How to place a curse on yourself: A warning for the Americans

All of the world is a stage for epic tales, but this is the sort of tale you don’t wish to be telling.

And all of this needs to be understood, in the context of a festival in New Orleans that will attract tens of thousands of gay men from around the United States, as well as some from other countries. These men who will be attending this festival already know they’re at constant risk of catching HIV, condemning themselves to lifelong medication. How seriously worried do you think they are about catching monkeypox? Do you think they genuinely give a shit?

It tends to be one of those aspects of good storytelling that every character has to expose his true nature before his fate is sealed. And so come September the 1st, unless the Southern Decadence festival is canceled, you can be assured that Babylon will have sealed her fate, as you will have revealed to all the onlookers what you are.

And I know some of you are stupid and think you’ll be fine because there have been zero deaths so far in the US of A, but consider this: In cases among children, 42% have required hospitalization so far. For COVID, hospitalization of children is needed in less than 0.01% of infections. Current estimates for pregnant women are that in 75-80% of cases, the unborn child dies. In the other 20-25%? It’s anyone’s guess, but you can expect all sorts of developmental abnormalities for those infections where the fetus doesn’t die.

The gay men who are spreading this virus don’t look like the average American. They’re mainly lean muscular young men. Your NK cells are dysfunctional due to obesity, your bodies are incapable of properly fighting off viral infections, which are very important in dealing with monkeypox. Many of the gay men who got monkeypox have HIV, but this generally doesn’t matter for the equation as almost all of them receive antiretroviral drugs so its impact on immune function will be very limited. As a demographic, these highly mobile highly sexually active young gay men will be among those best able to fight off an infection from this virus.

Those two deaths in Spain were healthy young men who died of encephalitis, inflammation of the brain. When children start getting it in droves you’re likely to see some children die with encephalitis. Children who do survive are likely to have lifelong reduced IQ. How inflamed do you want your children’s brains to be? Most of the people who need to be hospitalized for this, need to be hospitalized because they are in constant pain. Are you looking forward to children ending up sick in the hospital for weeks, suffering constant pain?

Gay men with some degree of pre-existing immunity, like elderly gay men who received smallpox vaccines, or younger gay men recently vaccinated, are likely to select strains with enhanced transmission potential. Strains with enhanced transmission potential through gay orgies will probably also have enhanced transmission potential in general, thus encouraging spillover into other demographics.

The general rule is that newer iterations of this virus will have greater transmission potential than older iterations of this virus. This greater transmission potential, when combined with the eventual exhaustion of the incubating demographic, will mean the relative share of cases observed outside gay men will start to go up.

Remember, I’m not allowed to tweet, so I can only warn you on my blog that nobody reads. Why is that? Because I warned that it doesn’t end with gay men. If you warn that gay men are the incubating demographic, the place where this virus learns to get better at jumping from person to person until it eventually is no longer dependent on close physical contact, you get suspended from Twitter. The Taliban are allowed to tweet, but me warning you that this virus will become a threat to children as long as gay men get to spread it among themselves is not allowed.

I know Americans love their freedom (to live and die in a capitalist society where you are entirely powerless if you don’t have a lot money and get to spend most of your adult life in an office because you barely get any vacation days, but hey I guess that’s your notion of freedom), but if you’re going to organize gay festivals attended by tens of thousands of men from around the country, in a city where people will be sodomizing each other in broad daylight while they are incubating a virus that is evolving to become the next smallpox, at least comprehend what it is exactly that you’re doing to yourselves.

Don’t say you were not warned. If I am allowed to ask God for one thing, it would be to protect your children against the repercussions of your own cowardice, stupidity, greed, hypocrisy, hubris, arrogance and decadence.


  1. Unfortunately, Americans are not allowed to discuss this openly because those that do are demonized by their government and corporate media as:

    Low status angry white males, who are merely assuming that whenever the government says something, the opposite must be true.
    On the other hand the the minorities that enjoy this privileged position in the globalist society are lauded, and are encouraged to trust whatever it is the authorities proclaim, while attacking them on the basis of the values that they themselves endorse to create a situation where their situation is affirmed as normal.

    by the way, filtering posts that only support your point of view is the equivalent to sticking your fingers in your ear so you can’t hear dissent.
    “You can ignore reality, but what you cannot ignore is the consequences of ignoring realith:
    –Ayn Rand

    Say Hi to PM Rutte, bubke

  2. These gay orgies are crazy. I watched a documentary once where one of the dudes got his hole plowed by at least 30 ppl in one session. Yet the problem is, when you put too much societal pressure, the affected ppl will start to hide their infection and try to avoid testing. in Switzerland they stopped the quarantine for monkeypox for this exact reason.

    An additional problem is that gay men are well connected and aslo well established in the media industry.

    As soon as an increasing number of children will get infected, things may very well change. Everybody knows who spreads monkeypox in western societies. Therefore I think it would be advisable for the gay community to act rapidly.

  3. >As soon as an increasing number of children will get infected, things may very well change. Everybody knows who spreads monkeypox in western societies.

    I think Americans figure it out once the first child in the US is hospitalized or perhaps once the first child dies. But this is a bit like a captain of ship who only tells his men “well I think we need to start evacuating the passengers” once the ship is sinking, instead of as soon as he realizes he can’t steer away from the iceberg.

    Some problems have to be solved before they start revealing themselves. This is one of them. You’re almost certainly going to see transmission chains outside gay men with an r0 above 1 at least somewhere in the world, but once you observe the first one many more will follow regardless of what you do.

  4. >But this is a bit like a captain of ship who only tells his men “well I think we need to start evacuating the passengers” once the ship is sinking, instead of as soon as he realizes he can’t steer away from the iceberg.

    Man is more reactive than proactive. I see it in myself every day. I also was a heavy smocker for more than a decade. We have a hard time to assess the effects of things which slowly add up over time, be it negative and positive.

    the first thing to do is to switch the lever from reactive to proactive in one’s own life I think. I hope that ppl who understand the various problems will soon get into overdrive mode and create big traction but for this to happen a bright and big goal may be necessary.

    I truly appreciate the work you are doing here. Maybe you can find a way out for the white depressed male trapped in the conspiratorial world at brink of destruction. You have a great ability to generate new and strong associative networks and thus you may truly be able to dig a hole out of this mess. Everthing starts first in the mind. It is more than obvious now that the dichtonomy between TPTB and conspiracy theorists is unable to solve anything. In fact they may even have some symbiotic relationship very detrimental to the survival of mankind.

  5. I think, though I can’t prove, that you are getting this backwards. I think that monkeypox is already all over the place in the U.S. and western Europe, but that some of the gay men who go to these festivals are actually in bad physical shape (immunologically) and so they get worse symptoms and so in their cases it is noticed. The fact that the cases that they are getting are visible is (for epidemiological reasons, not personal misery reasons) a good thing, since it provides information.

    About a month ago I had three funny looking pustules on my arm. It was early days; I looked at them and thought haha maybe it is monkeypox. Nah, must be bug bites. I looked again the next day, they were fading a little; I forgot about it and a week later they were gone. At the same time my husband (and no, he isn’t gay, nor attending orgies) had four pustules on his leg. Same trajectory. If that is what we had, we could be mutating and spreading the thing as well as anyone. Of course there were no tests available for us (they were and in reality still are only testing gay men with multiple sex partners, due to test shortages and reluctant lab workers), so we wouldn’t be counted. Sort of like early in covid days when likely loads of people had low/no symptom cases.

    Monkeypox can live on fabric for two weeks. It is airborne; certainly in droplets and really honestly aerosolized. It simply must be spreading like crazy at (non gay) nightclubs, raves, parks, clothing stores, on planes, and on and on and on. Probably loads of kids already have it; kids always have bug bites and pustules. But who was looking for it before? No-one, since our immune systems just get rid of it. And if you had a few pustules, there was no way (or incentive) to test. Except that a lot of gay guys at these festivals do have immune issues, and probably most of them have had covid shots (which may help or may make things worse). Describing them as young and robust fellows who are especially good at fighting off monkeypox may be wrong.

    So I don’t think these festivals matter much one way or another. The men who are getting obvious cases are canaries for what happens if you get it if you are in bad shape (in the relevant way). Now, if people in other demographics catch it repeatedly, or catch it in an immune bad state, or if it mutates, or if there is ADE – who knows where it will all go.

    If you are worried about kids, I think parechovirus is the scary thing. I just read about a baby that died from it in the state I’m from and got really weepy. Cases are up like crazy; what is that about? Meningitis, too.

    • Interesting theory, but I don’t think this is possible, as we can see where it shows up in sewage. The only place where it shows up in any significant amount is San Francisco. It’s very rarely seen in sewage in other places.

  6. If the bad joke of covid ends up having new smallpox as a punchline, at least we’ll know whoever is running this simulation has a sense of humor.

  7. HIV treatment only facilitates even more sodomy. I suppose those people treating them just want the sodomy to continue to get worse.

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