If low IQ low status white males had to solve problems

“[My country] is responsible for [Small percentage] of CO2 emissions. Why should we destroy our economy, when India and China are building a trillion new coal plants? We can’t solve the problem on our own!”

-A low IQ low status white male in a comment somewhere on the Internet

This is the favorite argument of low IQ low status white males. Why should we choose cooperate in the prisoner’s dilemma, when we could just choose defect instead?

It’s a retarded argument of course, because China and India:

  1. Stand the most to lose from climate change and probably won’t just choose to render their countries uninhabitable.
  2. Even if they continue using fossil fuels we can still make a substantial difference ourselves.
  3. Have to import the coal from somewhere (Australian low status white males are at fault for that).
  4. Have to export their goods somewhere (and you can slap punishing tariffs on).
  5. Won’t stick to fossil fuels if more affordable alternatives are available to them (which they would be if the rest of the world were to transition). Fossil fuels grow more costly to extract, as you extract more of them. Things like algal biofuels on the other hand would become more affordable as they’re used more.

But I decided to take a time machine, to look at what low IQ low status white males in previous eras of history had to say about this.


“Why should we stop hunting whales, when the Soviets and the Japanese are just going to continue hunting them?”

-A Norwegian low IQ low status white male


“We here in Denmark are only responsible for [small percentage] of CFC emissions. If we reduce our emissions to zero, the effect on the ozone layer would be negligible. Why should we reduce our emissions, if [other country] is doing [X]? Besides, it’s all a fear-mongering hoax anyway!”

-A Danish low IQ low status white male


“Us Australians are less than [small percentage] of the allied forces. Why should we risk our lives assaulting Italian held Tobruk, when France has already surrendered to Germany and the Soviet Union has actually allied itself to the Germans?”

-An Australian low IQ low status white male


“There are millions of Irish people, but just a few thousand Choctaw. Even if we gave them all our money, it would not stop the famine. Why should we donate money to the Irish, when the British, who have far more money than we do, are just letting them starve anyway?”

-A low IQ low status red male (celebrate diversity)


“In Flanders we are just less than 1% of the world’s Christian population. The Christians in Egypt are not fighting the Saracens, they are actually paying them taxes! Why does this liberal elitist Robert II, Count of Flanders want us to join him on a crusade for the Holy Land, when it’s impossible for us to make a difference?”

-A Flemish low IQ low status white male

10,000 BC

“Ooga Booga, Krog just one member of fifty people tribe. Why Krog must hunt and share food with everyone, when grampa Bok not hunt with me saying back hurts, pregnant Bukki does not gather berries and Buut hunts but secretly keeps meat for himself! Krog can not save tribe from hunger alone! Krog can not make difference! Krog will not share food! OOGA BOOGA!”

-A low IQ low status white male caveman

50,000 BC

“Bleep Bloop. I am just 0.001% of T cells in our organism. I can not make a difference. Why should I migrate to the lungs, where I risk being infected by whatever virus is causing the inflammation and undergo apoptosis?”

A low IQ low status white blood cell

Next friday night

“My penis is 4 inches long, with the last inch concealed by my belly fat. My wife’s vagina is 5 inches deep. It takes me thirty seconds to orgasm, it takes her ten minutes. Why should I penetrate her, when my dick can’t make her cum anyway?”

-Low IQ low status white males to each other at their local bar when they’re not busy spreading their genius insights on the Internet.

The solution of course is very simple. If you’re going out of your way, to prevent people from cooperating to achieve a solution to a problem by spreading doubt and distrust and cynicism, you’re a traitor. In the old days we hung and quartered traitors. But today we are more enlightened, so I have a simple solution:

Climate lockdowns, but only for low status white males

Women, brown people, preachy vegans, hysterical climate alarmists and liberal elitists should be free to leave their homes. We know that they internalize the problem and so we can expect them to be responsible.

Low status white males on the other hand, should be stuck on a leash to their sofa, under climate lockdown. Ideally this would be orchestrated directly by the WEF. Once a day we’ll throw some Oatly and some tofu burgers (full of carbohydrates, with no protein, so they’re no longer in ketosis) through their window, to make sure they don’t die and release all the carbon stored in their layers of fat back into the atmosphere.


  1. The transition to a CO2 balanced economy will make almost everybody dirt poor but maybe it will be possible if only people can find it acceptable which the don’t. They need to get something in return to cheer them up.
    To make it fun we should legalize drugs and prostitution.
    LSWM:s should get some free pussy credits together with their UBI check every month so that they also get along:)
    As a bonus we get some biofuels from all the new hemp farms.

    • Since AI is coming mostly for the Jobs occupied by self appointed high status females, which will need to embrace joblessness and end of career or family dualism, The low status white males will be occupied with mass shagging of 35+ previously succesful women who will try to fill the void with at least one lovely little child. Good Times ahead.

  2. Global warming is promoted by the same people who are lying about the most basic things, such as about an insane, mutilated man being a woman. They have lied to us about the virus. They are proven liars, and nothing they are saying is worth considering. The global warming theory they are promoting had to have its name changed because the globe isn’t actually warming. Their desperate propagandists have nothing left other than insults and censorship. Their kind is on its way out, dead genetic ends with no heirs, subconsciously motivated to drag others into the grave with them. They are losing every day, and they know it.

    • >The global warming theory they are promoting had to have its name changed because the globe isn’t actually warming.

      Nice, I thought this subspecies of low status white males had already died out by now.

      But no, just as we have low status white males who insist that “yes, the globe is warming, but it’s not caused by humans”, we also still have low status white males who altogether deny the warming is happening.

      Normally I would just reject dumb comments like this, but I’m amused by this one.

    • You are falling into a trap I see more and more. Just because someone lies about one thing, like a government official about Covid, it does not mean they are lying about something else. As our blogger friend has said, most aren’t even really lying, their brains just default to whatever belief is safe and socially acceptable.

  3. Australia—and Australians (I neither confirm nor deny that I may be one … )—usually miss out on all of the fun … but here you have maligned us a couple of times at least! Good job! But before you take another crack at us, please note the following:

    “New Holland (Dutch: Nieuw-Holland) is a historical European name for mainland Australia.”

    New Holland indeed!

    Another thing: In our household we will on occasion dramatise the life of the caveman, usually when something ludicrous has just occurred. But our hero is not Krog, but rather Thog. (“Look what Thog do!”) Great minds think alike! Go Holland/New Holland!

    PS: Many thanks from this fully UN-jabbed West Australian (whoops—just blew my cover) for all of your good work, for fighting the good fight.

    PPS: My copy of Geert’s book has just arrived. Oh boy. Now where did I leave my Babel fish? …

  4. I am fairly convinced that mankind has had weather modification technology for decades, and it is being used. 107 and Duff are quite open about it. Where I live in the east of England, the weather is different, the predominantly south westerly wind of my youth (70s -80s -90s) that kept the country from extremes has gone. I heard about the possibility of aerial spraying in 2006, and looked for it. It started (plainly obvious persistent trails) in 2008, followed by the first sighting of sun dogs (rare, at the time, phenomenon caused by upper atmosphere ice crystals), even got mentioned in the local paper, these are now commonplace. In 2014, the “spraying” “changed” and the milky opaque sky’s became more common. I find it difficult to get excited about C02 when this stuff seems to be going on in “plane” sight over our heads most days, and must be changing the weather. New to your writings, so sorry if you have covered this already. For your spike related writings, thankyou.

    • We have weather modification technology, but it’s not really very impactful as far as I’m aware, it’s kind of overhyped. You can influence when moisture in the atmosphere falls down, but that doesn’t help you generate more rain.

  5. “(China and India) Stand the most to lose from climate change and probably won’t just choose to render their countries uninhabitable.”

    I traveled through India in 1984. At that time the population was 763 million. There were very few private cars; there were British-style taxis and rickshaws. There were no air conditioners; there were high ceiling fans. People ate very, very little meat. Everyone was skinny. The country was insanely overcrowded; it was a sea of humanity; you had to step over people to walk along a sidewalk.

    The population of India is now 1,326,000,000. The whole country is one giant traffic jam. If you look at photos of high rises, every window has an air conditioner. People are obese; about eleven percent of urban people have diabetes; many of them eat Western fast food. The places that were villages when I visited, are now small cities.

    I don’t think there is a “they” to stop this, or even slow it. Like in the U.S., each person is acting in what he perceives to be his own interest, and when it is 105 degrees outside, that means getting an air conditioner.

    In the case of China, a very high percentage of people with money plan to leave if things get bad, and people without money hope to. Or so I read. This means that they care a lot about making enough money to get out, and making money in China is not always so great for the environment.

    You do address these points, but I’m not sure that the West can overcome these forces, especially since most Americans don’t care to change their own way of living. The most well off and well educated Americans produce loads and loads and loads of carbon for their second homes and vacation travel; there are some exceptions but that is the norm.

    I have a friend who traveled with Afghanistan and Pakistan in the late 60s. At that time Pakistan had a population of 56 million. It now has a population of 233 million. In 2050 it is expected to have 330 million people. It is true that people there mostly live a very materially simple life, but they still need some energy to warm and cool themselves, and most of them very much wish for more Western material comforts.

    If the trajectory of all this changes, I don’t think it will be due to new policies of any sort. At least not ones that the public is informed of.

  6. Okay, this is the post that I have been waiting to read. As impressed as I am by your posts and analysis on Covid, I am equally dumbfounded and disappointed by your posts on climate change. You berate the world for its failure to address your perceived threat of anthropogenic climate change, yet offer no advice on what you would do or even a vision of the future. Until this post.

    When I’ve read your past climate change posts, I’ve had to wonder, “what does Radagast expect will happen?”
    1. We all die, and homo sapiens goes extinct?
    2. Most of us die, and the human population is reduced to carrying capacity and to a stone age culture and technology?
    3. The powers that be cull us like weeds until an ecological equilibrium is established by force for the benefit of the powerful and rich elite, but civilization also continues?
    4. Some awesome, future technological solution will save the day for us all?
    5. The Western World leads by example, and we all come together, kumbaya, and the world is saved and a utopia is established?

    Now I know. You are definitely in the 4 and 5 group. I, however, as a Peasant, First Class, think it will be 1 or 2. I’m a fatalist, a LSSM (Low Status Slavic Male) and well-schooled in the lessons of the Prisoner’s Dilemma (which you mysteriously seem to ignore). I believe that it is natural and expected that all things eventually die – flowers, people, civilizations, species, stars, etc – and that our purpose is to bloom or shine as fragrantly and brightly as we can before the inevitable decay and death.

    I’d like to get a contact high from your hopium and copium bullet list above, but my expectations of my fellow man fully prevent that outcome. I guess I am in the “Acceptance” stage. You seem to be in “Anger” stage.

  7. Is the autism kicking in making you go full Greeeta ThuuunBerg? You are the hummingbird in the parable of the hummingbird and that makes you a hypocritical P.O.S

  8. LSWM do almost all actual problem solving in the real world; that is, solving problems that unambiguously exist.

  9. The medical industry is 100x better funded and studied then Climatologists, geologists, oceanographers, and planetary scientists combined.

    So you are saying we know very little about how to enhance and even understand the innate human immune system (I agree) – but we are experts and know everything about vastly more complex systems? No shortage of snake oil for capitalist progress.

  10. YOU are a low status white male.

    I’m inferring more about the motivations of your recent posts. Self loathing plus a message of not reproducing… really gets the noggin joggin.

    On a totally unrelated note how’s your life life lately

      • Am I one of those too? I do after all say my views proudly IRL, but I remain perpetually self employed so nobody can really do much about it. Famous last words, I know, but that’s been the truth so far at least.

  11. What you missed is that China only has so much economic power and output (thus co2 generation), because of regulations and taxation imposed by Western governments which pushed all the industry to this world economies.

    Fortunately the problem is solving itself as western governments collapse and rising Chinese living standards and fascist government policies make them uncompetitive.

  12. If you want to see the Platonic ideal of the “low status white male” see Michael E. Mann’s portrait on his Wikipedia page.

    • I have to say, you are right. He does look like an LSWM. I can totally imagine him sitting in his car like that, recording a video in his pickup truck for youtube in which he explains that the keto diet solved all his health problems and Obama still hasn’t released his REAL birth certificate.

  13. Your constant linkage between low status and low IQ is amusing, and disconnected from reality. Do you really think all the high status people just have higher IQs than everyone else?

    Take some white dude working in oil, gas, or coal. Low status? Yeah, probably seem that way in many circles. But those jobs usually pay pretty well. Why would you assume they are low IQ? Because they didn’t borrow $200k to get a sociology degree? What is low IQ about wanting to protect the only industry where they can earn enough to keep their family off the street?

    People can ride their bike to the market and eat plant protein. I’ll be driving my Sierra 3500 HD Denali from my acreage to the steakhouse. What would be dumb is trading my current lifestyle in because sleazy politicians (who aren’t sacrificing anything) try to lecture me into throwing away my quality life. Nah, won’t be doing that.

    • Stupid wife-beating politicians tell me not to beat my wife. I’ll beat my wife whenever I want to! Bunch of hypocrites.

      • They also told you to vax up, didn’t they? “For everyone’s good”.

        Fun cherry-picking which forced initiatives (that are damaging on an individual level) to support, eh? Likening people who continue to have a large carbon footprint to wife beaters really cheapens the dialogue though. You are better than that.

        Give me an off ramp where my family isn’t disproportionately affected by the war on carbon, and we can talk. Until then, the stupidest thing I could do is vote and advocate against my own job and self interests. My skills aren’t exactly transferable. Oh wait that’s just my low Iq talking!

        • >Give me an off ramp where my family isn’t disproportionately affected by the war on carbon

          “Give me an off ramp where my family isn’t disproportionately affected by the end of the whale hunt”

          -A whale hunter.

          Nobody is under any obligation to prevent your family from being disproportionately affected. In fact, considering this problem has been well-known for at least thirty years, we’re not even under any obligation to feel particularly sorry for you.

          When I realized my job was environmentally polluting, I stopped doing it. People everyday lose their job, because the society they live in changed. When was the last time you went to rent a videotape? When was the last time you went to get new hoof-irons for your horse?

          There is no such thing as a right to do a particular job. That’s (irony alert) a very socialist way of thinking.

  14. The problem is not the LSWM. It’s the people at the top. We could easily and slowly move over to Molten Salt reactors and have all the power we needed. They can run off of nuclear waste. We have hundreds of years worth of fuel in just waste alone. Thousands and thousands and thousands in Thorium. One ball of Thorium smaller than a ping pong ball provides all the energy a high energy usage American could need for their whole life, and Thorium is more plentiful than lead. So we’re not the problem. It’s the bankers and monopolist that are the problem. The “so called” high status people.

    This doesn’t bode well for your hatred and wish to starve out all the not high status people so likely you reject this. You certainly have censored my comments that show how we can vastly increase power and raise food manufacture by at least 100 times.

  15. Low status Red-a-gast:

    – A global cabal of utter evil fuckwits, directly responsible for most of the REAL environmental problems, as well as most of humanities other issues, have made up yet another IMAGINARY problem to distract us, one they find hilarous: They have convinced high ego low *factual* environmental science awareness nincompoops to believe that the very air they breathe out, the *plant food they create, in natural symbiosis with plant life*, the gas that is at levels only 2% of natural variance above the LOWEST levels it has EVER BEEN RECORDED AT over the ENTIRE EXISTENCE OF LIFE ON THE PLANET, only 2.5% above the level where ALL LARGE PLANT AND ANIMAL LIFE ON EARTH GO EXTINCT, which by some DIVINE MIRACLE is rising away from that ELE level, and making the planet greener and more habitable in the process…the gas that has no notable greenhouse effects after the first 50-100ppm, as all relevant frequencies have long been absorbed…the gas that makes plants grow better all the way up to levels 4000% higher than current levels…the gas that is not toxic to humans or animals till many times higher than now…the gas that all life on earth originally evolved to thrive in, at much higher levels than now…the gas that has ZERO proven or even plausible proposed causal link to (also fraudulent and misinterpreted, and fantastic if they had been true) temperature rises….is going to KILL US ALL!!!!11!!, and the way to stop it doing so is…pay more taxes, eat bugs and crops (that destroy land and brains), live in 15 minute prisons, and commit worldwide global societal suicide…

    Sane, well informed people warning Red-Aghast: if we dont find, face up to and spread the truth about the global warming HOAX, and the beneficial TRUTH about CO2, plant food, we are going to be imprisoned and genocided (speciecided?), and the planet taken over by the same cunts doing all the actual, real damage.

    Red-Aghast: why should I face up to my delusions, and stop spreading lies, when so many others still are? I’ve invested HUGE amounts of intellectual ego into attacking and slandering people for speaking the truth to me, I’M VERY attached to my baseless delusions about plant food, and admitting how much of an utter humanity destroying fool, and arrogant fuckwit I have been would be very painful to the last remaining parts my toxic ego, that ego I purified in so many ways around so many topics and apsects of self, other than this one…why would I go through that process (that I seem to enjoy for all other aspects of self awareness) when I can just double, triple, quadruple down on my lies, blabber some utterly irrelevant drivel about fish parasites, call people I dont know white low status males as if I’m not just attacking myself, and keep my false air of superiority?
    Yeah, its those white low status males, because race wealth and sex are totally what makes plant food into super magic evil gas

    • > the gas that is at levels only 2% of natural variance above the LOWEST levels it has EVER BEEN RECORDED AT over the ENTIRE EXISTENCE OF LIFE ON THE PLANET

      How many times do I have to explain this?

      Solar forcing steadily increases, the sun gets brighter over time.

      This means you need a weaker greenhouse effect over time.

      If you had the greenhouse effect the dinosaurs had, it wouldn’t end well.

      >the gas that all life on earth originally evolved to thrive in

      We never had these levels of CO2 throughout the course of human evolution.

      All the grains we eat evolved to do well under these low levels of CO2.

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