Greta decides to put the final nail in the coffin of climate activism

In case it wasn’t clear yet, the Netherlands is the best country in the world and the Dutch are God’s gift to humanity. And so when Greta Thunberg shows up in the Netherlands and begins parroting Hamas propaganda on behalf of 70,000 people, this is what happens:

Someone decides not to put up with this crap. Unlike in the United States, climate change is not some sort of left-right controversy here in Europe. Almost everyone accepts the problem is real, although not everyone agrees on how to address it. So it’s profoundly disrespectful, when a handful of people on stage just hijack any climate change demonstration to make it about Palestinians. Greta doesn’t have the courage to stand up for her own convictions, she just mindlessly parrots whatever her peers decide. A girl’s worst nightmare is to be ostracized by her peers, doubly so when the rest of the world hates you.

But this is profoundly disrespectful, not just to all those 70,000 people who joined the march, but also to the victims of climate change. Their harvests are failing, they are forced to abandon their ancestral lands, but now that the TV shows us pictures of children in rubble because a terrorist organization murdered 1,200 people, their situation becomes an afterthought for the climate activists.

I don’t understand, why you would suddenly want to make a climate change march about a political conflict between two ethnic groups in the Middle East. None of these people ever talked about Palestinians, until a few days ago when Hamas carried out its massacre.

They didn’t try to make it about Ukraine either. I try to be a reasonable person, I understand that Russia feels threatened by the prospect of Ukrainian NATO membership, but that invasion was ultimately also a big crime. And the Russian government’s conscription of entire villages full of men from ethnic minority groups sent off to die in the Ukrainian meat-grinder, is also a big crime. But they were smart enough not to let climate change activism be hijacked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

And yet, the reward for 1200 dead Israelis is that Greta apparently suddenly came to the realization that there can be “no climate justice on occupied land”. The fact that all these people are voicing Hamas rhetoric after a massacre of 1200 Israelis, directly encourages terrorists to carry out more massacres like this. This is profoundly dangerous.

If any ethnic group with a grievance against its neighbors decides to carry out a massacre and gets Greta Thunberg and various celebrities to argue their cause for them all of a sudden, what do you think is going to happen? Do the Papuans now need to kill a bunch of Javanese immigrants to their island, to get attention for their situation?

Do Native Brazilians need to rape, torture and kill ranchers and their children in their own homes, to get Greta Thunberg to point out what’s happening to their tribes? Should Christian Maronites in South America who fled Lebanon return and kill a bunch of Sunni Arab Muslims? Should people from the Hill tribes in Thailand start killing a bunch of ethnic Thai, will Greta reward them by declaring they should receive citizenship and title to their lands?

I ask myself: What do the people of the Sahrawi desert think of this? What do the 1.7 million Afghans being deported from Pakistan think of this? What do the Armenians fleeing for their lives from Nagorno-Karabakh think of it? What do Kurds in Syria, Iraq or Turkey think of it? What do Christians who fled Iraq or Lebanon think of it? What do the hundreds of thousands of Jews who had to flee Iraq, Yemen and so many other countries think of it? What do the people in West Papua whose homelands is being colonized by Java think of it? What do the Uighur in Chinese concentration camps think of it? What do the parents of children in Yemen dying from Saudi bombardments think of it?

What do the Sudeten Germans and the Germans who had to flee for their lives from Poland and lost their property after the second world war think of it? What do people in Northern Ireland think of it? What do Native Pomo in California think of it? What do the Maori in New Zealand think of it? What do the Igbo in the Niger Delta whose state Biafraland was violently crushed by the Nigerian government think of it?

The world is full of ethnic groups with various grievances who suffer the consequences of political conflicts. Those ethnic groups also have various positions on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Plenty of Native Americans and Maori are pro-Israel. Many Kurds are pro-Israel too. Plenty of secular Iranians, many of whom had to flee Iran, are pro-Israel too. Plenty of Indians support Israel, many of them are victims of climate change too. It’s ultimately disrespectful to all these people, that you decide to turn a climate change march into some sort of demand for the dismantling of the Israeli state.

The idea of climate activism is that for a brief moment you try to put all your differences and various ethnic grievances aside and focus on the simple fact that we’re changing our atmosphere, at a rate unprecedented in geological history, with terrifying long-term consequences. But these people just see climate change as just another pet social justice issue. This destroys any chance we had of seriously addressing the problem. And for the victims of climate change, it adds insult to injury.

But to me, the unforgivable sin is that Greta and none of these people had anything to say on the Palestine issue, until the massacre happened. This means they are effectively rewarding whatever terrorist movement commits the biggest slaughter of innocent civilians with support for their cause.

At a metaphysical level, the left is evil. But the reason the left is evil, is because it rewards the most cruel and ruthless thuggish men with power. This seems to be a product of the tend-and-befriend instinct. When young women and hypersocial men feel sufficiently threatened by something, they tend to adjust to it.


  1. It’s great that you’ve fully recovered from the “woke mind virus” after being infected by Greta several months ago, you must be very relieved. Those boils and warts on your lips and tongue must have been extremely painful.

  2. Ikvot Meshicha. His coming is imminent. His footsteps can be heard now. Esav (Russia) and Ishmael (Hamas) have joined with Satan to attempt to destroy Israel. The Battle of Gog and Magog (USA and Iran) will soon start. Greta will receive guidance and advice and learn to know how to be saved from the pains before Moshiach. When Moshiach comes, the woman will shine and the woman will be on an even higher level than men. The men will derive their inspiration from women in the future era, whereas now women derive their inspiration from the men. I know this, because this is the will of God.

    Alternatively, Satan wins, Israel is destroyed, Moshiah therefore never comes, and the idol worshipers will all burn in hell – including Greta.

  3. In all seriousness though:

    “None of these people ever talked about Palestinians, until a few days ago when Hamas carried out its massacre.”

    Except that they did. From the 10th of June 2023:

    Indigo Rumbelow is one of the most famous Just Stop Oil protesters in the UK, she has given numerous mainstream television interviews. Like you’ve said before, you can’t trust leftists. If you give them an inch, they will take a mile.

    • Why do people here always insist on finding some way to contradict me?

      Yes, I’m sure if you look long enough you’ll find someone who already parroted the Palestinian story before the massacre.

      The exception proves the rule.

      • Never underestimate the power of weaponized autism.

        But yes in all seriousness you are correct, I apologize and will take a break from commenting so much here, I can certainly understand why you took the decision to return to manually approving comments due to “a flood of cognitive diarrhea” in the comments section. Having said that, at times it can be amusing seeing your response to some of the worst comments that show up here. Here is a link to my all time favourite response to a comment posted on this website. I’m pretty sure I had tears streaming down my cheeks the first time I read it. Absolutely hilarious:

        • No, he’s not correct, LSWM Lives Matter.
          He doesn’t understand how tribalism congregates on groups of issues, he’s still slowly figuring things out.
          And never apologize.

          • It does not matter now. Nobody’s opinion is relevant anymore. I am a Christian (idol worshiper) and I am surrounded by Hasids where I live (those that are with Hashem (God)). They are everywhere, like a black cockroach infestation, running around with their little curls and their hats. The problem however is that they speak the truth. They are like a truth portal – with a special psychic speed dial, direct to God. Bibi made the fatal mistake of forcing Ishmahel (the Muslims) and Esav (the Christians) to join forces to destroy Israel. This according to the Hasids is the will of Hashem (God). Israel will now be destroyed because the children of Abraham never grew up. They fight like little pathetic crying children, like spoiled pathetic immature genocidal brats. The Zionists were greedy and wished to take the holy lands all for themselves. Now, they will pay the price. Why, because this is the will of God. Nothing good can ever come from Ishmahel and Esav getting together, nothing, and the Zionist Jews and Zionist Christian idol worshipers caused all of this. Now all of the Zionists will suffer the wrath of God. This, now, cannot be stopped. Like night turns into day, it will happen. Why, because it is God’s will.

  4. Ha! I knew you would not be pleased with what happened on that stage in Amsterdam and would have something to say about it.
    I once read the autobiography of a neo-nazi leader in East Berlin that was mainly about the epic street battles with Antifa in the 1980s. One very interesting thing he said was that both the nazis and Antifa were very much pro-Palestine and hated Israel. It was the only thing they agreed on. That was way back in the days of the USSR and nothing has changed since then!

    • That brave Dutch guy should have taken a leaf out of Extinction Rebellion’s book by chaining himself to the stage and using a megaphone glued to his hand to continue criticizing XR for politicizing the climate protest movement.

  5. The Manufacturing Of Greta Thunberg

    Get your copy today!

    What has that horrible autist ever done for the environment or any species on Earth?
    Fucking NOTHING

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