Ideological science is bad science: Corona vaccination and Soviet Lysenkoism

I feel like clarifying today that I’m not per definition against the idea of vaccination against SARS-COV-2, nor do I belong to the group of people who seem to think that we’re not really dealing with a pandemic due to a new virus. It’s quite clear by now that we’ve witnessed millions of deaths around the world because of the virus. I’m not against vaccines. I’m against vaccines that cause more harm than good. Everything I see suggests to me that the Spike based Adenovirus vector and mRNA vaccines cause more harm than good.

To illustrate this, I want to look for a brief moment at the current situation in Israel. They were first to start with the initial vaccines and they were first to start with the booster campaign at a nationwide level. Right now, they are suffering from the world’s highest case rate of SARS-COV-2 per capita, with 125,000 infections in the past two days, on a population of nine million people:

All of the nations listed above Israel in this list, have fewer than 100,000 inhabitants. They are wealthy densely populated micronations, many with very old populations (Andorra, San Marino). They can’t be properly compared to other nations. If you filter out all nations with fewer than 100,000 inhabitants, Israel has the world’s highest case rate per capita right now.

It looks like this:

I would expect the zero COVID crowd to be more critical about these vaccines, as they clearly don’t have any meaningful ability to reduce the number of cases. A vaccine like this that makes you more likely to get infected with COVID isn’t exactly going to help us get down to zero cases. And yes, these vaccines make you more likely to get infected.

Israel is the first place where we can clearly see what happens when the booster honeymoon is behind us. You enter the zone of deeply negative protection against infection. We also know by the way why this is: The vaccines boost the quantity of your immune response well beyond that of a natural infection (thus leading to many of the harmful side-effects we see in people). Unfortunately the quality of the immune response is very low. As the quantity of the immune response declines, the lack of quality means you rapidly reach the point where the immune response enhances infection again.

At an individual level, the boosters are a disaster. At a population level, they’re also a disaster. They homogenize the immune response and so the effect at a population level is like a town where everyone gets the same lock installed on their door. For the first few nights everyone feels safe again, but after some experimentation the burglar figures out a fake key that works on one lock and now the burglar can rapidly enter every home without any real effort. That’s what you see happening in Israel right now.

I don’t claim to know how bad this pandemic is going to get. That’s hard to predict, because humans both have the ability to exacerbate and to end this pandemic. All the other corona viruses that jumped the species barrier and evolved into human corona viruses turned into non-issues over time, but if one had been different and maintained its initial severity after jumping the species barrier or had grown steadily more dangerous, we wouldn’t be here right now to talk about it, the survivors would be busy hunting and gathering. Our historical sample is inevitably biased by our own point of observation. All evidence suggests however that these vaccines have delayed the point at which this pandemic will come to an end.

I take it for granted that you’re smart enough to think for yourself and I also think it’s in society’s best interest if more people would think critically. The greatest tragedies of the 20th century were not caused by people thinking for themselves, but by people blindly obeying the authorities, engaging in acts that would have seemed directly absurd if they had thought critically for a moment.

Rather than telling you what to believe, I would prefer to ask you: What is reasonable to expect? If the authorities tasked with getting us through this pandemic alive make a claim, what would be a level of deviation from success where it is reasonable to start to question whether their promises are reliable? If I have to accept the notion that these vaccines are going to help us get out of this pandemic, wouldn’t it be a reasonable question from me, to ask why the country with the highest case rate ON THE WHOLE PLANET is the same country that was first to start with the third injection?

For what it’s worth, I’m not a member of the camp that believes these vaccines are part of a depopulation campaign by the global elite either. Goldman Sachs forces its employees to get vaccinated before coming to the office. All the evidence shows that the global elite fell for these vaccines as well.

Unless the billionaires want to kill off their own high level bureaucrats, along with their own neighbors, friends and extended family, these vaccines are not part of a global depopulation campaign. If that is what you genuinely believe, I would recommend you to visit your local cannabis dispensary, buy yourself a high CBD medical strain and relax for a moment. Life is difficult enough as it is.

Rather, it looks to me like we’ve seen what we have seen so many times before during the 20th century: The government bureaucracy is composed of incompetent sycophants who can only parrot one another. At some point a crisis breaks out. The public then becomes hysterical and the elite hastily needs to come up with a solution to maintain their own position of power and privilege.

Parts of the elite come up with a proposed solution and this proposed solution becomes so popular that those members of the elite who see obstacles along the way but don’t want to lose their status within the system feel forced to go along. It then turns out that the solution makes the problem worse or comes with numerous side-effects, but the system is already committed to the solution. This then forces the system to cover up their failed attempt at solving the problem and then they quietly drop the solution altogether, or pretend that the problem no longer matters.

Let’s look at an example: Lysenkoism, a form of pseudoscience. I don’t use that word lightly, but people like Lysenko believed that rye can spontaneously transform into wheat when you simply give it the right environmental conditions.

So we have step one: The elite is composed of incompetent cronies. The Soviet Union of the 1930’s was an authoritarian dictatorship under Stalin where your loyalty to the ruling ideology as interpreted by the upper echelons of the party was more important than your competence.

Then along comes step two: A crisis. Forced collectivization of the farms led to famines in the early 30’s, killing between 5.7 and 8.7 million people. The people are horrified.

This leads to step three: A part of the elite comes up with a solution. Lysenko claims he can boost agricultural yields with some relatively simple techniques and easily transform one species of wheat into another. Isaak Izrailevich Prezent presented this man to the public as if he were a genius. His proposed solution fitted exactly into the zeitgeist of the time. Just as we believe that science solves all our problems, Lysenko’s suggestion that grains have no real heritable traits and you can make any sort of grain develop the traits you want with the right environment fitted well into the beliefs of the Marxists at the time.

This now leads to step four: It becomes clear that the solution doesn’t work, but this has to be covered up, because any member of the elite who says it out loud risks being purged. The Soviet Union witnessed more than 3,000 scientists who were dismissed or imprisoned, because they pointed out that Lysenkoism doesn’t seem to work. The propaganda machine became involved in the effort. Experimental results were faked, failures were kept quiet and successes were overstated.

This then leads to step five, where it becomes abundantly clear that the solution makes the problem worse. In the Soviet Union, we saw another famine after the second world war. The government could not look weak by acknowledging that food production was failing, so they kept exporting food, even as their own people died of hunger.

Step five eventually leads to step six, where the fake solution has to be quietly dismissed because internal resistance is becoming too strong. At some point, the whole elite realizes that the emperor has no clothes and that everyone else has also figured it out, but everyone is afraid of being the first to say it out loud.

This leads to the quiet transition. Instead of openly criticizing Lysenko, you just stop trying to be the guy who gives the loudest applause. Then the next time the applause is more muted and everyone gradually figures out what’s going on, but nobody says it out loud. From 1952 onwards, we reached the point where newspapers dared to criticize Lysenkoism and didn’t face persecution anymore. By the 60’s, Lysenkoism was pretty much out of fashion. Biologists who had their lives ruined in 1948 and found themselves imprisoned are now quietly released.

None of this is unique to the Soviet Union. It’s what happens when a society has a strong central government and finds itself faced with a new crisis in the context of a rapidly technologically changing society. We’ve seen a similar issue in communist China, where the government came up with the genius idea of killing all the sparrows, to improve agricultural yields. The sparrows died, the locusts were now no longer preyed upon and so the famine got even worse. Mao then quietly changed the campaign and replaced sparrows with bed bugs, but the system never admitted what it had done to the people. Between 15 and 55 million people died because of this.

It should not be hard to see the similarity to our situation. We are probably going to be lucky, our failed attempt at ridding the world of a new corona virus will probably kill fewer people. I don’t have to lay out all the steps for you. We’re right now in step five, where the most vaccinated countries like Israel and Denmark have the most cases, even as COVID has turned into a non-issue in sub-Saharan Africa. Nobody really still believes that these vaccines protect us against Omicron, but we know that the system would never admit it. Like Soviet citizens, we’re used to the newspapers being full of propaganda.

We’re gradually approaching step six, as it’s quietly admitted that the masks we were made to wear for a year offer no protection (so now they push the N95 instead), nobody publicly wants to defend the lockdowns anymore and the idea of constant booster shots is quietly dropped as well.

However, there’s one more amusing similarity that I can’t help but share with you. In 1935 Lysenko declared that biologists who oppose his theories, really just show themselves to be opposed to Marxism, with Stalin applauding in response. Lysenko identified himself with the dominant ideology of his day: An attack on Lysenko was really just an attack on Marxism. Who does this remind you of?



It doesn’t take a genius to see that our vaccination strategy just doesn’t work very well. If you want to get good information on SARS-COV-2, the best source I can recommend myself is Dr. Malone. He seems to get most of the critical issues correct.

Part of the problem is that we’re witnessing the intersection of science and an increasingly authoritarian government bureaucracy. History shows you that when the government’s ideology begins to infiltrate science, you end up with the worst of both worlds.

Vaccination against a coronavirus is difficult and we’ve seen so far that this vaccination campaign hasn’t really achieved what you would hope from a vaccine. I feel like illustrating some of the issues. To start with, take a look at this graph:

Here you can see red spots, where antibodies bind to the Spike protein. The antibodies are supposed to interfere with the function of this protein. The function of this protein is to bind to the ACE2 receptor, like a key fits into a lock. The most important part for this is the receptor binding domain. If you get some antibodies that manage to tightly bind there, then the Spike protein can’t do its job.

On the other hand, we’ve seen that antibodies that loosely bind to the NT domain, are enhancing antibodies. In the vaccinated people, you see that this is where we see strong antibody binding. A number of prominent scientists, who have very few issues with overall COVID policies and no real ideological motivation of any kind have pointed out that you’re better off just leaving out the ADE region of the NT domain. And yet, nobody really seems to talk about this.

The other issue to keep in mind is that the Spike protein is the most rapidly changing region of the virus. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, to try to induce an immune response against the particular part of the virus that happens to change most rapidly and to ignore all the other proteins. When you immunize someone against a pathogen they’ve never been exposed to before, the first exposure becomes the foundation on the basis of which responses to future variants are developed by the immune system. Sometimes this means that vaccine developers make nasty mistakes, as seen in the Philippines with the attempt to vaccinate children against Dengue.

In mice we’ve seen something worrisome. Mice exposed to the virus need immunity against both the nucleocapsid and the spike protein, to protect their brains. The spike protein is enough for the lungs, but without immunity against both, the virus can replicate in the brain:

That matters, because we see that immunity against the Nucleocapsid protein after an infection is lower among vaccinated people than it would be if they hadn’t been exposed to the vaccine before their infection. It seems that vaccination prohibits many people from generating antibodies against the Nucleocapsid protein:

Please keep in mind that this also means we need to ask ourselves some difficult questions. We see that excess mortality in the EU remains high, even as COVID deaths have declined. We can only explain about 25% of excess mortality from December in the Netherlands through COVID. It’s worth asking ourselves: Are some vaccinated people dying from COVID, without suffering the classical symptoms? If the virus spreads in your brain without spreading in your lungs, you could die from COVID, without displaying the classical symptoms and we would interpret your death as perhaps a sudden stroke or a “brief illness”.

It’s possible that unvaccinated people are still dying from COVID, but vaccinated people are also still dying from it, with the main difference being that the vaccinated COVID deaths are not recognized as COVID deaths now. Some evidence that points in that direction includes the fact that excess mortality appears to rise and fall together with COVID deaths.

Another issue to keep in mind is that the mRNA technology is new. We inject your body with lipid particles, that are absorbed by the epithelial cells that line your blood vessels. Your immune system then witnesses them display a new protein on their surface that it has never seen before. Your white blood cells are then forced to kill these epithelial cells and as you might imagine, that’s not what you want to have happen. You have epithelial cells lining your blood vessels for a reason, without them your blood vessels will leak blood into your organs.

Your lungs have very narrow blood vessels, with very narrow passages where red blood cells deliver oxygen. If the epithelial cells there suddenly have a toxic protein sticking out because this is where the mRNA happened to enter the cells, the red blood cells can’t pass through and the tissue dependent on the blood vessel can die. Subsequently, you can suffer from reduced respiratory function. Your heart now has to pump harder, to deliver the same amount of oxygen to your tissues.

There are live viruses that are injected into your body and end up passing their genetic material into your cells too, like the measles virus you receive when you are a child. Besides the simple fact that the regenerative capacity of a child is greater and the inconvenient reality that these vaccines are not risk-free either, the attenuated measles strains don’t just passively enter your epithelial cells.

Rather, the measles virus when it’s injected into your body as a child ends up infecting the dendritic cells in your lungs. Dendritic cells are designed to spend their days mopping up viruses and so we can expect the issues caused by injecting such a virus into our body to be very different from the issues you encounter when you’re injecting mRNA lipid particles.

During this pandemic, the governments of the Western world suddenly approved vaccines based on two new technologies that we’ve never really used in people before on any significant scale: The mRNA technique and the adenovirus vector technique. I think we’re going to look back at this as an act of hubris. When we insist on trying to intervene in Nature’s design, we need to be really sure of what we’re doing. These vaccines were an act of hubris that is increasingly starting to backfire.

Most people have already received these vaccines and most people have already had a natural infection too, so at this point it’s too late to change course, but it’s worth noting that Dr. Malone is helping to work on a new vaccine in India. You’ll find some dumb people on Twitter who insist that he must be “controlled opposition” because he tries to develop a new vaccine, but the most effective way to stop further vaccine damage is probably to help develop a safer vaccine.

Let’s take a look at the vaccine they are developing, with the issues I’ve explained above you’ll see why this vaccine looks like a far safer and more effective way to protect people than the vaccines that we received in the Western world.

So let’s look at what they’re doing:

We have developed a dual RBD and nucleocapsid (N) subunit protein vaccine candidate named RelCoVax® through heterologous expression in mammalian cells (RBD) and E. coli (N). The RelCoVax® formulation containing a combination of aluminum hydroxide (alum) and a synthetic CpG oligonucleotide as adjuvants elicited high antibody titers against RBD and N proteins in mice after a prime and boost dose regimen administered 2 weeks apart. The vaccine also stimulated cellular immune responses with a potential Th1 bias as evidenced by increased IFN-γ release by splenocytes from immunized mice upon antigen exposure particularly N protein. Finally, the serum of mice immunized with RelCoVax® demonstrated the ability to neutralize two different SARS-CoV-2 viral strains in vitro including the Delta strain that has become dominant in many regions of the world and can evade vaccine induced neutralizing antibodies.

So let’s compare this to the issues I’ve explained above.

-Does this vaccine force my own epithelial cells lining my blood vessels in vital organs to express alien genetic material, which then forces my own T cells to kill those cells? Nope, it doesn’t. It has no mRNA or DNA that can carry genetic instructions into my cells. It just has some alien proteins.

-Does this vaccine contain the N Terminal domain, where antibodies bind that actually enhance infection from SARS-COV-2? Nope it doesn’t. It only exposes you to the Receptor Binding Domain of the Spike protein. This is the part of the spike protein where antibodies are very important to have.

-Does this vaccine deliver you immunity against the Nucleocapsid protein, which is a vital part of the natural immune response? Yes, it does, in contrast to the vaccine that we in the Western world received.

Is this a safe and effective vaccine? I don’t know right now. History tells us that developing vaccines against corona viruses is difficult. It could still have all sorts of issues I’m not aware of, but it looks like a good candidate and the only way to find out is to give it a chance. The governments are going to be vaccinating people, so it’s important that people work on developing vaccines that are relatively safe. For people in third world countries, this vaccine could mean they stand a chance of skipping out on the misery that we have seen in the first world.

The upper respiratory tract is generally thought of as immunologically separate and so I expect that we would also want a proper vaccine to focus on inducing protection in the mucous membranes that line our upper respiratory tract. That would probably involve some sort of spray of proteins deep into the nose, where they would provoke an immune response. If such a combined strategy is applied, we may start to see a situation where people can genuinely receive durable protection against infection from this corona virus. Theoretically, you might even eventually eradicate the virus from the human population.

Unfortunately, governments went with the woke authoritarian route and so when genuinely safe and effective vaccines are eventually developed and released, people will be very hesitant to take them. You might say that sucks for the 10% or so of adults in Western Europe like me who remain unvaccinated, but in places like Poland and Russia, about half of the population remains unvaccinated. When much safer and more effective vaccines are introduced, those people will still be reluctant, based on how we have been treated. However, by the time safer vaccines are introduced, most people will probably have been infected multiple times anyway, so it may prove to be a moot point.

What they’re going to witness now is that the way they forced these vaccines onto the public while covering up the side-effects will lead to deep skepticism about all the other vaccines we receive in childhood too. You won’t hear me pretend that all the vaccines we receive as children are perfectly safe. However, the alternative, to see a resurgence of viruses like measles and mumps, is not desirable either.

What I do know is that the measles vaccine was not developed in a context where people are expected to follow arrows in the shopping mall to avoid exposing each other to potential viruses by walking in the wrong direction. In an atmosphere of mass hysteria, potential solutions to a problem are not held to the same rigorous standards as they otherwise would be.

Economists believe that a big part of the success and tremendous economic growth of Western societies is down to the high level of trust people have in each other. You don’t feel like spending half an hour haggling when you visit a store, because you trust that things have a fair price. You also trust that playing by the rules gets you further in life than bribing officials or committing crime. Unfortunately, it’s easier to lose trust than to build it. We will continue to see the repercussions of how a minority of the population was treated for a very long time.


  1. Lots to unpack here. Great article!

    I agree with the depopulation comment. The author James Howard Kunstler explains many of modern day’s problems so well.

    1. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Applicable here.
    2. The sunk cost fallacy or as Kunstler calls it “The psychology of Previous Investment. Applicable here.

    When so much is invested in an idea, it’s hard to throw it all away.

    When the BP gulf oil well blowout happened, there were many steps along the way where they could have stopped. They had so much invested, they just couldn’t bring themselves to stop it.

    The pandemic is just one example of the 2 items listed above. There are many, and they are beginning to take hold.

    The way we live, shop, travel, work, use fossil fuels, and resources all seemed like a good idea at the time. Not so much now, and we just can’t seem to turn it around.

  2. I read a lot, and this is one of the most original blogs I’ve come across. You always have really insightful things to say about covid, religion, etc. I never thought I’d read about Jesus and mushrooms in the same blog as commentary on the craziness of covid. Thanks!

  3. Again, Merck Discontinues Development of SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates, Merck’s review of findings from Phase 1 clinical studies for the vaccines. … the immune responses were inferior to those seen following natural infection and those reported for other SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 vaccines.

    For a virus with the following fatality rates from the CDC.

    0-19 years: 0.00003
    20-49 years: 0.0002
    50-69 years: 0.005
    70+ years: 0.054

    WHY do we need unsafe vaccines of ANY type?

  4. This was very good.

    I do believe that for the reasons you exposed next winter is going to be very bad. Vaccinated people with current vaccines are going to fight a virus where the spike protein has changed so much that antibodies do not work, they are going to be trapped in the OAS effects and not be able to mount a proper naive response like unexposed unvaccinated, and are going to be suffering from ADE.

    Maybe this is why the current strategy in most western countries is to let omicron infect as many as possible. It is milder than previous variants and maybe some vaccinated people get proper immunity against other proteins in the virus.

    If my guess is correct, I do not understand why they insist on boosters. Maybe it is as you mention, you cannot talk against the vaccines if you want to stay “in”.

    • >Maybe this is why the current strategy in most western countries is to let omicron infect as many as possible. It is milder than previous variants and maybe some vaccinated people get proper immunity against other proteins in the virus.

      It’s possible, but if you see the reports of lymphopenia then you get the impression they’re at risk of a severe reinfection. The numbers in Denmark are not looking good.

      • Could you please expound on the lymphopenia in Denmark situation (or provide a link to more info)? I’m not clear on this. Thank you.

  5. Geert Vanden Bossche is warning (in his second letter to WHO) that if we put any more serious evolutionary pressure on the Spike protein, the virus will become well-adapted at using cell surface proteins besides ACE-2 to enter cells (it has already been shown to do this non-preferentially). In that event, having lots of anti-RBD IgG’s will only hold back your immune response.

    I’m still unvaxxed (praise be to God) and still haven’t been made ill by Covid, so I’ll let what’s been happening keep happening: having low-level SC2 exposures train my innate immune system to ward off CoV’s.

  6. Well, i not say letting everyone infected with omicron is going to work, because probably OAS and lymphocytopenia are issues. I am guessing that is what they are trying to do.

    In my opinion it will marginally work for some, but I expect next winter to be bad. A natural optimist.

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