IgG4 is not part of a normal immune response to SARS2 and it’s not going away either

So, now that the world has discovered that its mRNA vaccination experiment has not worked and has led to an abnormal tolerance associated immune response as I explained here, the excuses start pouring in. Some people are in denial and pretend that this abnormal immune response we see in the mRNA vaccinated population, is just a normal inevitable result of exposure to this virus.

And yet, if we look at the most recent study on the topic, the excuses don’t hold up. I don’t want to ignore it and look the other way, when people lie about what they did.

These idiots who peddled these vaccines left people stuck with a broken immune response. The arguments these people peddled, that this immune response is normal, or the inevitable outcome after sufficient exposure to the virus, can be easily refuted based on the studies that are coming out now.

What’s happening now was not inevitable. It’s entirely their fault, caused by their reckless intervention in human biology, that they forced down our throats. They violated the laws. They violated the principle of bodily integrity. They violated the precautionary principle.

But they also violated the most basic principles of immunology. They insulted the work of art they intervened in. Our individual cells have an immune system of their own. But these people injected people’s cells with a synthetic genetic code, that includes synthetic nucleotides not found in the virus itself, that were intended to fool people’s own cells, to prohibit these cells from recognizing what was happening.

This is an insane and dangerous expression of human hubris. Vaccination once began with weak strains of viruses, intended to prepare the immune system against circulating stronger strains. But this is not preparing the immune system. What these people did is an attempt to deceive the immune system, they sought to fool it into doing something it doesn’t want to do on its own accord.

They threatened us with jail sentences, people lost their jobs, people were socially ostracized and threatened with having their children taken away from them, because they did not want to participate in this irreversible unprecedented medical experiment. An experiment that has now clearly dramatically backfired, resulting in millions of deaths. And we have the evidence now to prove it.

We’re still looking at the worst case scenario:

-IgG4 is not part of a normal immune response to SARS-COV-2, as it’s still not seen in the unvaccinated, except during the acute phase in a handful of severe (hospitalized) cases. In healthy unvaccinated people, we still see zero evidence of an IgG4 response to Spike.

-IgG4 still remains the dominant immune response after mRNA vaccination, hundreds of days after the last shot.

-There’s a temporary increase in IgG3 after vaccination, but it almost immediately disappears, leaving just IgG2 and IgG4.

Why is this such a huge problem? Well, I understand if you don’t want to read all the posts I’ve written on this topic, but the short version is that IgG3 is unique in having a long structure that is meant for providing strong neutralization of viral particles. It’s the antibody you want to see in people who are immune to this virus.

IgG2 and IgG4 are meant to help your immune system tolerate things it should not overreact to. IgG2 in particular is meant to help your body tolerate things in your gut, where you have a lot of bacteria that are harmless but look very different from your own cells. Thanks to IgG2, your immune system is not constantly at war with the bacteria in your own gut.

Let’s skip to the juice:

Here you have the results seen in vaccinated people. If you look at B and D, you see that IgG2 and IgG4 gradually become the dominant antibody response, with every vaccination dose increasing the level of these antibodies.

If you compare B and D to C, you see another problem: The normal antibody you’re supposed to be sending after the virus (IgG3) rapidly declines to zero again. On the other hand, IgG2 and IgG4 stick around.

So is any of this normal? That’s what the usual suspects were arguing. They thought that IgG4 is just part of the immune response you eventually end up with, because the body has to shut down excessive inflammation from the SARS-COV-2 infections. But look at the results from this study and you find that this is incorrect. They also studied unvaccinated people who had an infection. Here you see the results they found in unvaccinated people:

They look at 52 unvaccinated people who had been infected by this virus. They find elevated IgG4 or IgG2 as part of the immune response in none of them. Zero. It doesn’t happen. What happens after repeated mRNA vaccination, is not part of a normal immune response to this virus.

But look at something else with me. You see that IgG3 goes up a few days after the infection, but then it goes down again to previous levels. Yet, we have known for a long time that protection against reinfection in the unvaccinated lasts for hundreds of days, along with reduced severity once the reinfection occurs.

That points towards improvements in the innate immune response, as responsible for the protection. These results imply that it’s not the IgG antibody response that is normally supposed to keep people protected after their first infection. Yet, the IgG4 antibodies may very well be taking on that role in the mRNA vaccinated population.

As I have explained before, the situation seems to be worse than first anticipated. We first found these results in people who were vaccinated before ever being infected by the virus. Later studies suggested the mRNA vaccines can also have this effect in people who were vaccinated after their first infection.

And it’s worse. They also find evidence that overall IgG4 produced by the body increases after these mRNA shots, not just specifically the response to the Spike protein:

So why does this matter? These antibodies are capable of neutralizing the virus at high enough concentrations. But there’s one thing they don’t do: They don’t tell the immune system to destroy infected cells. I quote:

IgG4 is largely unable to activate antibody-dependent immune effector responses and, furthermore, undergoes Fab (fragment antigen binding)-arm exchange, rendering it bispecific for antigen binding and functionally monovalent. These properties of IgG4 have a blocking effect, either on the immune response or on the target protein of IgG4.


Binding to most Fcγ receptors is reduced for IgG4 (although not completely abrogated), resulting in IgG4 having poor ADCC activity21,22 and, probably, also ADCP activity (although this has not been studied in detail). Interestingly, binding of IgG4 to the inhibitory receptor FcγRIIb is not affected, which skews Fcγ receptor signalling induced by IgG4 away from cellular activation and towards inhibition.

It preferentially binds to receptors that tell your immune system to shut down. This FcγRIIb receptor is found on your antibody producing B cells, on your T cells (the CD8 killers and the CD4 helpers), but also on your innate immune cells. This includes your basophils and mast cells. It also includes your NK cells, which are supposed to kill cells that look sick.

It’s also found on your macrophages, which clean up cellular debris. It’s also found on your dendritic cells, that go up to your T cells and B cells in your lymph nodes, to show what they found that needs to be deal with. All these cells have this receptor, so all these cells are being told the same message by this IgG4 antibody: This viral protein is not important, don’t worry about it. For the IgG2 antibody, the effect is quite similar.

The IgG4 and IgG2 antibodies may still have some interfering effect on the virus, by binding to the Spike protein. But that’s not enough! After all, these antibodies can not reach everywhere. For example, they’re bad at getting through the blood brain barrier. Most importantly, they can’t enter your cells! So the virus is able to remain in your cells, while these antibodies are telling your whole immune system that the virus is not really something to worry about.

I think I’ve already explained before what effect you would expect this to have: You would expect new mutated versions of the virus to emerge that take advantage of this abnormal behavior most people’s immune systems now have. The most notorious effect you would expect is increased fusogenicity. When the virus infects a cell, it can cause that cell to merge with other cells. That then allows the virus to spread itself into more cells, without ever leaving the protective membrane of the cell that stops antibodies from entering. Fusogenicity is selected for, because it evades neutralizing antibodies.

With the recent BA.2.86 variants, you see that fusogenicity has increased again. This leads to increased severity of the infection, it makes the virus more damaging. What you observed in BA.2.86, is that the Spike protein changed dramatically, while the rest of the virus remained largely the same.

What you also see, as I have illustrated before, is that with the BA.2.86* lineages, we now see record levels of the virus in sewage:

On the other hand, in India, where they did not use the mRNA vaccines, you see that this virus does not lead to very high levels in sewage:

What does this mean?

Well, if the BA.2.86 family represents a step towards adaptation to the mRNA vaccinated population’s abnormal immune response to this virus, this fits what you would expect to see.

And we still have to find out the answer to this question: Do people ever really get rid of the virus after an infection by the BA.2.86 family? Right now, wastewater levels of this virus are still higher in the Netherlands than anything we saw before we began vaccinating people.

The reason SARS2 is able to form these syncytia, with which it can spread from one cell to another without being exposed to people’s antibodies, is because of the Furin cleavage site. Without the Furin cleavage site, it can not create these syncytia.

So what I find remarkable, is that with BA.2.86, we now see for the first time ever, that SARS-COV-2 is further improving its Furin cleavage side, with added Arginine. This never happened before BA.2.86 emerged, but now we see it happening on multiple branches of the BA.2.86 family simultaneously.

These idiots broke people’s immune response. They gave these vaccines to healthy children and teenagers, who were at no risk of dying from this virus. And it looks to me, like SARS-COV-2 is in the process of learning to take advantage of their stupidity.


  1. Nature punishes those that don’t respect her. I honestly can’t find myself caring all that much about what’s going to happen really. Oh boo hoo, the vaxxed normies are all going to die off, what a shame… It was THEIR choice to become lab rats, they could have chosen to be free, yet when master demanded their backsides they meekly complied. Not my problem.

  2. They succeeded in what they wanted to achieve and none of the real culprits will ever be held to account.

    Will the trillions of brown people be fooled for a second time?

  3. Appreciate these updates. From the recently published study you cited:

    “The seropositivity of anti-RBD IgG4 after the vaccination was 6.76% at 1 month after the second dose, gradually increased to 50.5% at 6 months after the second dose, and reached 97.2% at 1 month after the third dose.”

    97.2%? Yikes. Presumably this debunks the claims on Twitter/Substack that many of the mRNA batches were placebo/saline.

    • *placebo/saline/inactive

      Also, I’m surprised (and relieved) that excess mortality this Winter hasn’t been as bad as last Winter. In December 2022 some European countries reached 40% excess mortality if I remember correctly. I don’t think it’s reached that high this Winter. Of course, there is the “pull-forward effect” to take into consideration. But again it’s important to emphasise, even a 10% excess mortality is a once in 200 year phenomenon. What’s been happening since 2021 is hugely unprecedented. And yet, the MSM remains largely silent, and most normies are still oblivious. Or maybe they’re aware, but simply in denial.

  4. Have you seen any research on how these immune effects are passed down from mother to child, if the mother is vaccinated years prior to the pregancy?

  5. The two tells for me were that TPTB rolled-out a tolerance platform AND they coerced the injections even if you already were infected and recovered. These people with 30+ years in the industry, with pre-woke PhD level education, are not fools. They knew exactly what they were doing. The mass cull when it happens, in my view will be quick – perhaps a 36 month process starting when the virus evolves to where the designers intended it to be. The injection process is complete. We are in the human serial-passage stage of the operation now. In my view, the kill stage of the process starts in the next 18 months.

    • “They knew exactly what they were doing.”

      Humanity has proven incapable of living within its planetary means, so I can see why TPTB would do it, if that’s the case.

  6. Just as an aside: the thumbnail pic on the homepage of the masked monster lady and her prey – I remember seeing that in its original context at some point, but I’ve forgotten where. If RR or somebody else could direct me to the source, I’d appreciate it.

  7. funny. only ~10 comments on a COVID doom-porn piece, which everyone seems to demand, but 25-50+ comments on recent climate/anti-natalism/i hate normies stuff.

    i think mr. r knows what to do…

    • It’s a sign that people have enough respect to leave the comments to people who are knowledgeable enough to give a sensible constructive comment on this topic. The posts about covid are the crown jewels of this blog.

      • Agreed, Rintrah has a gift for explaining technical issues with the “vaccines”/virus in a way that’s comprehensible to LSWMs (I mean, just try reading Geert. . . ) whereas most of us probably don’t know enough about the subject to be able to say much of anything.

        His thoughts on this matter are what brought me here.

        I visit Igor’s place for his insights on this matter too, and have for ages – kudos Igor.

  8. Protein based covid vax shots (NovaVax) do elevate IgG3 far beyond its limit (7 days) and do not pump IgG4 subclass. But this doesn’t mean that you aren’t effed beyond repair with that class of ‘vaccine’,too. Go look into something called DSMB reports for mRNA and peotein vaxines. Different paths of suffering but ultimately leading to similar outcome and result. If you are vaxed and boosted chance is very slim that you can have bright future.

    • Won’t elderly and grossly obese people be less likely to be affected by the vax shots, since old and fat people have lousy immune response? Nearly everyone I care about in the real world is ancient or gigantically fat, so I am holding out hope.

      The people I know who seem to be doing worst, that is, looking much older and getting sick, are people under 50 who are slim who have been vaxxed. I know one young slim guy who has been vaxxed but has not caught covid, and I was hoping he would be okay due to the lack of covid itself, but now he is not looking well.

      You haven’t mentioned reservoirs. It seems to me that DBDugger is right, and everyone is forming them. Even the unvaccinated. Also, per the dog study, the unvaccinated are ending up with severe neurological damage. I am trying to keep my dogs from catching covid but I don’t know how dogs typically catch it.

      It would be helpful if you could add some more comments about what you think will happen. You’ve said that Geert and Rintrah are only partly right, but you have not said what you expect. My IQ is only 138 so I can’t piece this all together on my own, but I do want to try to plan in order to alleviate suffering.

      • What’s DBDugger? 149 points are not enough for keeping with tiktok normie trends.
        There is about 15% chance that every flu you had in your life was from a member of the Coronaviridae family. All those have common surface proteins present that don’t vary between family members and serovars. If your immune system had done even a lousy job when interacting with those ‘corona flus’ there is a great chance that immune memory cells are formed (albeit elicited immunity is short lived). Do i need to elaborate further on that or you get the gist (this also is your key to why bosche and rada are off-track but still in the right direction)?
        In short amd dry – obese people immune systems do indeed underperform in terms but this also means reduced and insufficient inflammatory response so things normally get subchronic and chronic.
        We still don’t know all the genes and their locations which constitute the ‘immune system’ and the epigenetic factors which interplay with them. So more or less our conversation and most academic research on the topic is elaborated guessing and shooting in the dark with an occasional shot in the right direction.
        What do you mean with resorvoirs? Adipose resorvoirs? Animal reservoirs? Indian?!

        • Daniel Brittain Dugger. I don’t think anyone would accuse him (or me) of being a normie. He’s no genius and he is repetitive but he is not a moron and he thinks that the best parallel is AIDS and everyone will end up being on antivirals. Although not really since covid is destroying all of the organs that people will need to process and excrete antivirals. He’s on twitter if you want to see what he thinks; if you read about twenty of his tweets you will get the idea.

          Yes, Brian Mowrey thinks that prior flu infections will be helpful in the unvaccinated. But again, the dog study (“Neurological Effects of SARS-Cov-2 Transmitted Among Dogs”, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Volume 29, Number 11, November 2023). I don’t see you you can read that and think the unvaccinated will be fine if they’ve just had the flu a few times. Okay, it is true that these dogs may not have had the flu before being experimented on, but it is also true that a lot of people who were never vaccinated but who had the flu in the past have ended up with neurological problems from covid.

          Viral reservoirs in the brain, in the bone marrow, in the gut, in the testes, and so on. Which can’t be cleared; which will never be cleared, which will keep on pumping out virus. The autopsy studies are showing that no-one actually clears this virus once infected; it is a one-way ticket. PCR tests don’t find these reservoirs but they are there.

        • From Peter McCullough’s Substack post of Jan. 20th, 2024. Here is the first paragraph:

          “Prior to the pandemic, I was healthy and on average had 2-4 head colds per year. In 2020, I contracted COVID-19, probably the alpha variant with some pulmonary involvement. Treated late in an FDA approved RCT with drugs that later were incorporated into the McCullough Protocol. In 2021 I declined COVID-19 vaccination, and contracted SARS-CoV-2 infection a second time, probably with Omicron. In 2022, I had no less than 12 upper respiratory tract infections (URI) with post-infectious asthma. In 2023 I had at least six such infections with the finale being a three month illness with persistent, productive cough. Many of you saw me on national TV or podcasts with a raw voice and at times an unstoppable cough. Could SARS-CoV-2 infection or something about the pandemic response altered my immunity to common respiratory viruses?”

          I hardly know anyone who is unvaccinated so I don’t know if his experience is typical of unvaccinated people.

          • That’s incredible!
            Poor Peter.
            I’ve noticed McCullough coughing a lot but apparently he’s been constantly sick since 2021. And he still accomplishes so much.

          • For what it’s worth, it’s the “vaccinated” who seem sicker to me. None of the unvaccinated I know are constantly sick, but I can’t say the same for the “vaccinated”.

            Perhaps with increasing numbers of constantly sick “vaccinated” people around there are more vectors for disease and that’s why McCullough is getting ill all the time?

          • That substack article was an advertorial for a wellness company supplement.

            I am unvaxed and get fewer colds, possibly bc of more sheltered life

          • But Igor, that isn’t much of an advertisement, is it? The poor man is sick all the time and admits it. That is an admission against interest in the sale of his supplements.

          • I take your advise. On my way to enlist myself into a Veterinary University. And also sending strong note to mensa that their IQ tests are not predictive enough of intellectual capabilities. I do even blame them that they just show speed of pattern recognition and not complex intelligence. Can you imagine that?! Oh the horror!
            By the way i never claimed any intellectual prowess or knowledge base advantage. Everything i have provided here is the intellectual output of other people and not mine. But you are free to take any beef anytime with me based on whatever imaginary issues and emotions you chose. I will just pull a rada on you and completely ignore you.
            As for the dogs don’t you think that if we were identical in our immune response to them it would have been awesome – that way all your wet dream ‘scientists’ would be proven right and you could boast your favourite words of ‘I told you so’. But at the end who the fuck am I to make fun of a stranger on the Internet by taking advantage of my rapid pattern recognition talent 😉

          • Ok, but what are you going to DO about it? Like if coof is a permanent addition to humanity now (thank you, fauci), what does that mean for an unvaccinated individual?

            The way I see it, the human species will do what it has always done for this kind of disease in the past; evolve. If you want to stand a chance of your genes being the ones to be in that future, have lots of children and focus on having them and their get thrive and avoid vaxxed bloodlines.

            Maybe some of them will evolve a defence against coof-induced neurodegradation.

            Unless you have some proven treatment to address this issue, WHAT is the point in discussing this?

  9. I’d like to know if antibody class switching only happens for those who got vaxxed BEFORE catching covid.
    Or is it also inevitable for those who caught covid and then got vaxxed?

  10. In your article, you write: “I understand if you don’t want to read all the posts I’ve written on this topic”. Even if you don’t like it: We love to read all your posts on this topic again and again. And we want to read more about it! Even if you don’t like it: these are still your best articles.

    Don’t get me wrong: The point is not that you call the vaccination into doubt. We’d love to read your praise of a vaccination (or otherwise therapy) that is effective and safe, too. Rather, the point is that you explain, again and again, the working of our infinitely complex immune system. This so fascinating and salutary!

    So, thanks very much for your effort! We’d love to read more by you 😉

  11. I guess this finding also debunks that theory of vaccine shedding.
    As there’s no detectable IgG4 in the infected unvaccinated, they clearly didn’t “catch” the vaccine from a vaccinated person.

    • I beg to differ. Shedding is absolutely a thing, and to sensitive individuals, the effects are stark. There’s a ton we don’t know about it, and how and why it’s happening, but it’s clearly happening.

  12. This blog is a source I return to regularly regarding covid and all this IGg4 stuff. I have a friend, 5x vaxed and me being unvaxed going forth and back regarding this issue and all thing vaccination considering. I’ve sent her this particular publish and got, once again, the usual we do not know if elevated IGg4 is really something alarming or just a response of an immune system searching for a sweet spot balance between over and under inflammation. Now I’m no expert in any of this but I read this and Geert a lot and worries regarding this shift of immune system and what does that mean for population seems legit to me. Now she sent me this study: Seroprevalence of IgG and Subclasses against the Nucleocapsid of SARS-CoV-2 in Health Workers ( https://www.mdpi.com/1999-4915/15/4/955 ) and I would be terribly grateful how to interpret this as they do show elevated IGg4 level in unvaccinated health workers against nucleocapsid protein and how that differs from Spike protein and how that applies (or it doesn’t) to latest IGg4 studies. I don’t know who else to ask so I’m asking for your help in better understanding all of this. Thank you.

  13. Fusogenicity… loving that new word I learned today. If enough cells fuse, will we start seeing lesions looking like pox, or skin scars, or bleeding like in hemmoragic fevers?

    • Right now, the main concern is for cells in the lungs, brain cells and certain mobile cells of the immune system.

      That’s where it’s being observed. There’s evidence of brain cells fusing together, making them unable to properly perform their function.

      You don’t want to force this virus to evolve greater fusogenicity, but that’s basically what we did.

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