Hunger for status makes people immune to reason

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It’s kind of stupid to expect that you can influence most people’s opinions with evidence, facts or reason. Increasingly, Western society is divided between two categories of people:

-A minority of people who have a low socioeconomic status, who recognize how the world actually works.

-People who adhere to an opinion about how the world works that is factually inaccurate and/or extremely far-fetched, but happens to be associated with a high socioeconomic status.

We see different terms used for the first category: Right-wing populist, conspiracy theorist, science-denier, antivaxxer, Trumptard, racist, homophobe, transphobe, sexist, etcetera. These terms tend to be somewhat paradoxical, because ethnic minorities are overrepresented among people who understand how the world actually works.

The reality is that we now live in a world where the guy who fixes your sink or your car has a better understanding of how the world works than someone who has an Ivy League degree. The reason for that is because we have ended up in a society where the social norms among the managerial class dictate that you need to have an absurd worldview.

IQ is increasingly irrelevant, because modern society is so ridiculous that you don’t need to be very smart to recognize that the things we’re doing are ridiculous. Instead, you just need to have a mind that’s open to new information, even if adjusting your opinion in response to this new information will lower your status in the eyes of your peers. Most people are now incapable of that.

As a simple example, it’s now a common trend that men in their fifties who are married and have two or three children suddenly come to the conclusion that they have spent their whole lives living a lie, because deep down they are actually women all along. They then undergo a series of surgical treatments, like the destruction of their genitalia, insertion of fake breasts and removal of the bone underneath their eyebrows, to allow them to appear like they were born as women. In addition to this, they now have to spend the rest of their lives injecting hormones of the opposite gender. You don’t need to have a very high IQ to recognize that this is an absurdity. Rather, what you need is the ability to go along with an absurdity. If you can’t go along with this absurdity, if you say out loud “this is an absurdity”, it will make it difficult for you to take on a prominent position in our society.

It’s human nature to want to have a high socioeconomic status. If you have a high socioeconomic status, historically this meant you had a better chance to pass on your genes. If you reproduced, your children had a lower infant mortality rate. Women with a high status, like women from the nobility, often had peasant women who breastfed their children for them. Because of this they could have another child within a year of giving birth, which is generally impossible for women who have to breastfeed their children themselves. For young men, whenever a war broke out, you were generally last to be sent off into the meat grinder. Phd’s are not sent into the trenches.

As a result of all of this, the genes of people with a low socioeconomic status are over time replaced by those of people with a high socioeconomic status. That’s why people tend to seek out ways of signaling that they have a high socioeconomic status. They don’t generally consciously realize that this is why they’re doing it, but it’s nonetheless why they’re doing it.

Here are some ways to signal that you have a high socioeconomic status:

-Signal that you trust in “science”, which mostly just means believing in a handful of complex technological solutions that happen to be profitable for a handful of large corporations. If you trust in science, it means that you trust the work performed by people with a high socioeconomic status, which suggests in turn that you have a high socioeconomic status yourself. Ways to signal that you trust in science include getting vaccinated and posting a photo on social media of the needle entering your skin.

-Demand that more refugees are allowed into your country. People with a high socioeconomic status tend to have relatively few interactions with ethnic minorities (except for token minorities), so unlike people with a low socioeconomic status, they’re not afraid of them.

-Twenty years ago, it worked to signal that you have no problem with homosexuality. These days, even blue collar conservative heterosexual white men (the people with the lowest status in our society) tend to signal that they have no problem with homosexuality. This means that you need to signal the underlying message in a stronger manner. Ways to signal your status now tend to involve signaling that you’re in favor of transgenderism. Although most working class conservative heterosexual white men can now stomach the idea of being around a guy who takes it up the ass, the idea of a guy who signs up to have his body surgically mutilated to fool people into thinking he was actually born as a woman is still a bridge too far for them. You can signal that you consider this all perfectly normal by putting your pronouns in your Twitter biography or dressing your son up as a girl.

-Buy an electric car. This allows you to signal that you care about the environment, but also have a lot of money to spend, both of which are associated with a high socioeconomic status. You could theoretically also avoid owning a car altogether of course, but this makes it difficult to distinguish you from someone who simply doesn’t have enough money for an electric car.

-Eat grass fed beef. This makes it look like you care about animals, the environment and have a lot of money. Again, your grass fed beef isn’t going to do anything substantial to keep the planet habitable, because a world where hundreds of millions of people eat grass fed beef would have no room left for trees, but it allows you to signal that you theoretically care about keeping the planet habitable.

-Adopt an African orphan. Children are ultimately like expensive pets that take very long to mature. If you adopt an African orphan you demonstrate that you’re not racist, care about other people and want to reduce suffering.

-Go to Africa as part of a “voluntourism” project. This means you spend two weeks in an African orphanage, before flying back to your own country. The children have two weeks to grow attached to you, only for you to abandon them again in the same way as their parents abandoned them. You could also just stay home and donate the money you save to Terre des Hommes or some other charity, but the screenshots of a donation to a charity won’t charm your peers as much as the pictures of you surrounded by African orphans.

-Get a Phd. The best way to signal your high socioeconomic status is still to get a Phd. This demonstrates that you were willing to spend years of your life, increasing your socioeconomic status. It doesn’t change the fact that you’re still decomposing biological matter that expires after ninety revolutions around the sun and turns into compost again, just like the rest of us, but it makes it look like you accomplished something meaningful in the meantime.

-Try to look like you’re not actually part of the ethnic group you’re part of. For non-European women, this means dyeing your hair blonde. For European women, this means getting a tan.

-Disparage your own native language. If you’re Dutch, a great way to signal your socioeconomic status is to pretend to have an accent because you studied abroad for a year.

-Brag about how much time you spend being “busy”. You should leave the impression that you spend every single moment of your wake hours engaged in work. In reality you probably sit in a sterile cubicle somewhere under fluorescent lights browsing Facebook and Instagram most of your time, but you need to convince your peers that you have a very busy and very important job.

-Always make sure that you don’t directly explain what it is that you do on a daily basis at your job. At least that is, unless people have a high opinion of the job. If you’re a brain surgeon, sure, tell people that you’re a brain surgeon. On the other hand, if you have a bullshit job, like most people with a high socioeconomic status, be sure to be very vague when you describe your job. Here are some terms to consider using:







You should combine the above terms with some of the following terms:

-Human resources






Be creative. If you’re afraid that people might figure out you spend your days staring at a screen, filling in numbers in a spreadsheet and writing obscure documents that three people skim through, be sure to throw in more lingo and buzzwords.

-Replace certain letters in words with the letter “x”. Women becomes womxn. Latino’s becomes latinx. With every x you add to a word in your sentence, you further increase your socio-economic status. Thxs rxxlly worxx I cxn defxnxtlx rexxxxxx xxxx. xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx. xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx!

These are some tricks to increase your socioeconomic status. I should also warn you to avoid falling for some of the following traps, which will reduce your socioeconomic status:

-Avoid exposing yourself to information peddled by anonymous accounts on Twitter, especially if you see them posting pictures of green cartoon frogs. The sort of information these accounts post tends to contradict what people with a high socio-economic status believe to be true. As an example, if you expose yourself to the information peddled by anonymous accounts or by people who are banned from social media, you may find yourself believing that the SARS-COV-2 vaccines are killing a lot of people. Although this is factually correct, it’s a belief that you can’t be honest about. In other words, you’re better off not being aware of it, because if you ever reveal yourself to be aware of this fact, it will harm your career and your socio-economic status.

-Try to avoid doing a job that actually contributes to society. The more directly your job contributes to society, the more it reduces your socio-economic status. You fix people’s plumbing? You mine coal? You drive a truck? These are the sort of jobs that keep society running, if you stopped doing your job, we would all be in big trouble. On the other hand, if the world’s epidemiologists had collectively quit their jobs back in January of 2020, the only effect we would have seen is that fewer people would have died. When your job is too complex for us to see how it contributes to society, we automatically tend to assume your job is simply too complex for us to be capable of understanding how it contributes to society, rather than the possibility that it doesn’t contribute to society at all.

-Never admit that you made a mistake. People don’t respect honesty, they respect confidence. Admitting that you make mistakes reduces your status, because most experts never admit they were wrong, which thus makes you appear as less competent than the other experts. As an example, never admit that the vaccine is proving to be less effective than you anticipated. Instead, always make sure to simply blame the “new strain” and the “antivaxxers” for anything that goes wrong. Whenever things go worse than you expected, blame the people who don’t do what you say. When things go better than you expected, take credit yourself.

-Don’t think critically! This is the most important aspect. Most people who lose their high socioeconomic status tend to be the sort of people who look at the facts and conclude “something doesn’t add up here”. This then causes them to have an opinion that contradicts the dominant cultural narrative. Even if the things you learned through your education end up contradicting the new dominant cultural narrative, you should never say out loud that the new dominant cultural narrative is wrong. Rather, you should focus on trying to forget what you learned through your education, as it’s no longer relevant.

As an example, many health care workers constantly learned throughout their education and training that you should avoid shaming people for being sick. The AIDS epidemic was often given as a good example. This is no longer true. If people now get sick, you should blame them for not being vaccinated and/or failing to follow social distancing guidelines. This has the effect of making unvaccinated people who get sick from this virus delay seeking healthcare, thereby giving them more time to spread the virus and making their condition worse by the time they do end up going to the hospital. That doesn’t matter however, because the dominant cultural narrative has now changed.


  1. Excellent post!

    Dr. Shane Huntington was willing to sacrifice his son to the “rare and manageable” heart condition that may significantly shorten his son’s life. How brave he is. Many of high socioeconomic status will applaud the doctor rather than criticize him for being a wicked fool.

    A normal human being, convicted of his sin, would have been weeping and felt severe remorse and guilt, and maybe have asked for forgiveness – but not the enlightened Huntington. He wants his brand of mercy spread to all children.

    “This is what divine punishment looks like.”

  2. The scary thing is that this might actually work for those people, and society will simply suffer. The extreme example is North Korea. Everyone in the upper class knows what the solution is: Shoot the leaders in the head and introduce freedom. But they’re too absorbed in climbing the ladder or maintaining their position to think of the world they’re leaving for their children.

  3. Pretty good list, but the item “Eat grass fed beef” is outdated. Only deplorable right wing populists eat meat. Progressives are vegetarians, true progressives aspiring to became important people are vegans.

  4. Excellent!

    “The individual seeks out the heat of the crowd, in this century, to protect himself against the cold emanating from the corpse of the world.” – Nicolas Gomez Davila

  5. Gotta set you straight on a cutla these job titles kid. Engineer is a serious gig. Ive worked as an environmental engineer. Ive been offered bribes to lose samples of lead and asbestos laden materials dumped on residential land by unscrupulous developers, ive traced and contained toxic hydrocarbon leaks from buried fuel tanks into rivers. It was dirty, muddy, difficult, technical and dangerous work. Most people couldnt give a shit beyond their personal profit, and you need a brass ring piece to do your job. Ive been a quality control technician and had to hard ball construction workers to build bridges properly. The desperate pakistani and venezualan immigrant engineers i worked with were too indentured to do this and ive seen the constructions they were responsible for literally wash away. Ive been to africa and the middle east as a consultant engineer, and forced corrupt operators to build very dangerous dams to proper engineering spec, and stopped them dumping burnt motor oil in the water shed of the rural poor (that they actually drink and bathe in). Ive also worn the prefixes project and senior in various roles and believe me, they relate to something (although i have seen many other cases where it doesnt). Otherwise, another great article, you just sound a bit naive, young, and possibly jealous? on this front.

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