How you are programmed to fear each other

Black American police are made to feel ashamed for defending the society they live in. It’s the most cruel thing I can think of.

It’s important to avoid succumbing to the temptation of thinking that the rioters and looters in American cities are somehow representative of African Americans. Everyone should be judged based on their own individual merit. In addition, black Americans are exposed to the same social media propaganda as white Americans, but the pressure on them is much stronger. When the propaganda is so overwhelming, even good people can succumb to dumb ideas. If we go back to 2015, 64% of black Americans said “all lives matter” better reflects their views than “black lives matter”. If you say that now, people think of you as a far-right extremist. What changed since then? Social media caused us to radicalize our views. Youtube turns teenage white boys into alt-right extremists, but Twitter has a similar effect on young black people.

Social media does not tell you to think about the millions of black people in Africa who now face hunger because of our idiotic response to the Corona virus that caused a global economic implosion. Why not? Because that would make you feel angry towards left wing politicians, ivory tower academics, clickbait social media, Twitter celebrities and other people who caused the hysteria. People sit at home unemployed, so they feel anger and frustration. Social media teaches them to lash out in anger at the police and “institutionalized white supremacy”. That way, the people who caused this economic disaster that will kill millions of the world’s poorest people get off scott free.

Black people should not be angry at white people and white people should not be angry at black people. We should be angry at the Silicon Valley tech moguls, who have earned vast fortunes, by weaponizing computer algorithms to radicalize hundreds of millions of people by locking us all up inside our own echo boxes. They turned us into madmen, because every extra second they can make us use their platforms means an extra dollar for them. How do they keep you addicted? Expose you to hatred and violence, make you fear other people and invisible viruses, convince you that other people hate you or look down on you.

In 2010, Chris Matthews said after a speech by Obama that he “forgot he was black tonight for an hour”. Why? Because America was well on its way to healing its racial trauma by then. Race was becoming irrelevant. What has happened since then? Smart people were turning into difficult cash crops, we had installed adblockers. The corporate media and Silicon Valley social media companies were left with less-tech savvy consumers and so they began to earn money by continually ripping open our old psychological wounds. Their business model was failing, so they embraced outrage porn for people with a ten second attention span.

If an elderly Chinese man collapses onto the floor, millions of Americans will now see it on their screen and become convinced that there is a “killer virus” that will decimate the human population. Back in the old days, when the media still had self-respect and ethics, they would warn you in advance that they were going to show you dead people. Now, they splatter them on the front page. If a white woman is mean to a black man, millions of people will now see it and think that this is how white people think of black people. Perhaps most disgusting of all is the pornography industry, which earns money by abusing and perpetually reinforcing all sorts of stereotypes that people harbor at a subconscious level, leaving people feeling threatened and inadequate.

The media will also stir us up against each other, by depicting people as ridiculous stereotypes of themselves. They will make the most extreme madmen appear as representative of entire groups. Consider how they depict the white nationalists. They will convince you that these are people who hate black people and want to have a racial war, so black people look at that and feel frightened. But in reality, the white nationalists I have known do not hate black people. In reality, they have been made to fear black people by the same media that depict them as white supremacists. I have known white nationalists who dated black women and had black separatist friends.

You will probably read the prior paragraph and think to yourself that I am defending white nationalists and condoning racism. That merely reveals how you have been programmed by the media to have a knee-jerk response against anyone who tries to bring some nuance in a polarized society. Human beings are far more complex and nuanced than the media would lead you to believe, because fear and hatred are good cash crops. They could reject white nationalism, without turning the white nationalists into a ridiculous stereotype of themselves, but that makes for poor headlines.

Another thing I find worth noting, is that the media now apparently has completely forgotten how they were warning a few years ago that the Russian government was looking for ways to spread civil unrest in America. In 2017, CNN reported how the Russian government sought to infiltrate the Black Lives Matter movement. The Russians also bought Facebook advertisements for Black Lives Matter in Baltimore and Ferguson, to exacerbate racial tensions. You might say to me that the hysteria about Russia is a media hoax, but I would recommend you to look better into the facts.

The evidence is overwhelming that the Russian government has tried to exacerbate tensions in the United States between various demographics in society for years. Now that cities across the United States are being looted, apparently nobody wants to ask the question whether the Russian government might be involved in this supposedly spontaneous outbreak of mass hysteria. You can look here for a very strange example, of how the Russian government funds events aimed at young black men, while simultaneously setting up rallies for Donald Trump supporters nearby.

So, what you are looking at right now, is a situation where computer algorithms try to fit us all into simple categories, continually exposing us to ideas and videos that will keep us interacting with their platform. They never challenge our biases, they simply reinforce them, because that’s the easiest way to keep us addicted. In addition to that, media are abandoning their journalistic standards, because they are struggling to stay afloat. They now resort to posting simple outrage-generating stories, for people with ten second attention spans.

You can add to this the problem that people are filled with frustration, because they have lost their jobs. Politicians implemented lockdown policies that still have no good evidence proving their effectiveness. Their incompetence will kill millions of people, so they would rather see you feeling angry towards boogeymen like “institutionalized white supremacy” that apparently somehow survived the Obama administration unscathed for eight years, instead of their own concrete demonstrable failures.

In addition to this, you have foreign governments, that have figured out years ago that internal tensions in American society are now very easy to exacerbate in an era of social media. You are now being programmed to fear each other, even though most normal people just want to get along.


  1. You’re exactly right to point out that we all mostly live in big tech’s mental prison, not because they only allow us access to their propaganda, but because they use algorithms to curate all available info, so even though it comes from diverse sources, nothing that even slightly disagrees with their narrative crosses our eyes.

    This doesn’t change the fact that Africans are completely horrible. I hate to say it, because I do like your blog, but you are really off with this one, and don’t really have the experience to back up your opinion.

    Aside from that minor hiccup, you’re completely right. The biggest threat to western civilization, and arguably industrial civilization generally, is the fact that huge double digit percentages of the population now don’t know any information that didn’t come to them through Google’s narrative engine. I keep saying, anyone who wanted to put a stop to this would probably be wise to shut down the internet and force people back to the libraries, and blame the shutdown on his political enemies somehow.

    • Yes, but you can browse the internet and every so often people namedrop, Neil Postman, Andrey Dikiy, Jacques Eylul, Anne Frank or whatever. If you can be bothered you can track down the book and have a nice read.

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