How’s that hybrid immunity working out for you guys?

Looking good guys.

So let’s see. We’re at:

-187 people hospitalized per day. Seasonal influenza in the Netherlands is 1.7 per year, per 100k people. So 306 hospitalizations for seasonal influenza in a year. So we’re right now getting a seasonal influenza wave worth of hospitalizations, every two days! Nice job everyone!

-Two times as much virus in sewage as during the previous peaks, with no indication of slowing down yet.

And in other news, it looks like it’s immunity debt repayment time for all the other viruses again too! It apparently has a high interest rate and comes in yearly installments, as seen here in Canada, for influenza:

Of course if you ask the midwits, viruses inevitably must evolve to become less virulent, so eventually this will stop. They’re wrong, smallpox shows the opposite can happen too, but here’s a question for the midwits: I think we can agree that viruses also evolve to become more infectious.

Imagine you’re by far the greatest boxer in the country. Tomorrow you have to fight the #2 in the country. The day after you have to fight the number three. The next day you’ll be fighting number four. Andsoforth. At some point, I think you’ll get a sore muscle or strain something, and even a weak guy at the bottom of the list will manage to beat you up!

Well, 10% of people are thought to get infected by influenza in a typical year. SARS2 infects you about twice a year on average. It damages and kills some of your white blood cells. Some people will be unlucky, they’ll get it four times a year. At what point are you so exhausted, even the chubby forty year old boxer who retired years ago can beat the shit out of you?

When a respiratory virus is more harmful to your body than influenza, you’re not supposed to be catching it over and over and over again. The reason the other corona viruses reinfect us, is because they’re so weak our immune system doesn’t bother developing a strong response against them. But someone who catches influenza doesn’t catch it again for a few years. But these idiots vaccinated everyone, so now the whole population is catching this virus over and over and over again.

Some of you poor guys probably thought this summer that it was finally coming to an end. But nope, when the virus seems to disappear, antibody concentrations decline in response too. So what happens then, is that a “lucky monster” from a chronic infection can establish a foothold in the population, further improve itself in the people with waning antibodies it infects and eventually spark another wave. You’re on Mr Bones Wild Ride, the ride that never ends.

What’s the point of this post?

Well, simple. The “COVID dissidents” peddle one of two mental models:

-This thing stops harming people when everyone has immunity against it and has been evolving to become steadily milder since Omicron emerged.

-You really screwed things up when you vaccinated everyone against this and it’s going to dramatically backfire.

I’ve been very clear in arguing that the latter scenario looks more likely.

“Coronavirus” doesn’t mean much. It means “crown-shaped virus”. It’s the equivalent of calling an animal a “mammal”. The idea that SARS2 eventually has to start behaving like the four hCovs we know is a bit like expecting you can safely sleep in the woods in Sweden without being gored by a bear, because a bear is a mammal and you’re used to mammals in the Netherlands being gentle and harmless.

My point is that when you look at what’s happening in the Netherlands right now, it’s pretty clear we’re entering the brave new world of the second scenario. Not as fast as I thought we would, I will readily admit to that. But I’m learning as I write.

If this thing was steadily growing less harmful, becoming like the other respiratory viruses that affect us, you would see less people hospitalized with it and you would not see new record amounts of this virus in our sewage.

It’s not my fault guys. If you have a population of eight billion primates, if billions of those primates are obese or geriatric, if many millions have immune systems destroyed by HIV, if those primates freely travel from one continent to another continent in hours, if you create a new SARS virus in genetically manipulated mice, if you allow that new SARS virus to escape and if you then decide to YOLO an mRNA vaccine designed to bypass your mucous membranes and fool your cells’ innate immune systems into not recognizing the alien RNA they are now forced to process, what do you people expect is going to happen?

What makes you think, that mother nature is now somehow obliged to make this whole thing unfold like all the previous influenza and hCov pandemics you have experienced?

You people never come up with good arguments, just some vague gut feelings and complaints that they’re “fearmongering” or “pushing a hoax”. Well yeah they’re fearmongering, because they’re afraid. And they’re afraid, because these retards spent their whole lives torturing lab animals with new viruses they created and it finally blew up in their faces. You would be afraid if your hand got stuck in the cookie jar and you heard your mom and dad coming home downstairs too.

These people have built mouse models, mice that have human genes, human immune systems or even human lungs, that allow them to infect mice with:



-Ebola virus

-Marburg virus

-Zika virus

-Polio virus


These are just the bugs I bothered to Google. They figured out how to modify the bodies of mice to make their bodies more human-like, so these mice can be infected with these bugs that would normally not infect mice.

And heaven knows how many other germs these morons with PhDs torture mice with.

And eventually, after playing Russian roulette hundreds of times, they got the bullet. They screwed something up and one of their man-made viruses designed for torturing mice ended up torturing humans instead.

Imagine if you had listened to the preachy vegans who break into laboratories to free the beagles and had just banned all animal experiments.

Maybe they just wanted to kill us all and they’re really good at making it look like they’re morons who spent their whole lives doing stupid shit that finally went wrong. But I think it is what it looks like: They’re midwits who did something stupid that blew up in their faces.

The reason these people don’t want you to know how this happened, is because it doesn’t just mean the end of “gain of function” research. It doesn’t mean they’re no longer allowed to put furin cleavage sites in corona viruses.

No, it means the end of ALL their bullshit. That’s part of the reason they’re reluctant to throw each other under the bus.

If you create a hybrid animal, an animal that is part-human, part-mouse, that’s going to allow whatever virus you infect that poor animal with to arrive at strange molecular configurations that would never evolve on their own in nature. If you create a mouse that has a weird immunodeficiency, like completely missing B cells for example, you also allow viruses to evolve towards strange positions on the fitness landscape.

All the stuff these people do is dangerous, because all the stuff these people do is unprecedented. Creating genetically modified pigs with human genes, so we can put a pig heart into a human being? That’s dangerous. These people who received these hearts died, because of pig viruses. Do we know what those pig viruses can do, when they’re suddenly free to replicate in a human body? Do we know what happens to the pig viruses when the guy with the pig-heart has sex with his wife? No, we don’t.

Scientists make errors, equipment breaks down, sometimes scientists go insane and start sending Anthrax in the mail. Militaries may be interested in experiments and pressure scientists to help them weaponize their research. Anything can happen. The idea that you can control these experiments, that you can trust scientists on their blue eyes, is insanity.

Ralph Baric argued that mice can’t spread SARS, because they “don’t sneeze”. Well, weird things happen. A virus can mutate and suddenly display behavior you hadn’t anticipated. You can just get very unlucky.

And if the consequence of your lack of luck is the birth of a new virus incompatible with human civilization, you should consider just resisting your curiosity desire to get published in Nature.


  1. Do you think this sort of thing has happened before?

    Because it seems unlikely for this to be the first time someone has cooked up a virus that’s gone global given the ease of international travel.

    Maybe this is the first time they’ve tried to mass vaccinate against the escapee, but surely multiple viruses must have escaped from the lab and spread around the world before.

    Makes me wonder what the true body count of these labs might be.

    • It’s generally believed that one of the influenza pandemics was an old influenza strain that escaped from a Soviet lab.

      These are also numerous minor lab leaks of smallpox and SARS1 that have happened over the years.

      The big West African Ebola outbreak is a highly likely candidate for a lab leak incident. Ebola just doesn’t occur natively in that region, there’s no good explanation how it showed up there.

      Lyme disease and even HIV itself have some evidence suggesting the medical sector had a role in causing these outbreaks.

      With HIV it really depends on how far you want to go.

      There’s very strong evidence that unsafe medical practices caused most of the spread of HIV in Southern Africa, rather than sexual activity. People received large numbers of injections, without proper sterilization of the needles.

      If you want to dig in deeper, there is some evidence Simian Immunodeficiency Virus received some help in turning into the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. I think the first SIV case ever found was a chimpanzee in a freezer at Fort Detrick. Just look at the special virus cancer program they were working on in Fort Detrick if you want to get really paranoid.

      Some argue HIV was just created by splicing different viruses together and the chimpanzees they experimented on were released back into the wild in Africa. But if you want to believe that, you’ll have to explain away some early HIV cases that were documented.

      • Weren’t the first documented cases of HIV from Congolese eating chimps? That’s one good argument for veganism right there.

      • Ah, I see, this quickly becomes a ‘how long is a piece of string?’ type of thing.

        The fools.

        It’s miraculous that they haven’t managed to kill us all yet.

        There are times when I wish I had a flamethrower.

  2. Here’s one you might understand Rintrah: “The fulminant spread of JN.1 is a highly worrisome prognostic indicator…”

    ‘Fulminant’ sounds bad to me, but it isn’t exactly a word I hear every day, so I had to look it up:

    “Fulminant (/ˈfʊlmɪnənt/) is a medical descriptor for any event or process that occurs suddenly and escalates quickly, and is intense and severe to the point of lethality, i.e., it has an explosive character.[1] The word comes from Latin fulmināre, to strike with lightning.”

    And yeah, it’s as bad as it sounds.

    • His last par reads like some kind of doomsday virus beat poetry:

      “Strongly diminishedneutralizing capacity)NNAb-dependent BTI by Omicron(or newly emerged S -2 variants)Boosting of previously primedNAbs(OAS)SIR: Priming of new cross S variant-reactive AbsBoosting of previously SIR-primed cross S variant-reactive Abs(RAS)Prolonged suboptimal inhibition of infectionSuboptimal immune pressure on viral infectiousnessNew more infectious immune escape variantsShort-lived inhibition of infection (SN)Re-exposure to Omicron (or newly emerged S -2variants updated – booster vaccines”

  3. Maybe you’ve written about this before, I’m not sure – but do you know the theory of Dr. McMillan?

    “… that more clearly explains every aspect of COVID-19 than autoimmunity … I found that there were all these other proteins [e. g. Neuropilin-1] attached to the spike protein … this virus gets into your bloodstrean and starts collecting all of these proteins on the surface of it. When the immune system picks this up it has to assume that all of these proteins on the spike protein are part of the spike protein and therefore makes antibodies to it … that would explain … how we can see across all of these systems – lung, neurology, muscle, muscular, mental health, kidney … We only see this kind of presentation around autoimmunity, that’s the point I’m making.”

    See here:

  4. Geert van den Bossche just had an interesting interview with Steve Kirsch. He believes for some impenetrable reasons that JN.1 could be The Big One he’s been anticipating, the variant that turns viciously deadly, wiping out 30% of the vaxxed.
    I’ve also been listening to JJ Couey, who has come to believe that it’s impossible for a respiratory virus to cause a pandemic. He thinks the coof was intentionally seeded in certain hotspots like New York.
    I’ve decided that nobody understands viruses or the human immune system. The science just isn’t advanced enough. All I’m sure of is that it’s crazy to agree to be injected with these poison spike protein concoctions. I can’t believe so many people did it.

    • I saw that interview too; except I heard Geert say 30-40%

      It seemed like Kirsch did press Geert to put a number on things though, and Geert did seem to qualify his answer by suggesting that it was complicated and depended on various factors, so it might be just his best guess at the time and under pressure.  

      • Kirsch pressed him to name one “safe and effective” vaccine and Bossche the vaccinologist went around and around before finally saying maybe the Hep B shot. 😆😅🤣😂
        Frankly, I don’t know if Geert has ever been right about anything.

  5. I think the main message here is to make the most of 2024. Stop wasting hours on the internet, stop eating junk food. Spend more time with your family and more time in nature while under the influence of safe doses of psychedelics. More exercise and meditation. Maybe take the time to learn a bit more about prepping incase shit really starts hitting the fan from next Winter onwards.

    I would say that this advice is especially important if you live in The United States. The Democrats will be getting desperate coming up to the November election because of how far ahead Trump is in the polls. Massive false flag as a way of cancelling the election? Assassinate Trump and risk provoking a civil war? American society is extremely divided politically and culturally, there are irreconcilable differences between liberals and conservatives. The liberal cockroaches have destroyed California and Oregon and are now spreading their disease to Texas and Idaho. Their goal is to turn all America blue. They must be stopped.

  6. “The idea that you can control these experiments, that you can trust scientists on their blue eyes, is insanity”

    Is trusting on blue eyes an idiom in your land? Never heard this before

    • >Is trusting on blue eyes an idiom in your land? Never heard this before

      Yes, it is.

      It’s extremely hard not to slip idioms from your native language into a second language in my experience.

  7. Interesting how Delta (Aug 2021) doesn’t show as a big deal in these NL charts, but it was quite bad here in the US. Are BMI differences so big as to account for that?

  8. The whole neighboring family is sick, and their 2 children of ca. 5 years of age have pneumonia. Christmas festivities are certainly going to facilitate the evolution of covid even more. Big kekw situation

    • Towards the end of the video, Geert says that he’s getting together with friends and family to discuss what to do when the virus becomes lethal to the vaccinated, which he thinks is going to happen any day now.

      It makes me wonder, what steps might anyone be able to take?

      How do you prepare for 30-40% of the vaccinated dying from the virus?

      I’d be tempted to lay low if I could. Not out of fear of the virus, but because I’d like to put some distance between myself and whatever stupid diktats the authorities and crazy vaccinated people might decide to inflict on everyone.

      Their actions on this issue to date hardly inspire confidence.

      It’s impossible to imagine the kind of insane things that they could do when they start to drop.

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