How life is supposed to be

A few days ago I wrote “How the world works“. This is about how life in the modern world really functions.

I suggest you read it again, because today we’re going to look at how life is supposed to be.

For that, I can recommend this documentary. Just listen to the whole thing in bed.

This is the epitome of what life is supposed to be.

Just imagine for a moment. You’re a racist low status white male German. Your whole country was screwed over by the French and the eternal Anglo, the Americans joined in last minute to make it look like they did something. Everything had turned to shit, fake Internet money with pictures of dogs hadn’t even been invented yet, so you had no idea how to escape your plight.

But then, a miracle happens. A batshit crazy LSWM war veteran with a funny moustache gathers a bunch of nutcases around him and manages to get elected. Not Geert Wilders level crazy, no, “I met my dog in the Roman Colosseum 2000 years ago” level crazy.

And the top schizo in his government, is a man named Heinrich Himmler. This guy had been a neopagan occultist since an early age. He was convinced of the German race’s superiority, just like the other German LSWMs, so he ordered a bunch of excavations. But the only thing they were going to find in Germany from pre-Christian times, are the remnants of a bunch of mud-huts. The whole thing was just embarrassing, compared to what the Italian fascists had.

So Himmler wanted to look elsewhere. And for that he had the Ahnenerbe. How the Ahnenerbe worked was that Himmler would basically just read the newspaper, look for something cool and interesting from some other part of the globe and sent a bunch of men off to investigate it. One day he opened the newspaper, saw some article about Finnish folklore and sent a bunch of men off to Karelia, looking for witches and sorcerers.

They found a woman there named Miron-Aku who locals claimed to be a soothsayer and she bluffed and claimed she had predicted their arrival. They got her to perform some ritual on camera summoning her ancestors, so they had what they needed and could return to Himmler proud of a job well done. Yes. They unironically went out looking for witches, while you spend your days writing computer code or talking to the customers.

But the biggest expedition of all was still ahead. Himmler surrounded himself with all sorts of dudes who spewed the most insane theories. Hans F. K. Günther was convinced that Aryans had conquered much of Asia thousands of years ago, including launching attacks against China and Japan 4000 years ago. He thought the Buddha was a descendant of these Aryan invaders. Others argued that the teachings of the Buddha, were basically the same as the teachings of Hitler, even though Hitler had no interest in Buddhism.

Now you have to keep in mind, in the mid 30’s national socialism was still a pretty new thing. Hitler had a lot of work to do and the cult of personality that emerged around him was still young. So generally speaking, people in the inner circle were free to pursue whatever insane obsessions they had, as long as it didn’t explicitly contradict anything Hitler wanted.

Tibet at the time was an isolated theocracy that struggled to defend its independence against both British and Chinese influence. It was seen as having given birth to Indian civilization, which the National Socialists were quite fond of, as well as being speculated about as an origin place of the aryan race. And so Himmler wanted to send a bunch of men there. For this they recruited Ernst Schäfer, who had been to Tibet twice before.

Funding the expedition was quite troublesome, as the SS had no money. They set about gathering donations from various German companies. They mainly wanted fit young men to join the expedition, the average age of the guys who joined was in their mid twenties.

The plan was for these guys tried to sneak into Tibet from British India, but the British intelligence found out because a German newspaper proudly boasted of the expedition, so that plan was foiled. The British were doing everything in their power, to turn their expedition into a big humiliating failure.

In Sikkim, the Germans encountered a boy named “Kaiser”. They were perplexed. Why would a Sikkimese boy be named Kaiser? It turned out his dad hated the British so much, he named his son after the German emperor. The Germans got along incredibly well with this kid, they brought him with them to Tibet and they were all friends.

They also brought a Dalit man from one of the untouchable castes with them. For these guys it was amazing to just be treated like another regular human being, sitting together at the campfire. The Germans were so enamoured with Kaiser, they wanted to bring him back with them to Germany for a German education, but the Sikkimese authorities were not too fond of this idea, expecting he would just return eventually to spread the gospel of National Socialism.

In Tibet itself, the madness just continued. They were eager to measure people’s skulls, but afraid of offending the locals, so they decided to bring a bunch of German medicine with them, so they could just go up to sick people and measure their skulls as part of a medical treatment. One girl had an abcess on her foot, so they treated her, but her dad was angry when he found out because he was convinced the girl was actually just taunted by evil spirits. He brought her with him to a bunch of Buddhist monks and they kept her awake for days with prayers and chants, trying to expel the demons.

Eventually they were invited for two weeks to Lhasa. The British were furious about this and tried to sabotage this, they eventually managed to convince the Lhasa ministers to only let them sleep in some delapidated building on the outskirts of town, instead of a dignified invitation.

But Tibet at the time, was a bizarre society. Women were in polyandrous marriages with multiple men. Female promiscuity was perfectly normal. The aristocratic men had little interest in women, they prefered the company of other men. The monks almost all had a cocktail of STDs, but when asked about it, they insisted it was just caused by sitting in the grass.

The young handsome bearded German men were very sexually appealing, both to the local women and to the bisexual monks and aristocrats. An aristocratic woman was fond of being “examined” by British doctors. When she found out about the German expedition, they insisted they send someone to “examine” her too.

They managed to use this in their favor, raising the status of their invitation to Lhasa and being permitted to stay longer, until the Tibetan new year celebrations, because one of the Tibetan aristocrats was really fond of these young men. The British who were also present saw the Germans there and were furious. The celebration itself was just utter insanity too, with large amounts of food handed out to the beggars, who began fighting over the scraps like hungry dogs. Within a few minutes, all of it was gone.

The Germans were somewhat disappointed by the Lhasa they encountered. They expected to find wise mystics, but they found a city full of prostitutes and homeless beggars constantly harassing them. It reminded them more of the Weimar republic than a native homeland of the Aryan brethren they had hoped to find.

At the time Tibet had no Dalai Lama, the previous one had just died and the new one had not been found yet. The Tibetan ministers running the government had one main goal: Getting the Germans to deliver them weapons, so they could keep out both the Chinese and the British.

I’m not going to repeat all of it, I recommend you just watch the video I posted. The whole story is just too beautiful for me to be able to do any justice to it at all. This is the height of human achievement. This They brought back numerous artifacts from their expedition too. It is generally thought to have been very meticulously documented, but this leaves us with one unanswered question. What’s this?

This my friends, is the Iron Man. It’s around 1000 year old. Nobody is exactly sure who it depicts. It might be the Buddhist deity Vaiśravaṇa. But some think it was made for the indigenous pre-Buddhist religion of Tibet, Bön, in which case it would be an absolutely priceless artifact. It’s thought to have been made from a 10,000 year old meteorite.

This is special, but not as special as you might think. After all, when humans begin using iron, we start with the purest most easily accessible deposits. Those are meteor deposits. The older something made of iron is, the more likely it was made from such meteors. They probably did not know it was a meteor.

But the real mystery is as following: How did it end up in Germany? It showed up at an auction in 2007, but nobody knows how it came to Germany. It might have been brought back by the SS Expedition, but these guys meticulously documented everything they brought back and this is not on any lists. It’s easy to see why it would have appealed to them though, considering the swastika.

What these guys encountered and experienced was just so insane, the Indiana Jones films just don’t compare to the adventures these guys had. We’re never really told about what they did during this expedition. All that is installed in our collective consciousness is: “They were mean racists who went to the other side of the world in search of evidence of their own racial superiority.”

The problem with Nazi history is that the whole thing just naturally appeals to normal health romantic souls and historians and artists are mainly tasked with making sure that we continue to think of them as the bad guys. So an expedition like this, just isn’t something we’re taught about. We’re given fake heroes, like Indiana Jones and Batman. Even old heroes of the winning side like George Washington and Winston Churchill are now being phased out in favor of people like Malcolm X and Harriet Tubman.

But personally, I’m quite tired of having to pretend I don’t like that period, considering every blonde white woman with wealthy parents now marches together with Achmed and the pronoun brigade, to defend a terrorist movement that openly kills innocent Jewish children. Germans had to be kept in the dark about what happened to the Jews, but the wokies will post cartoon images about how “settlers are not civilians”. So I’m saying: Give me a Hollywood movie about the SS expedition to Tibet. The whole thing from A to Z is just worthy of a movie.

Now my point is, that this is what life is supposed to be. This is the white man’s burden: To leave his homeland in search of far away tribes, to measure the skulls of old men, amaze locals by curing illnesses they’ve suffered for years and undergo temptation by promiscuous aristocratic brown women who don’t cover their breasts.

You’re not supposed to sit in an office, returning home in the evening to your nagging white wife to watch some Netflix crime drama together. You’re supposed to be going out there, there are supposed to be things to explore, adventures to be had. You’re supposed to be invited by Montezuma to a mushroom-fueled crazed orgy of violence and human sacrifice.

You’re supposed to succumb to the temptations of Lhasa aristocrats and their polyandrous wives. You’re supposed to bring home mysterious centuries old artifacts, of deities nobody can identify. You’re supposed to trip out and suffer hallucinations, from plants fed to you by medicine men that no Western scientist has ever documented before.

This my friends, is our noble birthright.

It’s also my only real complaint with the modern world: How fundamentally boring everything is. I can smoke Changa and receive visions of women sitting in geometric domes. I can smoke salvia in the forest and be mocked by creepy cartoon clowns. But then the next morning I have to return to the office, to pick up the phone and talk to the customers.

I honestly don’t really care about the crime rates. In Tibet the men had to beat off crazy homeless schizophrenics with sticks. No, what I care about far more is how fundamentally meaningless it all is. Imagine having a government that declares that you are a part of a divine master race and sends you off on an expedition to the other side of the world to gather artifacts to fit into the theory. Imagine how full of meaning your life would have felt.

Now compare this to how we are forced to live. The utter meaninglessness of these petty jobs and these nagging manipulative wives and girlfriends you met through dating apps, in a society that hates us, seeks to demographically replace us and makes the planet uninhabitable. The utter meaninglessness of having to study every evening, in hopes of beating your Asian competition to be admitted to a college.

The irony of Ted Kaczynski is that he ultimately did bring down civilization. He became a powerful propaganda symbol. There are thousands of teenage boys worldwide who learn about his story through various internet memes now. Those teenage boys begin to understand why their lives feel so meaningless.

They start to feel justified in not playing the game, in not jumping through the hoops, in not signing up for six figures worth of college debt. The pyramid scheme starts to collapse, when people no longer want to participate. That’s also why all the right wing normies are panicking so hard about the low birth rates.

But I will forever be aware of the discrepancy, between what life can be, versus what it really is. I will always be aware of what was taken from us. I will always remember the psychological impact this society had on me. How it taught me that I am inferior, that I have to be replaced by some mongrelized cultural slob to keep the boomer pyramid scheme going, how they fed me mediocre rap music through the TV, how the girls in my class dressed up like Moroccans.

And I know that this will all be punished. This will all be destroyed. The Internet will disappear, the seas will rise and make the landscape unrecognizable. There will be underwater cities for future generations to explore. There will be decaying tunnels that nobody will understand the purpose of.

The radioactive fallout will give rise to new species of animals. New religions will be born and the San Pedro cactuses will grow in the desert of Spain. The whole world will descend into darkness and mysticism again. From the ashes of this mongrelized gay rationalist egalitarian global cancer will rise something far more beautiful than we could possibly imagine. And my friends, if you promise me to be merciful to animals, like the Tibetan ministers demanded of the Germans invited into their land, I promise you that we will meet each other there.


  1. This civilization will consume so much natural resources that future civilizations will never be able to exceed the technological level of the 18th century, and that is a good thing. The next ice age will ensure that much of the radioactive waste will disappear.

  2. Interesting documentary and post.

    “But personally, I’m quite tired of having to pretend I don’t like that period, considering every blonde white woman with wealthy parents now marches together with Achmed and the pronoun brigade, to defend a terrorist movement that openly kills innocent Jewish children.”

    I was reading on 4chan yesterday that apparently TikTok is now full of pro-Nazi propaganda. I knew that the Chinese Communist Party would be bad at moderating content, but not THAT bad. It’s certainly crazy times that we are living in right now.

    “New religions will be born and the San Pedro cactuses will grow in the desert of Spain.”

    Also yesterday I was reading about psilocybin and mescaline trip experiences and the differences and comparisons between the two. I was disappointed to learn that after purchasing a San Pedro cactus that you would need to wait about two years for it to grow big enough before finally being able to enjoy it recreationally. I was under the impression that you could buy ones that were already big enough to start consuming right away. Oh well.

  3. Our sun sits about a third the way in, in between the spiral arms, but elevated from the plane (up). As far as other stars where sentient life exists, our sun burns much brighter. All other life in the galaxy exists in red dwarf systems with planets much closer to their stars. This the others find curious. No life exists inside the spiral arms. These stars are far too hot. All stars where life exists, you cannot see them. They do not burn bright enough to see, including our sun. What they find even more curious is that we humans live on a three dimensional prison planet world. We cannot perceive beyond our three dimensional world, whereas the greys, mantids etc are trans-dimensional species – hence their ability to undertake 5th and 7th dimensional travel – hence large distances. What they also find curious is that there is one version of human for every human purpose. Elsewhere evolution is role specific so there are many versions of the one species, each born to act in a specific role. Do not assume that the contents of those injection bottles are entirely of human design. Things need to be done, then things will be revealed to those that remain.

  4. White people had an enormous presence in the ancient world, for example look at the blue-eyed rulers of Egypt. We’ll never know the full truth of it because any studies are still radioactive following the Nazi experiment.
    The life of Richard Burton during the Great Game phase of the British Empire was pretty incredible. The man spoke 30 different languages, translated The Arabian Nights, and experienced amazing things never seen before by White men in his years of global undercover travel in service to the Empire. Of course, most of the time he was pretty miserable, with spears driven through his face (cool scar) and sick with diseases such as malaria.
    And then his stupid cow of a wife burned all his papers in her fireplace because she deemed them scandalous by her Victorian standards.

  5. OK, doomer. Just because you’re feeling blue doesn’t mean it’s all going to shit according to your wishes.

    For better or worse, this system is resilient. And even if it fails somehow (unlikely), it will be reborn in a new iteration. And if you hated this iteration, you’ll hate the next one too.

    Because of human nature. That shit never changes. For all the “progress” we’re still the same tribal animals. Ruled by emotions, not logic. Short-sighted. Mostly incapable of long term planning and execution. I mean — as a human race; individuals are sometimes exception to this.

    Maybe stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop focusing on shit you can’t control, and enjoy the ride?

    Oh, and maybe swap salvia for acid or dmt. Although… maybe too late for that?

    • >For better or worse, this system is resilient. And even if it fails somehow (unlikely), it will be reborn in a new iteration. And if you hated this iteration, you’ll hate the next one too.
      Because of human nature. That shit never changes.

      Transhumanism may just say otherwise.

      It is the wildcard.

      At this point, I don’t care if the risk of total annihilation is a possibility.

      I’m tired of the status quo.

  6. Great post! The SS was incredibly interesting; and probably the only thing that’s truly unique to Nazi Germany, other than Hitler’s personality itself. (Racism, revanchism, protectionism, and social welfare aren’t all that special or unique.) The SS was almost like a state in of itself, they had their own publications, their own researchers, their own schools, their own traditions and culture. Wheres as most Germans weren’t really all that changed under Nazi Germany (Maybe they didn’t like Jews as much) The men and women of the SS were truly something revolutionary and new.

    The SS almost functioned like an aristocratic knightly order (This is why Evola liked them while being ambivalent to the rest of Nazi Germany) Yet the SS refused to put themselves beyond the common people (Despite their breeding programs, funnily enough.) Himmler himself loudly boasted of his peasant ancestry; much to the chagrin of the traditional aristocrats of Germany who continued to dominate in the wehrmacht. This was actually a big reason why wehrmacht officers hated Himmler and the SS, which is just hilarious to me.

    Religion in the SS was surprisingly individualist too, men were encouraged to abandon ties with the church; but belief in whatever God or Gods was tolerated. You had deists, pagans, and christians all in the same organization preforming rituals together. The thing you see uniting all these different believers together being a type of romanticism; reverence for Germany’s feudal history, a celebration of religious piety (no matter the Gods), and fanatical loyalty to the blood community. Here’s a wikipedia article on the SS religious beliefs for those interested.

    The SS is labelled “crazy” but that’s simply because they were revolutionaries willing to make something new and experiment with ideas. Many of the theories of the SS have been discredited by our modern understanding of history and genetics, yet many others have been vindicated. For example, we know now that Indo-Europeans (Better term for aryan) never invaded Japan, yet they did invade India and become the highest castes there. All this besides; if you’d prefer to sit in an office all day instead of going on SS adventures, I question your humanity.

  7. This is why I hope the whole thing blows up, as you outline. Maybe not in the economic or political domains, where what we’re going through now is bad enough, but definitely in the social area. We could not have a more unfulfilling, alienating, and empty society. People now live more on their devices than in the real world. If it takes a complete, and shocking, reversal on a lot of topics to make things more fun, fulfilling, and interesting– fine.

  8. Oh, you want to go on adventurous expeditions and meet exotic women? That’s exciting, I get that. If you observe the situation from the point of view of the exotic women, they want to meet handsome exotic adventurers coming to their lands. At first glance it seems like a perfect match, except when you rotate the argument and realise that the western women want to meet exotic African adventurers in Europe and this is exactly what is happening now. We either man up here or let them be and go on an adventure in the eastern lands 😉

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