How Changa heals traumatic memories

We’ve discussed psychedelics a few times here. My main effortpost can be found here. In short, what you should know about psychedelics is that magic mushrooms are the most effective antidepressant known to medicine. Mescaline cactuses are extremely fun, especially if you take them in a group of people you like.

But what then, of DMT? You might have heard Terence McKenna talk about DMT, but even this old sage could not do justice to what it is we’re looking at. Smoking DMT is a lot of effort, for a very short trip. It works for some people, but what I would personally recommend instead is to buy or make Changa. Your brain produces an enzyme, monoamine oxidase A, that breaks down DMT when you inhale it. You have that enzyme to break down tyramine and other stuff your body doesn’t like in high concentrations.

Changa is any herbal blend that contains at least DMT and a Monoamine oxidase A inhibitor, typically the Ayahuasca vine. A skilled herbalist will typically include other herbs as well. My herbalist has included Blue Lotus, which has antipsychotic effects, as well as another herb from Mexico that has anti-anxiety effects. This is what I would recommend for someone who has never had Changa before.

People sometimes ask me: “Aren’t you afraid that Changa might cause psychosis?”. The answer to that question is that I’ve never felt anything even remotely close to psychosis from Changa. I’ve felt somewhat psychotic from cannabis once, but not from Changa. In fact, I would say that DMT is the most lucid psychedelic I’ve experienced. I would be more afraid of experiencing psychosis from LSD than from DMT. If you fear psychosis from anything, I can recommend taking 20 milligram of Cannabidiol a few hours in advance.

Changa and its oral cousin, Ayahuasca, are capable of something other psychedelics can’t do. The combination of DMT with the Banisteriopsis Caapi vine is capable of activating repressed memories. Those memories can then be properly reintegrated into our psyche. I wish I could say that I’m the first person to stumble upon this in our branch of reality, but a man by the name of Antonio Inserra figured it out before me. There’s an interesting paper he wrote on this, I’ll share the abstract below:

Ayahuasca ingestion modulates brain activity, neurotransmission, gene expression and epigenetic regulation. N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT, one of the alkaloids in Ayahuasca) activates sigma 1 receptor (SIGMAR1) and others. SIGMAR1 is a multi-faceted stress-responsive receptor which promotes cell survival, neuroprotection, neuroplasticity, and neuroimmunomodulation. Simultaneously, monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) also present in Ayahuasca prevent the degradation of DMT. One peculiarity of SIGMAR1 activation and MAOI activity is the reversal of mnemonic deficits in pre-clinical models. Since traumatic memories in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are often characterised by “repression” and PTSD patients ingesting Ayahuasca report the retrieval of such memories, it cannot be excluded that DMT-mediated SIGMAR1 activation and the concomitant MAOIs effects during Ayahuasca ingestion might mediate such “anti-amnesic” process. Here I hypothesise that Ayahuasca, via hyperactivation of trauma and emotional memory-related centres, and via its concomitant SIGMAR1- and MAOIs- induced anti-amnesic effects, facilitates the retrieval of traumatic memories, in turn making them labile (destabilised). As Ayahuasca alkaloids enhance synaptic plasticity, increase neurogenesis and boost dopaminergic neurotransmission, and those processes are involved in memory reconsolidation and fear extinction, the fear response triggered by the memory can be reprogramed and/or extinguished. Subsequently, the memory is stored with this updated significance. To date, it is unclear if new memories replace, co-exist with or bypass old ones. Although the mechanisms involved in memory are still debated, they seem to require the involvement of cellular and molecular events, such as reorganisation of homo and heteroreceptor complexes at the synapse, synaptic plasticity, and epigenetic re-modulation of gene expression. Since SIGMAR1 mobilises synaptic receptor, boosts synaptic plasticity and modulates epigenetic processes, such effects might be involved in the reported healing of traumatic memories in PTSD patients. If this theory proves to be true, Ayahuasca could come to represent the only standing pharmacological treatment which targets traumatic memories in PTSD. Lastly, since SIGMAR1 activation triggers both epigenetic and immunomodulatory programmes, the mechanism here presented could help understanding and treating other conditions in which the cellular memory is dysregulated, such as cancer, diabetes, autoimmune and neurodegenerative pathologies and substance addiction.

The reason I bring this up is because I have now experienced these effects firsthand. I won’t bother boring you with endless stories about my own traumatic experiences. It suffices to say that I have gone through negative experiences in my childhood that have held me back and prohibited me from making full use of my potential. I think a lot of people go through traumatic experiences in childhood, so I won’t claim to be special in this regard. The best and most common example is probably circumcision.

The problem with traumatic experiences is that they make you avoidant and afraid of pursuing your passions. Rape is used as a weapon in war, precisely because it is a traumatic experience. When you inflict traumatic experiences on people, you force them into submission. What defines people who inflict traumatic experiences on others is that they simply utterly miss any innate capability of accomplishing anything even remotely substantial in their lives.

That simple fact is such a Lovecraftian horror of unimaginable proportions, that the human mind is just not equipped to deal with it. Elon Musk is going to colonize Mars, the guy who pushed him down stairs as a kid is going to pick up the phone and talk to the customers until an algorithm makes him obsolete. The same thing goes for the people who told some newspaper that Oprah Winfrey gave birth as a teenager. Doing such a cowardly thing merely immortalizes your own mediocrity.

Being unable to feel happy for other people’s success is the worst possible character flaw. What I notice with the modern left is that a lot of these people aren’t motivated by a desire to help people in poverty. Rather, they’re motivated by envy, hatred and vengeance, like the Bolsheviks before us. If that’s your mentality, you’ll never get anywhere in life. The main reason American conservatives are so hostile towards socialism is because American socialists tend to be very toxic people.

If you pay attention to society, you’ll find that most of the time succesful people are born to other succesful people. It’s not merely a matter of good genes, or passing on their wealth. If you implement high wealth taxes, succesful people still give birth to succesful people. What’s the secret? The secret is that succesful people create a kind of carefree environment in which children can freely discover their own talents and potential.

As an example, we know that East Asian children tend to grow up to be very succesful. How does this happen? Is it the Asian “tiger mom” stereotype? That’s not what’s going on. In fact, the authoritarian treatment of Asian children by their parents holds back their potential. Studies show that Korean children who are raised by white parents have very high IQ scores, higher even than average Korean children.

What makes these children so succesful is the fact that being raised by middle-class white parents creates the kind of carefree environment where they can figure out for themselves what they like to do and what they’re good at. Something peculiar you’ll encounter if you pay attention is that a lot of ridiculously succesful people these days were homeschooled. Eliezer Yudkowsky never went to high school, Billie Eilish was homeschooled. How does this work? Put children in a low-stress environment and their minds thrive.

Let me give another example of what I mean. This is BØRNS. BØRNS was a ridiculously succesful young musician, until a young woman complained that he slept with her and stopped talking to her afterwards (which is not a nice thing to do I guess, but not something you should annihilate someone’s career over). Another thing you’ll notice about him is that he’s very androgynous in his mannerisms and appearance.

This is the sort of music “privileged” (a ridiculous term mainly used by envious poor people) upper-middle class young white people enjoy. What sort of music do reasonably intelligent working class white boys enjoy? Hypermasculine heavy metal that all sounds the same. If you have two random brutal death metal bands, nobody could tell you the difference between two of their albums. You can’t fool me into thinking that stuff is creative, it’s not creative. BØRNS is creative.

So, what’s the difference between these working class white boys and a boy like BØRNS? The answer is that BØRNS must have grown up with a carefree childhood. A skinny boy with long hair like that who grows up in a bad neighborhood will have his sort of effeminate behavior rapidly beaten out of him. It’s the same with most of the music from California. Listen to No Doubt and tell me: What sort of upbringing did these people have? They had the most carefree youth you can think of, that led them to make the most carefree music you could think of.

So, here’s another question I want you to consider: Why are young women now more succesful than young men? They graduate college more often, they get better jobs and earn higher salaries. How does that happen? They grow up with a far more carefree youth. You can look for yourself at all these extremist rabbit holes on Youtube that are specifically targeted at teenage boys. That stuff exists because teenage boys don’t have carefree lives.

So, smart creative teenage boys who enter these Youtube rabbit holes, end up wasting their human potential on toxic bullshit: “HUEHUEHUE CARL THE CUCK AIDS SKRILLEX HUEHUEHUE TRIGGLYPUFF HUEHUEHUE LOOK AT THIS DRAWING I MADE OF A FAT BLUE HAIRED FEMINIST”

Why are middle class white people willing to sign themselves up for a life of debt slavery and to spend a small fortune on a house in the suburbs? The answer is that they’ll do anything to create the kind of padded environment where young children can grow up and live carefree lives. When I was 11 year old, I was bullied by a Moroccan boy who claimed I was “gay”, because I naturally acted androgynously. I don’t want to make it out to be worse than it was, people have gone through a lot worse, but it did affect me in a critical developmental period.

The point is, spend 500k instead of 200k on a house and you can send your children to a school where you don’t really have to worry about that sort of stuff. I can’t really imagine myself having kids unless I can guarantee them a sheltered bourgeois childhood by coughing up 500k for a house with a garden in a good neighborhood where you don’t see any little orange flags when there’s a sportball match on TV. Those are the kind of places where people grow up who accomplish something substantial. Smart people who have the bad luck of growing up in white trash neighborhoods just tend to grow up to be the local village eccentric.

Some people grow up relatively sheltered and end up thriving. Others grow up less sheltered and somehow beat the odds (Elon Musk, Oprah, etc). A few people grow up under tough circumstances but heal the scars. Exposing animals to early life stress traumatizes them, but the changes to their brains can be reversed if you give them cannabis during adolescence. That’s what goes on with a lot of musicians who grew up under rough circumstances.

I would recommend people who want to thrive to take Changa. It’s a good way to properly reintegrate and heal repressed traumatic memories. It is also an incredibly beautiful experience. The visual effects that you witness when you smoke Changa and close your eyes in silent darkness are gorgeous. I have also witnessed a self-transforming elf, who wanted to show me immense beauty. The entities I encountered were friendly. I will admit that I have not gone deep enough yet, but what I have seen so far has already been amazing.

However, there’s one thing I need to note. The Banisteriopsis Caapi vine is a sacred plant. To have a pleasant experience when you invite this plant spirit into your body, it is important to make sure that you follow a proper diet. The Ayahuasca diet practiced by Amazonian cultures tends to involve abstaining from meat and dairy. If you need a boring materialistic explanation, Tyramine and MAO-inhibitors don’t go well together.

I would very much recommend people to pursue a vegan life. That’s one more traumatic memory I’m willing to share. As a ten year old boy I became vegetarian, but I also rapidly repressed the reasons I became vegetarian and tried to eliminate the whole question from my mind altogether. I don’t want to claim that I am perfect myself. I still wear the leather shoes that people gave me and until I found a good cashew-based alternative I still occasionally ate blue cheese. However, veganism is what we should strife for. If you understand climate science and its implications, then you also understand that the choice we are faced with is between veganism and extinction.

Zhang Xianzhong was a peasant leader who led a rebel insurrection in China. Eventually he just started killing everyone. He made mountains of corpses, depopulated the entire region and then according to local legend built a stele that revealed his motivations: “Nature brings forth numerable things to nurture man. Man has nothing good with which to recompense nature (the Chinese character can be translated as either nature or heaven). Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.”

The thing is, Zhang Xianzhong was wrong. We are a species that can grow coral reefs on empty ocean floors. We are a species that can make life interplanetary. But to do any of that, we must first repay our debt to nature. Veganism is the most direct way mankind has to recompense nature. I hope that Master Caapi can help other people, but I also hope that people understand every friendship is a two-way street. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite songs.



  1. Since when is childhood trauma not a great motivator for artists? Börns sounds like any other hyperpop, or whatever its called, outthere.

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