How to turn an unremarkable cold virus into a permanent crisis

In Africa an experimental vaccine was given to people that was supposed to protect them against HIV. Unfortunately some of the recipients had pre-existing immunity against the adenovirus vector used for the vaccine, so their immune response to HIV was actually weakened by the vaccine and their risk of being infected was increased. Longer ago, we tried to develop a vaccine against Respiratory Synctial Virus. It didn’t work, because the vaccines triggered antibody dependent enhancement.

When SARS-COV-2 arrived on the world’s stage and people began buying toilet paper in Hazmat suits, some pharmaceutical companies were apparently still eager to hold themselves to high standards. Merck, a company valued by the market at 200 billion dollar, stopped trying to develop a vaccine against SARS-COV-2, because they found their products delivered immunity inferior to that of a natural infection. For some reason, we’re only learning the other vaccines deliver immunity inferior to that from natural infection after billions of doses have been administered. Good men might go to heaven after death, but they’re rarely rewarded with big bags of cash in this life.

Back in April 2016, the Philippines began administering a bad vaccine against Dengue. In November 2017, the company responsible for developing the vaccine made a startling admission: Children who had never contracted Dengue before receiving the vaccine were placed at increased risk of dying from Dengue, because of antibody dependent enhancement: Antibodies produced against Dengue because of this vaccine made it easier for other Dengue strains to replicate themselves.

That’s one and a half year, before we figured out that an experimental vaccine turned out not to be a successful experiment. What sets the vaccine against SARS-COV-2 apart from previous experimental vaccines is that it was deployed in an atmosphere of mass hysteria. This is the kind of atmosphere in which corners are cut and anyone who has a basic understanding of immunology or knowledge of the history of bad vaccines blowing up in our faces, will tell you that you don’t want to cut corners when you are deploying a new vaccine. Unfortunately we gave this new vaccine to billions of people before we could do any long term studies, of the kind that revealed the vaccine against Dengue merely made the disease worse for the minority of children who had never had any exposure to Dengue before getting vaccinated.

With this vaccine, we’re probably never going to have an announcement that it didn’t work. Too many policy makers, institutions, corporations and ideologies have tied their fate to this vaccine. If the vaccine falls, they all fall with it. Man made disasters that kill millions are not new, but they tend to be kept quiet. Mao never announced that he killed millions of Chinese peasants by encouraging them to kill the sparrows, he just quietly changed the four pests campaign to include bed bugs instead of sparrows.

For anyone who is paying attention however, it’s already becoming clear that this vaccine was not a good idea. Karl Denninger reported on the mysterious lack of any increase in N-antibodies in the British population, despite a massive surge in vaccinated people getting infected:

Here you have the graph of infections in England:

The virus is back, so it’s clear that people should be building antibodies. But it’s not happening. The body doesn’t seem to produce antibodies against the Nucleocapsid protein in people who have been vaccinated. This is what you would expect, in a situation where we see very strong original antigenic sin. Instead of learning new ways of beating this virus after getting infected, the immune system of a vaccinated person apparently continues to rely on the tricks it learned from the vaccine.

That’s a problem, because as time passes, this virus will merely move further and further away from the original molecular structure against which people were vaccinated. People who have been vaccinated have become stuck with a suboptimal immune response that is recalled whenever they are exposed to this virus again.

With every booster that we administer, we make it harder and harder for the immune system to move away from this suboptimal immune response. The immune system doesn’t bother preparing for a Spike protein that looks different, it focuses entirely on defending against the Wuhan version of this virus, because that’s what we train it to do.

What we notice is that vaccinated people who have never had a real infection from this virus have antibodies that don’t develop a similar breadth to those seen in unvaccinated people. The breadth of the antibodies increases until the second shot, at which point no further evolution of breadth takes place. Vaccinated people thus are at risk of ending up stuck with a very narrow immune response against the virus that won’t properly protect against any new variants that may emerge.

We can now see what the effect of all of this is: With every week that passes, vaccinated people become more likely to get infected with this virus than unvaccinated people:

If vaccinated people have an enhanced susceptibility to getting infected with this virus, it explains another mysterious pattern we see. Throughout Scotland, levels of this virus in sewage have increased far beyond the peak seen during the previous winter:

You can find more sewage data from Scotland here. There is ultimately just no way to reconcile these numbers with any sort of narrative in which the vaccine genuinely works. Natural infection offers sterilizing immunity, so we should have had a large demographic of people who didn’t excrete RNA during the most recent wave because they got infected in the previous wave. Extrapolating from England, that should be about 20% of the adult Scottish population.

Then there are all the people who should have been protected against infection, or who should have suffered a much milder infection, because of the vaccines. We are told that although breakthrough infections do occur and can reach CT values equal to unvaccinated people’s infections, viral levels go down much more rapidly again. Let’s say that’s true: We should be seeing evidence of it in the sewage! Case rates can be speculated about, deaths are not a 100% objective indicator either, but RNA in sewage is objective. A good vaccine should mean that we see less of this virus in people’s poop. If we see more RNA, it means the vaccine is not working or making the situation worse.

The Nucleocapsid protein is the protein against which your body normally generates a strong immune response. It’s a protein that changes relatively little, so the immunity against it helps protect you in a sustainable manner. There’s no way around it: The English surveys suggest people have stopped developing immunity against the Nucleocapsid protein.

Whenever the vaccinated get infected, there’s no proper broadening of the immune response. It’s not just the case that immunization creates inferior immunity compared to a natural infection, it prohibits the development of optimal immunity.

So what can we expect now? Well, to start with, we can forget about returning to “normal” anytime soon. There’s not going to be herd immunity, because most of the population is now unable to develop long term sterilizing immunity against this virus. Quoting from the study cited earlier:

Here we examine memory B cell evolution 5 months after vaccination with either Moderna (mRNA-1273) or Pfizer-BioNTech (BNT162b2) mRNA vaccines in a cohort of SARS-CoV-2 naive individuals. Between prime and boost, memory B cells produce antibodies that evolve increased neutralizing activity, but there is no further increase in potency or breadth thereafter. Instead, memory B cells that emerge 5 months after vaccination of naive individuals express antibodies that are similar to those that dominate the initial response. While individual memory antibodies selected over time by natural infection have greater potency and breadth than antibodies elicited by vaccination, the overall neutralizing potency of plasma is greater following vaccination. These results suggest that boosting vaccinated individuals with currently available mRNA vaccines will increase plasma neutralizing activity but may not produce antibodies with equivalent breadth to those obtained by vaccinating convalescent individuals.

With every injection of these vaccines, we make people more vulnerable to the new variants that will emerge. The virus in turn, is left with the perfect landscape to evolve towards increased infectiousness: A population where everyone has a highly similar antibody response focused on the Wuhan version of the Spike protein, because everyone was vaccinated with vaccines based on the Wuhan spike protein. It is the equivalent of a burglar who moves to a town where every door has the same lock.

In Scotland we see the effect. Mortality is 30% above normal and the virus is more widespread in the major cities than it was last winter. We’re also seeing evidence in England that a new variant is becoming dominant, as the virus can now enhance its spread through use of antibodies against the NTD region of the Wuhan spike protein. You don’t have to believe me, we can simply look at the studies, that reveal how this virus is changing: It’s changing to make use of your suboptimal vaccine induced immune response. From a Japanese study:

We analyzed … 16 anti-NTD neutralizing antibodies, and found that none of the anti-NTD neutralizing antibodies could recognize Delta spike … In contrast, when we analyzed the binding of the anti-NTD infectivity-enhancing antibodoies … eight out of ten anti-NTD enhancing antibodies bound to Delta spike at levels comparable with wild-type spike 

The virus changed its NTD region to render all the vaccine induced neutralizing antibodies obsolete. Of course it kept the epitopes where your vaccine induced antibodies enhance the infection.

Israel was first to vaccinate people and Israel was first to give people booster shots. We can also look at Israel, to see how well the vaccines have worked. If we look at the excess mortality, it becomes clear their most recent wave looks the same as the winter wave:

This is really not rocket science. If you have a new virus, a bunch of people get infected with it and die, then you vaccinate people and subsequently you see a new wave of the virus with the exact same rate of excess mortality as you saw before you gave the vaccine, then it means the vaccine didn’t work. With every additional layer of complexity you add to the equation, you merely add an additional opportunity to fool yourself into thinking that some other variable must be in play, each of which you will tip in favor of the hypothesis you wanted to prove all along.

We can see this psychological effect in action, simply by looking at how the goal posts for the vaccine have moved. At first, the vaccines were going to deliver us herd immunity, because the vaccinated people would be prevented from getting infected and thus even the unvaccinated would enjoy protection thanks to these vaccines. We were going to enjoy a “summer of festivals”. At this point, nobody claims the vaccines will prevent you from getting the virus anymore. Rather, you’re now supposed have a reduced risk of getting severely ill for a few months, even though the mortality curve in Israel looks the same as it did last winter.

So what then about all those fancy graphs showing that unvaccinated people got sick at much higher rates? Those graphs just prove what we already knew: Marginalized people are more likely to get sick from this virus than the general population. Among the unvaccinated you’ll find more ethnic and religious minorities, more people too sick to take the vaccine, more people who won’t take the vaccine because of mental illness (for example dementia patients who simply don’t get around to taking the vaccine, or chronically ill people who actively refuse to take the vaccines because they wouldn’t mind dying) andsoforth.

In England, the overwhelming majority of unvaccinated elderly are ethnic minorities who were already at much higher risk of dying from this virus. In Israel the same will be true, so comparing the vaccinated to the unvaccinated means comparing apples to oranges. When 95% of your at-risk elderly demographic takes the vaccines, the remaining 5% who did not take the vaccine are not properly representative of the overall elderly population. This doesn’t take a genius to figure out and yet I haven’t seen any serious journalists or policymakers bother to point it out. The handful of Israeli epidemiologists and demographers who bother mentioning this are ignored.

And that’s why we should focus on looking at the numbers that can’t be massaged or interpreted: Excess mortality and RNA in sewage. If those numbers don’t substantially improve then the vaccine doesn’t work. Those numbers haven’t substantially improved, so the vaccine doesn’t work. It’s as simple as that.

And unfortunately, the failure of the vaccine means we will now have to cope with the effect of giving people a bad vaccine too: Rather than protecting the subjects of our experiment against this virus, we obstructed these people’s immune systems from progressing to the optimal state of immunity they would have arrived at in the absence of our interventions.

The body normally meets the spike protein for the first time in our upper respiratory tract. It gets trapped in mucus, where IgA antibodies bind to the virus. When the IgA coated virus then infects the cells lining your upper respiratory tract, those cells will produce copies of this virus, but the IgA antibodies attached to the virus cause those cells that produce copies to produce inflammatory signals too. Your white blood cells show up, recognize the inflammation and the alien proteins produced by these cells and begins to develop a proper immune response.

With these vaccines, we decide to skip over the whole first line of defense your body developed against respiratory viruses over millions of years of evolution and decide to make your own epithelial cells lining your blood vessels express this toxic protein, by encapsulating mRNA in lipid particles that simply circumvent the immune response until they show up in your own cells where they cause the spike protein to be produced and expressed on the surface. What happens next? The honest answer is that we don’t really know for sure, but your body lacks all the inflammatory signals that normally tell it that “something is wrong” when it encounters the spike protein for the first time.

If you express an alien protein in our body in the absence of inflammatory signals, another phenomenon can occur: Tolerance. It’s in the presence of inflammation that your immune system learns to recognize what it needs to clean up. Take away the inflammation and you move the balance towards tolerance. We don’t yet know if these vaccines induce immune tolerance, but it would explain a lot of things that we encounter.

All the evidence suggests that the vaccines don’t contribute to developing optimal broad sterilizing immunity, but obstruct the path towards sterilizing immunity. You get stuck in an in between state: Your body recognizes this virus, but can’t develop a sterilizing immune response. And the virus is left with a relatively straightforward path on how to evolve: Learn to use the inadequate immune response that almost everyone has to your own advantage.

For Pfizer, Moderna and the rest of the gang, this is not serious problem. They are not liable for any damage caused by these vaccines. There will be new boosters that try to target new variants and other parts of the virus like the Nucleocapsid protein, there will be new patented medication and every winter will be a Q1 that exceeded Wall Street analysts’ expectations.

But for you and me? It means that this is now the new normal. We turned an unremarkable common cold that had been circulating for months in every major Western city before we learned of its existence, into a lifetime subscription to patented medication, injections with mRNA or genetically manipulated Adenoviruses and a totalitarian surveillance state that will decide whether the hospitals can cope with the number of people you wish to invite to your birthday party. That’s the price we pay for bad vaccines.


  1. humanity inadvertently killing itself in playing with the sacred fire it decided to is a good thing and it is a posture hostile to the earth itself to maintain that there’s anything at all wrong with it

    this species is a blight upon the very cosmos and it will be tortured to death for its affronts against existence committed with much for interest heaped on

    tears are not deserved, and you can bet your ass there are no innocents here.

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    This means that comments peddling obvious stupidity or disinformation will be removed. If you wish to argue that “the virus doesn’t exist”, that vaccines are used to inject you with tracking microchips or similar garbage that seems to be peddled by professional disinformation campaigns then your comment is not welcome here.

    This doesn’t mean “anything OP disagrees with gets deleted”. It means “anything that is so stupid that it seems to be the product of active disinformation campaigns funded by state actors gets deleted”.

  3. My wife and I initially both shunned the jab. In May, she buckled to external pressures and got the J&J “Clot Shot.” I have not discussed her decision, or asked if she is going to run out and get a booster. IMHO that was a one-way trip and what’s done is done. I remain an unmodified human being, staying under the tyrant’s radar for now. Other than the initial reactions she had on the day she got jabbed, she has had no further problems. But I fear for her in the long term, and am silently making plans for what I think will be her inevitable outcome.

  4. En réanimation, c’est très simple, c’est 100 % des malades qui ne sont pas vaccinés (à l’hôpital Bichat).
    That’s what facebook just informed me of.
    On UK radio it just said the old covid is getting worse and mask wearing, working from home and limiting the size of gatherings will have to come into effect. But as you say, most are vaccinated now.
    I agree about loads of powerful individuals and institutions having got behind vaccination, therefore admissions of having made mistakes are unlikely. They always are anyway among most run of the mill humans. Admitting one has been wrong is weak!

  5. What a great succinct explanation of where we are at.
    The injections will continue until mortality improves.

    Ditto the substack comment

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