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I want to share a movie. Summer of ’84. I won’t lie, it’s just a variation on the same themes I’ve always liked: Nostalgia, horror, teenage boys hanging out together. A paranoid teenage boy becomes convinced his neighbor is a serial killer. It is reminiscent of Hot Summer Nights, in its aesthetics and atmosphere, another favorite of mine.

That brings me to some video games I need to share. There is Ding Dong Dead, a game where you’re at home and receive news that a serial killer is on the loose:

And there’s another game worth sharing. This is also retro horror, but there is no serial killer involved, I promise. This is called The House.

You can download it here. It’s again an aesthetic masterpiece.

Alright, final one. I’ve probably shared it before.

I’m going to ask you all to do something simple.

First of all, if you LSWMs don’t have one yet, buy a vaporizer.

Then, get yourself a gram of a mild kush. Not so sedative that you just want to lay in bed. Something like white choco kush.

Go outside in the dark at 11PM or so, when all the normies are preparing for another day at the office, hang out at some remote spot nobody goes to, like the parking lot of an industrial zone. Vape some kush.

Then walk back home and play this game for me:

Thank me later. It’s a scary game, but it’s just another game.


This is not what you come here for?

I already explained everything else I have to explain:

-Idiots deployed a bad vaccine that now makes people continually catch a brain-damaging virus. They have already killed millions with their stupidity.

-You need to take the occasional cannabis and psychedelics to keep your brain functioning. Please, I’m begging you all. Take a small amount of psilocybe mushrooms on a regular basis. And take the time to take mescaline too.

-If you eat pigs I hate your guts

-Civilization is going to collapse and it’s going to collapse much faster than it has to collapse because people are unwilling to face the reality of limits to growth and instead waste their money on dumb electric vehicles and AI crap that can’t harvest their vegetables for them or help them repair their plumbing. You’re a complete retard if you decide to have kids because they will have to watch that misery unfold.

-Stock market is in an enormous bubble intended to enrich insiders and old people at the cost of young people who will be left holding the bag.

What’s the point of me endlessly explaining that stuff to the couple hundred people who visit my blog and scroll through the posts?

What else do you need me to explain?

The nature of reality?

Well if we were supposed to know the fundamental nature of reality, THEY WOULD NOT MAKE IT SO DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND.

Trying to understand how all this shit works, why you were born as the person you are, what happens after you die, why you were born into the family you were born in, is like trying to get out of bounds in a video game.

This is like physicists who keep building bigger particle accelerators, trying to discover smaller particles.

It’s turtles all the way down.

Why? Because you’re looking in the wrong direction. When you look in the wrong direction, you’re just going to get more of the same.

So do me a favor and just do what I say:

  1. Get a good vaporizer.
  2. Smoke some Kush (not overly sedative though) in some shitty part of town at around 10 or 11PM
  3. Go back home


Remember LSWMs:

It’s all a game. Everything. It’s a game that ends in your death and that’s a good thing because you wouldn’t want to keep playing GTA after finishing all the missions and having stacked a billion dollars either. When you get to that point, you want to do something else, or start over. And you can play games within the game, on your laptop. Just play the role that is intended for you and enjoy the ride.


  1. Good advice, thanks.

    Slightly off topic, but I thought I’d share this. As I’ve already said before, I was formerly a climate skeptic due to overexposure to right wingers online. But since discovering this great blog and trawling through the archives, I now agree with the IPCC consensus.

    Then, the other day, while scrolling Twitter I saw an argument which apparently “debunked” the hysterical climate change alarmists. Intrigued, I wanted to learn more. I was going to ask Radagast but since I’ve already asked him loads of climate questions over the last year, I decided instead to ask the experts in the r/climatechange subreddit:

    I was genuinely surprised at how much attention my post garnered. ~ 100 comments (and counting). The posters were very helpful in explaining why the author’s argument was incorrect because he didn’t include the solar radiation forcing in his analysis, and focused exclusively on the convective heating from the air.

    There was really only one climate skeptic who showed up in the comments, a LSWM named “duncan1961” who lives in Western Australia and works as a plumber apparently!!

    tl;dr: A Trump supporting neurosurgeon is wrong about climate change because he has a flawed understanding of thermodynamics.

    • Also, another interesting thing to share:

      While researching the NTD mutations on Twitter, I somehow miraculously managed to stumble across the profile of this website’s resident coomer conspiracy theorist, @retard !

      Most of his tweets are replies to other users. And ngl, some of them are pretty hilarious, especially the one about the urinal wrapped in plastic. Also, there’s this very interesting one:

      “Many times I have attended mediations or settlement conferences in those flash London city law firms. They have chefs, waiters and all sorts of eye candy. When I attend, I bring my own Cooler with food and Thermos for coffee. I refuse to eat their food, as a matter of principal.”

        • Well, if it’s really not you, then it’s someone who lurks here and copies your comments. Many of his tweets are pretty much verbatim of things that you wrote/posted:

          “Tucker (my daddy is CIA) Carlson”

          “Vlad Pootie Bear”

          Videos of Chechen soldiers

          Comments about Russia training Hamas

          “Russian backed Oct 7 provocation is achieving its military aim – of US strategic weapons depletion and military exhaustion.”

          Comments on Zionism (“Z.O.G. machine”)

          Virus cull (“no need for agreement or consensus, just dispersal.”)

          “Project” HQ in Melbourne

          Et cetera.

          The person also uses some of the charts/graphs and videos that Radagast posted.

          • I cannot disagree. Where it will all end is Holocaust 2.0, unfortunately. Picking a suicidal fight with Russia, engaging in behavior that simply begs the Arabs to do what the Arabs simply do best, sending the collective FIB after all the right wing normies, coercing the normies into taking a lethal injection, sending all ZOG controlled global western governments broke, printing money to infinity causing massive cost of living hardship and currency devaluation, all of this trannie queer pedo alphabet soup perversion, cancelling white man, taking over MSM and peddling pure ZOG propaganda and lies, bringing in the black invaders to rape your women, shipping all industry to China, instigating all the ZOG wars, tit for tat biowarfare with China, rigged labour, debt and financial markets, etc, etc. I am convinced that the Zionist Jews are a suicide cult. They just carry on until the mass population eventually wakes up and then genocides them, time and time again, for 2000 years now, over and over. Here is simply one example for the lowly plebs down under in Aussie:

    • There is still this thing with the extreme sea temperature rise in 2023, wich can’t be explained with the radiant power of the sun, but the dimension was unclear to me. Until I recently found a post from our friend Ethical Skeptic which he posted with diagramms at Febfruar.18. His conclusion:

      Quote ES: “These are just pseudoscientific (watts/sq m) model assumptions, which result in a complete quandary as to why the SST heat content rose far faster in 2023 than the atmosphere or sun could have imparted, by 35,000 to 1.”

      Slangy expressed this means 35,000 extra suns are needed to explain this sea temperature rise from 2023.

      Rintrah, where are those 35,000 Suns you need to explain this?

      • From what I understand, the combination of El Niño and the new regulations reducing sulphur pollution from giant shipping vessels had a large influence on the record sea surface temperatures in 2023.

        • Yup.

          Really not hard to figure out.

          But LSWMs will keep inventing new theories.

          The whole idea of “hey let’s try to keep the kind of atmospheric conditions we have had for the past 10.000 years” just won’t enter their heads.

          There are still LSWMs out there denying evolution too. There are also LSWMs denying germ theory and the existence of viruses. Some LSWMs insist it’s impossible to have a pandemic that kills most of the population, even though that has happened multiple times throughout history for entire continents.

          Heck, there are now LSWMs popping up arguing the Earth is flat.

          LSWMs will jump on so many weird stupid theories. There’s no point to me spending all my time debunking the latest LSWM theory about climate change.

          • In France it’s now forbidden to criticize mRNA shots. 6000 Euro penalty. This is nothing other than installing science as state religion.

            Science is never settled, but for dogmatics it is.

          • RR wrote about this comparison before:


            “There’s a difference in quality, between the kind of science that scientists reluctantly had to accept after decades of consistent observations, versus the bizarre phenomena that took place during the COVID pandemic. Science can never be seen as fully separate from the cultural context in which it is produced. The COVID science was produced in a context of mass hysteria and thus reeks of it.”

            “Only once we had a proper atmospheric record that revealed carbon dioxide gradually accumulating in the atmosphere did scientists have to come to the conclusion that yes, there is in fact a problem emerging here. Rushed science has a habit of being bad science, Ferguson’s models of the deaths we would witness without lockdowns are the perfect example. But a looming threat that we have known about for more than a century, that we only began to take seriously in the 1970’s, that’s not rushed science. If anything, that’s us being passive and reckless.”

          • “The vaccines similarly don’t meet the kind of standards you would expect from a product administered to hundreds of millions of people. The Emergency Use Authorization makes it clear that you’re dealing with a rushed product. The manufacturers had legal immunity from lawsuits and refused to sell their product to countries that wouldn’t offer them such immunity. When India demanded a local trial, India didn’t get their vaccine. You’re entirely right, to refuse to participate in an experiment that is the product of rushed science in a context of mass hysteria.”

      • Trans feeding chest liquid is fine for your baby, probably even better than mother’s milk.
        Also it can never get enough spike proteins for the longterm health of its immune system so follow the science and bring your infant into ketosis as soon as possible with a carnivore diet, no broccoli!
        Wear your facemask and get your shots as yer told by the CDC and follow the 6 foot rule. So we can beat this pandemic.
        Si, se puede!

        • Dude, if you’re new I first have to manually review your comment, otherwise it gets automatically approved.

          I was just asleep, please don’t spam the comment section with complaints.

  2. Quote: “You’re a complete retard if you decide to have kids because they will have to watch that misery unfold.”

    Why do you deny to give mankind your precious genius genes? If you want to save mankind, isn’t it your duty to keep your omnipotent genes for later use in the genepool of mankind, by having a child? The future mankind need the advice of your descendants.

    • This is stupid. It’s like asking someone: “Since you’re so smart, how about you help me feed all my eight kids, using just my balcony!”

      There is no way to do it. You can’t feed eight kids using just your balcony. If you get to the point where you have to feed all eight of your kids using just your balcony, you made a mistake in the past, that led you to that point.

  3. “Then, get yourself a gram of a mild kush. Not so sedative that you just want to lay in bed. Something like white choco kush.”

    I think you’re forgetting that a lot of people here don’t live in the Netherlands. I’ve never heard of that stuff. Where I live there is usually just a choice between two sativa strains, amnesia haze and stardawg. Amnesia is ok in small amounts, I don’t really smoke anymore. Cali packs are popular and the strains have all kinds of weird candy names, but you’re talking nearly £60-80 for 3.5g, which is insane.

    I’ll give that film a watch. Hot Summer Nights is good too, I’ll need to re-watch it. I remember being quite angry at the ending even though I can’t remember why.

    • Best just to stay away from most drugs, mate. It’s a dark path. It has been for me anyway. Stick to exercise. Psychedelics are good but you have to be very careful. Try having benzos on hand for the comedown or in case you feel like you’re going completely insane.

      • I was joking, I’ve already learned my lesson lmao. Thanks for the advice though man. I’m completely rational, the only seemingly permanent change in my mental state is that I now have very weird and impactful dreams (I don’t mind them, honestly.) Of-course I’m a vegan now too, but that’s just an ideology I’ve adopted due to ethical concerns, not a fundamental change in my character.

        I hope you come out on-top of whatever struggles you’re dealing with bro. I’ve found it helps to talk with others, if you’re ever feeling delusional, talk to a rational person and allow them to ground you with logic out of that state. Rationally discussing what you believe with someone you trust can really help you clear out delusions and paranoia. If you’re not too far gone.

        • Thanks, talking can be good but it is ultimately down to oneself to make the changes. We know deep down what we need to do. I’ve just been pummelled by life.

          Yeah, using mushrooms and acid even once can change everything, not just your dreams. It opens up your chakras. Interestingly Carl Jung was pretty sceptical of psychedelics and wrote:

          “I only know there is no point in wishing to know more of the collective unconscious than one gets through dreams and intuitions. The more you know of it, the greater and heavier becomes your moral burden, because the unconscious contents transform themselves into your individual tasks and duties as soon as they begin to become conscious. Do you want to increase loneliness and misunderstanding? Do you want to find more and more complications and increasing responsibilities? You get enough of it. If I once could say that I had done everything I know I had to do, then perhaps I should realize a legitimate need to take mescalin. But if I should take it now, I would not be sure at all that I had not taken it out of idle curiosity. I should hate the thought that I had touched on the sphere where the paint is made that colours the world, where the light is created that makes shine the splendour of the dawn, the lines and shapes of all form, the sound that fills the orbit, the thought that illuminates the darkness of the void. There are some poor impoverished creatures, perhaps, for whom mescalin would be a heavensent gift without a counterpoison, but I am profoundly mistrustful of the “pure gifts of the Gods.” You pay very dearly for them.”

          I’m veering of course here but I’m a bit drunk. It’s interesting too the ancients worldwide in their myths had a very sceptical view of knowledge and progress, knowledge itself was seen as a double-edged sword. I don’t think the Hadron Collider would have been built in Europe if Christianity hadn’t taken off and we still lived in a lush pagan world.

  4. “Civilization is going to collapse. . .”

    Yep. I have spent a lot of time thinking about this and I have started to come to accept it.

    It will be a bit rocky for a few decades, maybe even centuries, as things wind down; however, if our species survives then we will be back in the dream time, where we humans spent the majority of our existence, for what might as well be the rest of time.

    This might even be a good thing.

    We will be back doing what we’ve evolved to do, rather than wearing nametags, or sitting in pods, in a vast human feedlot.

    The process between now and then is going to suck, but just imagine a future you as a hunter gatherer, or nomadic herdsman, or fisherman.

    Sounds pretty good by comparison.

    Plus, there will be horses, camels, sheep, goats, cows etc. here in Australia that weren’t here before. I’m betting that these animals will make stone age existence here far more pleasurable next time around.

    We’ll have wool for textiles, animals for transport, etc. A vast improvement over the animals that were available to the Australian Aboriginals who had no draught animals, or wool, etc. and yet they still survived and built a culture that lasted for tens of thousands of years.

    Sure, collapse will be the end of modernity, with its industrial-technological material culture and plans for space conquest and so on, but unless things go really, really badly, it won’t be the end of life itself, which will be worth living, because life has qualities, just like it has and will always have.

    So, there you go. A bit of an optimistic spin.

    A story of the trials and tribulations of a dying Faustian culture based on materialism and science etc., followed by a forced rejection of our deal with the Devil and a return to an endless age of innocence in a new Garden of Eden.

    And to get there, we don’t even have to do anything! Not that there’s anything we could do anyway at this stage.

    Perfect 🙂

  5. (Apologies if this is a double-post)

    Well, you once wrote a list of things associated with HSWMs, and one of those was “contemplating the nature of free will” which is something I do all the time. That means I’m a HSWM and so your recommendations to LSWMs don’t apply to me.

    In any case, your mention of nostalgia, horror films and serial killers reminded me of this cult classic film from the 70s which I may have recommended to you back when you were still on Twitter because I thought someone like yourself might appreciate it: “Massacre At Central High”

    It’s one of those cheesy 70s exploitation movies, but it’s a cut above. There is a meaningful subtext to the seeming shenanigans (involving the philosophy of anarchism, I suppose) and I loved it when I first encountered it on late night TV as a disaffected loner teenager.

    You might feel fond of the main character. A confident, idealistic loner type moves to California to join his childhood friend at a new high school. His childhood friend has gotten in with the “popular crowd,” a small cadre of jock and frat normie types who rule the high-school like kings.

    His childhood friend implores him to join the “gang” because life would be easy and smooth for him if he does. He demures and confesses indecision out of consideration for his childhood friend. But one day he steps into a situation where the jock-kings are trying to rape some girls, and he decides to protect the girls by kicking the jock’s asses.

    The jock-kings get angry about this and start confronting him until one day they intentionally injure him in an “accident” which leaves him disabled for a while.

    Our Protagonist then returns as an Avenging Angel, picking of the Jock Kings one by one, each murder happening during the particular Jock King’s favorite pastime.

    For a while, everything is great and peaceful at the high school as all the nerds and geeks and rejects get to “blossom” as they are no longer “oppressed” by the Jock Kings.

    At this point in the story, the film could end as just another 70s revenge fantasy against “normies”

    But the film continues with the former “oppressed rejects” becoming the new oppressive tyrants, in their own twisted ways.

    So Our Protagonist decides to start killing them too!

    I won’t spoil it all, except to say that Our Protagonist is meant to be a “tragic figure” and what undoes his murderous rampage in the end is his “love for a girl”. Awww. Except in your case Radagast, I would posit this quasi-Greek fable would include your “love of animals and nature”

    But that’s just me.

    If you get around to seeing it I would love to read your thoughts.

  6. “Well if we were supposed to know the fundamental nature of reality, THEY WOULD NOT MAKE IT SO DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND.”

    I agree. It’s not designed to be understood. I remember looking at paired mirrors in a bathroom as a child and trying different angles to try to see further down the infinitely regressing and repeating image to see the end. If there’s a final answer to anything, it always seems to lie outside of the frame that can be seen.

    You can never lock anything down to a certainty in this realm.

    As if by design, it just won’t let you.

    • > I remember looking at paired mirrors in a bathroom as a child and trying different angles to try to see further down the infinitely regressing and repeating image to see the end. If there’s a final answer to anything, it always seems to lie outside of the frame that can be seen.

      Indeed. I have done the same.

      You speak of “frames”.

      Others would use the language of “prison bars” or — forgive me — a “Prison Planet”

      Commenter “Tryptie” might have something to contribute at this juncture.

    • >It seems to me that 30% of NZ population having 5x vaccinations is far too high a percentage.

      The people who had 5 shots are almost universally going to be elderly in poor health. It means nothing.

  7. Quote: “Well if we were supposed to know the fundamental nature of reality, THEY WOULD NOT MAKE IT SO DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND.”

    So true. For a long time in my life it was my main goal to understand what’s going on by accumulating knowledge from science, from which I thought it teaches absolute truth. I thought: There must be a point where I get enlightened, and then I have peace in my mind”.

    But beyond all knowledge only madness and desperation awaits you. Science can’t teach absolute truth because it’s dual and therefore double-dealing. For each valid thesis there is a valid inverted anti-thesis.

    So I gave it up, my main goal to find the truth by using science. I think now the most important thing is that we all care about each other.

  8. Seeing as we all like horror, for your listening pleasure, here’s psychedelic rocker Roky Erickson belting out his demons after being released from an involuntary stay in a mental institution:

    It’s an awesome album, produced by Stu Cook (former bass player from Creedence Clearwater Revival), who played bass on Sputnik and Bloody Hammer – the latter being a very cool and surreal horror track about a teenage college hazing ritual gone wrong, and/or struggling with demons, madness, and doctors:

    “I never hammered my mind out
    I never have the bloody hammer”

    Good for you Roky.

    The Creedence link makes me think of a swamp rock track, by John Fogerty (lead singer, main songwriter, Creedance Clearwater) which also conjures images of some kind of supernatural/demonic bogeyman:

  9. I just had a conversation with my mom about some new apartment complexes in our city. She complained about the lack of parking, high(er) density, the usual stuff. My response was that car-centered cities are a very recent development, and that cars were “forced” upon people as much as these things are forced upon us now. But the way things were in the second half of the twentieth century is “natural” to her: that’s just how it somehow came to be, and anyone trying to change that is a tyrant forcing their will upon others.

    What’s especially frustrating about this though, is that she also complains about the traffic and noise, and how this place was so much more livable during her youth, like how she used to play on the roads with barely any traffic present.

    You really want them to put A and B together. But it’s just not possible. They can’t see the connections between their own lived realities and the things they’re supposed to believe because of their political bubble, up to the point where they will actively fight against their own interests without realizing it. It’s like they view it as two completely seperate worlds.

    They will complain about the same things leftists complain about, but aren’t allowed by their own brains to draw any conclusions from it, because those are the same conclusions drawn by Klaus Schwab and the whiny leftists, which means they’re evil and wrong.

    I guess this is why I keep reading your blog—you don’t really seem to have this “barrier” that almost everyone seems to have now. You go “well, I think we shouldn’t force shitty, ineffective vaccines onto people, and I also think we shouldn’t radically change the composition of our atmosphere”. You don’t really have a “bubble” to tell you what you’re supposed to think about everything.

    • Thanks for the Kill List recommendation, sounds good and I will check it out.

      Speaking of creepy, one recent indie horror film that impressed me was “Southbound”. It’s a horror-anthology like V/H/S, so Radagast might enjoy it. I think it’s better than V/H/S myself, it is quite unique, if low-budget. I’ve seen my share of horror movies and have become inured to most of the tropes, but this one had a little extra “spice” that got under my skin, despite its flaws.

      The “floating spaghetti skulls” which appear in the first chapter and return in the last chapter are like something out of my darkest nightmares. To those familiar with Gnosticism, they could be likened to Archons, imo.

  10. I recently found a pretty new (first recordings released in 2022 I think) darkwave band called Give My Remains to Broadway that I’ve been head over heels for recently. Their whole discography is good but the EP I’ve listened to probably a few dozen times in the past couple of days. Cannot recommend highly enough.

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