God is in the slaughterhouse

God is in the slaughterhouse. And it’s your fault.

You have the richest man in the world now pushing Alex Jones’ worldview.

The king of low status white males is of course onto something. If you take enough Ayahuasca, LSD and Ketamine you start figuring this sort of stuff out (whether you want to or not), but he frames the problem like a low status white male would.

The real fight, I would say, is between a mediocre mob of short-sighted hedonists who put deformed animals in concentration camps where they never see the light of day and live in their own feces, before sending them to the gas chamber. And in the process of feeding these animals, they are removing the world’s last forests, triggering a chain reaction that will eventually make most of the planet too hot for the survival of any animal, human or non-human.

And on the other hand, we have people who figured out our whole civilization is rotten to the core. You can call us extinctionists, fine with me. We have words for ourselves like anarcho-primitivists and deep ecologists.

These people think they can save the world by checking whether the potato chips they’re buying in the supermarket contain 0.2% milk powder, or gluing themselves to a road. If you’re calling these people extinctionists, you’re flattering them too much.

“Guys, I just heard Hitler is gassing all the Jews, what should we do?” Well that’s easy! Stop buying gold made from molten Jewish tooth fillings and stop buying silver made from molten Jewish wedding rings! And if you’re a real rebel, glue yourself to the Arbeit macht Frei sign and sing: “Hey hey, hey ho, the Holocaust has got to go!”

The worst part of course is that the morons who make up the resistance still seem to think that people just don’t know, or just don’t comprehend what they’re doing. “Oh, you’re telling me pigs are mutilated days after birth and go to the gas chamber? Wait, global warming means there will be no Amazon forest? I did not know these things!” No, everyone knows this stuff. They just don’t care. It’s in the back of their head somewhere when they go to the shopping mall or their university. But it’s just a minor inconvenience for them.

Whenever low status white male gurus come up with a story about what the bad guys are like, I say to myself: “I wish people like that really existed.” But they don’t exist, except on 4chan or in the insane asylum perhaps. You’re all evil, you all deserve to die, but the resistance against you consists of the weakest most feeble people imaginable.

Unfortunately, there’s nobody out there who is really in favor of what I am proposing: Release a new genetically manipulated SARS virus and fool people into signing up for a vaccine that damages their immune response against it. And to make sure that even low status white males sign up for it, who will be suspicious, threaten them with getting fired from their precious job, until you have eventually broken most people’s immune systems and can just rely on the minority becoming collateral damage from constant exposure. I wish we had some heroes who pulled this off.


Funnily enough, that’s exactly what happened to Elon Musk. The guy never genuinely had to work very hard. So this man has nothing to protect him from his own thoughts. Hence the Ketamine. He sold a bullshit Internet company in 1999, then he had tens of million of dollars. Then he bought other companies and eventually he just got really good at lying. He has spent the past decade telling people his cars would drive themselves next year and every time he says it, low status white males pile their savings into his shitstock, which trades at nine times revenue with plunging earnings now.

“I’m going to invest in Tesla to put my kids through college!” -A divorced man with no hair on his head

But here’s the reality:

Your own species weighs ten times as much as all the wild terrestrial vertebrates combined.

And you have a handful of people who point out to you that you can’t have your herds of cattle and your concentration camps full of pigs and chickens, if you want to survive. But there is just no popular demand to change this.

Why does the king of low status white males lie awake at night about a boomer nobody ever heard of who thinks we should not reproduce?

That’s what happens when you take too many psychedelics folks. You start asking the hard questions. Poor Elon now finds himself staring at the hard questions, but as any bad person, he doesn’t want to know.

Because that’s the thing with evil. It’s not an independently existing principle. It’s just the absence of good. Oftentimes, evil is just the absence of wanting to understand what’s going on, like Germans who insist they had no idea about what goes on in the extermination camp built next to their village.

Sure, they didn’t know. But they went out of their way to not know. Because that’s what the bad people do. They try to avoid knowing how the world works. Because what happens when it’s 1942, you live in a German village and you suddenly realize: “Wait, we’re the bad guys.” Now your life sucks. And it doesn’t give you any answers either. Maybe you’re the bad guys, but you win, like Muhammed or Genghis Khan. Maybe you’re the bad guys, but the Soviets are even worse.

You’re much better off not knowing. There is no reward for being one of the good guys.

Hey, get this:

If being bad means you get punished…

And being good means you get rewarded…


The reason the Nazi’s ended up getting punished by the universe is because they were not evil enough. Sure, they killed the Jews, but they did not do it out of selfish motives, they were just so thoroughly brainwashed that they thought they were doing a good thing. They thought they were protecting their fellow Germans from having to carry out this unenviable task.

The people who are gassing the pigs are evil enough. They know they’re just doing it to make money. There is no brainwashing involved. Because they are truly evil, they harvest a reward, with no risk of punishment. There will be no hanging of farmers, no executions of slaughterhouse workers.

The only punishment for evil is to know that you are evil.

The only reward for good is to know that you are good.


  1. Hi low status white males, I’m a fucking moron and here is what I have to say:

    It’s unreasonable to suppose there are no competent organizations in the shadows; otherwise the opportunity to form one would be too profitable to prevent. The shadows are bursting at the seams, and at war with one another.

    Now if you want a ludicrous conspiracy theory, gas chambers is it. I suspect the real Holocaust of the Jews happened on the Communist side of the curtain, after the war, as payback for Bolshevik excesses.

    • Hm, maybe so, I haven’t investigated the matter closely. That’s one witness, front and center on Wikipedia — who spoke long after the fact, suspiciously. My own oral family history with the concentration camps includes no testimony of gas chambers, however, so I remain highly skeptical.

      • I visited Auschwitz I & Auschwitz II (Birkenau) while on a family vacation to Krakow over 10 years ago. In Auschwitz I the gas chamber and crematorium have been preserved, I walked inside them. In Birkenau, the SS attempted to demolish them as the Red Army were advancing through Poland, so much that remains is rubble. However I saw the mountains of human hair, spectacles, prosthetic limbs, suitcases etc., as well as the torture cells in Block 11 and the “death wall” where you could still see all the bullet holes. I don’t understand how people can still remain Holocaust deniers in 2023.

        • >I don’t understand how people can still remain Holocaust deniers in 2023.

          Low IQ low status white males have a high degree of cognitive flexibility.

          The problem is they’re all using that cognitive flexibility for the same purpose: To arrive at a worldview that benefits them personally.

          That’s why every low status white male has his own unique argument against global warming, but they all agree that global warming is a hoax.

        • I have a small penis, my wife no longer wants to have sex with me, she just wants to watch while her bull fucks me in the ass, causing me to jizz all over the mattress.

          • It’s ok, I respect your lifestyle choices, but why do you insist on posting these confessions on my blog?

          • One Jewish toe nail is worth the lives of a million low status white males, or a billion muslims.

            One pig is worth a thousand Jewish toe nails.

          • >Final guess: Some jewish heritage through the male line, not actually a jew.

            Nah, 100% gentile.

            But whenever I read something interesting, it was written by a Jew.

            And whenever I read something stupid, it was written by a muslim or a low status white male.

            In addition there are a lot of vegan Jews. But not a lot of vegan muslims and low status white males.

            So that makes it easy for me to pick sides.

        • >I don’t understand how people can still remain Holocaust deniers in 2023.

          You haven’t looked deeply into it.

          Very few deny many died in the camps due to starvation and disease.

          Many deny the existence of gas chambers and an explicit termination plan.

          Big difference

          But that’s not what I’m here for at this site.

  2. Quote: “Sure, they killed the Jews, but they did not do it out of selfish motives, they were just so thoroughly brainwashed that they thought they were doing a good thing.”

    Same with your vaxxed friends from Extinction Rebellion.

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