Hysterical climate alarmists want to tax cow farts and make us eat bugs

If, as a hysterical climate alarmist, you want to tax cow farts and make us eat bugs, it helps if there is something left to tax.

Unfortunately, things are not going well on that front.

Ground temperatures in Spain reached 60 degree Celsius yesterday. Ground temperatures are not the height you generally hear about, but it illustrates an important point: Heatwaves cause heatwaves. I have this gorgeous graph for you to illustrate it:

How does this work? When temperatures increase, evaporation increases. This is only true of course, if there is water in the soil available to evaporate. When there is no water available to evaporate, temperatures increase further. The increase in temperature then causes more water in surrounding areas to evaporate. This then allows the heat to stay for long periods of time.

This is positive feedback. It is a form of feedback that happens when plants can not release sufficient amounts of moisture. And it’s a problem particularly for grasslands and agriculture:

A challenge relates to understanding the impact of prolonged drought phenomena, in which plant strategies related to water use during the onset of the event determine the total plant available water in later stages. As such, both the more conservative use of water as well as their deeper rooting system imply an evolutionary advantage for forests compared to nonforest ecosystems, where plant available moisture is lower and used at faster rates during the earlier stages of these events.

This is what I mean, when I say the Holocene is fine-tuned for agriculture. Agriculture looks like a pretty self-evident logical thing. But the reason it happened during the Holocene, is because the climatic conditions were right for it. With the way things are now going, those climatic conditions are disappearing.

The environment we’re now entering, is one better suited for forests. Forest ecosystems can cope better with these conditions. In other words, if as a freedom-loving patriot you think we can sequester carbon with large grasslands full of herds of grazing animals, that’s bad news for you. You were scammed.

To adjust to these conditions, you’re going to need drought resistant perennial crops. That’s your best option.

Here are some examples:

Pistachios are a great crop to grow in dry environments. The trees need little water and with their deep roots, they can release water into the environment to generate rain and keep their environment cool.

The prickly pear cactus is another great fruit for us to grow. It’s healthy and the cactus is very good at surviving in very dry soils.

The pomegranate is also drought-tolerant. This tree too can help release moisture when necessary.

The fig tree is also good at coping with dry summers.

These are the sort of crops you’re going to need to grow, if you want your civilization to survive the coming decades. And anyone can help generate demand for these crops, simply by buying them.

There are also drought-tolerant grains we can grow. A good example is Buckwheat.

Of course, American low IQ low status white males don’t want to eat these plants, because they’re full of (gasp) carbohydrates. They want to eat their steak and cheese and thus they condemn us all to death.

Fortunately, karma is real. American low IQ low status white males are going to be morbidly obese and develop massive prostates. Their last years of life will be miserable, after which they will reincarnate as the animals they eat.

This is why we need climate lockdowns for American low status white males, while their wives should be free to go on vacation to Gambia (provided they travel there by boat).


  1. I’ve noticed this carnivore craze has reached Europe, or the UK anyway. A few people in my work are doing it. I had a date with a girl who asked me about my eating habits (she informed me that she is a carnivore and feeds her five-year-old son the diet) and I told her I was vegetarian and she then asked if it was for health reasons. When I told her it was for moral as well as health reasons the look of total disgust on her face more or less ended the date.

    Needless to say, I despise Americans more than ever now. Perhaps Europe should join up with India, China, Japan, Russia (fucking everyone) and declare war on the bastards. Total genocide. Tear up their stupid fucking constitution and make it a joint European/Russian/Indian/Chinese fiefdom. It would help smooth relations with them too. Although we would obviously have to divide it up with them.

    • >Needless to say, I despise Americans more than ever now. Perhaps Europe should join up with India, China, Japan, Russia (fucking everyone) and declare war on the bastards. Total genocide. Tear up their stupid fucking constitution and make it a joint European/Russian/Indian/Chinese fiefdom.

      This has long been overdue.

      • >> Why is it so hard for LSWMs to accept we have a genuine problem?

        Yes. Indeed, we have a real problem: our hubris. It makes us blind.
        We try to play God, to control nature.
        If there is a climate change – of course it MUST be man-made. Then we develop a theory, which may be wrong, but this doesn’t matter, at least some megalomaniacs now “know” how to “fix” it. Any doubt is forbidden…

        Didn’t we just had this with the Covid vaccines?

      • Your reply is rather puzzling. I shared an interesting theory about climate change (and its dangers to humanity) and you either did not bother to read it or you did and you do not understand it.

        • Here’s an interesting theory: Maybe you will walk home tomorrow and a million dollar will fall from the sky onto your front lawn, wiping away any of your financial worries.

          I mean, I’m not saying it will happen. I’m saying it’s a theory. It could happen. You can’t rule it out.

          It’s also possible you have an old neighbor who left you in your will.

          Or the painting you inherited from your grandmother is actually worth a small fortune.

          And so before you stop spending money and start paying off your credit card debt, you need to at least consider these theories.

          And maybe you can debunk these theories. But have you ever considered the possibility that the Biden administration will just decide to have your credit card debt forgiven?

          Or perhaps inflation will skyrocket to 200% a year, while your interest rate stays at 9%. Imagine how pointless it would be to pay it off then, if you can just wait a few years until the money is negligible compared to the salary you’ll earn?

          And until you can debunk these theories, you should just stick to letting your debt build up. And by the time you have debunked these theories, I will have some new theories for you to consider.

          Because I want to keep you blind to reality. And I want to keep you blind to reality, because I want to keep you trapped.

          • OK confirmed you did not read it and have no interest in reading it. Closed minds have value too I suppose…ironically something you are accusing others of.

  2. Let me tell you something (I am half Spanish from Andalucía): People there have the same mindset than LSWM Americans. They love their jamón, their chorizo, their pools, and 95% don’t give a damn about the environment, even though they are the first ones to see the effects of all this. That’s the point we are at right now, i.e. there is nothing really that can still happen of which you could reasonably expect that it would make people suddenly act in a reasonable manner. Many people live in these overcrowded stacked cities on the coast and don’t mind that millions of tourists are imported every year to ravage the remaining natural resources. Large parts of the coastline has been completely built up at the cost of all the aquatic and semiaquatic environments, and noone gives a damn. you know why? Because they don’t know anything else and are completely disconnected from nature in their daily lifes expect for the 5 months they go to the terraformed beach. Or just look up the Mar Menor. Not long ago it was an unique ecosystem, and now it’s your typical eutrophicated lagoon. In summary, I propose to rename the human species to H. masochisticus, which also indicates how this insane madness will finally end.
    By the way I am ready to really live this message in my life now and become a preachy LSWM, no matter the costs. All these Jimmy boys (formerly my friends and acquaintances) are going to have to deal with this sooner or later now if they want to stick around. I am just fucking out here now (not literally) living the message, and if they can’t deal with the mental pressure of their own delusion than whatever.

    • >That’s the point we are at right now, i.e. there is nothing really that can still happen of which you could reasonably expect that it would make people suddenly act in a reasonable manner.

      Yep. They basically deserve to die.

      Hence SARS-COV-2. If it doesn’t kill their bodies, it will just destroy their brains.

  3. ps: apparently masochism has this sexual connotation in English, so that would not be a fitting species name. In Spanish it just means to derive pleasure from negative emotions, states, etc. I certainly identify myself with the latter, that’s why I come to this blog.

  4. Glad youre seeing that the heavy handed govt carbon solutions are all worse than worthless and just a lever of control. True health, economic, and environmental freedom can be found with mass adoption of 100pct plant based diets and the changes to our systems that would necessarily follow. and think how many sacred govt cows this would slaughter. 1. healthcare/pharma are instantly bankrupted as people are no longer are fat medicated and diseased. just removing diabetes alone would do this. 2. wars/crime, meat diets bring anger and aggression, i dont see happy vegans signing up up to kill people overseas.
    3. big ag, goodbye pepsi mcdonalds etc, along with the animal slaughter camps. Turn it into food forests and orchards. With the loss of 1 and 2 and 3 and the knock on effects, that pretty wipes out the most of the corrupt parts of the govt. They of couse know this and so will want to keep the literal gravy train rolling, so they come up with things like carbon restrictions and other nonsense to cloud the issue instead of planting trees and encouraging a plant based diet.

  5. You want quality speech? Not up to it. This civilization has screwed itself so thoroughly it is beyond saving. The multi-billion dollar plastics industry has poisoned the entire fucking planet with endocrine disrupters. When you can find micro plastics in the snow of Antarctica and our own internal organs, it’s over. Don’t have it in me to care about your CO2 levels anymore.

    • Environmental problems Low Status White Males accept as real: Anything that reduces their testosterone.

      Environmental problems Low Status White Males don’t accept as real: Anything that suggests they have to stop stuffing the flesh of dead animals down their pie-holes.

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