I Found A Creepy Green Building

This is the Dutch version of the Blair Witch Project: An LSWM sneaks into a car-centric town for HSWMs where he finds a green glowing vampire’s lair. “Why are you making videos all of a sudden?” I’m bored and I want to give some good evidence that I’m not just an AI bot, in anticipation of a lot of shit hitting the fan.

Anyway I’m positively surprised by the quality of the video, especially the sound, I was afraid the quality would be too low for Schizo Night Saturday but it’s good enough. Yes, I’m planning on Saturday, I’ll start streaming at 9PM Central European Time exactly.


  1. HE SPEAKS!!!

    I’m looking forward to tuning in to tomorrow night’s livestream, I will not be dropping any comments in the live chat (if there is one) because my YouTube profile username contains part of my real name. So, I will be watching the stream while logged out of my YouTube account. Should be fun.

    P.S. not sure if you’re just being sarcastic/joking (it can be hard to detect on a video sometimes) about the reason for the building being green, but if you’re not, it’s because it’s only 2 days until St. Patrick’s Day.

    P.P.S. as an Irish person, I honestly couldn’t care less about St. Patrick’s day. I have no interest in parades, and I hardly drink any alcohol.

  2. The satiated day is never the greatest.
    The best day is a day of thirst.

    There is probably purpose and meaning in our journey
    but it is the pathway there, which is worth our while.

    The greatest aim is a night long rest,
    where the fire is lit and the bread broken in haste.

    In the place, where you sleep but once,
    sleep becomes safe and the dream full of song.

    Move on, move on! The new day is dawning.
    Endless is our great adventure.

    • OK, I will consider making an anonymous account.

      No one comes on this earth to stay
      Our bodies are like rose trees –
      They grow petals then wither and die.
      But our hearts are like grass in the springtime,
      They live on and forever grow green again.

  3. Reminds me of an abandoned castle I’ve seen some time ago, named Palácio da Dona Chica. Without the ominous green light.

      • Wow she even has her own tldr sperg manifesto.

        Grade A marriage material, I want her to sit on my face until I turn blue, to save the earth of course

        • Manifesto is kinda weak. Not enough racism and hatred of men. I started going soft when she began yapping about how she’s not racist and doesn’t hate men. But she is young and finnish, she would be more racist if she were older or lived somewhere more vibrant.

      • Radagast we all know you want a gf that could kill you, it’s why you keep taking Datura you maniac.

  4. If the building is truly abandoned and is still being illuminated at night, it’s probably because there are workers working, I would presume.

    I know others have accused you of being an A.I., but I’m beginning to think you are an Archon.

    For those unfamiliar with UFO/alien abduction lore, a common theme in abduction accounts is the abductee being sat in front of a kind of holographic screen, where they are presented with images of humans’ “inhumanity to Nature” or somesuch. War, pestilence, famine, and of course, pollution and “climate change”.

    The very strong impression given to these abductees is that a great cataclysm is approaching and that they need to act as an ambassador for the “aliens” (in reality, Archons) and that the abductee is expected to return to his or her earthly life and do their best to warn all the other humans of what is in store for us if we don’t “mend our ways”

    But as highly regarded abduction researchers like Dr. David Jacobs and Dr. Karla Turner take great pains to express, these “aliens” are full of DECEPTION. There are countless examples of these “aliens” being caught in lies. It seems their oh-so-altruistic concern for Earth is not for our benefit, but THEIRS. Complete and total deception. Is it because they want to institute a One World Government? Or perhaps they merely want to produce hybrids with humans who will infiltrate the levers of power so that the “aliens” will have access to the natural resources they accuse us humans of “depleting.”

    Anyway, I’ll try to be there for the livestream.

    • bruh, any aliens or archons or wtfever that can alien-abduct people on the physical plane don’t need to institute a one world government; they can just pew pew pew, the end. you think some advanced physical intelligence gives a shit about comparative government? what are you on about?

  5. Quote Mehen: “Truthfully, it seems their powers are concentrated in the “astral realm” or some such, …”

    Because they can only use the Waters of Heaven (light and sound).

    When I was in the hidden realm between, I found this:

    Let there be Space between the waters.
    Let there be Light between the waves.
    Let there be Sound between the drops.
    Let there be Time between the lifes.

    • That’s why I think we have two gods who together created the universe.

      The electric god, responsible for light and sound, but with no matter in his realm. You could call this “Heaven”.

      And the magnetic god, responsible for space and time, but with no light/sound in her realm. You could call this “Hell”.

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