Healing the blood vessels in the brain

You’ve probably heard by now about how quite a few people have suffered damage to the blood vessels in their brain, after a SARS2 infection. That’s what happens when you vaccinate people: The versions of the virus that spread, start to be the versions that reach those parts of the body where the antibodies can’t reach. BA.5 had a reproductive advantage in the boosted. It was also more neurovirulent than its predecessors.

In bird flu, a product of viruses having to escape antibody pressure in vaccinated chickens, you see the same result. In most mammals it infects, the virus has a very high viral load in the brain, where it causes most of the damage. This is not shocking, it’s just a logical consequence of these viruses evolving to spread through the sort of tissues where our antibodies can’t reach, entering through the eyes, before taking up residence in our brains.

You end up saving grandma, but giving your kids damaged blood vessels in their brains. It doesn’t really matter whether they’re vaccinated themselves or not. And for what it’s worth, you’re not going to have a four year old properly wear a mask. Children don’t want to wear masks. The proper response is to respect the laws of nature, but unfortunately people decided to repeat the failed vaccination experiment in chickens with a failed vaccination experiment in humans.

So what are the solutions we have for people? Well, one of the best options we have available, is a plant known as Salvia Divinorum. This plant is mostly known for causing very potent hallucinations, when people smoke it. But in its natural state, when people chew the leaves, it does not have a disturbing effect.

The reality is that when you want to heal the brain, you have to accept that your consciousness is going to notice anything that has a substantial effect. Studies show that Salvinorin A, the active ingredient, reduces lasting inflammation in the brain after injury, thereby improving neurological function. It also reduces cerebral vasospasm, by reducing the thickness of blood vessels, while increasing their diameter.

Most importantly perhaps, Salvinorin A can reduce brain edema (brain swelling) in the forebrain. It does this by increasing the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor by binding to the Kappa receptor. This encourages blood vessels to repair themselves.

There is a huge increase in mental problems, concentrated among young people, starting in late 2021. Look for example, at the percentage of Dutch young people who are suicidal, it has doubled:

It’s not the lockdowns, it’s the brain-eating virus that caused this, that’s why it only starts in March 2022 and continues afterwards. They have damaged blood vessels in their brains and an immune system stuck on high alert. The reason they’re all vaping now is because the nicotine is a form of self-medication that keeps the viral load low.

The cannabis plant is able to remove the excess amyloid that is deposited in people’s brain during the acute phase. As long as the amyloid is there, you don’t notice that your brain is losing function, the neurons can not communicate how they feel. That’s why people with Alzheimer’s generally don’t notice something is wrong. However, the Salvia Divinorum plant is essentially the best option I have seen, to address most of the lingering brain inflammation. With the amyloid removed there will be inflammation, which this plant is good at addressing.

I will be accused of hysteria of course, but I don’t come up with these numbers and studies. You have twice as many teenagers now who report they want to kill themselves, but it’s hardly given any thought at all.

I will also be accused of just encouraging people to be high all the time. Well I’m sorry, but anything that genuinely heals your brain is probably going to have mind-altering effects, that’s not my fault. There’s a reason they’re studying psychedelics for all sorts of mental problems now.

This is my advice: I encourage everyone to stock up on dried Salvia Divinorum leaves and to buy some Salvia Divinorum plants yourself.


  1. The virus seriously fucks with voltage gated ion-channeling in the limbic region of the brain. Anxiety is up-regulated and impulse control is down-regulated substantially. That said, chronic stress and anxiety also substantially reduces impulse control. You see this in police shootings with pigs strung out to the max 24/7.

    This is in my view why you see all the suicides. Anxiety is dialed up to 11 and impulse control set at 2.

    Aspirin is a good non steroidal anti-inflamatory. I am telling people to stock up on the fizzy variety of aspirin tablets. If you feel a Coof headache, take an aspirin.

    Love and kisses,

  2. I’ve never gotten along with weed/cannabis. Ingested it several times, mostly under coercion, and hate the paralyzed feeling.
    Anybody else?
    I don’t understand the popularity.

    • I’m in a highly g loaded profession and had to stop cannabis use after college. It just left my brain feeling sludgey for a couple of days after using it which impacted the quality of my work. I haven’t missed it.

    • >I’ve never gotten along with weed/cannabis. Ingested it several times, mostly under coercion, and hate the paralyzed feeling.
      Anybody else?
      I don’t understand the popularity.

      Same. I’ve always enjoyed eating, sleeping, sex, music and movies after smoking cannabis, but I also become incredibly self-conscious and paranoid around others (but that’s probably my own idiosyncratic psychology). More to your point, I also become a vegetable that doesn’t want to move from the couch, and when I’m forced by circumstance to deal with physical challenges like changing a lightbulb, I’m basically functionally retarded. I’m told by weed-heads I just need to find my particular “strain” or whatever, but honestly, I much prefer LSD. I feel great on LSD.

    • I’m not a fan of it either. Alcohol allows me to loosen up and enjoy social events, but weed always made me feel like an imbecile. I can drink and still have control of my thoughts and actions, but weed turns me into a vegetable, distorts my perception of time, prevents me from carrying on a conversation with anyone, and usually makes me somewhat paranoid. It makes my body feel great, but what it does to my mind isn’t worth it.

  3. Radagast,
    could you post some links here to Dutch eshops selling the Salvia seeds? I don’t think it’s available in other EU countries.

  4. What do you think of Sulforaphane, Rad? It looks like one of those to good to be true compounds, but it really seems to deliver with not a lot of drawbacks, if any. Excellent for gut health thus indirectly beneficial for mental health too, might not heal you as well as Salvia but it’s more readily available. It also has immunomodulatory and antiviral properties that should help during acute infection phase of covid. It’s like a swiss knife for health that doesn’t get the attention it deserves compared to natto-serra or Vitamin D.

    • From what I understand, Sulforaphane works by activating the Nrf2-antioxidant response pathway which switches on longevity pathways in your body. But you can also activate this pathway through other activities, like fasting, exercise, sauna, cold water immersion, et cetera.

      So eating broccoli sprouts is really just a form of xenohormesis, similar to resveratrol, pterostilbene, anthocyanins et cetera. There are some carnivore doctors like Paul Saladino and Shawn baker who claim that these compounds are harmful rather than healthy but I find this hard to believe. Like, you would have to eat absurd amounts of turmeric to cause damage to your liver.

      Also most of these carnivore influencers eventually abandon the diet. Paul Saladino eats fruit now, and this secretly gay twink from New York named Frank Tufano said that he destroyed his health through iron overload. Also there was this seriously mentally ill guy named Sv3rige A.K.A Gatis who apparently stabbed a bunch of his classmates at a school in Latvia.

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