly, comments like yours make me doubt the quality of my Covid analysis more than the quality of my climate analysis.

  8. Radagast, I believe your covid vaxx consequences are spot on. I’m just a retired LSWM who never went to college, so I have inadequate education to evaluate such an unpleasant climactic future. But if the ALL the ice melted, I might end up with beachfront property. Just trying to think positive.

  9. “Back when the fossil carbon we’re now releasing was participating in the climate system, the sun was much weaker.“

    I’m just a simple unfrozen LSWM cave man, but this statement/fact causes the low IQ spirits in my head to lazily murmur and squirm. I appease them by chuckling and reassuringly stating that the red ball of fire in the sky does not make my skull hotter.

    Yes, the red ball is hotter than any time in history, but so what?

  10. Good gentleman, as a biology B.S. and former explorer of conspiracy theory, I take your analyses of both covid and climate to be penetrating and true. I commend you for not shying away from the death of man and his world, as almost all do today.

    That said, it is about time you read Darren Allen’s essay It Really Doesn’t Matter, which is on his substack. While the main theme is that civilization is doomed whether or not climate change is an elaborate elite hoax (as you already know), it sheds light on why the masses of left- and right-wingers refuse to face the awful truth, by showing them for what they are, in relation to the system they both worship.

    Spoiler alert: the ‘why’ turns out to be ultimately the same for left and right, therefore it makes no sense to make LSWMs the privileged audience of your polemics.

    A middle class brown male

  11. If the crazy heating of the oceans, induced by the core, is going on, then we really could get in big trouble soon.

    But, because you’re more a priest than a scientist, you don’t like that, because you can’t accuse and judge anyone as sinners who are responsible for the core heating.

      • Let’s be honest. We both hadn’t this core thing on the radar.

        I recently read a loat about the (suspected) behaviour of the inner core. That it isn’t always central but wanders around in the fluid outer core. And can even sometimes bump into the mantle from inside (not sure what that means for the surface area direct above). They even found a core in a core in a core, means, the inner core has another inner core. I read also that the relative spinning of the inner and outer core changes often and sometimes also the direction.

        This is new knowledge for us all and it should really be clear that the Earth can’t be seen as “Black Body” (or thermos can).

        This is science. If new knowledge comes up, everything has to be re-thinked.

  12. There’s a high probability that most, if not all, observed hallmark indicators of climate change are attributable to the Sun’s radiation output, irrespective of changes in atmospheric greenhouse gases.

    We shouldn’t be polluting, but we don’t need to deindustrialize.

    • Oh now it’s the sun again.

      One moment I get LSWMs in my comments saying it’s the Earth’s core, the next moment it’s the sun again.

      LSWMs have more climate change theories than wokies have genders.

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