There’s this particular unique form of decadence that emerged in the Western world, where you attempt to appear like an intelligent sophisticated critical thinker, by rooting for your country’s enemies. Whether it is Hamas in Gaza, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, people root for these groups to satisfy their contrarian impulse.

If you are leftist, you will insist that the Ukrainians are Nazis and the Palestinians oppressed people of colour. If you are a low status white male, you will insist that Ukraine had bioweapons labs and you will rail against “Zionists”, although leftists now learned to use that word as a euphemism for “Jew” too.

This is a kind of modern decadence that we could not afford in the past. The West is so successful, that you’re allowed to hate it. In fact, it’s kind of expected of us. We’re supposed to self-handicap, we’re supposed to downplay our overwhelming superiority. Otherwise you are not “cool”.

This is essentially the Jackson Hinkle phenomenon, a guy who spends his days trying to glorify all of America’s enemies, in a manner that manages to appeal to brown people, they/thems and even to the dumbest of LSWMs.

But when something becomes cool, everyone starts doing it. And that’s generally when you need to take the next step: You need to reflect critically on the critique.

The whole Russian case for invading Ukraine began to fall apart when Tucker Carlson got to interview Putin. People were against this, but the worst thing we can do to our enemies is to just let them speak to our population, because this immediately destroys any myths our self-hating segment of the population had about them.

Instead of bringing up some argument about NATO expansion or some theory about bioweapons labs, Putin came up with the kind of long-winded pseudointellectual narrative you always tend to find among bitter resentful elderly men, about supposed misdeeds committed to them centuries ago.

If Palestinians were free to truly voice their opinion, we would see the same result. The fantasies of pseudo-feminist Western fatimas, pillow-biting twinks, they/thems and LSWMs can only be maintained by not letting Palestinians speak. If you let Arab Sunni Muslims voice their true thoughts on the subject, you would see that the Palestinian case very much boils down to this: We lost a cherished piece of Dar Al Islam.

That’s it. That’s the whole argument. Dar Al Islam can not just be abandoned. The invention of the “Palestinian people” is a product that emerged after every attempt at violently destroying Israel had failed. By the time Israel had the big bomb, a new tactic was necessary. So now the case against Israel became linked to decolonialist Marxist narratives. And the Westernized fatimas in Europe of course are not middle-aged Arab men, they end up swayed by the narrative peddled to Western audiences too. But among the men pulling the ropes, the real grievance is obvious: We lost Dar Al Islam.

This new narrative required the idea of an indigenous ethnic group, the Palestinians. I’m not suggesting that the “Palestinians” don’t exist. Ethnicity is always to some degree synthetic. The Palestinians are about as real as the Moldovans: They exist because it became politically useful for them to exist in the past. There are people in a country named Moldova, who think of themselves as Moldovans. They are Romanians who ended up in the Soviet Union, so a new ethnicity was invented for them, complete with their own language. To some degree the Moldovans ended up genuinely thinking of themselves as a different ethnic group, so now it is real. Ethnicities are formed by time and a shared history.

For the Palestinians the same principle applies. They came up with an identity for themselves as indigenous to a region called “Palestine”, a Western term for the region that has no equivalent in the Arab language. And to some degree they genuinely began to believe in this identity. But with the fall of the Soviet Union, the anti-colonial revolutionary narratives declined in popularity and in the Muslim world, Islamist narratives became popular to rally around. This ultimately resulted in Hamas beating Fatah in an election in the Gaza strip.

Under pressure from they/thems and the new Islamic electorate, most Western governments feel forced to badmouth Israel today. Self-handicapping has become so popular, that it has started to influence elections. But I would ask you, to think carefully about what it is, that makes you hate the nest you were born into. What is it that upsets you so much, about the current regimes in Europe and other Western nations?

Ultimately, you’ll find your disagreements are surface level. If you’re a low status white male, you want fewer brown people to enter your country, you want fewer kids to receive puberty blockers, you want the government to take less effort to keep the planet habitable and you don’t want vaccine mandates. Those are all surface level disagreements.

There is no non-Western country you can point at that would have you say “yes, this is what I want”. Remember, the COVID stuff is just a logical outgrowth of a new virus escaping from a lab and everyone lying about what had happened. You get a kind of schizophrenic totalitarianism. It happened in China, in India, in just about every country with a lot of old people.

Elected officials are forced to find some sort of harmony, between the will of the people and the various laws and treaties they are obliged to follow. And people are just very slow to figure things out. Multiculturalism happened because most of the population was just genuinely dumb enough to be fine with it. Now that houses are unaffordable, crime has skyrocketed and society is falling apart, they very slowly figure out it was not a good idea after all.

I mean, let’s just take a simple look again at what happens when the government actually tries to kick migrants out of the country:

In contrast to what the low IQ low status white males like to argue, there is no secret hook-nosed Jew pulling wires behind the scenes to open the mouths of these people. It’s just what all ethnic Europeans seem to suffer from: A mild form of William’s syndrome, the result of thousands of years of civilization.

Being war-like and xenophobic didn’t mean your genes got passed on, it meant you went off to fight neighboring tribes and died in the process. Being friendly, nice, submissive, emotional, effeminate, obsessed with your appearance and popular with the girls led to your genes being passed on. The irony of the low status white males is that they think more like Arabs.

We’re all a product of natural selection by women, which leads to the selection of a kind of shallow surface-level thuggish performative masculinity. Women like the masculinity of the guy who starts a fight because someone talked to his girlfriend, the masculinity of the guy who robs the gas station, wears an expensive watch, or gets a face tattoo. We are in a sense, all being bred by women to become something like Lil Peep: A very soft effeminate boy who puts on a display of thuggishness because he is cool enough to be friends with the negroes. They don’t like the masculinity of the guy who stares at map games, gambles on cryptocurrency or reads about the Crusades. For women, appearance is reality.

Strong border policies are possible, but whenever governments try to implement such policies, the population backpedals. After all, it means you’ll have to send homosexuals back to countries where the government will kill them. “We’ll make an exception for the gays.” Fine, now Achmed will pretend to be gay. Exception for the Christians? Now Achmed will be Christian. And of course it means you can’t bring your wife over. Or some woman from the Philippines who will wash your demented mother.

This is the problem I notice with Europeans. They’re too soft, too agreeable. They’re too spoiled, they can not conceive of existential threats. People whose village has an asylum seeker centre will insist that the people robbing their local convenience store or attacking the bus drives are not “real refugees”.

No trust me, those are real refugees. There is not some sort of mystical alchemical process that transforms you into a saint when your government is authoritarian and persecutes you. When you decide you want to save someone’s life, there’s nothing that requires the guy to be a blessing. In fact, when a government is authoritarian and regressive, that generally suggests the people living there are too.

People, especially low status white males, enjoy complaining about their government. They enjoy it so much, you’ll often eventually find them cheering for the governments of their enemies. They would be better off, complaining about the people electing their government. If you don’t want brown people to enter your country, complain about the meek submissive people who have their village destroyed and insist that “they’re not racist but”. Don’t blame your government, don’t blame a mythical evil Jew behind the scenes, blame the fact that people choose this.


  1. Well, Russia is not Greece. Greece has abandoned Northern Epirus, Cyprus, Istanbul Greeks, the Aegean, Macedonia, Thrace, and so on until it will be left with just Athens.
    Greece just wants to be the “good kid of the West”.
    Parenthesis: You think Constantinople fell in 1453 to the Turks. No, it fell in 1204 to the Crusaders, who were invited by those Greeks that didn’t mind subduing to the Pope. The Uniates, or something. You can read history, don’t take my word.
    Believe it or not, the West has been trying to subdue Russia centuries ago, with a Union, hence the “Greek Catholics” in Ukraine and other places. Of course after 6 or so centuries, it is not their fault, and the hatred should give its place to peace. But the aggression or expansionism against the Orthodox has always been there.
    And look: That’s why Luther showed up, when Constantinople fell, bc until then the sceptical Germanic Europeans thought that there was still someone that could balance the authoritarian power of the Pope (that was, the Patriarch of Constantinople, New Rome).
    End of Parenthesis.
    Well, Russia is not Greece, as I said. It is too big, and too proud to be interested to lose Crimea, Eastern Ukraine, Kiev, the Black Sea (you haven’t noticed that they have been trying to make it a NATO lake?), the Baltic Sea, Koeningsburg, just to be considered the “good kids of the West”, as they were when Yeltsin dismantled Russia. Of course, they know that they don’t have the power to keep, say, Koeningsburg, but they cannot abandon Ukraine, it really is existential.
    So, I am just stating obvious things, things that Gemini doesn’t know yet. (I tried to use it, but it has limitations, knowledge base, combining languages etc)
    If you were really interested to know, you could ask someone who speaks other languages too, or just happens to know more about Eastern Europe etc.
    It’s OK if you don’t care that much.
    AND really I don’t like becoming toxic, and Igor Chudov was right, these debates always get toxic, and they are literally bad for your health.
    But it is something that amazes me even with my fellow Greeks.
    Just because GREECE FAILED in every way possible, that doesn’t mean that the West can subdue everyone for much longer. 2 centuries of Western primacy were an exception.
    And this truth would stand even without the mass vaccination blunder global experiment.
    And you are right: Putin isn’t much different than the West (Peter the Great simply adored the West and wanted to make Russia a western style empire…), there is corruption, there isn’t much democracy (not that there is elsewhere, besides Switzerland), they are also ignorant of Nature (hence they also mass vaccinated), a heritage from the Soviet Union.
    But maybe we should think first about our own mistakes for a little bit.
    The Global South deserves to be on top, bc of History, Demography, and bc they are not nihilists–evolutionary biology will naturally wipe out the nihilist (like the West); and the natural thing is for the West to take 2nd place. And learn a few things from the Global South (like, living with less).
    However, we all know here that there’s at least one tsunami around the corner (the ‘hivicron’), and many other reasons for a global collapse.
    But I am sorry: I can’t stay silent about things that are part of my history.
    Still, I want to be in peace with everyone, even those that don’t like us or hate us*.
    (*Greeks fought alongside Russia in the Crimean War (1853-56), to show their gratitude to Russia for their liberation etc, and for other obvious reasons…)

    • >The Global South deserves to be on top, bc of History, Demography

      This is the democratic argument, that whatever idea can find the most human adherents must be true.

      When followed to its natural conclusion, it turns the whole world into the Gaza strip.

      • Let me elaborate a bit: Europe is a poor continent, compared to the Global South. Great Britain is even poorer.
        When I say “Global South”, I mean the places that are considered the cradles of civilization, and around them, which the West hopelessly ignores them (except maybe people like you who know Geography, History etc).
        These places are Egypt, Hindus valley, China, Mesopotamia, and wherever there’s big rivers.
        I know it’s a very simplistic ‘definition’.
        Compared to them, Western Europe only has the Rhine, as you know better than me.
        The USA is better off, than W.Europe, and has some advantages, but as a whole, it cannot compete with Asia and Africa as far as resources are concerned.
        So, the meaning of that part was that the two last centuries (rougly 1800-2000) were the “Great Exception”. And now we’re going back to normal. Although, I don’t know how this will go, with all the issues that your blog studies…

  2. I don’t your buy evolutionary psychology theory. War has existed for thousands and thousands of years and we would have long-ago become libtard twinks if war is what led to twinkdom. The thing is, is that soldiers breed, a lot, they often have children before they die, they take war-brides, they rape. War also doesn’t kill the majority of soldiers, in WW2, only 30% of German soldiers who fought died in that war, and they were the losing country and fought to the bitter end!

    Nah, these twinks are created by the system, schools, media, etc. Give them the proper conditions, they’d be good little death-troopers like their forefathers. Still, they’re NPCs, so not leadership material.

    • During pre-civilization times the evolution was very much driven by women and harsh condition. 80% of females produced offspring that reached adulthood but only 40% of males. On average, a woman gave birth to 6 children of which 2 reached adulthood.

    • >War also doesn’t kill the majority of soldiers

      Of course. It only kills the bravest ones. It kills the first ones to storm Normandy, it spares the ones who land last.

      • I don’t believe the first ones to storm Normandy volunteered to do so. The brass gives the commands and the men follow their orders or face court-martial. This is good, you would be completely correct if the toughest assignments were only given to people who wanted them, but that’s not how it plays out typically. For big wars, the draft is a Godsend for eugenic purposes.

        Of-course that’s not to dismiss the heroes of Normandy, they were still brave and heroic for what they did! But so was every soldier who fought in WW2! Most of those boys probably didn’t want to be in the first wave though.

    • US military capacity is to streched out to be able to go to war against Iran. Biden has dissuaded Netanyahu from carrying out a retaliatory strike against Iran. The US will not help Israel in a war against Iran, not because they don’t want to but because they are to weak to win. It is necessary for the USA not to reveal that the emperor has no clothes. If trump becomes president makes no difference seen from a military point of view.

      • Yes the unstoppable Iranians… You heard some retard on Twitter say the U.S is “too stretched thin” to fight and took that as a fact without actually looking into it. Biden won’t help Israel because his voting base is full of libtards and non-whites that hate Israel, and he doesn’t want to risk his re-election. The United States is still the strongest military in the world, all the macho Russian commercials in the world won’t change that. Actually look at the composition of the U.S armed forces compared to the Iranian armed forces and get back to me. Look to the 2003 invasion of Iraq to see how a Middle Eastern nation with Soviet surplus stacks up against America. The U.S military is just as large and “stretched-thin” as it was in 2003, didn’t stop us from sending 500,000 men to rape Iraq, and won’t stop us from doing the same to Iran.

        • This assumption that America always has more troops and guns than every other country, everywhere on the planet simultaneously, has got to go.

          If the entire US navy and air force was parked on the border with Iran, sure, Iran would be in trouble. But that’s not gonna happen.

          • We don’t need to send the entire military to Iran, we just need to send an equally sized force to completely decimate them. Our military technology, and organization is superior by every metric. Iran lost far more men than they killed to Saddam’s Iraq in case you haven’t realized. Of-course the Iranian military has improved its military technology a bit since then, but so have we , and they’re still a Cold War 2nd world country. In the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the U.S was outnumbered two to one by Iraqi soldiers and reservists, and still took-over the entire country with less than a thousand casualties. Saddam’s Iraq had a similar level of competence and technology to modern Iran, alongside a similarly sized military.

        • At this point, for every missile that the US can launch at Iran, Iran can launch 20 missiles back. That’s not a reflection of total inventories but of local inventories, and there’s no way to fix this. And the pentagon doesn’t *want* to fix this, they do not want a war with Iran!

          • Ballistic missiles are not what decide wars, and Iran is completely out of its depth facing a conventional war with the United States. If ballistic missile numbers were the key factor, Russia would have rolled over Kiev by now. The Pentagon is not one hivemind, and there’s plenty of neoconservative chads there who are ready to make America great again.

  3. Glorifying your enemy is very much a consequence of the economic decline of the west. Knowing that you will be worse of then your parents fucks up the youth on a societal level. This manifests itself in many bizarre ways.

    On the male side, it is often expressed by wanting to destroy the society that cannot deliver what was expected.
    Women’s self-injurious behavior manifests itself more in that they injure themselves on a personal level in different ways.

  4. You still do not get it. Have you noticed yet that the mass media propaganda machine has been re calibrated to slowly start to turn on the Jews – in an organic way – slowly building up the view of the mass population in the global west toward hatred of Jews?

    You mentioned CIA Tucker Carlson. I mention CIA 10,000 spy satellites Elon Musk. Why do you think that Bathhouse Barry, the hater of Zionists and the lover of Iran, is sending expired white phosphorous munitions to Bibi, so that Bibi can turn infant children into BBQ chickens, all for Al-Jazeera, Twitter and Telegram and soon to be MSM prime time viewing pleasure.

    AIPAC does not control the 5-Eyes Security Deep State. They control the dirty corrupt politicians. Where do you think the security state came from, directly after World War Two? Which German refugees / Bush and Haliburton business partners do you think set up the CIA? They did not all go on to make A-Bombs and Moon rockets. These National Socialist Germans has other skills. Have you wondered WHY the security state is full of Ray-Ban wearing blonde pseudo-Aryan white guys that ALL hate Trump?

    Who do you think Trump works for? (hint: NYC Chabad Jews)

    Who do you think Biden is controlled by? (hint: CIA Barry)

    Who do you think Loves Israel? (hint: Trump)

    Who do you think hates Zionists, hates AIPAC, hates Bibi and wishes the Israeli geopolitical money-pit simply disappeared? (hint: the security state)

    Who do you think is now aligned with the security state? (hint: the Davos Jews – even they have now had enough of the Chabad Jews f*cking everything up and all the money they cost in wars and geopolitical grief)

    You STILL do not get it. The Russians, Chinese, Iran, Saudi, Turks, Europe, UK and the US Security Apparatus have simply now had a gut-full. Why do you think that Vlad and NATO are working together and emptying out the old Khazaria of retarded anti-Russian Slavs?

    What you are seeing is a plain-vanilla CIA regime change operation in British Palestine. The Israeli regime will be out, and a new UN regime installed in its place – and all the Chabads can go back home to Eastern Europe.

    Don’t believe me?

    Just sit back and watch.

  5. > What you are seeing is a plain-vanilla CIA regime change operation in British Palestine. The Israeli regime will be out, and a new UN regime installed in its place – and all the Chabads can go back home to Eastern Europe.

    True. I support Israel for the same reasons I tend to support Russia: their enemies are both puppets of the American Empire. Palestine is, like you’ve said before, completely propped up by the UN & the NGO-industrial complex.

    Stalin understood all this: He supported and armed Israel to counter British-Arab imperialism in the Middle East. The first Israeli prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, called himself the “Zionist Lenin”. Perhaps this is what an actual “wholesome decolonial indigenous nation” looks like in practice.

    • Do not make the mistake of picking sides. Stalin killed 10 times the Jews and Christians Hitler did. They are now ALL on the same team. Whenever you want to understand exactly what the shady state security intelligence services are up to, always look down-under to Aussie (e.g. Russia-gate). Quietly and out of the way, so that nobody notices the main game.

      The Aussie government has been tasked with kicking off the formal demand for a “two-state solution”. The aim of this game, for the next stage, is for the West Bank Settlers to go even more fully mental and genocidal than they are already – fully mental and genocidal until every last West Bank Palestinian is dead.

      Now that the Vienna conventions are torn up, the Iran tit-for-tat will continue for the time being for the purpose of softening things up (Pro-tip, Israel was set up with fake intel for the irresistible temptation to hit that embassy in Syria, in the same way that they were set up on Oct 7. The Jews just cannot help but to stupidly react to strategic military provocation.

      Everything now relies upon Bibi and his right wing nutjobs to continue to react as expected. The final stage is when the Chechens go in and clean the place up ready for the UN peacekeepers. Russia has sufficient ballistic missile defenses for the inevitable final “Samson Option” reaction. Russia is looking for the opportunity to test their anti-nuclear defenses.

  6. My blood sugar seriously deteriorated in the last couple of weeks despite generally not changing what I eat, eating nice, clean vegan stuff, etc. No cookies, cakes, etc. etc. etc.

    Feeling discouraged, any idea?

    • Have e look at Stevia (leaves – not extract). It can regulate blood sugar.

      Alonso – Plantas medicinales de la Argentina

    • “Nice clean vegan stuff”

      There’s your problem right there. On the other hand, you are probably worried about heart disease disease, which is valid. You may want to consider a hybrid approach of starting with a high saturated fat diet to lose weight and then after you reach your target, transitioning to a more balanced maintenance diet with much less saturated fat. Also, moderate walking and weight workouts to burn calories. Having muscle burns calories all by itself.

    • Igor, consume more nuts and mushrooms?
      Long walks?
      Get into foraging local wild edibles? That’s very interesting.
      Brazil nuts have a lot of selenium.
      I’m not a dietary expert but these experts have been wrong about everything for the past 100 years so my uninformed advice is probably as good as theirs.

    • Igor, how about this?
      The only meat you eat are wild fish that you personally caught.
      And limpets. Limpets are univalve and much cleaner and safer than bivalve shellfish.

    • I’m sorry but as I told you before the old ultra smart Jewish dude will do better things for your physical health than the young ultra smart Dutch dude. Dr. Richard K. Bernstein’s “The Diabetes Solution.” It’s been keeping people alive since it was first published in 1997. It is not trendy at all.

  7. I realize this comment might not be *entirely* on-topic, but I figure it’s close enough to merit sharing.

    I previously saved this comment from Unz commenter “AaronB” because I thought it was rather perspicacious. I suspect there is something to it. (It should probably be mentioned that “AaronB” is himself Jewish):


    I think its worth exploring in general how the European culture of “scientific objectivity” might have undermined the natural bias everyone has towards their own race (extended family).

    Clearly, scientific objectivity requires emotional detachment – this clearly undermines any natural emotional bias one might have towards oneself. To the extent one cultivates scientific objectivity one necessarily undermines self-love.

    In fact, one primary way to demonstrate scientific objectivity is to demonstrate conspicuous absence of self-love. Anyone displaying any residual traces of self-love clearly hasn’t developed scientific objectivity.

    This creates a status arms race to make conspicuous displays of how much one has purged oneself of the primitive emotional bias of self-love. The one with the least self-love is the one with the most status. He has conquered his emotional biases.

    But without self-love, a people falls apart and disintegrates. There are no goals anymore – because all goals are in service to selfish ends (even spiritual goals are selfish and depend on self-love).

    So “scientific objectivity”, by depriving one of self-love, leads to apathy – as selfish goals no longer motivate.

    At best, a kind of lukewarm comfort and safety that risks nothing as one waits for death is sought – Nietzsches’s “last men”.

    Some people turn to self-hate if they cannot have self-love, because hate is inverted love. It is not emotional detachment and apathy. If you hate one thing you must love something else. And in fact white self-hate loves everything non-white and seeks to join with it.

    Others merely remain “neutral” and apathetic, and at best seek comfort and safety – like many so-called right wingers.

    Now if you look at healthy self-loving races like Jews or Chinese they too cultivate scientific objectivity, but only towards physical objects, which is its proper sphere. They have adopted this tool of the West in a carefully circumscribed manner.

    The tragic moment for the West was when it took this wonderful tool it invented, scientific objectivity, and saw that it was so powerful why not apply it to itself, to humanity?

    That was when the knife was directed back towards the heart – it’s like someone realizing a knife is pretty good for fighting enemies, lets see what will happen if we stab ourselves.

    Objectivity is great for physical objects, it is supposed to be directed outwards. Not at ourselves.

    Because for biological beings true objectivity is impossible – evolution could not have made us indifferent to survival. So our objectivity towards physical objects was framing them in terms that were more effective – like the theory of gravity was a restatement of the medieval notion that objects fall to the earth because they were in love with it in a form that was more effective. (Gravity does not objectively exist. Forces don’t exist. They are just ways we frame objective patterns).

    And since true objectivity is impossible, Europeans adopt this pose because they believe this promotes their survival. They thought framing the human realm the same way we learned to frame physical objects would give us a similar power over the human realm, and powerfully promote our survival.

    But it turned out to be false. Framing the human realm the way we framed physical objects (neither of which was truly objective) turned out not to be effective in that realm.

    But because it was SO effective in the physical realm, and moreover was our special toy that we invented, we could not give it up.

    Other races for whom it was not their special toy that they invented were able to adopt it in a more cautious and circumspect manner, and remain healthier.


    Well, [a “Theory Of Everything”] is a perfect example of “scientific objectivity” – how do you know you are being objective? By demonstrating negative bias – only this way can you be totally sure you have eradicated all traces of positive bias towards your group.

    So an objective account of the origins of humanity had to demonstrate negative bias – it had to be the one we least wanted to be true, the least flattering.

    Only then can you be sure you no longer have any positive bias.

    The 19th century saw a bizarre “arms race” where everyone was trying to see humanity and the world in less and less desirable and flattering terms – thus confirming their objectivity.

    So we see that striving for neutrality must result in negative bias – because only then can you be certain you be conquered positive bias, which is the human default.


    Not sure what I think, but thought-provoking nonetheless.

    What does the peanut-gallery think?

  8. The West is fading and losing on all fronts atm.

    Apart from the fact that we’re in overshoot, the decline probably has something to do with the West losing its faith and turning the seven deadly sins into virtues.

        • This blog has repeatedly blocked me from posting a highly relevant article.

          I’ve tried three times now, with varying modifications of the link.

          Ask yourself why that might be (assuming you’re not just a simp)

          • I’m guessing you were trying to post some screed against Jews?

            My second guess is that you’ve ticked off one of a host of demons out there, and they’re messing with you.

            They do seem to be gaining strength. . .

            Now that we worship them. . .

        • Wombat, I think you have said you are a therapist?
          In just a phrase: “Meaning of life”.
          The lack of meaning (or nihilism) leads to decay.

          • No, I’m not a therapist, although I did study psychology once – which was a pretty unrewarding experience.

            “The lack of meaning (or nihilism) leads to decay.” Well, we did turn away from God towards scientific atheism, and materialism, and progress, etc. and we did abdicate much of our decision making to ‘the market’. . .

            And we have created a ‘left brain’ world, stripped of meaning.

            But nature abhors a vacuum, and it feels to me that when we chucked Christ out of the center of our culture that it didn’t take long for something, or somethings, which are greater than bloodless abstractions to occupy that spot.

            And I feel like it/they have intent rather than this just being a case of benign decay from a lack of meaning.

            Instead, it feels to me like our culture is increasingly evil, which in turn makes me think that whatever is on the throne is demonic.

          • Example: the world was feeling tightly wound, I’d just stopped breathing in billions of animals who’d been incinerated in mega fires while my cowardly, climate change denying, PM retreated with his family for a breath of fresh air in Fiji, when all of a sudden, along comes a man-made virus (that I wasn’t allowed to say was man-made or I’d be called a racist) plus a sorcerous ‘cure’ for same!

            And along with that came governments psychologically warfaring at me, and telling me I needed to carry a ‘mobile phone’ (which I have always detested, and never use unless a workplace requires it) and download a spy app onto it into the bargain so I could ride the bus, or go into a shop. . .

            And not letting me leave my jurisdiction unless I accepted the rat juice, with further ominous threats about linking the rat juice to participating in the economy and so on. . .

            At some point in all that, I guess I started wondering to myself: “Hang on, haven’t you read this story before somewhere, and you know how that story ends don’t you man?”

            And then: “You know what, the servants of the Prince of Darkness are just gonna have to kill me. I’m sick of this demonic shitshow anyhow.”

            And after seeing them all turn into a possessed mob, trying to browbeat and threaten me and everyone else into accepting their science fiction, DNA altering, heart exploding cocktail of fuck-knows-what, with no recourse if anything went wrong or way to change my mind, like the Satanic sacrament out of some horror movie. . .

            and being a parent as they go about the business of ‘transitioning’ kids, and making me the ‘bad guy’ in the eyes of my kids for daring to disagree with the indoctrination into accepting child abuse that they’re receiving. . .

            Well, after all that, the thought of my ‘community’ all turning totally psychotic and imprisoning/killing me for nothing more than being an upright, if recalcitrant, citizen honestly doesn’t seem like such a crazy likelihood.

            Who could’ve guessed, a mere handful of years ago, that I’d even be prepared to consider the possibility that I’d end up being sacrificed, Aztec style, to some needle toothed, child mutilating, serpent god.

            But now, taking a look around at all the evil ramping weirdness around me, it seems like a distinct possibility.

          • It is very sad to think about it, but humans were commiting sacrifices of animals, and even other humans (even children), before Christianity abolished sacrifices completely.
            Beyond that, everyone loves Australia, and it was so painful to see how they torture(d) you.
            I dare not say more or open the discussion even more.

          • Thanks, I have one last thing to add, seeing as I’m ranting like a crazy person, and then I’ll give it a rest.

            This is one hell of a weird, demonic, apocalyptic time, festooned with grave omens and portents. Brings to mind Cortes arriving in South America, which just so happened to coincide with the prophesized return of Quetzalcoatl.

            Similarly, and I’m not a Biblical scholar or anything, but by coincidence or divine plan, events appear to me to have had some pretty strong parallels with certain Christian prophecies.

            I would probably have refused the rat juice on that basis alone, but the rest didn’t stack up either.

            I used to try to be a rational and logical person, but I’m going to make a decision to actively try not to favour those aspects of my mind anymore. It just doesn’t seem to be as ‘useful’ a way of looking at the world as it once did. Plus, after what has been happening, I’m not convinced that favouring ‘left brain’ thinking over ‘right brain’ intuition and faith will help me get through what’s coming down the pipe.

  9. It has also occurred to me that I’ve probably also gone more than a little mad.

    So, there is that.

    A heretofore rational and logical man, convinced we’re fucked, and now musing about prophesies, demons, gods. . .

    I may well be sinking deeper and deeper into insanity.

    Here’s hoping that’s all it is.

    • THankfully we have our families, to hold us from sliding further into madness..
      Back in the 80s, when Greeks were more innocent, some started wondering about the book of Revelation (Apocalypse), and were pretty scared about the ‘adversary’ bringing evil everywhere.
      And some ascetics (whom we now venerate as Saints, like Saint Porphyrios) gave them comfort by saying that we just need to focus on Christ. It took me many years to absorb this fact.
      Besides the ‘adversary’, I know I am pretty petty and spiteful on my own against others. It would be great to have some peace with everyone. Whatever the future brings..
      One last thing, rather two: One, I find peace when reading Dostoevsky..
      Two, I don’t know how to handle the predictions about an imminent ‘tsunami’..(Geert says, before July). Some Europeans are waiting for the euro-parliament elections, others are waiting for the european footbal cup… (both events in June) And yet, I don’t think they are entirely convinced that we’re back to ‘normal’. It is weird…

  10. Wombat:

    >I’m guessing you were trying to post some screed against Jews?

    To be precise, I was trying to post an article delineating the differences between The Hebrews, The Tribe of Judea, the Pharisees, the Khazars, and the relatively modern invention called “Jews.”

    Somewhat controversial, to be sure, but nothing out of place on this blog which regularly advocates for murder, genocide, and deplorable ingestion of certain psychoactives.

    The fact that this particular article (despite my permutations of the link) is thoroughly banned here, should tell you something.

    But since you are most likely a Jew, it’s probably telling you something you want to hear:

    This place is just another Heeb Hive, as I’ve indicated earlier.

    • Oh, no, no, no, no.

      – You were doing fine. You had been courteous and receptive to courtesy.

      – You had established trust with the… embarrassing truth about Miggs.

      – And now this ham-handed segue into your questionnaire.

      – [Clicking tongue]

      – It won’t do.

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