I warn you: It’s not difficult

(GERMANY OUT) ' Anne Frank, German Jew who emigrated with her family to the Netherlands during the Nazi era. Separated from the rest of her family, she and her sister died of typhoid fever in the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen - As a 12-year old doing her homework - 1941 (Photo by ADN-Bildarchiv/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

Sometimes things are not difficult: The bad guys are the ones who torture children in front of their parents and use children as human shields. That’s all you have to know and the less I have to explain to you, the better off you are.

Nothing compares, to the suffering caused by those who choose to be cruel. The raw qualia consciousness is subjected to are qualitatively different.

The Jews are not CHOOSING to be cruel to people’s children. This is the important thing to comprehend. Ethics is not a numbers game.

The one who is erring is the one who actively chooses to commit a cruelty against someone who did not deserve it, who targets the innocent.

When you reward an enemy for using children as human shields, you ensure that they will keep doing it.

You create a world, in which the most cruel and brutish men get their will. It is the shadow of our world.

This was the principle of the false prophet Muhammed: To terrorize people into submission through unfathomable cruelty.

His cruelty converted people to his creed, yet this same cruelty reveals his message did not originate from God.

This was also the principle of the false prophet Marx and the Bolshevik revolutionaries: Revolutionary terror.

They are the men who cruelly tortured Russian priests, nuns and monks to death.

This is why the thugs and the cruel people of this world, side with the thugs and the cruel people.

It’s also why the cowards of this world adjust to the norms of those thugs and cruel people.

You shall know them by their fruit.

They are motivated in their rebellion by envy.

Envy because you are an aristocrat, envy because you are rich, envy because you are disinterested in worldly pleasures, envy because you are white, envy because you are Jewish.

This envy makes them reveal what has taken possession of them.

If you can’t figure this out, I can’t help you.

It means the divine light is not present in you.

The Beast is covered in the blood of Jewish innocents and when you agree to smear it on yourself, you are making a big mistake.

The Beast is handing out a Cup of Death. Do not partake in it.

Do not be bitter and resentful towards the Jews.

It means you do not understand the responsibility the Jews had placed on them.

I’m not going to try to prove what I am explaining here to you.

Go take psychedelics if you insist you have to understand how this all works.

You need to understand it? You can’t just believe me on this one thing and spare yourself comprehension?

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