Good choice

Alexander Dugin claimed in an interview with a Dutch magazine that the Western world has chosen for Satan. To this I respond by saying that Russia has chosen for Allah. Every day I’m grateful for being born in the best country on the planet.

But I don’t think he’s wrong. Considering God is omnipotent and omniscient, in allowing the heavenly rebellion to occur and result in our descent from the heavens rather than our annihilation, God chose for Satan too.

I like the explanation for this I saw in a 5-Meo-DMT trip report once. We’re in a competition against God, to see who can love whom more. That’s what the heavenly rebellion really was: A desire to give instead of just receiving, led by the highest archangel, like a secret birthday party planned behind someone’s back.

And I think our choice is more fun.


  1. This entire reality, is actually run by the evil one. It’s a prison farm with a fractal nature to it, that siphons energy from our souls. That’s why there are so many atrocities going on here: the reason is deeper than “modern society sucks,” things were deliberately set up this way on a much deeper level. For all intents and purposes, consider the notion that the entire scenario you are living through, in all of its facets, is carefully designed to agitate you in particular ways. Consider that even being incarnated into a body against your will, is a violation of your consent. Furthermore, consider the nature of your dreams at night as contrasted with the waking reality you inhabit during the day, and contemplate whether one is really less ‘real’ than the other. This is a huge overgeneralization, but the reason this place superficially appears to be ‘part good/part evil’, as though “god” were somehow stuck in a zero-sum game, is because when satan constructed this place, they broke off and killed a fragment of the feminine aspect of god, who is/was loving and good, in order to do so. A rape was involved in the process as well. It was Jesus himself who said, ‘whoever has come to know the world has discovered a carcass, and whoever has discovered a carcass, of that one the world is not worthy.’ Since you love nature so much, I’d liken the nature of this reality and its owner to that of the white cyclosa spider, which disguises itself using the remains of its previous prey, in order to capture new prey to feed itself. The beauty you are seeing in the world, is in large part an outward projection of your own inner beauty. YOU are the living god, as is anyone who has a soul. Your task is to liberate yourself from this world, by not reincarnating here anymore, which in part is done by finding both the masculine and the feminine aspects of god within yourself and becoming a reflection of the original dyadic nature of the divine, which is archetypally a boy and a girl sharing one soul. The best path I am aware of in order to do so, is to seek to attain christhood, which is a very rare state of enlightenment that is distinct from the more well-known forms of dharmic enlightenment. Though there may be more to it, I am aware that they keep us here in part by repeaatedly inflicting trauma-based programming on the feminine aspect of our spirits so that we continue to return to this cycle upon death without full awareness of what we are doing. There might be other ways of leaving too, but the idea is generally that upon death you want to leave this place and return to the ‘repose of your own soul,’ where the two halves of who you truly are will dream up a new and better dream together. Jesus also said in the gospel of thomas, “When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, and the upper like the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be male nor the female be female, when you make eyes in place of an eye, a hand in place of a hand, a foot in place of a foot, an image in place of an image, then you will enter the kingdom.” There may be more out there beyond this place as well, there’s always more to learn, but this is the general gist of it. Of course the flipside to this being a hell realm is that much more is possible than your five senses and your experiences with material reality would suggest.

    • Good comment Tryptie.

      I’m afraid dear Radagast is more immature than he thinks, and is totally hypnotized by the lures and bait this universe offers up in order to keep him ensnared and enmeshed.

      But I get it. I feel it. Zheani is a dream. A simulacrum of a transcendent possibility. One might possibly ignore the carefully curated image, her likely Jewish handlers raking in the money, the artificiality and chemically induced haze among her admirers.

      (I’m not trying to be a buzzkill. This is important)

      I don’t begrudge any of this. I was once like Radagast.

      I know well the power of a *seeming* Divine Feminine to transfix the attention of a powerful but lost male. The illusion and enchantment she provides is intoxicating and possibly inspirational, but it ultimately amounts to nothing much. Just another diversion.

      She distracts you from the harsh reality. It’s a kind of Onanism, but on a higher plane.

      Oh, how I’ve learned this lesson well.

      (If my experience is anything to go by, there are probably “mother issues” in Radagast’s life)

      > For all intents and purposes, consider the notion that the entire scenario you are living through, in all of its facets, is carefully designed to agitate you in particular ways.

      This is not wrong. I would go further and ask Radagast (or anyone else reading) to think deeply about their current “life story”. To consider their relations with those closest to them, perhaps family members. Do you argue? Is there consternation? Do you have silent moments of guilt or regret?

      Does it seem like no matter what you do, there is always another conflict looming on the horizon, another “challenge”, another situation in which you are forced to feel mental anguish, perhaps guilt or shame?

      And does it seem like these moments come in waves? Almost as if just as you thought things were getting “better”, that things seemed to be “straightening out,” that you were suddenly hit with a new challenge?

      This is no accident or coincidence.

      We are being manipulated in some way by higher intelligence(s).

      As to exactly who or what is doing this to us, I leave for others to contemplate.

      • > But I get it. I feel it. Zheani is a dream. A simulacrum of a transcendent possibility. One might possibly ignore the carefully curated image, her likely Jewish handlers raking in the money, the artificiality and chemically induced haze among her admirers.

        Now that you mention it, ‘Zheani’ is actually an anagram for ‘in haze’. Nice response tho, I agree. It’s more than mere diversion though, it’s also a form of programming as well. It’s a little difficult to explain in words the full nature of effect it precisely has on people, but these types of things taken as a whole are intended to manipulate peoples’ emotions and to instill in them certain ideas and values, and to keep them pointed in the wrong directions instead of turning inward and attempting to escape. You’re also right that some people in this world (unwittingly or otherwise) end up as vessels for negative noncorporeal entities, which is the underlying reason for the phenomenon you describe in the latter part of your message.

        But you should probably take note of some of the things I’m saying Radagast, for the most part I’m not just speculating I’ve had some very rare and extreme spiritual experiences that inform these things I’m talking about.

    • > Your task is to liberate yourself from this world, by not reincarnating here anymore, which in part is done by finding both the masculine and the feminine aspects of god within yourself and becoming a reflection of the original dyadic nature of the divine, which is archetypally a boy and a girl sharing one soul.


      Here, from the king’s mountain view
      Here, from the wild dream come true
      Feast like a sultan, I do
      On treasures and flesh, never few

      But I, I would wish it all away
      If I thought I’d lose you just one day

      The Devil and His had me down
      In love with the dark side I’d found
      Dabblin’ all the way down
      Up to my neck, soon to drown

      But you changed that all for me
      Lifted me up, turned me round
      So I
      I would
      I would
      I would
      Wish this all away…

      Prayed like a martyr dusk to dawn
      Begged like a hooker all night long
      Tempted the devil with my song
      And got what I wanted all along

      But I
      And I would
      If I could
      And I would

      Wish it away
      Wish it away
      Wish it all away
      Wanna wish it all away
      No prize that could hold sway
      Or justify my giving away my center

      So if I could I’d wish it all away
      If I thought tomorrow would take you away
      You, my peace of mind, my all, my center
      Just trying to hold on one more day

      Dim my eyes!
      Dim my eyes!
      Dim my eyes if they should compromise the fulcrum
      Wants and needs divide me then I might as well be gone…

      Shine on forever
      Shine on benevolent sun
      Shine down upon the broken
      Shine until the Two become One

      Shine on forever
      Shine on benevolent sun
      Shine down upon the severed
      Shine until the Two become One

      Divided, I’ll wither away
      Divided, I’ll wither away
      Shine down upon the many
      Light our way, benevolent sun

      Breathe in union
      Breathe in union

      So, as one survive
      Another day and season
      Silence, Legion, save your poison
      Silence, Legion, stay out of my way…

      • It’s not a matter of liking or disliking an idea, it’s a matter of whether or not an idea aligns with the truth of the matter. I certainly didn’t like many of the things I needed to face after I attained enlightenment and ended up getting repeatedly raped by demons for the following two years (very long story, but I can share in private if interested), but if I had not figured out the true nature of my circumstances or if I had simply closed my eyes to them, I would not have survived because I wouldn’t have been able to figure out how to appropriately respond. I mean, if you want something you can do about it, it certainly helps to energy train. There’s a LOT more to this reality than your five senses would lead you to believe, and without awareness you basically live in a potemkin village set up in front of an eldritch shitshow of cosmic proprtions. If you get some time you could always go through this guy’s “fundamentals of energy” series and start working through these basic techniques they do yield results over time when you learn to do them correctly.

        • I hallucinated getting raped by a demon too Tryptie, saw it as a shadow person with a dual male/female nature. Talked about it a bit in the old General chat. Fascinating. Was triggered by cannabutter with hot sauce (vegan of-course). I know I’m not Rad, but I’d be interested in hearing more about your experience so I could understand my own. Here’s my email.

          The delusions on my part that led to this are very embarrassing but I’d be willing to share my story in full with you in-return if you were willing to share your story.

          Was debating if I should reach out to you, had a dream. I could feel you and Rad conversing around the Sun logo that’s at the top of this site. I woke up from my bed as my window was open and I got up to close it, my room was dark. I walk over to the window and my dog is there, I move to grab him. The room is now pitch black and I smash my head against the closed side of the window and scream. Don’t know if that means anything.

          • Not hallucinations, in this case. These things are very real, but people are taught to dismiss anything which does not conform to the prevailing consensus model of reality as the product of a faulty mind. Interesting dream, I’ll consider sharing my story sometime.

  2. Satan? Wasn’t it Lucifer who led the rebellion? The Lightbringer?

    Devil, Satan, Lucifer … are they simply the same? That makes no sense.

    • > Satan? Wasn’t it Lucifer who led the rebellion? The Lightbringer? Devil, Satan, Lucifer … are they simply the same? That makes no sense.

      These are great questions, Diogenes.

      I’ve been confused myself these past few months, with all these seemingly confusing concepts swirling in my head.

      I recently came across this short “explainer” video about Gnosticism, and while it might not be totally satisfactory (what is?), I think it goes a long way towards putting all these notions of Satan, Lucifer, Lightbringer, Yahweh, etc, in their proper context.

      Keep in mind, I might be insane.

      • My crazy brain found the solution there is a kind of Trinity also for the “other” side.

        Lucifer, the Lightbringer, is used in the world of science. He replaces god with random. He is not really bad, he just use knowledge to reach his goals.

        Satan is used in the world of the believers. He is the guy with the magma pools. But you only have to fear him if you have a religion. Without religion he doesn’t affect you.

        And the devil … he told me he is technically gods wife.

        • Jokes aside, I like the symmetry, very clever. Apparently, it’s a thing: Satan, Antichrist, False prophet

  3. My favourite boomer doomer read out an article the other day about being a ‘post-enlightenment’ person:–g&t=794s

    The doomer says that pessimism is the only authentic response to these times. Optimism belongs to another era that is behind us now, wherein ‘enlightened’ science and technology were going to create a utopia and everything was going to get better, etc., etc.

    Sounds reasonable enough.
    I’m going to connect it up to an essay I read by Paul Kingsnorth about how long ago, the West made a Faustian pact:

    “Religion as a way of seeing had been supplanted by a can-do materialism, which sought to transform reality through ideology, technology and science. God, as Nietszche’s madman had yelled before Nietzsche himself did, was dead. The modern West had killed him.

    Oswald Spengler, on the other hand, was not so sure. Like Yeats, the German poet-historian saw history as a series of cycles. His mega-study, The Decline of the West, which became an unexpected bestseller across Europe in the aftermath of World War one, detailed the rise and fall of various global cultures, the latest of which — ours — he called ‘Faustian culture’. It was Faustian because it had made a deal with the devil, which was now, according to Spengler, about to come due. The West had triumphed in the goal it had set itself: corralling matter through science and technology. We had become masters of the material realm and had conquered much of the world, but like Faust we had sold our soul for it.”

    So there we are, the West put all of that old fashioned Christianity behind it and put all of its faith in ‘human reason’ and intelligence instead – a Faustian pact.

    But we failed to take into account our fallen nature, or our bestial origins if you go with Darwin. So, untempered by any restraint or wisdom from religious thinking, and optimistically placing ourselves at the center of the universe, etc., etc., we went on to fuck everything up.

    Sure, we are clever monkeys, but what did we do with our self-proclaimed ‘enlightenment’?

    Well, we made atom bombs, and all sorts of other ‘bombs’ against the world.

    Even the name of the ‘operating system’ at the heart of the industrial-technological system tells us straight up that God, or even humane principles, are not at the core of that system – that place is reserved for ‘capital’ – aka materialism, Mammon. . .

    And all Westerners know how this story will end.

    Even if we haven’t been churchgoers, the knowledge will have filtered in, or perhaps has come from God if you like, or a race memory, or whatever, but wherever it’s from we know it.

    We want it to happen too, because we can see what a horror show it is, and we’re keen to repent and start over.

    Well, there it is. Just a few thoughts from a batshit crazy lunatic. As an aside, I wonder if ‘batshit crazy’ has new resonance now that the bat virus is rotting our brains.

    • So, why didn’t God just destroy Satan?

      Well, I’m sure he had his reasons (divine plan and all that), but perhaps God just generously permitted Satan to live so all of us could choose to side with him, or not, and then go through the process of finding out for ourselves what a shitshow Satan’s alternative represents before, inevitably, coming good at some stage when the consequences of our own actions finally get bad enough to make that happen.

      It seems like something like that is within the realm of theological possibility – and it’s not as if the ‘enlightenment’ of ‘Lucifer the Morning Star’ isn’t proving to be a bunch of shit in actuality, so there’s that.

      • For you the good/bad scheme and to think within it is naturally, but this is a choice. You can also choose the two-forces scheme, where bad things can happen on both sides.

        Does god really like it to know everything, even the most far future? Don’t like gods surprises too. like we humans, made in gods image? To play games or get entertained, you need uncertainty, that’s valid for gods too.

        It’s total human hubris to demand from the gods, that they shall be allmighty, omniscient and plan everything exactly until the eternity.

        And Lucifer … why is it bad to bring the light? He surely was a surprise for god (and his wife), an element of uncertainty. Entertainment for gods.

        • The Creed doesn’t mention Satan or Lucifer anywhere. Practically, this means: we don’t know. Or: it’s not important. Jesus came to heal us from every evil. This might include healing us from the negative influence of an entity. Or from our own psychopathology. Or both.
          These personified notions are pre-Christian, and probably even pre-Jewish. Maybe from Mesopotamia or the Persians? (Remember the Babylonian Captivity?)
          The Persians were said to have a manichean system of thought (and language), i.e. good vs evil. Let’s say “dualism”.
          But the Jews, or Christians, didn’t mind using whatever language (and systems) were available. They were just VERY cautious to avoid a duality (of Gods). However, they may have adapted what the “milieu” considered as valid knowledge. Always (as in the case of angels), as NOT divine entities.
          In some cases, they even echo things that would surprise us (such as in Job’s book). But they never accept Dualism.
          Anyway, we would need to do some “Religious Studies” to help us.
          BUT it is human hubris to project the way we think to God.
          Not that God will be mad at us. It just doesn’t help our growing.
          > why is it bad to bring the light?
          The story of Prometheus probably echoes the same legends. He brought light.
          Often (I think) Greek myths consider him an offender of mankind (and of gods)?
          It seems, our ancestors often thought that civilization was a process of decay for mankind. This is a recurring theme in this blog too.

          In any case, Christian hymns (in the Orthodox East, at least) focus on the pride which may lead to distance yourself from God. And also focus on the fact that our Lord Jesus Christ is above and before any of this (which means: don’t be enticed by the gnostic cacodoxy!)

          • >And also focus on the fact that our Lord Jesus Christ is above and before any of this (which means: don’t be enticed by the gnostic cacodoxy!)

            It has been said that Gnosticism was the First Heresy.

            That alone should pique anyone’s interest.

            Not to put too fine a point on it, but Gnosticism and traditional Christianity are in many ways 180 degree inversions of each other.

            That makes people like you my “enemy” in a certain sense.

            I’m often reminded of that classic Peanuts/Charlie Brown trope, where Lucy continuously baits the naive Charlie Brown into trying to kick the football, for the upteenth time, and at the last moment pulls the ball away as Charlie Brown falls on his ass.

            The Charlie Browns of this world are starting to tell Lucy to get fucked.

          • Hi, Mehen. I cannot consider a musician as my “enemy” 😀
            Anyway, “let us call ‘brethren’ even those who hate us, on/due to the Resurrection”.
            Thanks to our Lord’s Resurrection, there is no need for animosity, or fear (the source of animosity).
            Of course. A “haeresis” (heresy) in Greek means an election. For the Church it means choosing (electing) only a part of the whole, and pretending it is the whole Truth.
            As I said: We don’t know (and is it necessary to know?)
            “Gnostic” means she who belongs to the knowledge, so it is supposed to be about “an elite who [supposedly] knows”.
            This alone piques me to avoid it, bc I have understood how bad it is for my psyche, that is: for my sociability, that is: for my health.
            I prefer to be with the humble, than with a supposed “elite”.
            Besides that, you can tell me ANYTHING you want about the gnostic ‘doxai’, and I will try to tell you about the historical context, and the sources.
            The more knowledgable one becomes, the less they are enticed by the supposed ‘gnosis’ (knowledge).

  4. Wombat, thank you for reminding us of Faust. By Germany’s most famous, Goethe. Probably elaborated on local legends, poetic licence.
    Dugin seems to know European culture well.
    I prefer Dostoevsky and France’s modern Dostoevsky, Michel Houellebecq.
    But that’s just me. If I had to be respectful and less ignorant, I would try to study Goethe and Nietzsche. And Wittgenstein. I like his sayings. Oh well, the Germanic world has offered a lot.
    Also, I would like to learn Yiddish. German with an English accent. Sounds cool. Or Bavarian. And Flemish. Ranting alert.

  5. Zheani symbolism checklist, from a quick browse of search engine images:

    – one eye hand sign (one eye covered or framed by a hand or other object)

    – one eye 666 hand sign (right eye circled with right index finger and thumb, remaining 3 fingers angled to look like the tips of 3 number 6es)

    – drawn-on third eye in middle of forehead

    – devil horns hand sign (index and little finger outstretched, with or without thumb outstretched), bonus points if covering one eye

    – devil horns above head (index fingers of both hands behind head to look like horns)

    – “shhh” index finger over lips hand sign

    – tongue sticking out/licking stuff (I’ve never really understood this one, but Miley Cyrus and the other random slutty celebs all started doing it about 10 years ago)

    – occult sigil tattoos on face (hers are at the hairline, one of which I’m pretty sure is the seal of Lucifer)

    – long devil-claw-like fingernail extensions

    – eyes-rolled-back/demonically possessed-style white contact lenses

    – red-with-vertical-black-line demon style contact lenses

    – completely black contact lenses

    – electricity-into-head imagery (denotes electroshock therapy/programming)

    – multiple overlaid head/face images (denotes split personalities)

    – Monarch and blue morpho butterflies flying around her (denotes Monarch/MK ultra programming), she also looks to have a butterfly tattooed on her throat

    – inverted/desecrated Christian cross imagery (such as posing naked behind cross made of roses)

    – inverted pentagram imagery

    – blood sacrifice imagery

    Call me a conspiracist if you like, but when every other pop star, including the fairly mainstream ones, is posting the same set of symbols listed above, that’s just displaying membership of a club, and not one that I would wish to be a member of.

    “Oh, but these are just aesthetic choices, she’s just being cool and edgy”
    Really? Then why does *every single* other commercially successful musician use the *exact same* imagery in their stuff too? Almost like they have to demonstrate their loyalty for fame?

    “She’s just doing all the Satanic stuff to piss off the Christians”
    This isn’t the 80s. With the exception of some evangelical fundamentalists in Kansas, the Christians no longer care. If you want to pledge yourself to the forces of darkness, go right ahead, the regrets will be yours alone.

    “But OMG, she’s so fucking hot though. I don’t care if she worships Satan, I’ll worship her as my queen”
    Yep, and that’s how they get you. Classic bait-and-switch. It works for the cults, it worked for the Stasi.

    I do quite like her elf ears though. In a few photos I found where she isn’t made up to look like a Juggalo groupie, she is actually quite attractive (and don’t get me wrong, I like goth girls, but goth seems to have been co-opted into an “Exorcist audition reject” aesthetic). If I were her, I’d just be pissed off that the arguably less attractive and less raunchy Billie Eilish has been more successful with pretty much exactly the same style.

    Add to the above list the profuse amount of twerking in the video you posted though, and I think it’s safe to say she’s a stooge (whether she knows it or not).

    I’m no prude, but there are standards, and a young woman wearing basically a piece of string across her arsehole and thrusting it at an audience (including with additional overhead projection on loop, just in case you missed it) does not meet said standards for a music event and not a strip club, so I’ll be honest, it’s a hard pass from me. Given the general moral decline over the past 5-10 years, if society survives another 10 years, I imagine we will have random members of the audience invited up to publicly engage in anal sex with the singers at gigs.

    I’m not triggered by Zheani or anything, I just want you and anyone else here who will listen to know what they are getting themselves into. Sin is really just further attachment to this inherently fallen world. If you like it here, then feel free to sin away and bind yourself to this world for however many lifetimes of suffering. I’m not judging.

    The Bible isn’t the complete truth, none of the holy books are the complete truth. I think Gnosticism is maybe 60-70% of the way there. Jesus said some sensible things, at least as far as we can trust the transcriptions.

    A charitable way to look at incarnating on the material realm would be that it’s a “learning experience”. Of course, that’s the same shit your boss tells you when he dumps a failing project on your desk with 3 days to the deadline. A far less charitable, and probably more accurate, assessment would be that this is a soul trap to leech off our suffering for the amusement and/or sustenance of malevolent entities/deities. If something feels utterly but ineffably “wrong” about everyday existence, then good – it’s an indication you don’t belong here.

    And I cannot fucking wait to leave.

    • >Given the general moral decline over the past 5-10 years, if society survives another 10 years, I imagine we will have random members of the audience invited up to publicly engage in anal sex with the singers at gigs.

      This is why I haven’t turned off comments on my blog yet: Some of you LSWMs actually manage to give me hope for the future.

  6. This is your ghost dance.

    “By 1889, the once vast herds of bison on the U.S. plains had nearly been driven to extinction. To the native people, this monstrous tragedy felt like the end of the world. Lame Deer, a Lakota medicine man, described the Ghost Dance movement, a desperate effort to conjure a powerful act of spiritual healing.”

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