IgG4 against Nucleocapsid is no excuse: There is zero evidence of a class shift after infection

So a few days ago I pointed out that all the excuses for the IgG4 antibody class shift after vaccination don’t hold up. We don’t see it happening in any unvaccinated people and we don’t see it happening after non-mRNA vaccination either. It’s a problem uniquely associated with the mRNA vaccines, which have been administered to more than 90% of the adult population in some countries.

I will have to address some more bullshit by the vaccine peddlers. I already know two or three people will read this post at most, but people asked me about this, so I will give them what they ask.

The idea being proposed by some is that IgG4 is together with IgG2 part of some normal compensatory response that inevitably has to happen after sufficient exposure to SARS-COV-2. But that’s not true. All the data we have suggests that there is no transition to IgG4 after infection. It’s not a normal compensatory biological mechanism.

The reason the IgG4 antibody class shift happened is because you gave people a “vaccine” that misrepresented what was going on to the immune system. The Spike protein was displayed on the surface of otherwise healthy cells in the absence of pro-inflammatory signaling, because these cells had been fooled into expressing this protein. When you do this often enough, you train the immune system to tolerate the Spike protein. It starts to think of those parts of the Spike protein that you want the antibodies to neutralize, as normal human proteins that need to be tolerated.

So the argument you often see peddled, is that this is not a problem, but part of a normal compensatory response, because there exist IgG4 antibodies against Nucleocapsid. But that’s not a valid argument and I will explain why. One of my commenters asked:

Now she sent me this study: Seroprevalence of IgG and Subclasses against the Nucleocapsid of SARS-CoV-2 in Health Workers ( https://www.mdpi.com/1999-4915/15/4/955 ) and I would be terribly grateful how to interpret this as they do show elevated IGg4 level in unvaccinated health workers against nucleocapsid protein and how that differs from Spike protein and how that applies (or it doesn’t) to latest IGg4 studies.

The answer is basically as following:

Your body produces IgG4 and IgG2 against stuff it needs to tolerate. Viruses typically evolve in a way that makes their proteins look similar to your own proteins, so that you can’t deploy an aggressive antibody response to those proteins without damaging your own body. For SARS-COV-2, the Nucleocapsid protein looks very similar to the Nucleocapsid protein in other corona viruses that regularly infect us. The Nucleocapsid protein has regions that look very similar to some of our own proteins, so you will find some IgG4 against certain regions when people are exposed to the virus.

However, this doesn’t matter much, because the Nucleocapsid protein is not the protein your body can use to neutralize the virus anyway, such antibodies can only help recognize infected cells and clean up viral debris. There’s a reason they vaccinated against Spike: It’s the only protein your can use to get antibodies that will neutralize the virus. Antibodies against the other proteins can not stop a viral particle from entering a cell.

In addition, we don’t see evidence of what these people are proposing, that the immune response shifts to IgG2 and IgG4 in response to sufficient exposure to the virus. This is not seen for antibodies against Spike, nor is it seen for antibodies against the Nucleocapsid protein. There are parts of the Nucleocapsid protein your body needs to tolerate, because they resemble your own proteins. Those antibodies may increase in concentration, but we see no evidence of a class shift to IgG2 and IgG4 against Nucleocapsid after SARS2 infection.

In simple English:

The immune system does not respond to SARS2 infection by learning to tolerate bits protein that it used to aggressively fight.

It keeps tolerating stuff that it already tolerated, sure. If the virus has sequences it tolerates, antibody concentrations against those sequences will rise, sure.

But what you don’t see, is the immune system moving from aggressively fighting certain sequences, to tolerating those sequences from now on. We have no evidence that this occurs in people, not even after severe infections from this virus.

That only appears to happen when you give people a bad vaccine, that makes the Spike protein look like just another normal protein that some of your own cells naturally happen to express.


The evidence

They find that in healthcare workers, the detected subclasses were: IgG1 (82.4%), IgG2 (75.9%), IgG3 (42.6%), and IgG4 (72.6%). Why would IgG3 only show up in 42.6% of the healthcare workers? Because these workers were being studied outside of the context of any recent infection. IgG3 antibodies normally decline rapidly in most people. When you try to keep their levels high with regular booster shots, to protect people from reinfection, you start breaking stuff.

To understand these results and to find out if there is some sort of natural shift towards anti-inflammatory IgG2 and IgG4 antibodies, we can look at this study:

Serological analysis reveals an imbalanced IgG subclass composition associated with COVID-19 disease severity

I’m going to quote the results for you here.

So yes, you see 9% antibody prevalence against Nucleocapsid. But you see just 1% with any detectable IgG4 antibodies against the Spike protein.

So is there evidence of some sort of class shift towards IgG2 and/or IgG4 in a severe infection? That’s the sort of situation where you would expect such a class shift to happen, if this is a real thing. So do we see evidence of it?

No. Not for Spike protein. And not for Nucleocapsid protein either. Look with me at this:

You can look for yourself here. There’s no evidence of a class shift towards IgG4. IgG4 and IgG2 increase in concentration as the infection becomes more severe, sure.

But look at IgG1 and IgG3, the normal antibodies you want to see. Their concentrations grow much more relatively than IgG2 and IgG4, for every protein! What you see is the opposite of a class shift: As the infection gets more severe, the body sends more and more IgG1 and IgG3 after those parts of the virus that look unlike any of your own proteins.

So why is there IgG4 detected against Nucleocapsid at all?


First of all, a lot of Nucleocapsid consists of sequences you find in all the hCOvs, as well as commensal bacteria:

COVID-19 patients elicit strong responses to the nucleocapsid (N) protein of SARS-CoV-2 but binding antibodies are also detected in prepandemic individuals, indicating potential crossreactivity with common cold human coronaviruses (HCoV) and questioning its utility in seroprevalence studies.

So when a part of the Nucleocapsid looks like something found in your gut bacteria, you will develop IgG2 antibodies against that part and perhaps IgG4. If you’re then infected by the virus, those concentrations will go up.

Second, parts of the Nucleocapsid looks like some of your own proteins, so of course your immune system can’t send aggressive pro-inflammatory antibodies after those parts:

We hypothesized that immunodominant epitopes of SARS-CoV-2 share homology with proteins associated with multiple sclerosis (MS). Using PEPMatch, a newly developed bioinformatics package which predicts peptide similarity within specific amino acid mismatching parameters consistent with published MHC binding capacity, we discovered that nucleocapsid protein shares significant overlap with 22 MS-associated proteins, including myelin proteolipid protein (PLP). Further computational evaluation demonstrated that this overlap may have critical implications for T cell responses in MS patients and is likely unique to SARS-CoV-2 among the major human coronaviruses.

You can expect your immune system to deploy IgG4 antibodies against these sequences. That’s normal, it helps prevent you from attacking your own healthy cells.

But when the immune response against SPIKE is dominated by IgG2 and IgG4? That’s a problem. It’s the only protein we know of, that allows your antibodies to neutralize viral particles.

Your own immune system never does that, not even after severe infections by this virus. Look at IgG4 against all the proteins in mild, vs moderate vs severe cases, in the graph I posted above. You don’t see the body switching to IgG4, against any of the proteins.

So sorry, the fact that you can find some IgG4 against nucleocapsid doesn’t bail us out. It’s not evidence that a tolerogenic class shift against Spike is a normal response to the virus.

Again, you’re still stuck with the worst case scenario.

You broke the antibody response, there are now amino acid sequences found in the Spike protein that more than a billion people worldwide were taught to tolerate. Every other pathogen now has a massive incentive to mutate, to incorporate those sequences people’s immune systems were taught to tolerate.

The other vaccines have failed too, they made the long term outcome of this pandemic much worse, by fixating people’s response on an extinct version of the virus. But there’s nothing quite as insane, as the failure of the mRNA vaccines.


  1. Look at this piece of shit he/him wokie still defending and shilling for the mRNA technology:


    People like Edward Nirenberg and Kristian G. Andersen are everything that is wrong with humanity.

    I hope that the history books of the future will look back at Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak, Ralph Baric and Shi Zhengli in the same way that we today look at Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao.

    • >Furthermore… switching to a different type of vaccine does not undo the IgG4 bias because the other subclasses have been excised from the genome and memory cells will preferentially dominate.

      Well he is right about one thing: Other vaccines administered after the mRNA vaccines won’t solve the problem, they will simply recall the IgG4 producing cells.

      And removing these cells in any substantial portion of the population is impossible. We don’t know how to do it at scale and it would mean removing the immunity people have. It would mean starting the pandemic from day 1 again, but now with stronger versions of the virus circulating.

      And here’s what he doesn’t want to discuss:

      What happens when your whole population is selecting highly fusogenic variants of SARS-COV-2, that escape the neutralizing effect of antibodies and would normally be hit by antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity?

      Or heck, how about this: How are your NK cells supposed to recognize the virus, if the whole Spike protein is covered by IgG2/4 antibodies?

      Or: What happens when the antibodies are cross-reactive and you’re teaching your immune system to tolerate other pathogens?

      We see unprecedented waves of Influenza, RSV and other pathogens: My suggestion to someone who is eager to be hated by everyone else in his discipline: Figure out if there are cross-reactive IgG4 antibodies between SARS-COV-2 Spike on the one hand and Influenza and RSV on the other.

      Fusogenicity increased from Wuhan to Alpha to Delta, then plunged to Omicron, then with every Omicron increased again, now with BA.2.86 it has increased yet again.

      What they’re setting people up for, are chronic infections: People will get hit by variants their bodies are simply unable to eliminate. And then when you have an organ where a bunch of endothelial cells are infected, keep producing large amounts of the virus and are never eliminated by the immune system, you can end up with a stroke or a heart attack, a few months after someone was infected. This is then never registered as COVID related, it just shows up as “mysterious” excess mortality.

      • Very good! You could also look into how the covid virus suppresses interferon, which signals a broad range of viral and bacterial infections. It`s hard to see such an effect being positive.

    • Nirenberg is nemesis, you can just look at his ugly fucking face, imp like eyes, and demonic smile; and just see he exists to test good people.

  2. I wonder if maybe the antibody class shift isn’t seen with the vvDNA vaxxes because the mRNAs are better at sneaking the spike-manufacturing code into cells. The vvDNAs succeed in getting the cells to make spike, as a replicating virus would, but they don’t manage to fool the immune system into thinking “this is fine”: these cells somehow signal they’ve been infected by a virus, because they kind of have been. The mRNAs are so ninja that they get in and get to work with no alarms going off.

  3. Thank you! This is very helpful. If anything it helps me prevent worrying for developing tolerance by infection(s) even though I yet to have a first positive Covid test. But still, 80& of family and friends is vaccinated and I simply cannot not care about them because they put the trust where the trust was not deserved. I appreciate tremendously your reply and explanation!

    • My partner is vaxxed, and she had her second covid in October, but her symptoms never got completely away – coughing already for months. The moment it gets more intense for her I feel it as well by getting slightly under the weather. I guess that’s the definition of permanent exposure. At some point my immune system might go like “this moron is not giving up on her so I’d better start to tolerate the spike”. Nobody knows how this will go forward – we are already in an uncharted territory. Radagast, really appreciate your updates as we plow into the unknown.

  4. I have an acquaintance who got infected in 2020 and has proceeded to get 6 shots along with more mild bouts of covid. Has the early infection trained his immune system such that he will be spared the tolerogenic class switching?

    I also have a friend who got three shots who may not have gotten infected yet. But for her, antibody class switching is unfortunately inevitable, according to my understanding, when she does get covid.

    And how long does the IgG4 dominance last? Months? A lifetime?

    • >I have an acquaintance who got infected in 2020 and has proceeded to get 6 shots along with more mild bouts of covid. Has the early infection trained his immune system such that he will be spared the tolerogenic class switching?

      There’s conflicting evidence on this. I’ve seen some evidence suggesting class switch to IgG4 even in people who were infected before vaccination.

      The fact that in the most recent study basically everyone had a class shift to IgG4 after four shots also suggests this.

      They found 97.3% of people were positive for IgG4 some time after four shots, at their latest data point.

      This suggests it happens to basically everyone after sufficient shots.

  5. Can you explain why they approved a self amplifying mRNA vaccine? It would seem they want longer production of spike, making the IgG4 condition worse.

    “The next step in mRNA vaccine design is the application of viral-based self-amplifying mRNAs (replicons) that provide long-lasting humoral and cellular immune responses upon single, low-dose immunization.
    Replicons encode their own replication machinery to boost their copy numbers directly after administration in target cells, which dramatically lowers the required initial mRNA dose and may consequently reduce adverse effects in individuals. ” https://www.cell.com/trends/biotechnology/fulltext/S0167-7799(23)00154-3

      • It’s literally creating a new type of disease. ANYTHING which can self replicate or even has the potential to become self replicating is subject to evolution.

        Except, this artificial disease was not subject to billions of years of co-evolution with Earth’s organisms and has the potential to do new, unexpected and very exciting things to those organisms.

        We had to burn the village to save it level of “thought”

    • When I read about the saRNA approval in Japan, I also asked, “why?”. From the covidians’ own perspective, what problem is it a solution to?

      When I looked for the reason in the study associated with that approval, all I saw was (as in the passage owser cites) that it will allow for lower dosages of mRNA to be injected – but there’s no explanation of why they consider that desirable (or meaningful, if it just replicates in the body anyway). What “adverse effects” would be reduced, and how, and why are they only admitting there are such now that they want the next-generation nightmare goo approved?

      It would be great if RR would give us a post on it, since I don’t understand the saRNA mechanism, but if the genetic material itself is replicating inside the injectee, then to me it looks like a step toward self-spreading (i.e., contagious) vaccines, which as we know is something that is being openly advocated for in some quarters.

  6. “It’s a problem uniquely associated with the mRNA vaccines, which have been administered to more than 90% of the adult population in some countries.”

    That rate is about right for Australia, where some states had greater uptake than others. NSW, the most populous state, is over 90%. The ACT, a small territory containing the nation’s administrative capital, is over 99%. Victoria, the second most populous state, is over 90%. Uptake was high everywhere really, but these seem like the real stand outs.

    If the authorities have introduced a lethal weakness into all of those people, well. . .

    Time will tell, I guess.

    Forgive me, I feel the need to whinge though about the feckless, ignorant, Kafkaesque authorities with their delusional and hopeless plans for everyone.

    I’m taken back to my childhood in the cold war.

    Here’s a classic old documentary about a nuclear war exercise in the UK from back in the eighties. Watch in amazement as ridiculous bureaucrats blithely plot the extermination of hungry survivors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=milbW4RDIco

    Be wary that you don’t survive the blast, only to get ordered by authorities to remain in a heavily irradiated zone under a pillow fort, or perhaps find yourself getting shot for looking for food that the authorities are withholding to force you to work for them.

    It’s the ‘Keith Bridges’ of this world (former accountant, designated ‘controller’ in the event of holocaust, delegated with ‘total power’, including powers of life and death) who survivors of the looming “vaccination” apocalypse will have to contend with.

    And I just love that smug, supercilious politician, who when quizzed about the total lack of preparedness, says that “We’re having a review”.


    Having ‘a review’. . . Really?

    I’m sure they did, just like I’m sure that like every other review preceding it, or that is still yet to come, was or will be conducted in line with a finely crafted ToR to ensure that no awkward questions get asked, which guarantees that nothing of value ever gets found, which means that nothing meaningful ever gets done. However, the review will still meet its KPI, which is to give the gormless public the false impression that their “”attentive, caring, and benevolent”” leaders are doing something, when, in fact, they never intended to do anything at all.

    We know this, because otherwise they would have just done something, other than just have “a review”.

    Honestly, it’s amazing that so many people still trust the authorities.

    They’re hopeless. Completely hopeless. It’s a farce.

    I mean, this is starting to get serious 🙂

    Moving on from this “vaccine”/virus issue, here we are, in overshoot, and not a bo peep about it from the authorities!

    And even if there was sufficient public pressure to do anything about it, you just know that the authorities would be sure to arrange ‘a review’.

  7. This is really concerning. Tolerance of the virus must lead to a significant decrease in life expectancy. Of all jabs, 92% was mRNA in the Netherlands. No bueno…

    If your assessment is true, this means nothing less than societal collapse in the near future. Any comments on what the future might bring?

    • >If your assessment is true, this means nothing less than societal collapse in the near future. Any comments on what the future might bring?

      To be honest, I’m somewhat surprised how few people are dying, considering the constantly growing waves of infections by this virus. I honestly expected the situation would already have massively escalated by now, but so far the population just seems to carry this virus in our bodies at levels much higher than any other virus, without significant death.

      I don’t know how this will unfold, I find it very hard to say anything meaningful about that.

      • That might be God putting his finger on the scales again.

        This whole place is so fucked up that I can’t understand how it goes on otherwise.

  8. Yeah, I’ve seen so many pathways in which this needlecraft could lead to mass die-off, it’s sort of a miracle so many of us are still alive.

    Last summer the Dutch sewage numbers were very low. Perhaps the difference with India only kicked in after the October booster last year? In my circles those new boosters seemed to pack quite a punch (I thought maybe due to different strains included in one shot).

    • I don’t think it’s the booster, most people didn’t get it. It’s a difference that has been accumulating for a long time.

  9. It seems like there´s a lot we don´t know. Don´t know whether you heard of Erwin Chargaff. He did some very important work in the discovery of DNA and was considered for the Nobel prize. Once, about ten years ago, I picked up a book of his after encountering a friend who was a very believing Christian. It amazed me how this book indirectly confirmed that the religious point of view was much more attuned to reality than the “scientific” point of view.This book was a book of essays in German. The title was “Über das Lebendige”. Rough translation: “About things that live”. Basically it is a sophisticated dissecting of Biology. He argues that on a molecular level all we ever do is observing things after the “fact”, that is after death and that we cannot observe life as it is. It is much more complicated than that. In the case of the vaccines it is of course sheer hybris and greed that made this travesty possible. It seems like though that the critics are also at a loss. Finally: I happen to have been in close communion with a famous Mathematician who was modelling chaotic systems. He impressed upon me that even the best computer won´t be able to cope with a situation where there is a number of self re inforcing feedback loops. Seems like we are in just such a situation. Anything is possible and the idiots who believe they know are in charge.

  10. 1) back in the beginning of the vaxx campaign they promised the body would produce the spike protein in an ephemeral timeframe – they looked after 90 days, expression of the spike Protein could be still seen, etc
    2) the Spike Protein is toxic – finding in April 2021

    The Body Gas to Devise ways to evade the toxicity of the Spike proteine

  11. Maybe the measles outbreaks (there’s a crazy increase of 30-45 fold over last year in Europe, big outbreaks in UK and increases in the US as well) will wipe out the bad old antibodies and solve this problem. Since measles wipes out preexisting antibodies.

  12. Ragagast, could you please elaborate a bit on the following?

    Recently there’s “concern” in the usual circles of power over a mysterious disease X that might appear in the near future and is supposed to be much more deadly than covid.

    Would it be possible, that – completely coincidentially of course – this disease X happens to be similar to covid in some aspecs and thus is able to use the IgG4-trained acceptance of most people’s immune systems to hide, while being much more agressive and dangerous in its effects on the body?
    So basically, does this IgG4-Response in principle open the door for diseases against which the vaccinated immune system is unable to react?

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