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I just felt like explaining this to teenage boys. By the time you’re eighteen, you’ll need to get yourself into six figures worth of debt and spend at least four years of your life, listening to different varieties of this guy explain how everything is racist and everything bad that ever happened since the invention of the printing press is the fault of racist white men.

Then near the end of it, you’ll need to write your own paper, explaining how everything is racist, but despite all of it, queer latinx womxn of color continue to bravely press on.

If you don’t do that, then you’re just not qualified enough for a job that consists of sitting at a desk and occasionally answering emails while you’re scrolling through Facebook in another tab.

That’s what you’ll have to spend the next fifty years of your life doing (yes, you’ll be allowed to stop when you turn 72*), because otherwise you probably won’t manage to find and hold onto a woman who will let you pee in her vagina once or twice a week.


*There’s a secret hack whereby they let you stop earlier if you manage to die before you turn 72 but they don’t want you to know about it


  1. I had a brilliant epiphany that the entire western world, from roads, to bridges, to skyscrapers, to washing machines, to dishwashers, blenders, automobiles, plastic and rubber, flushing toilets, bottled wine and water, Facebook and Instagram, polyester, My Pillows, chocolate bars and doughnuts are basically nothing more than the COMFORTABLE NEST that White men have tried to create for their White women. And they still detest and undermine us?

    Ok, maybe my epiphany is not that brilliant or original.

    • Come on, I think Rintrah wants you to respond to my idea.

      I’m saying White men construct western civilization in the same blind instinctual way that a bird builds a nest using twigs, leaves, grass, bark, strips of plastic and tinsel, cellophane, etc.

      And this explains why non-White people don’t feel so comfortable in civilization. It wasn’t created for them at all!

      • Your idea is a very fair hypothesis.
        Although I must resist the temptation of finding a key to every door, I think that:
        Maybe the White are like that, because they have(?) more Neanderthal ancestry in them. “Neanderthal lives matter”. “N” for short. The N were probably less extrovert than the Sapiens-Sapiens. “S-S” for short.
        The N were very artistic and had engineered elaborate tools. They worked well in small groups, whereas the S-S could easily behave as a mob, since they could organize hunting in great numbers.
        You could say that a boy’s brain resembles an autist. Focuses on something easily and works well with his hands (building a nest for his loved ones).
        However, the Irish are probably more N than the rest of Europe, and yet they used to be jolly, artistic and family people, but without all the technology advances. So, the same key doesn’t apply here, because there you had the Celtic Catholicism cultural traits.
        And then again, turn the Irish into protestant (secularize them), add a 100 years of neutrality, and you get the “Irish Tiger”.
        + + +
        Now, the East and the Mediterranean (even the ancient Romans) have also tried to protect their women. That’s why some islamic countries still don’t let their women work…
        Even in Europe, it used to be unthinkable exposing your women and children to all the dangers around (with female employment and obligatory education for kids).

        • I’ve heard that Asian people actually have more Neanderthal than White people, so it’s a bit silly how Whites are constantly called Neanderthal.
          And no, Neanderthals were NOT “very artistic.” Can you point to any marvelous cave paintings they did? Anything?

          • I know that Asians have much neanderthal ancestry. I thought we were taking for granted that Asian people have accomplished great things civilization wise. That’s why I didn’t make the side note.
            Oh well…
            Yeah if I find the relevant article about neanderthal art, and the mood, I will point you there.

          • I have to admit that I don’t know much about the N’s and S’s.
            With “very artistic” I didn’t imply high forms of art. But a significant interest in artistic/symbolic expression, even if primitive.
            + + +
            I find the field of European ancestry fascinating but I have to admit that it is very new to me.
            Admittedly (and arguably) it is something that may have played a significant role (together with environment-evolution) in the formation and divergence of “whites” from other S’s.
            What are the alternatives? (rhetorical)
            Please continue the train of your thoughts/hypotheses before my parenthesis.
            + + +
            A biologist friend just sent me a somewhat recent article by National Geographic, whence his assumptions the N art precedes S art:
            And another one about tools (with a paywall). I think the findings are from Tuscan where the N. DNA contribution is the highest in Europe (it might be a coincidence):
            And here, they claim the N and S are simply different races, not different species:
            + + +
            Anyway! I used to think poorly of N’s.
            Recently however, it has been fascinating for me to think of the ways Eurasian populations may have diverged from the other S’s.
            Take care!

  2. Just wait until the AIs start taking all the jobs. Then they will have to choose between cleaning toilets (and not being able to retire) or being lifelong unemployed (which is sort of retirement but not quite). So ergo, they shall enjoy all the thrills of being unemployable….but with six figures of debt under their belt.

    Let us hope that the government doesn’t start deducting their student loans from the monthly UBI. That would kick them in the balls so hard they’ll wish they were women.

  3. “I just felt like explaining this to teenage boys.”

    I would also like to explain something to teenage boys. Online dating has resulted in females demanding a much higher standard in men due to hypergamy. How many times have you seen women say “don’t bother messaging if you’re less than six foot”? So my advice to teenage boys is:

    Stop eating a trashy diet in your growing years in order to maximize your genetic potential for height. Lots of protein and calories, zero junk food. High sugar diets fuck up your testosterone levels. As does alcohol, lack of sleep and lack of exercise, deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals, so on and so forth. Young boys need to be taught about the reality of sexual dimorphism. No one told me growing up that women like tall men with broad shoulders. All this blue pill nonsense like “just have a nice personality and you will find the girl of your dreams” is complete bullshit. That advice might have worked 50 years ago but not anymore.

    • You’re looking in the wrong place, Sean…
      (Let’s pretend your name is Sean)
      Hypergamy, or status-seeking, comes with extreme secularization, and capitalism. Unfortunately, not even Ireland has escaped that.
      You must look in non-secular Catholic or Orthodox countries…
      Take a look here (from the Serbian Republic of Bosnia):
      = Lovely people!
      Everyone around the world loves the Irish. Do not despair!

      • Thanks for the kind comments Apollo. Yes we Irish tend to be a friendly bunch of people. Just a bit inbred LOL. Interesting theory regarding the origins of the “Celtic Tiger”, we are thankful to T.K. Whitaker for the prosperity that this brought us:

        Unfortunately the greedy bankers and corrupt politicians brought that to an end in 2007, after which we were screwed by bailout loans from the IMF and ECB.

        Today we are “on paper” one of if not the richest countries in the world as measured by GDP/capita, due to the enormous tax revenue our government collects from all the massive global Tech and Pharma multinational companies who have headquarters here thanks to our extremely low corporate tax rates. We have record budget surpluses and now there’s talk of a sovereign wealth fund being set up.

        So you’d think we’d have amazing public transport, infrastructure, etc. thanks to all this newfound wealth (like Singapore). Unfortunately not, Dublin city is full of homeless people. Massive housing shortage with some of the most expensive rents in the world. Majority of people in their late 20’s (like myself) still living at home with their parents. Very poor public transport system and healthcare services. Rising crime rates. Because our main two political parties have done such a shit job, the Sinn Fein Marxists (political party of the IRA) are pretty much guaranteed to win the next general election. Many Irish people sympathize with the Palestinians and Sinn Fein are using this to their advantage (Palestinians offered weapons and training to the IRA during The Troubles in Northern Ireland).

        Having said all that, I still think that living in Ireland today has many advantages compared to older generations who were terrorised by the Catholic church:

      • Just a further clarification regarding my earlier comment on Catholicism:

        I focused exclusively on the negatives, and in hindsight that was a short-sighted comment. Christianity has produced many positive influences on the development of western civilization. For example, art, architecture, literature, science, philosophy, technology and music (as evidenced by that beautiful choir hymn that you linked to).

        But I think that there can be somewhat of a “middle ground” that we can strive towards to keep Christianity relevant while minimising the negatives in a modern advanced society. An example of this would be allowing Catholic priests to marry and have children instead of a lifetime of celibacy. That way, these priests won’t be sexually frustrated and you’ll have much less of this happening:

        And obviously, compared to the Islamic world, Christendom is paradise.

        • Thank you for all the info about contemporary politics in Ireland! I had no idea!

          > …bailout loans from the IMF and ECB.
          Same here!

          > An example of this would be allowing Catholic priests to marry and have children
          YES! I wanted to mention that too!
          Fortunately, the Orthodox clergy still gets married and usually has plenty of kids.
          The ancient/early/united Church allowed and wanted the clergy to get married (earlier on, even the Bishops used to get married).
          By “Celtic Catholicism” I meant the united Church in your lands.

          > Christianity has produced many positive influences
          There was a time when the Irish (and the CeltAngloSaxons across) Christians were poor and ascetic, but learnt and artistic and joyful, and NW Europe owes them a great deal, becoming Christian and civilized (after the collapse of the western part of the Roman Empire).

          Anyway! To keep it short, look for non-secular or resisting Christians wherever you can find them! Ye will be in good company.
          + + +
          And I have to be fair too: not all Protestants are secularized or crypto-atheists, prosperity-gosper-religious types.
          Many of them just try to go back to the Ancient Church way of life (e.g. the Amish).
          And of course, not every secular girl is hypergamous.

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