How do people do the 9 to 5?

I just have to ask this. Sometimes there are those decisions you take in life, that you immediately regret. Well, that’s what happened when I finally went from working 32 hours a week, to working 40 hours a week, because have a good look at how this works.

So, 168 hours in a week. We subtract 8 times 7 because we have to sleep. That leaves us with 112. Now with the wagecucking, we come down to 72. Assuming a generous half hour to get to work, then another half hour to go back, you’re at 67.

Going to the supermarket to get groceries, stacking them away, making a meal, then doing the dishes, will take us an hour daily. You can’t just stop eating in the weekend, so now you’re at 60.

It’s going to take you 20 minutes to take a shower, brush your teeth, wash your hair, shave whatever needs to be shaved, pluck the hairs from your nose and ears (for the older gentlemen), apply deodorant and aftershave. There’s even more that you have to do, but do you want me to describe it in graphic detail, how you remove blackheads from your face etcetera? You don’t. We’ll say you just don’t bother on sunday, because that makes my math easy. Now you’re at 58.

You have to get some exercise if you don’t want to die of a heart attack. We’ll say two hours a week that you spend jogging outside or whatever it is you do, so we’re at 56.

Now there’s eight hours per day left. Not too bad, right? We’ll say you have a garden you have to tend to. Down to 55. Oh you don’t have a garden? Well you’ll have to attend the meetings of the home-owners association, who manage that little hallway with the elevator you use to get to your apartment. I know people who have to do both.

And there’s other bullshit. You have to go downtown to get a haircut, where you’ll have to wait in line with the other wagecucks who have to go during weekends because they’re at the office 9 to 5. You’ll have to go to the dentist (twice a year), perhaps you’ll have to donate blood or other stuff, you have to go to the doctor once in a while, if you have a pet you have to go to the veterinarian. If you get an injury, maybe you break your ankle, this sucks up more time. An hour a week? Seems fair to me. Now it’s 54.

But wait. The average person spends 6 hours a week cleaning their home! Yes, this is where I look for a source, because I realize I’m probably not in the middle of that bell curve. Now you’re at 48. They also say Americans spend 70 hours a year on lawncare, so my estimate of an hour a week was fair.

And 48 sounds fine. But it isn’t, because other bullshit happens. Owning a home is misery. The boiler breaks down, the pipes get clogged, there’s vermin that shows up, the tiles of the roof fall off, there’s water that leaks through the ceiling, your basement gets flooded, someone else’s cat gets stuck in your attic and you have to go catch it (happened to me), there’s always something that needs to be done.

Always. And we can toy around forever with these numbers. In practice, people who work forty hours just skip on a lot of this stuff, unless they have a spouse who doesn’t wagecuck. They skip going to the gym, they skip pulling the hairs out of their ears, they skip doing their lawn and just throw some tiles down.

But life is misery like that. You miss out on basically everything. You can’t fool Northern Europeans into doing this, because nature gives us a very clear message as soon as autumn begins: If you do the 9 to 5 wagecuck life, what happens in autumn is that it’s dark when you get into your office and it’s dark again when you leave your office.

You know what happened to me when I did that? I got depressed. It’s the #1 glaring message you get from nature that you’re wasting your life. This is a kind of mercy God has for Europeans, that he does not give to Americans. They’re left to figure it out for themselves.

And you might say, “well, isn’t watching Netflix or playing video games wasting your life”? I would say, not really. This is a once in history opportunity, for you to enjoy stuff that will not exist when you’re old and did not exist before you were born.

Think about what they’re saying in the Netherlands: You won’t have electricity all the time.

So here’s what’s going to happen. You people are going to wagecuck until 5PM, you’re going to drive home, you’ll cook your meal, you’ll do the dishes, then you’ll brush your teeth, because you read somewhere that you’re supposed to wait with brushing after eating a meal and you can’t brush before eating a meal either because then everything tastes like toothpaste.*

Then you’ll open a beer, sit down to watch your favorite dumbass sitcom, then halfway through the television will shut off, because the solar panels don’t generate electricity when the sun goes down and your neighbor has to charge his Tesla.

Yes, that little gap from 7PM until 10PM in the day during which you temporarily don’t have any obligations, that little gap during which you get to unload, they’re going to take that away from you too.

No, you won’t get to play shitty games on your charged mobile phone either, BECAUSE THOSE GAMES HAVE TO BE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET, WHICH WILL BE DOWN.

My brother works for a municipality and they’re apparently going to host some play in which they’ll poke fun at him. Imagine having to work forty hours a week, only to have to endure some performance in which your underlings poke fun at you. And you’ll have to sit there and pretend that it’s all just lighthearted comedy and you’re a good sport who doesn’t mind laughing at himself. Then when you go home, there’s no electricity.

He doesn’t have time for a dog, he has no cat, no pet of any kind. I don’t even think he has plants.

I don’t know how, and I can’t really explain how I did it, but you’re going to have to find yourself an alternative. I know you people don’t have spouses hot enough to wagecuck forty hours a week for.

Marry an old rich man, dwell in your mom’s basement, convince the government you have long COVID, go set up a substack where you tell American low status white males what they want to hear (saturated fat is healthy, COVID is a hoax, global warming is a hoax, raw milk cures cancer, women hate twinks and only want to fuck old bald men with dad bods), I really don’t care. You have to come up with something.

Maybe if your forty hour a week job was being an actor or a guy who makes wildlife documentaries, I’d say fine, have fun with it. But we both know that’s not true.

It’s always the politicians who get to fly around the world and meet celebrities and monarchs at expensive banquets who remind the rest of us that hard work is a real virtue. They’re doing stuff anyone would enjoy. What, you’re telling me you wouldn’t want to meet the emperor of Japan?

But you people spend forty hours a week, doing stuff you don’t enjoy.

Forty hours a week, picking up the phone and talking to the customers.

Forty hours a week, doing some PhD about some medieval Cornish manuscript nobody is ever going to care about.

Forty hours a week, pumping up shale gas that makes the planet uninhabitable.

Forty hours a week, helping grannies with dementia go to the toilet.

Forty hours a week, maintaining some server.

So just stop.

Figure out some alternative.

Your wife dumps you if you stop going to the office?

Just be celibate, or if you can’t, just find a prostitute. Accept the indignity, you’ll get used to it. Most young adult women in Paris in the 19th century just worked as prostitutes, that’s why the French birth rate was so low in the 19th century. It’s the oldest profession, it’s the greatest boost to a woman’s ego, they hate marriage.

You know you don’t need to have a “professional” 9 to 5 job right? There are grocery stores that pay double or even triple, if you work weekends or evenings.

You people go to college for four years, get a generic desk job, work there forty hours a week and when you take taxes into consideration the guy at the local grocery store working weekends or the guy doing night shifts at the gas station has the same hourly wage as you.

“Well I have more opportunities when my manager retires and I get my promotion I’ll start earning-“


And you know what the funniest part is? When dumbass libs discover this, when they discover that those last eight hours of the forty hours you idiots work are for below minimum wage, or even result in negative income because of the taxes you get and subsidies you lose, they don’t tell you to stop working forty hours and start enjoying life.

No, these ugly losers demand that the rules are changed!

“Teacher, you forgot to give us homework!”

“Government, you forgot to punish us for working less than forty hours a week!”

And this is supposed to be really edgy critical thinking.

People go read blogs that tell them all sorts of bullshit that doesn’t meaningfully help their life: “Well if you replace 10% of your calories from saturated fat with complex carbohydrates you’ll increase your life expectancy by four years and if you buy my supplement you’ll increase it by another two!”

Hey, you know what advice I have for all of you, that’s going to revolutionize your lives, that’s going to dramatically increase the opportunities you have to do what you want to be doing?

Just stop. These are the best years you have, your body is only going to decay from now on, your mind is going to decay too. Music at age thirty just doesn’t do to your brain what it did at age twenty.

You people work for a boat or a mansion you’ll have at age sixty. You won’t have the cognitive capacity to enjoy it. Remember how happy you were as a kid, playing with Lego, or with dolls, or some weird artsy computer game? It doesn’t do what it used to do for you anymore, right?

Extrapolate that, to any goal you set for yourself by age sixty. You won’t enjoy it, sorry. The shitty boat you buy today, you’ll enjoy more than the one you buy ten years from now.

So take care of your brain.

You know what your job is?

Staying youthful. That’s your full time job. Just bashing in your nervous system, with whatever you can think of that makes you enjoy things again the way I enjoyed wandering through this haunted castle as a kid:

Or managing a park like this:

You know what magic it was, to just choose a region of America, all of them different, to just hear the wind and the frogs in the background, to just see the plants?

Because the default, is for people to just lose it. Even if you exercise, you just lose it. The world just loses the magic it had for you when you were a kid.

So again, I’m asking you to show some balls. Yes, all of you. I know I personally encouraged some of you to take psychedelics, I know you’re reading this, I know you didn’t listen, I’m asking you again.

It’s the only way. Don’t choose the slow death.


*Teeth are basically just a scam. Think about it. You get one pair as a baby, you use those to chew, then they get cavities and fall out. “Sweet, my old teeth broke down, so I got new teeth.” No, that’s not how it works. God gave sharks teeth that continually renew themselves, but for whatever reason, you get one trial pair to get you hooked, then once the trial period is over, you get your permateeth.

And the permateeth are designed to last a few years at most, so we have to spend every day, just manually applying fluoride to them, removing any food still stuck to them, using a thin wire to get to the places we can’t reach, visiting some guy who’s going to drill holes into them when we screw up. Imagine looking at this and thinking any of this is an “intelligent design”. If this is God’s design, it means he likes sharks more than you.

It’s just the best evidence I can think of that we’re not supposed to grow old, it’s a kind of man-made error that we even live beyond thirty.


      • Not a bad introduction to the ‘Elf Lord’ of heavy metal either.
        RIP Ronnie James Dio.

        Life is indeed too short.

        • It was a fairly hot day today, a little too warm, so instead of going to work I spent the afternoon in the shade of a forest, next to a beehive and a dead deer.
          The deer has been dead a couple of days and it’s really starting to reek so I got upwind of the carcass.
          There’s a species of orange/brown furry caterpillar busting out and crawling all over me and everything else. No cicadas, they are far east.
          Swamp cabbage inhabit the low places of this terrain and bears love to dig up and eat their roots. What an amazing plant. The natives used the huge leaves (sometimes up to 3 feet long) to wrap stuff in, and sometimes for medicine.

          I agree with you that raccoons could very well be the next species to develop freakish intelligence and with their dexterous five-fingered tool-making hands they could very well be the species that inherit custodianship of the world after humans.

  1. My nigga 9-5 sux da diq but @ the end of da day, we still need to make that cash money to get them h0ez and to survive. Not errbody is intelligent enough to do dat investing/crypth0e wr0k.

  2. “You know what happened to me when I did that? I got depressed. It’s the #1 glaring message you get from nature that you’re wasting your life. This is a kind of mercy God has for Europeans, that he does not give to Americans. They’re left to figure it out for themselves.”

    AMEN MY NIGGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I know why a nigga get depressed each December.

  3. How about how much work takes out of one mentally and spiritually, not just in physical time? I have anxiety dreams about work, I think about work when I’m not there, I have to fake my personality, that is, slap a smile on my face, to deal with my co-workers and the general public who I am paid to serve. Never mind having to heed my employer who does not give a shit about me, but puts me, and other workers, in harms way to pull a profit. And then I feel guilty because I have no energy left at the end of the day to be me, just a husk. Yay.

  4. Nice post, yeah I’m honestly shocked at how the suicide rate isn’t much higher than it currently is. In my country something like 500 people (mostly men) kill themselves every year, out of a population of 5 million.

    So an annual rate of 1 in 10,000. The town that I live in has a population of ten thousand. So with each year that passes, only approximately one person in my town kills themselves. That’s an astonishingly low figure if you ask me, considering how mundane and boring adult life is.

    Granted that this 0.01% annual suicide rate is probably being somewhat underreported due to the social stigma of suicide, but still.

    And in America, that 40 hour work week is more like 60 hours for many people. 100 hours if you are an investment banker in Manhattan. Even when I was working 3-4 days a week at McDonald’s (~25 to ~30 hours) I still hated it.

    As you’ve written in older articles, this is why so many LSWMs are attracted to things like cryptocurrency and doom porn fetishism, because these are things that would bring an end to the 9 to 5 nightmare. You’ve also mentioned the other two routes for people like us, the Uncle Ted Anarcho Primitivism route or the fentanyl in the Walmart parking lot route.

    > Remember how happy you were as a kid, playing with Lego, or with dolls, or some weird artsy computer game?

    The truth of this saddens me. Today is the 15th anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson. I remember it very well because I was on a family holiday in the Canary Islands (Gran Canaria) when the news broke, back when life was genuinely fun, being a happy 14 year old with no real responsibilities or worries.

    > Staying youthful. That’s your full time job.

    Someone (I think it was James R) said here a while ago that this is the most pro NK cell website on the interwebz, so I thought that I’d share this article:

    • >And in America, that 40 hour work week is more like 60 hours for many people. 100 hours if you are an investment banker in Manhattan.

      I’ll make it simple. If you work forty hours, you have my sympathy.

      If you work more than forty hours, you have yourself to blame.

      • My 9 to 5 is 8 to 5 with a 1 hour unpaid lunch where your basically stuck there or you can spend money at the nearby shops. I feel stuck to have Healthcare I can survive on less but part time jobs are more physically demanding for half the hrly rate it socks but this is the least worst option imo. C19 at least made it hybrid. I loved c19 for that.

  5. Professional dog walking my friends. Four dogs for an hour, two or three times a day at £10 per dog. Start at about 10am, finish sometime between midday and 1:30pm. Living the dream baby!

  6. Quote: “If this is God’s design, it means he likes sharks more than you.”

    Nono, god prepares us for times without teeths. Come on, we laugh by showing our teeths … there must be something fundamentally wrong with it, so they must be removed completely. And we are the poor ones who have to deal with the transitional period.

  7. Thor Heyerdahl noticed that human skulls found on remote islands had intact teeth without cavities. No processed foods and fruits high in xylitol. Swishing with xylitol is highly recommended. Do it before bed and make sure you have a sweet taste in your mouth. No morning breath. Bad bacteria are killed while good bacteria that remineralize teeth are fed

  8. The hoax really helped cement it in the minds of myself and many others that anything the herd could suddenly take away from you might as well not exist, and also, that the herd is your enemy and would happily liquidate your life at any time by its psychotic collective whims.

    I don’t like to need much, and I refuse to contribute unless I’ve got no other way to survive.

    • >the herd could suddenly take away from you might as well not exist, and also, that the herd is your enemy and would happily liquidate your life at any time by its psychotic collective whims.

      The herd are NPC scum, people like me and you should unironically be nobility ruling over them. You should not want to escape onto a isolated farm somewhere, rather you should seek power in order to restore virtue and better the standing of your family and your race.

      Our ancestors did not try to escape from inferior people, they conquered them and established caste systems to keep themselves separate and in-power, that’s the only way you can actually ensure your interests are secured in the long-term; and the only way anything of greatness or virtue can be achieved. When superior people avoid anything meaningful and allow the NPC mob, its politician whores, and media programmers to dictate things, you get the modern day.

      Eventually, the mob comes for everyone that doesn’t serve its whims, you can conquer it or be conquered by it. When modern agricultural practices and environmental changes lead to famines in the future, they’re going to come for your sustainable permaculture farm first. It happened in the USSR, and it will happen here if things won’t change.

      “NPCs” | Some people are only aware of mental processes that are relevant to basic tasks and to social interaction. Therefore the meme-claim that “some people are NPCs” is partially true. I do not refer to “philosophical zombies” (although, it is possible for these beings to exist – see Commentaries on Nicomachean Ethics). Rather, I mean that some people are only aware of the part of themselves that is “external”, i.e the self that is projected to other people. Many times, such a person may appear to be disingenuous, when in reality they are not aware that they are telling lies. For example, such a person might at first proclaim to be an ardent Christian. Yet, when all of the important people around them become Templists, and when association with these people becomes dependent on Templist affiliation, the person suddenly converts. Although most people, and the unconscious part of the person’s mind, have noticed that they have changed their view on the basis of expediency, to them they really have “just so happened to have changed their mind”.

      • You’re ultimately right about all of that .

        I propagated the ideas of autonomous organization and direct action on the Internet right wing, now time will tell whether they actually intend to keep existing as a tribe or not. It’s up to them.

        As for me, my work is done. On the daily I’m much more interested in playing guitar and reading books about vampires. If someone actually successfully uses the social methodology to create an aryan movement of tribal savagery, primitive superstition, and feudal oppression, good for them I guess. It’s none of my business anymore.

        • >I propagated the ideas of autonomous organization and direct action on the Internet right wing, now time will tell whether they actually intend to keep existing as a tribe or not. It’s up to them.
          >If someone actually successfully uses the social methodology to create an aryan movement of tribal savagery, primitive superstition, and feudal oppression, good for them I guess. It’s none of my business anymore.

          That’s ultimately what we’re doing with Templism, except, based on empiricism, mind-body dualism, and truth rather than rationalism, monism (materialism and idealism) and falsehood. National savagery, advanced superstition, and imperial oppression.

          As people of Germanic descent, this way is truer to who we are. People project the religious beliefs of say, South American tribesmen, or whatever, onto our ancient ancestors, just because our ancestors were at a similar level of technology as said tribesmen at one point; but there’s a reason why we formed technological civilizations and they still haven’t, we think differently than them.

          Our ancestors never really thought like them, because our ancestors are us, less technologically and philosophically advanced at some points compared to us now; but still the people who made the advancements where other people didn’t.

          Believing in known falsehoods for emotional reason just isn’t in our nature, we’re not capable of it. Our religious traditions come from advancements in knowledge, from empirical observations of reality, and from progressively superior prophets that speak to the Gods and share wisdom from them which can be proven to be wise.

          (This is what distinguishes the ramblings of some schizo getting tormented by a spirit from a true prophet who converses with the Gods. Can their words be proven true? And are their words useful to the tribe? Even if someone does speak to a God, if the God’s words aren’t useful there’s no reason to take them seriously. If a God told you to believe that the Earth rests on a magic tree there’s no reason to believe the word of that God over what you can see with your own eyes, he’s lying.)

          This mindset is why you accept the word of Joseph Smith even though lesser people dismiss him for reasons like “he was only born 200 years ago” or ” he isn’t traditional”. It doesn’t matter if a idea is “traditional” or not if it’s more true. Mexicans and other stupid people are the ones who stick to false ideas for emotional reasons, not us.

          You might see me using more scientific terminology and mistake me for a materialist or whatever, but I’m not. I truly believe our fates are controlled by the Gods, that The Author of Templist Canon is a real prophet who speaks to the Gods (him being an epileptic only reinforces my opinion on this) That we have a divine mission to fulfill, and that our afterlives will be determined by our adherence to said mission. I’m a fanatic and might be slightly insane, but if you can’t call some of that superstition, I don’t know what you could call a superstition.

          This is all because Templism is entirely believable by a reasonable person who is fairly knowledgeable of modern science. Templism is believable because it doesn’t force you to believe in stupid shit like other realities or neoplatonic world of form idealism. Templism is believable because it doesn’t force you to believe in anything that you can’t see with your own eyes, reason; or deduce through what what others have experienced. The simple fact that the immaterial obviously exists by you possessing a immaterial consciousness proves materialism wrong then and there.

          >I’m much more interested in playing guitar



          Templist Vampires

          >It’s none of my business anymore.

          That’s fair, at the very-least you should have kids. (Despite what Rad might tell you, we still like him though.)

          • Interesting, elaborate on the epilepsy being a spiritual thing. I have migraines which are a cousin to it, and I always had spiritual suspicions about it.

            We should honestly just connect on session.

          • >Interesting, elaborate on the epilepsy being a spiritual thing. I have migraines which are a cousin to it, and I always had spiritual suspicions about it.

            It’s well attested that temporal lobe epilepsy is associated with religious experiences and genius in some people. People have known this going back to Aristotle’s time.

            “Why is it that all those who have become eminent in philosophy or politics or poetry or the arts are clearly of an atrabilious temperament, and some of them to such an extent as to be affected by diseases caused by black bile, as is said to have happened to Heracles among the heroes? For he appears to have been of this nature, wherefore epileptic afflictions were called by the ancients the sacred disease.” – Aristotle

            Though what Aristole means by “sacred” Templists would refer to as wyrdful. Quotes from this point are from Templist Canon, and Wyrd! Another book written by the Author explicitly for Germanic Templists.

            “Wyrd is something that exists within fate. It refers to the fateful influence of the gods upon human life, or to synchronicities and other such events that appear deliberately interwoven as if by the gods regardless of if they actually are. It is basically a subset of fate, a particular something-that-cannot-be-other-than-it-is that consists of the gods orchestrating our lives through the power of their magic and foresight. A concise definition of wyrd may be “unusual events evidencing divine control”. As such, it has little to do with determinism/fate, and more to do with divine control and the unusual manifestations thereof. This is why the modern English word “weird” is derived from Old English “wyrd”, because it is actually unusualness that is the essence of wyrd, not fate. Wyrd itself is fated”.

            Many prophets and other great men throughout history have expressed symptoms concurrent with people who have been diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy. Staring at things that others can’t see, visions of Gods, communicating with Gods, feelings of religious bliss, receiving orders from said Gods, etc. I.e, they have religious hallucinations, not entirely different from reports of near death experiences. Except of course for an epileptic these are much more common, obviously.

            Out of temporal lobe epileptics, only some of them have religious visions, but for those that do they are incredibly influential. Causing hyper-religiosity, and a type of mania around writing, often about religious and philosophical topics. An even lesser percentage of these people are reasonable people in-of themselves. A unreasonable person with temporal lobe epilepsy is not suitable to be a prophet for us in the due to their confused thought processes. An unreasonable temporal lobe epileptic being a man like this.


            Who probably just saw his God, and then immediately ascribed more meaning to the appearance of that God than was likely intended. Acting like a schizophrenic retard right afterwards, ranting and raving at medical staff, etc.

            “All divine experiences must involve a degree of agency. If you think of the physical idol of Wotan, but manipulate this idol in your mind like a puppet, then you are not really having a divine experience of that god, but playing with a mind-doll in his image. It is possible to muddle a religious experience by directing it, and so it is beneficial to invoke the gods, and then to see what happens, and force nothing more or less to happen than what does happen.

            Schizophrenics are impious because they associate things with sundry other things without any realism or restraint. Therefore they will associate, for example, potato salad, with slime, with soup, with the soup-god, with the table of Valhalla, with Wotan, and then they will go on to describe Wotan’s will. Wotan’s agency is not at all present in such a thought process. Another schizophrenic thought process may involve the invocation of a god, followed by very limited agency, such as: Wotan appears and says “I need you to lead an army”, which is then followed by a string of associations such as “so I’m Alexander, so I need to invade Turkey, so I need to return Persia to the Achaemenid Pahlavi dynasty, so I hate the British, so I need to destroy the Anglo-Jewish alliance, so Wotan is Hitler, so I am Hitler”, etc. In this capacity the schizophrenic is not totally worthless, but a blunt instrument, insofar as we can foresee his actions just as well as anyone else’s, but our input is limited, and his behavior foolish, so that influencing him is more like setting off a bomb.

            Psychedelics are not religiously useful for the same reason.”

            I understand this thought process very well, my experiments with drugs led me down that path. I would have short conversations with, well, something, I believe it was a minor spirit; and that set off strings of irrational thoughts and delusions as I ascribed deeper meaning to every word it said to me. You’ve probably seen some of the retardation I used to post here yourself. Including the delusion about being a incarnation of Hitler, funnily enough.

            So, a the qualifications to be a useful prophet are, a ability to communicate with the Gods (which temporal lobe epileptics naturally posses due to the condition they suffer caused by the difference in the structure of their brains) Reasonability, and philosophical empiricism (Just observing what is seen, accepting it for what it is, and making no further judgments.)

            Also I say these experiences are hallucinatory, but that doesn’t mean they are somehow “fake” or meaningless.

            “Direct Realism | Reality is exactly what you see. If there is a different reality outside of what you see, you cannot see it by definition, and so you cannot know it, nor can you know that it exists. Your perceptions show you precisely the way reality looks, so far as you are able to know. Opposition to this idea generally rest on preconceived ideas that certain things “are not allowed to be real.”

            Hallucinations | For example, “what about hallucinations?”. Indeed, what about them? Regardless of their tangibility, can you prove that they are less “real” than tangible perceptions? Does something become unreal, simply because it is perceived by some people, but not others? It does not. Does the fact that hallucinations may be detected in the brain prove that they are internal, and therefore false? No – ordinary perceptions are likewise “detected in the brain”, and neither are they therefore false. What about the fact that people with hallucinations should, in some cases, be treated? This has nothing to do with the reality or unreality of their experiences, necessarily. It is a normative question.”

            “Light Waves | Likewise, “what about light waves?”. Indeed, what about them? They are perceived under certain circumstances, and within certain scientific instruments. Does it follow that all colors “actually are” waves hitting
            the eye? This conclusion could only be proved by observation. Yet, observation most blatantly shows that colors exist, even more than it shows that waves exist, or that colors are waves. All “waves” are represented as colors upon a scientific instrument or a refractory lens. So in fact, all waves “actually are” colors with wave shapes that are perceived in certain instances.

            Viruses | What about viruses? Should we suppose, since we cannot see viruses except by special instruments, yet we know them to be real, that direct realism must be false? No, because viruses are perceived under special instruments. In fact, direct realism provides a more precise description of the reality of viruses than other theories: viruses are properties which exist and assert invisible effects when not observed through scientific instruments, but which are visible with certain scientific instruments.

            Glasses | What about eyeglasses? What is a most precise description of the reality of eyeglasses: some people see differently than others, in a way that presents shapes to them less distinctly, but when wearing glasses of a certain lens they perceive normally. The reality of light waves, perceived in scientific instruments, even if these waves do hit the eye, cannot trump the directly observed reality, because any scientific observation must itself be based on direct perception. If there are waves they must be explained by perception and not perception by waves, or else the epistemological principle behind the proof of waves is null to begin with. Why, if the world is “indirectly real”, if colors are “really waves”, if human senses are not reliable, can not waves be “really balls of fire”, and those balls of fire “really Legos of the dwarves”, or whatever, if there is no human sense to confirm or deny any such assertion? If there is an indirect world, the point is, that world cannot whatsoever be known. Far from being a “hint” toward that world, waves and refractory colors are merely things that are seen. Here is the error of the indirect realist: something, like a wave, is recorded via an instrument, and said recordings are found to correspond with changes in vision, which is basically the same as saying that changes “to the eye of the instrument” are paralleled by changes “to the eye”. He makes the logical leap that waves characterize reality, rather than vision. He imagines, in his head, that the world is a bunch of ripples in the air or whatever, but said ripples in the air are not what he saw. What he saw was a measurement upon which vision seems to correspond, and that is the only reality, which is as real as the colors he needs to see that measurement, and which colors constitute the measurement demonstrably. All he is doing is conceptualizing color in a wavelike manner and then positing an imaginary world in which wavelike entities are nominally the only reality (which cannot actually be imagined pictorially, and is therefore prima facie a non-applicable assertion concerning the world of sight, because it concerns a placeholder, in the same manner that “all X is Y, X, therefore Y” is a non-assertion – actually, it is more of an assertion than wave-world, because letters can be known), and projecting his imagination onto the world. One may say “but that is just the point: because waves cannot be known, we mean to assert that the characteristics of the indirect world cannot be known, yet the mere nominal fact of waves proves that there is some unknown something outside the perceived world”, but this is equivocating on the meaning of “wave”. For, at first, a wave was a reading on a spectrometer conceptualized as a wave-shape, and any shape must be defined by colors, but then “wave” became “an unconceptualizable posited entity that has no color and is therefore not a wave-shape”. The second “entity” is as good as positing any other unconceptualizable entity, while the first entity is squarely within the directly perceived world. This is an example of the fact that nothing in the hypothetical indirect world can be evidenced. To explain what waves are without mystifying them is no different an achievement than explaining what miasma are without doing the same; it is real science, not superstition. Maybe, indeed, waves are nothing more than the measurement of colors incorrectly conceptualized. Maybe, when a white light passes through a refractory prism, it becomes separated by the wider part of the prism (as is demonstrable when shining any light over a wide transparent object), but by virtue of the
            principle that forces take the “path of least action” the separated colors then move to a narrower part of the prism where they, still separated, are made narrow, and since colors can be mixes of other colors, a set of narrow lines of colors is produced out of the prism. It is notable that the color between red and yellow, in the resulting rainbow, is orange, which is a secondary color produced by mixing primary colors red and yellow, while the color between yellow and blue is green, which is a secondary color produced by mixing primary colors blue and yellow. It is true that the last two colors after blue are indigo and violet, which should be “between red and blue”. They are, but it so happens that the rainbow is a line rather than a circle. These facts could also be explained in terms of intersecting waves, but the point is that they don’t need to be.”

            It could be understood that, that different visual results stemming from differences in brain chemistry are the tools to observe the same reality. There’s nothing outside of reality, just different aspects to it. Is reality waves? Or is particles? Both are just visual stimuli stemming from the same reality and the tools used to perceive it. A difference in biology, is a difference in mechanisms of the tool.

            >I have migraines which are a cousin to it, and I always had spiritual suspicions about it.

            Maybe, think about wyrd and decide for yourself.

            >We should honestly just connect on session.

            Sure, I can make an account if you want. Twitter too if you’re up for using it, could ask the The Author himself some questions there, though, I’m more willing to sperg while he will probably just tell you to read the Canon.

    • That’s what I thought in the midst of all the nonsense. Just a crude, primitive propaganda campaign was all that was needed to mobilise all those cowards, hypochondriacs and media-trusters into doing silly things.
      Loads of people are in that herd you mention, some are even reasonably intelligent or have had lives where they showed they had willpower or other qualities.
      As for “contribute”, it’s very hard to say who actually definitely contributes. One guy creates adverts which lead to people drinking too much lager, then other people turn up who make money off of counseling people to drink responsibly, or give it up.

  9. Good post.

    > The world just loses the magic it had for you when you were a kid.

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and contra you (and other pundits I’ve seen opine on this issue) it seems to me the true “magic” of childhood experience is a result of:

    1) Being blissfully ignorant of the larger forces which swirl around this misbegotten and corrupt world, and

    2) Being protected by one’s caregivers (best case scenario) so that the child has no need to worry about food or shelter or protection from Bad Things.

    That’s it. That’s all there is to the “magic”.

    As adults, the story is quite different, and to presume the Eden of childhood innocence is somehow available to adults who are tasked with having to “make it” in the world is, in a word, naive (at best)

    But your admonition to the Gentiles is effective in placing the blame on their own alleged failings instead of the Khazarian elites who are shaping the “New World To Come”

    In this sense, you are more charitable than the Khazarian elites. You at least show a smidge of compassion.

  10. Pre-agricultural people didn’t get cavities (or impacted wisdom teeth or gum disease). It’s ag diet, not a sign we’re supposed to die at 30.

    I’m not yet 60, but I’m 55, and most of life’s pleasures haven’t receded. It’s harder to find new music that gives me as much pleasure as music gave me at 18, but I still find it from time to time, and the best old music still works for me. (Thanks for introducing me to Zheani’s “Lie and Look”.) My intellectual work still gives me as much pleasure as it ever did, and so do books and food. I admit that sex is less intense than it used to be, but it’s still good. I’m not disagreeing with you–most people lose their lust for life by 55–but I’m saying there are exceptions. I don’t have a 9-to-5, though. I choose my own hours, and that makes a big difference. I get lots of sleep and sunlight. I don’t think I could survive 9 to 5. The alarm clock would age me so fast.

  11. Having concluded that society is a scam, why is the response to play video games? Why not become some kind of political radical or an author or a performance artist? So what if it doesnt pay – nor do video games.

      • You serve the Gods in your own way Radagast, even if you don’t realize it. Even as you push neetdom and escapism and inevitable doom for all; your blog and writings will lead to better real world outcomes, and not just in lives of individuals. Bigger than that.

        If you’ve wanted to avoid karma you’ve failed.

  12. What I do for a living is so boring that it scares people off when I try to explain it.

    Which is also the reason why there is work aplenty in my line of work: only slightly autistic, socially-challenged bores like me will apply after they failed to fit in everywhere else. This was no one’s first career choice, we all got defeated into it.

    All individuals in my industry are emotionally damaged to some extent. Some try to hide it behind a curtain of hysterical LinkedIn enthusiasm. Others carry their social undesirability like a badge of honor. None have many illusions about themselves, which is refreshing. We are damaged, but usually decent people.

    If you set the bar low enough, you will always succeed.

    I am depressed. High-functioning, sure, but basically dead-inside depressed.

    After reading your blog for a few (many?) years, I decided to try microdosing on psychedelics. Salvia is in the mail, and I am trying to figure out where to keep mushrooms (the fridge at home is not an option; maybe the one at work?).

    Note, though, that if psychedelics do work in making the 9-to-5 life more tolerable, they are just a way to chain people more to their daily routine.

      • Information Architect.

        That answer usually gets me blank stares, to which I reply noncommittally with “something like a technical writer”.

        But many people still do not understand, so I feel obliged to explain what I actually do from 9 to 5. At which point they leave.

        So here we go.

        Once upon a time, you had technical writers. They are the ones who write instructions manuals. They are usually depressed and hate themselves. No one cares about them, everybody hates the stuff they write, and so do they.

        To put things into perspective: Tina, not quite Dilbert’s girlfriend, is a technical writer. Or take the main character in the movie aptly named “The Technical Writer”, a:

        “scruffy, ill-kempt hermit [who] would argue vociferously that he was perfectly content to be holed up all alone in his cluttered basement apartment hovel, pounding out computer manuals to earn a living and avoiding human contact whenever possible. Think the Unabomber, with a laptop.” (

        Robert Pirsig, of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, was a technical writer. He got his brain fried while trying to develop a non-dualistic philosophy of subject and object.

        Technical writers are the lowest ranking insects on the totem pole. They rank below receptionists and just above the cleaning lady.

        But miserable as technical writers may be, information architects are worse.

        Because you see, sometimes in the early ’90s companies started chopping up manuals and putting them in online databases, so that one would only have to run a database query and voila’, you had an instructions manual. Cheaper to maintain and translate. Unreadable, though.

        Technical writers hate it, because it deprives them of the only thing they had left in life: pride in their writing, useless as it may be.

        The task of information architects is to fit chunks of text into a database structure. Often we do not even write, but spend our time debating what words fit best in a specific XML element or running scripts that change the order of some elements in the structure.

        Information architects are like technical writers, but more alienated. But if you are willing to face the emptiness of it all, there is a salary to be earned.

    • > All individuals in my industry are emotionally damaged to some extent. Some try to hide it behind a curtain of hysterical LinkedIn enthusiasm.

      There are few things on this Earth I detest more than fake, performative “hysterical LinkedIn enthusiasm”.

      • So do I, but think of the emotional horrors one has to go through before humiliating oneself with buzzwords on LinkedIn.

        Their psyche must be a wasteland.

    • > Note, though, that if psychedelics do work in making the 9-to-5 life more tolerable, they are just a way to chain people more to their daily routine.

      Well spotted.

      The bald techbros in Sillycon Valley are notorious for microdicking psychedelics to assist in their Very Important Work

  13. Quote: “And we can toy around forever with these numbers.”

    Why so complicated? Just add up all orgams time in life, maybe two hours, and declare all other time as pointless and wasted.

    The things you have substracted, are all life content. You really think, if you remove all the burdens, the people would become creative and happy? Maybe some, but most would descent in addictions and degenerate.

  14. Civilization is bullshit. You want to maintain it then go the work. If you don’t want to work and you want to eat vegan food delivered to a supermarket then accept it. Resolve your unintelligible contradictions before asking others to change.

  15. You know…sometimes…when I am very inebriated (as I am right now) I like to imagine Radagast, this blog, and the motley crew of commenters here as a kind of ragtag team of Flawed Warriors brought together by Fate to unite in the service of defeating…..something.

    This trope was most manifest in the 80s TV show “The A-Team”

    But what many do not realize, is that it was done better and with more kitschy panache in the earlier 80s South African film “Kill And Kill Again” (a staple of my youth)

    What’s not to like. The Kung Fu master revisits his old buddies, a crazy hothead, a gorilla-like black dude, a white-trash brawler, an esoteric Buddhist Monk/Tai-Chi guy, etc.

    It rules.

    They band together to take down the Bad Guy who is assembling an army of mind-controlled Karate dudes by giving them a blue-colored poison made from potatoes.

    Do I really need to say anything more? It rules!

    Perhaps Radagast is our James Ryan/Steve Chase?

    Well, I suppose the story pivots on who he considers the Bad Guy…

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