I’m only going to explain this once. Gnomes are real. I don’t care if people don’t believe me or call me stupid. This is the hill I’m going to die on.

The entire facelord right, all the wignats, the WEF controlled Israel first neocons, the MAGAtards, all the christcuck tradcons are unwilling to touch this simply issue. In this, they reveal themselves to be controlled opposition. My expectation is just very simple and reasonable: I want to hear what my government knows about gnomes. I want to know what happened to them. But these useless people all just unwilling to go there.

For me it’s very simple: I will not vote for a politician who refuses to acknowledge that gnomes are real. I just won’t do it. This is my only demand. If they can name the gnome, I trust their judgement on everything else. I mean this. I’m never going to vote again, unless there is a candidate who will acknowledge that gnomes are real.

They’re only willing to give a shallow critique of modernity, but they never want to go to the root of the issue. They never want to name the gnome. In the old days, before feminism, before democracy, before the industrial revolution, people lived on farms and grew their own food. If people were kind to the gnomes, they would finish any work that humans were unable to finish before the end of the day.

There are male and female gnomes. Male gnomes do work for men, female gnomes do the work for women. The gnomes left the Netherlands for Belgium and Denmark, when people began building cities and making too much noise. These are stated facts. After the gnomes left the country, all the other modern ailments arose.

Some people were still able to see the gnomes in recent decades, mostly elderly Dutch women, like this wife of an elderly college professor. Some gnomes are rather skinny and are called “gardenelves”.

And before you argue this phenomenon is caused by elderly Dutch women stumbling into the wrong coffeeshop, I have to point out this phenomenon is observed throughout the European heartland. Here’s a report of six children in 1979 who saw gnomes in Wollaton Park in Nottingham, in the UK:

So either all six or seven of these children together made up a fake story about gnomes for no reason, or they actually saw these gnomes, THAT PEOPLE AROUND EUROPE HAVE BEEN SEEING FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS.

People across Europe used to have elaborate gift giving rituals for the gnomes. Most people in Iceland still believe in the elves, fairies and gnomes. Roads are diverted, due to stones where they live. They are smart, they don’t want to anger them.

There’s a reason the gnomes refuse to help us these days: We angered them. The gnomes marry at age 100, then live until about 350, although their maximum age is 400. They’re vegetarian, but enjoy alcohol and tobacco (just like me). Gnome women always give birth to twins and they seem to be able to turn invisible at will.

I’m not even joking. You just have limiting barriers in your brain that prevent you from accepting the existence of certain possibilities in life.

If you believe the Scandinavian explanation, gnomes seem to be fragments of the spirits of ancestors that continue to live on in this realm. Honoring the gnomes thus means honoring the ancestors who lived in these lands before us. In parts of the Netherlands people have tales of being forced to sacrifice virgins to the gnomes, when they failed entire towns would just be destroyed.

You don’t want to mess with the gnomes. Maybe you don’t believe me, but this is just a tail risk you can’t afford to ignore.

Look, people believe in all sorts of dumb stuff. Stereotype threat, the recent out of Africa model of human evolution, dialectal materialism, porn-addicted skinnyfat nerds who were always picked last in gym class turning into women, going to hell because you had an abortion, a guy named Joseph Smith receiving golden plaques from an angel, Trump secretly fighting to dismantle a network of elite pedophiles, chatbots based on large language models ushering in an age of abundance, etc.

If I have to treat all these people’s delusions seriously, I want people to name the gnome. Just tell me what happened to them. I deserve to know.

When the weather is right, you can find me like this in the Rotterdam area.


  1. You might be interested on what Bronze Age Pervert has to say, sorry for formatting, I can’t be bothered to fix it.

    I don’t talk about if God exists, I don’t know this. I’ve never had any
    feeling for this one way or another. I’ve sat in houses of religions, but I
    always felt nothing, it put me to sleep. Even the novelty of a Buddhist or
    Hindu temple wore off very fast: I enjoyed the spectacle but could tell…
    these priests are just more piledrivers. I was always so bored. How can the
    secret and hidden and precious things be about doctrine and just more
    talking? But—and I don’t know why people put these things together,
    because for me they never had anything to do with each other—even as a
    small boy I felt every object was inhabited by an uncanny shadow or spirit.
    I paid honor to certain toys and certain objects I found outside and hid
    carefully. No one ever taught me to do this. I found dead animal and buried
    it with ceremony. I always felt I could talk to animal and that they were my
    brothers and sisters. This “animism” is the natural religion of man, and
    shows itself even to small child left alone to play. I remember fondly a
    small white dog under thickets of wisteria bushes growing on corrugated
    steel, and I believe this dog has followed me in different forms my whole
    life. But I’m almost sure that gods exist, and in any case, the argument
    against the one God isn’t the same as against the other gods. In all the
    fulminations of Sam Harris, and Hitchens, and the “new atheists,” there’s
    nothing really new—they want to banish not just religion from public life,
    but to enter your own mind and replace whatever vestiges of old organized
    religions are there with their own very stupid organized religion. If they have an easy time of it, this is because monotheism overreached. It made
    such grand claims… and when these claims were abandoned it left people
    with the impression that there really is nothing besides “science,” which of
    course, nobody really understands, because it’s nothing but a method. It
    would have been far more honest to embrace skepticism but of course they
    would never let you take the logical conclusion. But still, forget for a
    moment all the claims made about God, about the creation of matter out of
    nothing—which runs against all intuition and all observation that you can
    make yourself…you don’t even need science for that. Paglia said once that
    the real novelty of the one God was that he spoke the world into existence.
    How different this was from all other creation myths! All pagans knew the
    world was eternal, and that its present condition was a result of cycles of
    birth, rebirth, regeneration, copulation: the Japanese even have myths about
    gods shitting on fields to make them fertile! How proper, it makes many
    other things about Japanese culture easier to understand. Monotheism, even
    of the intellectual or deist variety, and especially that variety, makes all
    kinds of claims too about the lawfulness of matter or of nature, about
    intelligent design and the like. It’s actually much closer to the science that
    claims to disprove it, than to the original paganism of all mankind. So much
    of this story makes time a line and makes matter conditional on a deity or
    creator that lives outside it: the creation of matter out of nothing, the
    creation of your soul out of nothing. Matter is dead, in some ways
    homogenous, and its meaning is “divine” only in the sense that it reveals
    the creation of the external deity, or even better, just the laws he made to
    govern it. It seems and feels wrong, or runs against the immediate
    perception of the world, so it requires faith, a concept unknown to ancient
    pagans of all kinds. For this reason the Romans considered Christians and
    Jews to be no different from atheists. That view is very different. As such,
    there is no “scientific” reason why you would have to rule out the existence
    of beings stronger, superior, more intelligent, more magnificent than us,
    equipped with powers that appear magical to our understanding. The only
    reason I can think to dismiss this is Schopenhauer’s, his amusing refutation
    of God—that any being of intelligence higher than man’s would have
    already abolished itself long ago. But if you don’t believe that, what reason
    can there be? Please no say “there no proof,” “I didn’t see it.” Scientific
    proof would be totally forbidden here: in fact there are many strange occurrences that have been recorded by many, as much as any event can be
    recorded, but this lacks any scientific meaning, it’s a case of “not
    applicable.” If an impish deity of the lower kind, with which the world is
    full, some purple goblin with a wicked face showed itself to a pedant in a
    white coat, the scientist would convince himself he was hallucinating—and
    in any case, without being available for study, for testing, for experiments
    that can be seen by others (this standard has been abandoned for many
    fields lately), its existence would not fall within the power of “science” at
    all. No, and what do you say to ancient accounts that such creatures showed
    themselves to men before, and maybe still do? Why would they show
    themselves to you? The weakness and spinelessness of modern man—no
    god would show himself to such creatures, to be jeered at! Why?
    Remember why the young men in Mishima’s story of the League of the
    Divine Wind were so inflamed with passion and anger on behalf of the
    immortal gods. They knew that, without them, without the breed of
    warriors, the many would forget the gods. They would become powerless
    spirits hiding among the reeds, the subject of superstition, ridicule. The true
    gods have a kind of power, but not the kind the many imagine. Why should
    they care for mankind? They are rare and precious, and it is for man to find,
    acknowledge, and honor them. This, at least, was the ancient view: and the
    foundation and preservation of oracles was the first question of life and also
    of statecraft. Gods could not control nature or fate, but could reveal its
    workings at key times. If a god showed himself today to you, in a dream,
    would you have the inner energy and power to honor him and do his
    bidding in the world? Or would you, neutered by the modern pervasive
    hivemind of the slave, dismiss it, and yourself as unreal or unworthy, when
    it is the modern bugman and his blabbering that lacks reality. But I want
    you to be intoxicated with the highest enthusiasm and ready to receive these
    greatest blessings with great confidence!”

    “I now mention a third variety of “neopaganism,” which is one that I myself hold dear, but which is hardly ever mentioned in these fights. Maybe because so few have access to it and because it’s not easily propagandized one way or the other. And the people who do have access to it are often too shy to talk about it, for good reason. I’ll try not to be too indiscreet.

    You could call this an innocent apprehension of the hidden demons and gods inside nature and things. Maybe it is the precursor, this feeling, to the artistic revival of paganism, I don’t know. But it is an innate sensation, a natural animism. I tried briefly to discuss it in book. I have had images appear to me in daydreams since I was small boy, that were very vivid and specific. I know others who have had the same. Then also a sensation of spirits inhabiting animals and inanimate objects too, with a reverence for some, and a pity when others are mistreated — Houellebecq mentions his pity for a line of coats. This is not a sensation informed by any rational doxy or theoretical or theological belief. And I’ve always firmly rejected any such interpretations of these events because I found they didn’t fit. So to such sensibility it is very offensive or stupid when people try to actually go to forest and pretend they worship Wotan or Hermes or whoever…nor have I seen those old gods or any other such specifically that I can name. Those gods are dead or asleep. If you want to see what this feeling is like, watch some of David Lynch. I believe that is what this natural, innocent and innate paganism looks like in our time, when presented naïvely: he simply shows the demons and acknowledges them, doesn’t pretend to know who they are, what they want, or even how to worship or assuage them. And they look terrifying and surreal for us, and not at all like what you’d expect.

    I have seen some things like this since I was small boy, and have felt the presence of one in particular. I feel that he will make a great show one day and erupt into the world.

    But for any old paganism to be restored, one must let go of the hokey opinions about what real pagans believed in, and what they thought important. When Diocletian was convinced to wipe out Christianity, why did he do it? The Oracle at Delphi told him the god could no longer give direction and no longer answer: because the world was too full of the impious. Then if you read Mishima and other genuine pagans with true understanding of how this natural religion works, you see the great attention he pays to oracles and divination and augury. It is the foundation also of the highest and most sacred rites in Shinto, as of every other natural faith. The first step then, for genuine neopagans, if they seek actually the religious aspect, would be the reestablishment of a genuine and accurate oracle. The establishment of genuine oracle is first step to any new faith.

    Then much later the demons and gods will show themselves, but not in any way you would expect, nor by any names you recognize. And it will be they, not you, who will make signs and establish the proper form of worship, and even the meaning and purpose of such worship.”

    I’m honestly envious of his experiences.

    • When Julian the Apostate attempted to rebuild the Temple. God thwarted him by killing his workers with Fireballs.

      Although I suspect that Gnomes like the Sandown Clown must how to the Name of Jesus.

      Alien Abductions got forcibly stopped by Jesus when people called out to him.

    • I would like it if he wrote something about his adventures in Bucharest as a nipper. I think simple childhood adventures are what many modern people are missing, and it is why many are so lame, physically, mentally, spiritually. I’m not saying I’m not lame.

      I don’t like the declaration. I am neutral about the situation re. the Zionist Entity. It will all pan out as it will pan out, whatever side we simple low IQ people take. However I do know a Zionist who has lived there for decades, sometimes she tells me what is happening there. Of course she may be lying or not know. She said there was a cat litter shortage throughout Israel because people were scared to go to work in the cat litter factory because of the rocket barrages.
      Has anyone else heard about the cat litter shortage?

    • >The first step then, for genuine neopagans, if they seek actually the religious aspect, would be the reestablishment of a genuine and accurate oracle. The establishment of genuine oracle is first step to any new faith.

      >Then much later the demons and gods will show themselves, but not in any way you would expect, nor by any names you recognize. And it will be they, not you, who will make signs and establish the proper form of worship, and even the meaning and purpose of such worship.”

      This makes sense. I’ve practiced geomancy and you notice this actually works. You receive answers.

      • >This makes sense. I’ve practiced geomancy and you notice this actually works. You receive answers.

        I’m intrigued, could you write more on this?

  2. They are real and right now they are playing tricks on us. They assume a guise that fits into the prevailing zeitgeist. They make us believe they are visitors from outer space who master advanced technology that defies the known laws of physics.

  3. Everybody knows so little about ancient religions, or the religious Sprachbund of the Eastern_Mediterrenean_and_Middle East (if you are a Caucasian).
    Yet, almost everyone imagines they would like the ancient world and religions, until they read that (some) virgins forcibly became prostitutes in Astartes/Aphrodite’s Temples, or (some) infants were just abandoned (belief in fate) -not to mention sacrificed-, or LSWMs were not the favorites of the gods, so they could also be sacrificed to them (as prisoners, even the Greeks did it).
    And they obviously ignore that the Oracles in Greece came from the Middle East (Homer doesn’t mention them), and the fact that Delphi waged wars against local Greek tribes (by proxies) to submit them and take their land. All the religious wars in classical Greece had Delphi involved. And all major wars were also religious wars, but that has never stopped.
    The superstitions of the ancients were all over the place, but Enlightenment and Colonialism were trying to hide them under the carpet, because they needed a convenient Narrative of Grecoroman (hence Western) supremacy.
    And when I say ‘superstitions’ you may think ‘oooh, cute animism!’, but it’s much more than that: fears of doing a rite/sacrifice missing the slightest detail (e.g. Romans are recorded to repeat a rite dozens of times for missing a detail), fears of unknown sounds at night, fears of doing any action without sacrificing ANIMALS or humans (e.g. Greco-Persian Wars), and all sorts of fears to behave as a person with dignity (because you are messing with the gods or fate if you do).
    + + +
    Happy New Year, everyone!
    I wish this year I will study history more, instead of wasting my time on the internet, and then share whatever I learn.

    • The Gnomes will have their vengeance either way; the only thing us mere humans can do to protect ourselves from their wrath is to burn down our own civilization before they destroy it themselves. Even than, I doubt we’d be fully forgiven by them, and for good reason. This is why the Gnomes must have a steady supply of virgin sacrifices to sate their whims; only through unending sacrifice can we hope to be forgiven. The pact between the Aryan Man and the Gnome will be re-forged by a tied up screaming woman being dragged into the woods, never to be seen again by man.

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