I just can’t wrap my head around this. I’d love to discuss something else, like the black magic rituals at Clophill church in England, I don’t want to be a two-dimensional character, but how am I supposed to look away? How am I supposed to distract myself?

There are entire wild bird species just being annihilated by the man-made superinfluenza with a polybasic cleavage site, bred in chicken farms where the intermediate stages have a fitness advantage they don’t have anywhere in nature.

Now you’ve let it reach the point where it jumps into domesticated cattle, to which it then adapts, before jumping back into the chicken farms, where there is selection for abnormally high virulence. From the chicken farms it can then spread into wild birds and mammals again. What’s now a problem destroying wild bird species, will now begin to annihilate wild mammal species too.

And none of this is some fringe Dutch blog’s speculation, this is just what the scientific evidence we have available says. I explained it here, just click the links. There’s nobody pretending these virulent bird flu strains are natural, we know where they originate, you’re just not supposed to talk about it, it’s impolite to mention it.

Eight billion morons, who receive everything from the Earth. Chocolate, coffee, tobacco, mushrooms, cinnamon, pistachio nuts, macadamia nuts, pomegranates, Kush with thick resin that smells like a pine forest, tree bark that has DMT in it. Blackberries, in the middle of January. Ten different types of peanut butter in the supermarket. They let you choose how dark you want them roasted, how big you want the pieces to be. Do you ever stop and zoom out, to think about how insane all of this is? How utterly bizarre, how mind-boggling?

I used to have my mind blown by smoking Salvia extracts in the forest and being made fun of by extradimensional jesters that showed me the attraction in the circus tent where I experience my current physical incarnation. These days I have my mind blown, simply by walking into my local supermarket. But it seems to mean utterly nothing to you, it’s trivia, an afterthought, a self-evident outgrowth of “progress” to you. If you ever even noticed it at all, if you ever stopped to think about it, at best it became a bullet point in your Internet debate against a communist. If I brought it up to you at a party, you’d say “heh yeah” and then you’d walk away, because that guy is weird.

You all live like kings, or could choose to live like kings. Your ancestors could not imagine what you have. And we could keep almost all of it, our fruit is shipped into the harbor by giant container ships, that expend practically no energy to move products from one harbor to another. But it just means utterly nothing to you all. People from the former communist countries would have a mental breakdown, when they saw a Western supermarket. You just take it all for granted.

And it’s apparently just too much to ask, to leave the animals alone, not to lock them up in giant buildings, not to breed them to be genetically obese, not to mutilate their bodies, not to consume their flesh. This isn’t hard to figure out either, there have been vegetarians for millennia. All the Dutch farmers have known since the 90’s the manure poisons the landscape, that it would eventually have to end.

You all realize we beat the game, right? Our ancestors would die after a poor harvest. We beat the game many times over. Try to explain any of this stuff, to people who were living out their lives with an infant mortality rate of 25% and a life expectancy of 35. “The WEF won’t let me drive my diesel van into the city center anymore!” “Well gee Bob, I know how you feel, I lost my wife in childbirth last week!”

We know how to grow shellfish in the ocean, or mushrooms in a farm, delivering a hundred times the protein per square meter we do with cows. We know how to grow seaweed on ropes. We can produce fungal protein in vats that we feed sugary syrup.

We know how to grow food in the desert, Israel does it on a daily basis. It’s easy, to grow pistachio nuts in the desert. It’s easy, to grow the prickly pear cactus fruit in the desert. I had to join the company I worked at once, to visit the canary islands. There was cactus fruit growing in an inhospitable environment. When was the last time you ate prickly pear cactus fruit? When was the last time, you tripped on a San Pedro cactus?

You know what’s hard? GETTING A FAT RETARDED GODFORSAKEN AMERICAN TO EAT SOME CACTUS FRUIT. Land degradation? It killed civilizations in the past, but it has to mean nothing to us, if we have some humility. With a bit of effort, degraded soils can grow other crops.

We can fixate nitrogen from the air, we pump up water from the ground, we can desalinate water, we have greenhouses where we control the climate, where we release CO2 to place the plants on steroids, where we can harvest any fruit we want in January. We figured it all out. We have just 4.2% of our population work in agriculture. And yet, it’s apparently just not enough. We feed the surplus to animals, whose flesh we prefer to eat.

It’s the only thing you’re not supposed to do.

You won the game. You have 3 billion hectares of land you can return to nature. It would sequester the carbon dioxide, it would generate clouds, it would capture excess rain to stop flooding, it would cool our world down through evapotranspiration, it would offer us land the fleeing animals could migrate to.

Where do you people plan on relocating the orangutans once we’re at 2 degree above Celsius? Oh, you don’t have a plan. Ok.

But nope. This first has to go wrong.

You all just insist on figuring out the hard way that nature is patient instead of powerless, that a polybasic cleavage site influenza variant can turn your brain to mush, because it learned how to slip into your endothelial cells that line all your blood vessels.

You can’t fool me into thinking that you can’t figure out where this is headed. You can’t fool me into thinking that you don’t realize what you’re setting children born into this year up for. It’s not hard to figure out. The writing is on the wall by now, in very thick black paint.

The hydrocarbon challenge, a nasty bottleneck for civilization. There are planets that make it, where UFOs land once CO2 drops below 350ppm again and the species is offered to become a member of the intergalactic brotherhood. There are other planets that don’t. The ones that make it are growing seaweed in the ocean at this stage that’s dragged to land on sailboats and left to dry before being burned as biomass in old coal plants refitted with carbon capture technology.

The people on those planets eat seaweed, shellfish, pistachio nuts, cactus fruit, pomegranates, rye, oatmeal. The idea of eating a pig is unthinkable to them, a painful memory of the past, something they know only from museums. Agriculture there is a net positive, it exists solely on degraded land, most of the land has been returned to nature.

“Can you turn that off honey, I don’t want to see it.”

“Well look, they figured out that their atmosphere is changing a few episodes ago. They’re trying! You never know!”

“I said turn it off! They’re at the polybasic cleavage site influenza point and they still haven’t figured it out, I don’t want to see it. Next week they’re doing another planet, one with twin suns and a dense atmosphere, some raccoon-type beast 500 light years away from here, the raccoons always do better than those bipedal apes and planets with a dense atmosphere always end up doing better too, because the smart ones who see what’s going wrong can’t just jump off their balcony.”

“Alright alright fine, I’ll turn it off.”

You realize how humiliating this is? They’re all feeling sorry for us.

God forbid you try to stop a problem from happening. God forbid you look ahead.

It’s inconceivable, to just have basic mercy for the animals.

I look at a pig, all I see is a fat reincarnated boomer on the Keto diet, afraid and confused, with no clue how he ended up here. This pig seems so confused, he barely realizes he’s a pig, he wants to go back home to check his Zillow Zestimate®.

“Nobody could have seen it coming that the virus that caused a bunch of foxes, thousands of sea lions and numerous wild birds to die as the blood vessels in their brain begin to break down would eventually do the same thing to humans.” -Guy on TV

“I bet Klaus Schwab came up with this virus to stop us from eating meat. Next he’s going to tattoo onto my forehead how many inches of my dick are hidden under my belly fat!” -LSWM guru on Twitter

“The American Keto diet is non-negotiable.” -President Donald Trump

If I thought it would make them change their minds, if I thought it could satiate their hunger, you could cut into my rib cage with an obsidian knife, extract my heart on the stone altar, hold it up before the sun and feed my body to the people.

I’d beg you to.


  1. The problem is that the normies don’t understand that the northern Boreal forests contain more carbon than all the tropical and temperate forests combined.

    The normies don’t understand that there is 700,000 year old permafrost that contains billions and billions of tons of methane.

    The normies don’t understand the Albedo effect, and the fact that the Arctic is warming 4 times faster than the equator (Polar amplification).

    The normies don’t understand that there were alligators and palm trees in the Arctic during the PETM 56 million years ago.

    The normies don’t understand that the EEI (Earth Energy Imbalance) has almost TRIPLED in recent years, from +0.5 to +1.4 Watts per metre squared, with 12 Hiroshima bombs of thermal energy added to the oceans EVERY SECOND.

    The normies don’t understand that the IPCC reports don’t take into consideration positive feedback and global dimming caused by sulfate aerosol pollution.

    The normies don’t understand that the geological record reveals that mass extinction events always followed periods of rapid increases in atmospheric GHG concentrations and ocean acidification.

    The normies don’t understand that we are RIGHT ON THE EDGE OF CATASTROPHE.

    Only the autists understand these problems.

    So blame our political leaders, media, ExxonMobil, the Libertarian/Conservative think tanks, the Koch brothers, et cetera. The normies are just blissfully ignorant. I envy them.

    • “Normies” are being indoctrinated with all this stuff from grade school, and have been for several years, with no opposing POV allowed, so ease up on your autistic sense of superiority.

      • Yes, it’s not so straightforward.

        No single type of human is to blame.

        I’ve met more than a few autistic eggheads, not to mention autistic idiots, who weren’t doing anything to ‘solve’ things – if such a thing is even possible anymore – including some who took a sort of sadistic glee in knowingly doing the wrong thing, and others who were so limited and compartmentalized that they didn’t see ‘fighting the good fight’ as their role, etc.

        I know it’s hackneyed, but under the circumstances, getting right with God is probably the best option.

        And why not?

        Perhaps it represents some kind of ‘third way’.

        • And I’m not pushing a barrow by the way or trying to build a movement or whatever.

          I only speak for me, and my own personal quest for how best to proceed in the face of the deepening gloom.

      • > “Normies” are being indoctrinated with all this stuff from grade school, and have been for several years, with no opposing POV allowed

        No, normies have been told to “reduce, reuse, recycle,” that the polar bears have to swim further from one iceberg to the next, and that we need to build flood defense systems to protect our cities from rising sea levels and storms.

        But they haven’t been told that we depend on a stable climate (Holocene) to produce enough food to feed 8 billion humans, and that once we lose that climate stability, billions of people are going to starve to death.

        If they knew this, then maybe they wouldn’t threaten climate protesters with knives:

        • The most important thing that they haven’t really learned is that we live in a finite world.

          It’s not really driven into people in school – or at least it wasn’t for me.

          It was only when I worked in areas with ecological content that I started to really grok that we’re on ‘Spaceship Earth’, that everything is interconnected, and there’s no such place as ‘away’ where you can just dump all your problems never to hear from them ever again. . .

          That is a heretical truth to know.

          And it is still a heretical truth within the operating system.  

          People are supposed to self-censor and not raise concerns that aren’t aligned with the system. Only a few can get away with it. The last one I knew of being Will Steffen, who is now dead.

      • True, but a small minority, and pescatarian is not vegetarian.

        It is only the religions and cultures of brown people which put great emphasis on vegetarianism.

        The point I am making is Rad on the one hand promotes veganism and vegetarianism and admires Budhhists and Hindus.

        But on the other hand, he has a stab at brown people in most articles.

        If by brown people he means people of a certain religion that originated in West Asia, he should say so.

        The trillions of brown people in Europe is the fault of Europe’s white leaders, not of the brown people.

        Rad should be fair about it.

        But I guess sadly people with severe autism and on drugs cannot see it that way.

        But Rad’s tolerance of criticism of his rants is amazing.

    • I went to a meeting in 2015 where the intelligence people told me that Human Extinction is baked in to occur by 2050 to 2060 and that this now cannot be stopped.

      • Government? Non-government? On what basis?

        Comme on, we’re all intrigued!

        So, please share with us the juicy outline of what the intelligence peeps had to say if you can.

        After all, if they’re right, it will hardly matter what you say.

  2. Feeding over 8 billion large, hungry humans is a brutal business.
    They are not going to be satisfied with seaweed, shellfish, bugs, or gruel doled out by the UN.

    “Whatever problem you’re interested in, you’re not going to solve it unless you also solve the population problem. Whatever your cause, it’s a lost cause without population control.”

  3. I’m on the Keto diet right now, no I’m not eating animals, I just haven’t eaten any food for 23 days so my body is consuming its fat stores.

  4. Dear Goy

    I hate people.

    I want them all to suffer and die.

    This makes me happy.

    What is happening is good.

    Love and kisses,

  5. 1) That’s why I say that Democracy would help.
    And I mean a real one, a Swiss-type democracy, where the citizens themselves can initiate a referendum simply by collecting a few thousand signatures.
    (Even the EU has one such initiative, but they demand way too many signatures, and the result is not binding for the institutions)
    2) Did you notice that an eggs and fish diet is as good as a vegan diet for the planet?

    • Sticking with my recent Christian theme. . .

      Why not just try being a recalcitrant individual, drawing on ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ from within, or what have you, instead of concerning yourself with democracy?

      Whether it works or not, it sounds kind of cathartic.

      And I reckon the world (or perhaps I am projecting) has had enough of people with plans for everyone – whether the diktats come from a tyranny of the majority, or wherever else.

      As you were saying in a recent post, where the Orthodox priest said something like stop concerning yourself with the apocalypse and just think about your relationship with Christ – or words to that effect.

      • And according to retard we may have as few as 25 – 50 years or so left as a species, so where’s the harm in that anyway?

        I should add here that while I think we’re fucked, I don’t think we’re going to go extinct as a species in 25 – 50 years or so, barring some kind of unlikely galactic kill shot that sterilizes the whole planet.

        But, I do think it will collapse.

        I was thinking on this today as I walked around the city and noticed that almost everyone seemed like a foreigner – ah, this is the inexorable arithmetic of exponential growth.

        Creeps up on you slowly at first, until the numbers spool up, and then suddenly, your whole world is different.

        • Hey Wombat you anywhere near Adelaide? I used to worship this guy’s videos when I was younger:

          Yes, I used to be a vegan for about 3 years in my early 20’s, I should probably clarify that. I should probably return to that kind of diet ASAP so I don’t come across as a hypocrite, preaching about climate change and all that (in my defense, I don’t have a car, pretty much never fly and am fairly minimalist when it comes to materialism/consumerism).

          Unfortunately that “30 bananas a day” guy has gone completely off the rails in recent years. Also, that bipolar wristwatch guy I recently linked to is from Brisbane (as is golfer Cameron Smith with his crazy mullet). And then there’s all those recent stabbing frenzies in Sydney.

          Interesting times for all you Aussies, to say the least. I also find it interesting how you lads refer to each other as “mate”, even when they hate each other. Like, you’ll have two bogans about to go at each other with their fists in a streetfight, still referring to each other as “mate” LOL.

          P.S. that epidode of The Simpsons where they go to Australia is hilarious.

          • It’s all in the tone mate. A friendly tone if used as a universal greeting etc. with men/women, but you sneer out your ‘mate’ in tense situations.

            Example: “Don’t get your panties in a bunch mate!” – with sneering emphasis on the ‘mate’ 🙂

            I live on the Eastern side of the Oz, from where it’s probably something like a 12-13hr straight burn in a motorcar to get to Adelaide, so I don’t go there a lot.

          • The stabbing that interested me the most was this one:

            It was hard not to miss the disdain for the victim – who the mainstream media notes didn’t like the “”vaccines””

            Heavens to Betsy!!! You mean someone dared to publicly dislike the sacramental rat juice!!!

            I guess he had it coming then. Right????

            Crazy town.

            And he’s probably not a fan of mutilating kids with sex change operations either.


            Seems like Christianity is the new punk!

            The media prefers a Muslim stab boy to a man who disagrees with sex changes for kiddies.

            How crazy is that?

          • Even the mass stabber who got shot dead in the Sydney mall has had a more sympathetic hearing in the media than the Orthodox stab victim has received!

            Totally crazy.

            A Christian who disagrees with the “”vaccines””, well. . .

            He’s probably held in the same kind of esteem by the mass media around here as a pedophile.

            Is that any wonder though after the authorities spent years othering and demonizing “”vaccine”” refuseniks?

            How dare they refuse to mainline Satan semen!

            Nutso world around here.

            It will get worse.

      • That’s what an Orthodox ‘starets’ elder would advise me! 😀 Don’t be polypragmon. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Focus on your relationship with Christ. Btw, the ‘Ladder’ of Saint John ( is full of wisdom to guide one through vanity etc.
        On the other hand, I am thinking whether communities can create a fertile ground for church (ecclesia was also the assembly of the people). There is a saying in the NT: Lift each other’s burdens… “Ἀλλήλων τὰ βάρη βαστάζετε”.
        Here, I wanted to point to Rad that when people recognize their needs they try to find ways to communicate them with their communities.
        Of course, the vast majority of us don’t live in vivid communities, but as Aristotles (I think) used to say, you need to practice to be virtuous. So, we can’t be virtuous as individuals. And Heraclitus said that living truly is living in community. “Κοινωνεῖν ἀληθεύειν”.
        I need your help: How can we combine the above? If they can/should be combined.

        • Perhaps the connection between individual and community would just follow if one thought and behaved in a way that aligned with Jesus’ teachings? And from there, other good things would also flow?

          I am wondering if Christianity contains a complete set of instructions for healing oneself and the world.

          IF one wasn’t to be non-hypocritical about it, and really change the way one thought and behaved to align with those beliefs, would the healing and the happy community follow?

          LSWM Lives Matter above mentions how he doesn’t want to be a hypocrite about his stance on climate, so he wants to go vegan, okay, fair enough. But that is just one thing, and it seems to me like we are all hypocrites on just about EVERYTHING.

          And I mean EVERYTHING.

          It seems like just about everything that we actually do in this modern world involves us being hypocrites.

          But if I as an individual was to actually try to behave as Jesus would have me behave, with truly radical compassion etc., what then?

          Would that make for a happier community around me?

          If enough individuals did that, might that even be enough to start healing the world?

          The power of the good example. . .

          And there are suggestions in the Bible as well about agricultural practice, and not charging interest, etc. What if they were followed?

          Not charging interest is a truly radical idea. Get rid of interest, then off goes the financial requirement for evermore economic growth which is dooming us all. After all, no more interest = no more need to pay back the debt, plus all the extra economic activity required to pay back whatever the interest is.

          Rinse and repeat for all the rest.

          Being a Christian is actually no small thing – one would have to change one’s whole world view.

          And then to actually behave in a non-hypocritical way that aligns with that world view. . .

          If people did that, might that not represent a complete and healthy approach to living that might heal the world?

          But we are like addicts. “What do you mean I have to give up the WHOLE bag. . . ”

          It’s no small thing.

          But perhaps at some stage the costs of addiction just get so unbearable that it becomes the easiest option?

          • Wombat, there is no escaping hypocrisy.

            It is a fundamental aspect of the Human Condition

            It is “baked into the pie”

            Easy to observe hypocrisy in others

            True awakening occurs when one observes the hypocrisy in EVERYONE (including oneself)

            You can’t escape it.

          • Yes, I am well aware that both me and everyone else are pretty far from perfect – I did say ‘try’ to think and behave as Jesus would have me do after all.

            But I’m still musing over whether Christianity represents a complete and holistic (or perhaps the right word is ‘holy’) system: so spiritual needs get catered for; plus the social, economic, and environmental ‘triple bottom line’; as well as any other dimension anyone would care to add.

            The perfect utopian ideal might not be achievable, but some improvement seems possible.

            Somebody might want to pick it up again in a few decades, as they herd goats through the ruined suburbs, after the current Satanic system comes apart.

            In the interim, it does seem to provide a pretty good template to try to live by, at least to the extent one is able.

            Even the tiny little bits that I’ve managed to absorb have been useful to me – especially if an interaction between the rat juice (which I declined in large part due to religious concerns, which I barely remember/understand) and the virus turns out to have lethal consequences.

          • Oh yes! You are right: Christians are invited to be the “salt of the earth” (I tend to forget that). The world would collapse without those people. And even what Rad is doing here, sharing his insights, is also a christian thing (eg the time he invests on research without any profit).
            As for hypocrisy, maybe it is in our nature. Perhaps, bc we don’t like being outcasts. So, we feel the need to immitate and play roles. And I think that’s how children learn. (Evolution?) And the aristotelean ‘virtue as practice’, means that you get to do things even before being actually virtuous.
            So maybe it helps if your community is accepting, like a big family. That way, you can grow and grow, out of hypocrisy and into sincere brotherhood.

  6. Today my breakfast is going to consist of two types of fish mixed with a bunch of random vegetables.

    I love fish.

  7. You all live like kings

    No, u!!!

    Really though, you should take an extended fast from information and the Internet. If there’s anywhere away from the highways where you can go where you won’t be hearing the sound of traffic and airplanes and such, you should go out there and meditate for a time. You’re too caught up with external things. Reconnecting with the Atma, the Kingdom of God within you away from all of this noise will make you much less stressed.

    God is Mahakala. He’s going to destroy everything when He wishes to. Accept it already

  8. What do you suggest for people like my teen daughter that suffers from severe allergies/excema/autoimmune problems unless she sticks with a strict carnivore diet? I am totally with you on the horrendous factory farms. But I do live in fly-over country and get meat directly from an organic farmer friend of ours. Actually we process it ourselves so I don’t take my meat for granted. I could easily be vegetarian, and personally don’t eat much meat, but what say you about ppl like my daughter? It seems to me that we Americans are so over-polluted from pesticides and vaccines and what-not-all that it’s causing all these autoimmune issues, and problems with plants.

    • >What do you suggest for people like my teen daughter that suffers from severe allergies/excema/autoimmune problems unless she sticks with a strict carnivore diet?

      You killed off her gut bacteria, by feeding her junk. That’s generally what’s going on. Heal the gut and the allergies go away. High fiber diet, with a lot of fermented foods. That’s your only real option.

      It’s not normal to have severe allergies and autoimmune problems, this happens for a reason.

      She will just die young if you feed her a carnivore diet, it takes a few years for the arteries to clog up.

      It’s not a solution, besides the simple fact that it’s a terrible miserable way to live.

      • In her younger years I didn’t pay much attention to her diet, and I accept responsibility for that part of it. However, her first problems appeared around 3 months old when she was a fully breast fed baby, which so happens to coincide with her first vaccinations. I regret very strongly the ones we did give her-I had researched and thought we were going to do it the “smart way”, spaced out and not more than one at a time. She received only a small portion of what the recommended course is and it was still too much. Recently found out her lead levels are dangerously high-from where, I have no idea, but addressing that is making a difference. I don’t see her being carnivore all her life. But for now, that’s definitely the best thing for her. She is healing slowly, bit by bit. She has long-term Lyme and coinfections and those are well known to kick autoimmune issues in and heighten allergies. But when you’re sensitive to pretty much all plants your body needs to be OFF them in order to heal.

        • Queen Frostine, sorry to hear about your daughter’s health issues. As long as she is willing to help herself her body can heal. I do not want to write a long post but the only way she can go back to health is to remove the poisons from her body and repair her gut. That means absolutely no boxed/processed foods. A lot of live, fermented food. Fruit and veggies are good. As she returns to health she will be able to tolerate plants. I’m lucky that I grew up in a remote village and saw how my grandparents’ generation lived and learned from them first-hand. Fermented food was always the first thing that was put on the table in their house. I would suggest you add, milk thistle seeds and dandelion roots to her daily diet. You/she can start sprouting in a jar. It’s super easy and affordable. Radish, kohlrabi, broccoli, cabbage are great. Lugols iodine is great too. When I met my husband, who was raised on standard American diet, had allergies and ulcerative colitis (lots of bleeding). Within 2-3 years of eating healthy, fermented food, sprouts, no processed food, bread I make at home etc his allergies have completely disappeared and no bleeding. We eat a lot of red beet, both fermented, cooked and raw, eggplants in summer. We cook with coconut oil and butter only and olive oil for salads. No other oils. Lot’s of soaked nuts, eggs and meet in small portions. Lemons for salads. I use a lot of herbs as well. Not taking any supplements anymore, going back straight to herbs as I do not like the fillers. Homemade toothpaste and mouthwash and oil pooling with coconut oil. No dental cavities and dental cleaning is needed as there is no build-up under the gum. Hope this helps.

    • What a disgracefully and willfully stupid and greedy practice.

      But it’s ‘sustainable’.


      This is the kind of shit I’m talking about when I mentioned eggheads taking a sort of sadistic glee in knowingly doing the wrong thing.

      And there will be a stack of people who can see how fucking stupid and wrong it is, but it’s all about the $

      So, they just gotta spin some fucking lies about it being ‘sustainable’ to help sell it don’t they.

      This sort of shit is everywhere. Makes you puke.

  9. You were in the Canary Islands and did not notice the Diesel Plant supplying energy did you? They spent 80 million euros to put up wind turbines in the mountains with pumped hydro storage and still they can’t stop burning diesel. Every LSWM understands this shit here. Do you think planting cactus and eating seaweed solves anything? Fucking retard is the smartest dude here. Start WW3, please.

    • I want Retard to give us some more details, if he can, on the intel peeps who he says told him that we’re going to go extinct in 25-50 odd years.

      C’mon Retard!

      Enquiring minds want to know.

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