Important: When you get vaccinated, you lose your natural immunity

Army Spc. Angel Laureano holds a vial of the COVID-19 vaccine, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, Md., Dec. 14, 2020. (DoD photo by Lisa Ferdinando)

I honestly didn’t think I would ever write this headline. I would have assumed that if this were true, it would be impossible to keep quiet. And yet, we now have a scientific study that demonstrates exactly this. It isn’t up for debate either, the authors themselves make it clear that this happens. They might not enjoy having to present these findings, but they don’t deny the results they found.

Bear with me, as I explain these findings and how the underlying mechanism may function. The immune system is complex. It can be broadly divided between the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system. These terms are simplifications, because the innate immune system is not entirely inflexible itself, it too is trained by exposure to pathogens.

In many people, particularly many children, the innate immune system can deal with SARS-COV-2 quite effectively on its own. Thanks to the innate immune system, the virus never even manages to move beyond a foothold in their bodies. In some people, an infection requires the T cells to get involved. Sometimes these T cells are capable of nipping the infection in the bud, meaning that you develop a degree of immunity without ever developing antibodies, because your B cells don’t have to get involved in the war. Often such infections are so mild that most of the tests we perform on people fail to pick them up.

Nonetheless, when we vaccinate people against SARS-COV-2, we try to use the adaptive immune system to our advantage. We try to induce high levels of antibodies. Immunity against SARS-COV-2 can not be entirely reduced to “high levels of antibodies”, but high levels of neutralizing antibodies are a good predictor that you’re not at risk of succumbing to as severe SARS-COV-2 infection. Over time antibody levels can drop. The virus changes as well, because evolution favors the spread of versions that can dodge our antibody response, so over time not all antibodies are effective anymore.

We generally divide the antibodies between “neutralizing” and “binding” antibodies. The neutralizing ones bind to the virus and thereby actually prevent the virus from infecting a cell. The binding antibodies bind to the virus, but can’t stop it from infecting a cell. Some of the binding antibodies actually help viruses enter cells more easily, which is what we call “antibody dependent enhancement”.

To determine whether these vaccines are effective you measure people’s antibody levels over time, particularly the neutralizing antibodies. Now that many vaccinated people are left with very few neutralizing antibodies against Omicron, there is some attempt by people involved in the vaccine business to push the idea that the T cells will be able to handle an Omicron infection on their own, but most T cell immunologists seem to be skeptical of this suggestion.

So, this is important to understand. Although it is increasingly rare at this point in most Western nations, it’s normal for healthy unvaccinated people, particularly young children, who never tested positive and who have no memory of ever having had a nasty cold to have no significant neutralizing antibody response against this virus. That doesn’t mean your immune system is broken, or that you somehow miraculously avoided exposure to the virus. Rather, it means that the virus has never succeeded at causing you enough trouble for your B cells to have to get involved.

On the other hand, there are many people who have had an encounter with this virus, who distinctly remember suffering symptoms of a bad cold, or even having to be hospitalized, before they were vaccinated. We know that when those people develop immunity against this virus, it is supposed to be long-lasting. In fact, over time your B cells start coming up with all sorts of variants of their antibodies, so that if this nasty virus shows up again with some sort of mutation, they can also handle these new variants.

We know that the neutralizing antibody response from the vaccines does not last very long. It starts out very high and then it declines very rapidly, after six months you’re left with just 1.3% of the original peak, according to one study. That’s why they constantly keep giving you boosters. Natural immunity doesn’t work like this. If you have gone through a natural infection from this virus, then the natural antibody response lasts for a very long time, in fact it strengthens over time as your B cells start trying out all sorts of subtly different variants to the antibodies they had to create to deal with the original infection.

But what happens, if you have gone through a natural infection and then decide to get two shots of the vaccine? The idea often peddled is that this should give you some sort of “super-immunity”, that this is the best way to be protected. And yet, it turns out that what we see is the exact opposite. When you go through a natural infection and decide to get vaccinated, your antibody curve starts looking like that of vaccinated people who were never infected.

Whereas the neutralizing antibody response remains and actually strengthens over time in naturally infected people who were never vaccinated, it rapidly declines in naturally infected people who are vaccinated, at basically the same pace as it does in vaccinated people who were never infected. In other words, for naturally infected people, vaccination destroys their neutralizing antibody response.

Here’s the study. The authors chillingly write:

From day 14 to day 291, more than 75% of the samples were positive for NAbs (n = 87/110, 79.1%). Interestingly, 6 months post symptoms onset, the majority of the samples (N = 44/52, 84.6%) were still positive for NAbs.

This is in sharp contrast with the results we obtained 6 months post-vaccination in our cohort of healthcare workers who received the two-dose regimens of BNT162b2 [].

In this cohort of vaccinated subjects, 43% (n = 25/58) of the participants no longer exhibit NAbs activity 180 days after the administration of the first dose of BNT162b2 []. This is a very interesting observation since even those who were seropositive at baseline, i.e., a documented previous infection to SARS-CoV-2, seemed to lose their neutralizing capacity (n = 7/18, 39%) [].

In other words, for naturally infected people, vaccination gets you back to square one. You got infected with this virus early on during the pandemic, you thought you’d do the “right thing” and get vaccinated against it, but the effect it had is that now your antibody levels received a temporary boost, but by six months they’re now down to a fraction of what they would have been if you had never bothered to get these vaccines.

Here’s the graph the authors included:

For the first image, you see two curves that illustrate how the neutralizing antibody curve runs. People who had a severe infection requiring hospitalization practically immediately began producing large amounts of antibodies, to get rid of this virus. People who had a milder infection that didn’t require hospitalization did have their B cells stimulated by this virus, but there was no real acute emergency and over time the body began to develop a stronger B cell response.

Now look at the second graph. Here you see the neutralizing antibody curve for vaccinated people, both those with a previous infection and those without a previous infection. At the start everything looks great. The neutralizing antibody response is many times higher than it ever was for the naturally immune people. However, just as you can see in the other study I linked earlier in this post where just 1.3% of the neutralizing antibody response was left after six months, the neutralizing antibody response plummets within six months. They’re now left with very few neutralizing antibodies.

And, as you have seen everywhere, after a few months vaccinated people start suffering breakthrough infections, that are often actually quite severe. But here we see that based off the neutralizing antibody response, even people who have already gone through a natural infection are rendered vulnerable again, due to these vaccines.

In other words, it seems that as long as we keep vaccinating people with these vaccines, the pandemic goes on forever. And, if it wasn’t obvious yet, that’s what all the statistics we have available to us suggest is going on too. Countries go through a bunch of COVID waves, then it stops because so many people have developed natural immunity, unless they vaccinate their population, in which case they get more waves. When you look at places like Denmark and Israel and compare them to places like South Africa and Bangladesh, you see exactly what you would expect to see based off these neutralizing antibody studies.

What’s going on?

This is the big question: How is this possible? What are these vaccines really doing to our immune system? Why do the B cells stop doing their job? Well, if it wasn’t obvious yet, these vaccines work very different from any other vaccine we’ve ever given to our population. And based off everything I’ve seen so far, I think this is a very important piece of the puzzle.

With the exception of cancer cells, the cells in your body act like a team. Any particular cell is generally quite willing to take a hit for the team. If a cell gets infected with a virus and figures this out, it’s going to alert your immune system to the fact that it was infected, even if this leads to its own death. How does this work?

It’s very complex, but I’m going to explain some of the basics. Your cells have a molecule called MHC. There are a number of different forms, for this explanation MHC 1 and MHC 2 are most important. To let your immune system know what your cells are upto, they express this molecule on the surface of their cells and within the MHC molecule will be a piece of a protein that the cell has produced. Your white blood cells will then check this MHC molecule and determine whether it’s something the cell is supposed to produce (endogenous to your body) or some viral material or other dangerous junk instead. If the protein found in the MHC molecule is not something endogenous, all alarm bells go off and the cell is generally told to undergo apoptosis (programmed cell death, ie suicide), to make sure this thing can’t spread.

To help out the rest of your body, your cells themselves are on a lookout, to make sure they let everyone know as soon as possible that they’re infected with some viral material. When they have reason to suspect they’re infected with something, they start producing large amounts of a protein called Interferon. Again, I have to note that there are different types of Interferon. This lets nearby cells know to raise their defenses, but it also encourages the cell itself to start producing far more of the MHC molecule on its surface, so that the immune system can find out as soon as possible that the cell has been infected with some sort of harmful material.

So, this is important to understand. Let’s take the nasty SARS-COV-2 and see how this would work in practice: A cell is infected with this virus and begins producing large amounts of Interferon. The neighboring cells notice this and make sure that they can’t be infected either, by raising their defenses. The Interferon then causes the cell to produce much larger amounts of the MHC molecule than it normally would, so that it can present pieces of the virus to your T cells.

Depending on the type of MHC molecule we’re talking about, your cytotoxic T cells see a part of the coronavirus in the MHC molecule and kill the infected cell, or your T helper cells sees the MHC molecule on the surface of the cell and goes out to find a B cell to activate. If for example, a part of SARS-COV-2’s spike protein ends up expressed in an MHC II molecule expressed on the surface of one of your infected cells, a T helper cell can sees this, goes out to find a B cell and tells it to get ready to start producing large amounts of antibodies against this piece of protein.

I hope this explanation is understandable. If you don’t understand it, then the general principle is as following: Adaptive immunity is not just a matter of “dump something dangerous into the body and the immune system will learn to deal with it”. Rather, your immune system will learn to deal with a new toxic protein, if it is presented in the context of all sorts of alarm bells that something is wrong. That’s for example, why most traditional vaccines have all sorts of adjuvants, substances besides the protein you want immunity against. Some of these adjuvants are meant to help generate inflammation to encourage a proper immune response against the protein you’re injecting.

When your cells are infected with SARS-COV-2, they start raising all sorts of alarm bells that make clear to your immune system that this strange new spike protein expressed on the surface of the cell is in fact very dangerous and not what this cell wants to be producing. They start pumping out Interferons, which let every other cell know that something is wrong and thanks to the Interferons, they start presenting small pieces of the virus on their surface through their MHC molecules.

That’s how it normally works. But here’s the problem the vaccine manufacturers ran into: They had this mRNA technology that they wanted to bring onto the market. The problem they kept running into is that cells don’t like it when they’re suddenly infected with some strange alien mRNA they’ve never seen before. So what they started doing is as following: They started changing certain nucleotides into very strange nucleotides your body normally rarely encounters. I have explained this part in a previous post, here. As a consequence, your cells no longer raise all the alarm bells whenever this synthetic vaccine mRNA enters your cell.

So, this is where the problem starts to emerge. Your immune system is used to your cells getting infected with viruses that lead those poor cells to start expressing alien proteins on their surface. However, normally those cells will ring all their alarm bells and make it clear to all the other cells, their neighbors as well as your white blood cells, that they have been infected. Those alarm bells are essential for your white blood cells to properly do their job.

If your infected cells don’t produce Interferon, MHC I/MHC II and other signals of infection, your immune system is faced with a much harder job: “It seems there’s a weird alien protein expressed on the surface of this cell. Should I deal with this, or am I mistaken and is this thing actually endogenous? The cell doesn’t seem to be expressing any alarm, the cell seems perfectly fine despite producing a strange protein I don’t expect to encounter.”

That’s the problem we’re faced with, with these vaccines. We inject your body with synthetic mRNA. The synthetic mRNA infects your cells. Some of those cells may ring the proper alarm bells, so your immune system destroys them when they recognize the spike protein on their surface (and/or parts of it in the MHC molecule).

Other cells may be fooled into not ringing the alarm bells, they keep producing this spike protein, without being destroyed by your white blood cells. And that’s when your poor B cells find themselves in doubt. Here is a cell, seemingly perfectly happy, but it keeps producing this toxic alien protein that I am supposed to form antibodies against.

If your B cells constantly produce antibodies against proteins that they imagine to be alien, but really aren’t, you can start suffering autoimmune problems. This is why B cells have certain indicators that they use, to figure out when they’re mistakenly scoring an own goal and need to stop producing their antibodies.

This is what we call Peripheral B cell tolerance. There is central tolerance, which takes place when your B cell is young, where it doesn’t get a chance to start doing its job if its antibodies actually bind with your own proteins. Some B cells manage to pass the central tolerance test, but then it turns out once they circulate in your body that they nonetheless actually attack your own proteins. This is where the peripheral B cell tolerance comes in place.

So what are the requirements to activate peripheral B cell tolerance? It seems that this is not completely understood yet, but there are a number of known conditions under which this can happen. Most often, a B cell will stop producing its antibodies, if it finds itself in a situation where it receives constant stimulation.

Here’s how this works: Your B cell has its own B cell receptor, which binds to the bit of protein it’s supposed to make antibodies against. If your B cell continually finds itself exposed to stuff that binds to its B cell receptor, without receiving encouragement from the T helper cells to keep going and churning out antibodies, that’s a signal to your B cell that something is wrong. The B cell will think “uh-oh, looks like I’m attacking our own proteins” and it will shut down its antibody production.

So what does this look like in real life? Let’s go back to these nasty vaccines, to see how this works. Initially, a bunch of your cells fall victim to a stealth attack: Lipid nanoparticles introduce alien mRNA with weird nucleotides into your cells. Some of your cells recognize that something is wrong and send out alarm signals (Interferon, MHC molecules etc). Those cells are killed.

Those cells present small parts of the Spike peptides on their MHC I and MHC II molecules, so some of your T cells will kill those cells and your T helper cells will look at these MHC molecules and go off to find themselves a B cell to activate. This means that you now start producing large amounts of antibodies, the scientists measure this happening in your blood and think to themselves: “Hurray we’re geniuses, we did it!”

Other cells don’t recognize what happened to them, that they fell victim to a stealth attack, and happily keep churning out the Spike protein, but without the alarm signals (Interferon, MHC, etc). This means that your B cells now keep running into the protein they’re supposed to form antibodies against, which means their B cell receptor keeps being stimulated.

However, when a B cell has its B cell receptor stimulated by a Spike protein on the surface of one of your cells, without the T helper cells able to look at the MHC molecule and tell those B helper cells to keep doing their job, the B cells start to think to themselves that they are attacking your own body. Because these B cells think they’re attacking your own body, they shut down their antibody production. This means that although the antibody response to these vaccines is at first massive, it rapidly shuts down, because your B cells have their peripheral tolerance mechanisms activated.

Ask yourself the following question: If your cells produce the Spike protein because they received this mRNA, but don’t send out any alarm signals that tell your white blood cells to kill them, what is going to get rid of the Spike protein from their surface? I don’t know, but it seems to me that it would stick around for a long time on the surface of those cells. We have studies in fact, that show the spike protein still circulates in blood, sixty days after you received the vaccine.

If it sticks around for a long time, your B cells constantly have their B cell receptor stimulated, by the Spike protein that’s now sticking out on the surface of your own cells that look otherwise perfectly healthy to your immune system and thus are not getting removed. And when the B cell has its B cell receptor stimulated in the absence of any signal to keep going, it begins to believe that the Spike protein must just be a normal part of your body and starts toning down its antibody production.

That’s how you thus end up with a situation where your immune system begins to tolerate the Spike protein. Your body is filled with B cells that have become convinced that they’re just supposed to do nothing, because the protein peptide they’re designed to go after is actually just a normal part of your body.

And so if you get these vaccines, this is the cycle you end up in:

Step 1: You get the shot.

Step 2: Your immune system is alarmed! “What the hell is going on, we’re under attack! Alright, T helper cells, go out and figure out what we’re dealing with!”

Step 3: Your T helper cell runs into a cell that has been infected with the mRNA “Oh wow, I found what it is we’re dealing with: Some strange new viral protein. I’m going to tell a B cell to start producing antibodies against this thing!”

Step 4: Your B cell is told to get ready, its day has come: It needs to start producing antibodies against this viral protein.

Step 5: There are no cells left that are complaining about being infected with a virus, your cytotoxic T cells have dealt with them all. There are however still a lot of cells left that have this Spike protein sticking out on their surface.

Step 6: Your B cells are churning out their antibodies against whatever part of the Spike protein they can recognize, but they’re confused: They keep having their B cell receptor stimulated, because apparently this protein part that they recognize is still showing up in the body. Meanwhile, because it’s not presented on the MHC molecule and because the remaining infected cells have stopped complaining, your T helper cells are not giving encouraging messages to your B cells. Your B cells are now growing convinced that they’re mistaken: “This Spike protein we’re attacking is actually just a normal part of the body! Let’s shut our antibody production down guys.”

Step 7: The scientists discover that your antibody production seems to decline pretty rapidly. After six months they think to themselves: Well, it’s time for you to get boosted!

Step 8: You got boosted and a whole bunch of cells now got infected with mRNA that makes them produce the Spike protein again. Your cytotoxic T cells kill some of those cells, your T helper cells notice that this Spike protein is presented on the MHC molecule of infected cells that are producing interferon and so your T helper cells tell some B cells that it’s time to get back to business! “There’s a virus infecting us again, I know you guys shut down because you think you’re attacking our own body, but I need you to start producing antibodies again guys!”

Step 9: The antibody production goes on again for a while, but there are cells everywhere that keep expressing this Spike protein without really showing any real symptoms of having a viral infection, so the B cells rapidly shut down again, as their B cell receptor is continually stimulated because seemingly healthy cells have this Spike protein expressed on their surface.

Step 10: The scientists look at you and they’re alarmed. “Uh oh, antibody production is going down again. Time for injection number four!”

Step 11: The whole process repeats itself again.

The simplest possible way to explain it

The vaccines make your own cells produce a small part of the coronavirus (called “spike protein”. However, because of the manner in which the vaccines force your cells to produce this part of the virus, your immune system becomes increasingly convinced within a few weeks that this small part of the coronavirus is not a virus, but simply a normal part of your body that it wasn’t yet aware of and so it begins to tolerate this protein.

If you are unvaccinated and go through a normal infection, your immune system has no real reason to believe that this small part of the coronavirus (spike protein) is a normal part of your body that it should tolerate. This is why unvaccinated people who get infected are unlikely to get a severe reinfection for at least a year.

On the other hand, people who go through a normal infection and then receive these vaccines, find themselves faced with a situation where the immune system at first focuses more on this small part of the virus, but over time begins to imagine that this part of the virus is actually a normal part of your body that it should accept and ignore, because seemingly healthy cells express the protein too.

And that leads us to the grand conclusion:

The vaccine makes your immune system forget what it had previously learned about this virus.

So what’s going to happen?

Well, it’s generally a good idea when you want to end a pandemic, to avoid erasing the natural immunity of people who have already had the virus. With every dose of this vaccine that we administer, we make people vulnerable to reinfection and with a sufficiently vaccinated population, we trigger a state of constant circulation of this virus at high levels. It’s already too late at this point, most people in developed nations have had three doses of this vaccine.

In addition, with every dose of this vaccine, we reduce the breadth of the immune response. Natural immunity broadens over time, as your B cells who never really encounter the Spike protein again after your natural infection start coming up with all sorts of subtle tweaked variants of their antibodies in case this virus does show up again. With the vaccines, we constantly keep injecting you with the Wuhan version of the Spike protein and so your B cell population ends up consisting of cells whose antibodies are highly focused  on this protein, rendering you vulnerable to variants.

Because of the vaccination campaign, we have every reason to believe the virus will continue to be aided in its spread for the foreseeable future, which gives it tremendous opportunity to give birth to all sorts of new variants, which are now jumping into non-human species, where they can then mutate and jump back into our species.

Historically, entire human populations have been decimated by coronaviruses. We see evidence of genetic selection by a previous coronavirus outbreak in the genome of East Asian people. You only see such a thing when a large number of people died from a virus, over a large period of time. You don’t see it when a handful of elderly people die over one or two years.

There is no guarantee that it will happen again, but almost everything humans have done so far has further escalated this disaster. The Gods punish hubris.


  1. You have a gift for explaining complicated systems. I enjoy how you give personality to cells and their functions. It makes for a memorable story, and stories stick better with people like me who have no gift for number crunching or data interpretation. I’m feeling fond of my cells just now, and have a new understanding and therefore respect for how they do indeed form a community of their own. It almost feels like “I” am just along for the ride; and that’s oddly delightful.

    As others have commented, your blog is a breath of fresh air concerning other topics as well. Agree or disagree, understand or don’t understand, what you write always makes me think. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for breaking what is happening down into pieces I can understand. I’m in a heavily vaccinated country and am one of the only ones I know not having the shots. Your posts help me resist every day and make me feel I am not crazy.

    • Ditto, Sarah. This is a really well explained piece and one I have actually printed out to re-read and annotate. I have the feeling the information in it is going to be increasingly relevant in the months to come. Keep resisting!

  3. That’s so interesting – and potentially terrifying. What happens to all those spike proteins the cells are still making once the B cells have stopped making antibodies?

    • >What happens to all those spike proteins the cells are still making once the B cells have stopped making antibodies?

      The official answer seems to be: Nobody knows, don’t ask.

      However, if you look at what we know, then it seems to cause all sorts of misery, as it’s a very toxic protein.

      As an example, they can kill the stem cells that produce your own red and white blood cells:

      It’s worth noting that the synthetic Spike protein produced by your cells is not identical to viral spike protein, it has two mutations introduced to further stabilize it in the up confirmation, which actually seems to increase affinity for the ACE2 receptor compared to regular Spike protein.

      This is the sort of question you can only really properly answer when you wait a couple of years before deploying a vaccine like this to the whole population.

  4. The cmRNA vaccines cause the immune system to produce ISOMERIC antibodies. The genetic code is coded with Pseudouridine, instead of Uracil (a 100% replacement in the cmRNA vaccines), which is an isomer of Uridine. Both the spike proteins and the abs will be isomeric. Since the immune system is being sabotaged to produce a huge numnber of isomeric abs, the normal antibodies will be fabricated in lower numbers, including the lethal abs REGN10987 and B38. However, now, the vaccinated people are left with a large number of isomeric binding antibodies (which can be misfolded or neurotoxic) and a significant number of isomeric spike proteins (since the immune system will produce trillions of such isomeric superantigens, there won’t be a matching number of neutralizing isomeric abs to counter them).

    It is now known that heat shock proteins are related to prion diseases. A spike protein = a prion = Wilhelm Reich’s T-bacilli. These heat shock proteins can become misfolded (dextrorotatory) prions if they encounter a thermal shock, such as a large volcanic eruption which will lower the temperature by many degrees. (binding abs after vaccination)

    cmRNA = chemically modified RNA (since Uracil is substituted with Pseudouridine, we are talking about CRISPR-RNA, which causes chromothripsis)

    REGN10987/B38 are lethal antibodies (in the context of Sars-Cov-2) for which there is an antidote, acetylneuraminic methyl ester acid

  5. Interesting post, but doesn’t learned tolerance for the Wuhan spike suggest that the Wuhan spike itself will be the most favorable spike protein for the virus to infect vaccinated people, at least in the long run?

    Why then did Omicron evolve a significantly different spike?

  6. I hate to say this, but I hope you are wrong with most of what you write in your Vaccine Related Articles…
    Love your view on Psychedelics though 😉


  7. Thank you, very informative, and matches my experience. I am somehow sensitive to vaccinated people, often get cold-like symptoms after being with them. So what you write makes sense from this perspective. I have had to do a crash-course on detox protocols to feel well. Actually more well than before. Wondering a bit about the heat-shock proteins a commenter mentions, as I just read this:”Saunas also produce what are called “heat shock proteins” in the body. These proteins help rid the body of abnormally folded proteins that can cause inflammation.” A lot of information flying around, less knowledge, and wisdom – does it even exist anymore?

    • Good question – I have been thinking about this re Novavax vaccine with our job mandates. While Original Antigenic Sin is making us hesitant to take any vaccine which only includes a small part of the spike protein, there is little info out there as to whether or not the protein based vaccines such as Novavax are going to resolve some of these issues (as well as screw up natural immunity as you noted above).

    • If the mechanism is as I think it is (induction of peripheral tolerance through long term persistence of the spike protein in the absence of inflammatory signaling), then you wouldn’t expect to see it happen with the inactivated and the Novavax vaccines.

  8. So if you get infected and then get a vaccine, your immune system has to start from scratch.

    How about if you got vaccinated, and then get infected? Is the vaccine an obstacle to your immune response?

    • >How about if you got vaccinated, and then get infected? Is the vaccine an obstacle to your immune response?

      In that case you get to deal with original antigenic sin. Specifically it seems your body will struggle to develop an antibody response against the Nucleocapsid protein.

      • What about after? You are vaccinated (with Wuhan strain), got infected with Delta/Omicron. What kind of immunity you have six months later?

        • >You are vaccinated (with Wuhan strain), got infected with Delta/Omicron. What kind of immunity you have six months later?

          To answer that question requires us to look at someone who:

          -Got the vaccine

          -Got infected (which should rarely happen within the first six months)

          -Six months passed after that infection

          We’re probably going to see studies that will look at this question, but it may be a little too early to give a clear answer.

          Geert van den Bossche seems to believe that Omicron is so different from other variants that once the second shot wanes you’ll develop a new immune response against Omicron, whereas if you got boosted you’re once again going to recall the Wuhan spike response against it.

          However, if you look for yourself, you’ll find constant accounts on Reddit, of people who are vaccinated and have suffered multiple breakthrough infections, which is of course not supposed to happen.

          I’m going to wait and see what the studies report.

          • Thanks!

            One of the problems is that everything is changing too fast and is too dynamic, so it’s very hard to have any solid studies.

            Yes, van den Bossche seems to believe that Omicron will restore natural immunity (via re-establishing innate antibodies which will not be “outcompeted” by adaptive antibodies that are no longer able to bind to Omicron).

            My parents are triple jabbed (got boosted in October or November) both caught Omicron.

      • But is there a way back? Will your immune system be better trained (I am not sure if this is the correct terminology: will your immune system provide a broader response?) after you get infected?

        Or does OAS last for your whole life?

        And how about after a re-infection?

  9. All you have to do is follow the stellar map. All of the Greek letters corresponding of the variants are neatly catalogued. Most worryingly, Pi representa both the bow and the arrow:

    “My great concern is that there could be a variant that is as infectious as Delta and as dangerous as Ebola, ” he told the newspapers of the Funke media group.

    Pi is by far the best known letter of the Greek alphabet; while Phi has major significance for mathematicians, and while Psi is the most interesting symbol from an alchemical point of view, Pi has a special connotation with the public.

  10. Really great article, thank you. Do you have any papers we can look at to further verify this? My pro-mRNA friends drive me nuts with their constant referral to NZHerald/Stuff articles which spout out more of the same lies, which I am typically countering my providing specific papers, stats (such as daily reporting from Australia and now in NZ) on vax vs un-vaxed case rates, hospitalisations and deaths etc.

    Finally – do you know where we can go to find decent stats out of Israel? Am getting a little tired of seeing the rhetoric out of Post/Timesofisrael etc re the deaths/hospitalisations are all in the unvaxed, just to hear the doctors say its the opposite. Need numbers/vax definitions etc. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  11. Thanks, Radagast. So am I understanding this correctly, could you distill this into a single sentence for the layperson by saying:

    When your own cells are producing spike, this teaches your body that maybe the spike “belongs” there, and so won’t react against it?

    • >When your own cells are producing spike, this teaches your body that maybe the spike “belongs” there, and so won’t react against it?

      Exactly. That seems to be what’s going on.

    • Woah thanks for that.

      >One very real hypothesis is that the substitution of pseudouridine for uridine to avoid the immune response is working so well that the mRNA is completely evading the normal clearance/degradation pathways.

      >Protein expression is not being turned off, because the immune response against the mRNA/pseudouridine complex is either not happening or is ineffective. It may also be that the mRNA/pseudouridine complex has a longer half-life than normal mRNA. The In either case, this is regulatory nightmare.

      Malone here is specifically talking about why this stuff seems to circulate in the body so long. What he describes here seems to be a key part of what’s going wrong.

      They can’t inject people with regular mRNA, because the cells would recognize what’s going on and trigger a massive immune response that would be very dangerous for the people getting injected, so they added these abnormal nucleotides that the cells don’t recognize.

      But if the cell doesn’t recognize it, it won’t ring the proper alarm bells to alert your immune system that it’s infected with a virus and you would expect that it struggles to degrade the mRNA. Which in turn would mean that it keeps getting expressed. Which in turn would mean your immune system (your T helper cells and your B cells to be specific) end up under the mistaken impression that the Spike protein is endogenous and should be tolerated. Which then translates into rapidly declining neutralizing antibody levels.

      • Uracil was replaced 100% with Pseudouridine (Pseudouracil) in the cmRNA vaccines, a total disaster. Here are some of the consequences:

        https://anandamide. (remove the blank space in the link)

        Pseudouridine relates to G4 quadruplexes, heat shock proteins, and prions. That is, alpha helices prions (laevorotatory prions) can become beta sheet prions (dextrorotatory prions) if a thermal shock is encountered. Example: a series of volcanic eruptions which will lower the temperature by many degrees.

        The most catastrophic decision in the history of medicine: to substitute Uracil with Pseudouridine, without studies in genotoxicity.

      • Fascinating and scary. The question for me is whether if people start getting sick from the vaccines the media will be able to brand any suggestion the vaccines are responsible as conspiracy theories.

  12. Awesome article. Would novavax cause a similar problem as far as enhanced infection goes? The virus could just mutate? We have unsuccessfully tried to vaccinate against coronaviruses for many years. Also what would happen to the vaccinated if they started taking a shot tailored to the Omicron or virus du jour?


    • From what I understand, a natural infection (due to the virus successfully replicating)exposes the immune system to essentially all of the proteins, thus enabling it to recognize them for future reference (this includes learning of both the innate and adaptive immune system). The key difference between a natural infection and one of these so-called ‘vaccines’ is that the body gets exposure to the functionally-constrained proteins of the virus. These are the proteins in which any significant mutation would severely limit the virus’ ability to replicate, so they remain relatively consistent from variant to variant. Recognizing these won’t necessarily stop you from getting reinfected with a variant again (as it may have mutated the spike to access the cells differently, for example) but as soon as the body sees the functionally-constrained protein and sees its family tree, the immune system would kick in to fight off the infection more quickly and likely with less severity. Each time the immune system then gets to learn and refine its response.
      These spike-focused transfections appear to hamper that. I would suppose that, as GVB suggested, a variant that is so overwhelming different as to bypass the imprinted, ‘vaccine’ antibody response, thus forcing the body to start from scratch(like an unvaxxed) or maybe near-scratch. It wouldn’t be exactly the same as ‘naturally-infected’ but assuming the individual doesn’t get another shot and is willing to endure exposure and/or a solid infection after that, then they might be on their way back to ‘normalcy’.
      For me, the concern about Novavax was less about the risk of the technology (i.e mRNA or DNA,whereby the body learns to produce the very toxin itself) but more with the narrow focus on the spike protein and OAS. I had initially waited on the Novavax (though I wasn’t entirely sure I would commit) but then ended up getting covid recently anyway without any ‘vax’ so for me it’s a moot point now.At this point, I’m done. I have no interest in any covid vax. It wasn’t fun getting covid and I am still recovering but I don’t regret not getting vaxxed as I was more concerned about OAS and future infections/immune system damage of these ‘vaccines’. Getting covid is NOT without risks (short or long term), however (even if you are healthy) which is why the suppression of effective early treatments is f$%&ing malevolent beyond imagination BUT the risks of these transfections, both short-term and long-term, are not to be under-estimated either. You might be damned either way on a personal level, even if the data suggest that one is better than the other. That’s life I guess: you control the decision but you don’t control the outcome.

  13. I tried, yesterday, to post this response, it did not appear in the comments section.

    All you have to do is follow the stellar map. All of the Greek letters corresponding of the variants are neatly catalogued. Most worryingly, Pi representa both the bow and the arrow:

    “My great concern is that there could be a variant that is as infectious as Delta and as dangerous as Ebola, ” he told the newspapers of the Funke media group.

    Pi is by far the best known letter of the Greek alphabet; while Phi has major significance for mathematicians, and while Psi is the most interesting symbol from an alchemical point of view, Pi has a special connotation with the public.

    As for Novavax, it uses the HeLa cell lines:

    DNA vaccines, spike ferritin nanoparticles vaccines also use HeLa cell lines.

    • Yeah when you have a bunch of links it generally automatically gets spamfiltered so you’ll have to wait for me to manually approve it.

  14. who cares ?

    all of this is a good thing, there’s nothing to do but cheer on mankind getting fed into the wood chipper. God knows it deserves it.

  15. Awesome post indeed, Rintrah! It is interesting what causes this:
    1. really the pseudo-uridine as opposed to the uridine,
    2. or the spike alone being produced by the cells: if they would produce a whole/attenuated viron this would have been detected as exogenous protein

    Also wonder if this has sth to do with HIV incertions into the viral genome. Turning off the natural immunity is a very HIV-y thing.

  16. What do you think of getting vaxxed with inactivated virus vaccines, such as Sinovac or Sinopharm? Only looking at them for the purpose of relatively open travel, as they are accepted in most countries.

    • Sinovac/Sinopharm contain HeLa cells. Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer has discovered a huge problem with such vaccines: they are created using Vero e6 cells (HeLa cells) which come from green monkeys which are predisposed to M. tuberculosis.

  17. This explanation makes a lot of sense, and it is much more plausible than the old “original antigenic sin”. Also, you did an excellent job of explaining it.

    When I was asked why I didn’t trust these vaccines, which supposedly just mirror a natural infection anyway, I always answered that there is a difference between the process of infection with a virus, and the sudden appearance of viral proteins in otherwise healthy cells. It turns out my hunch was right. Once again nature proves to us that our bodies are intricate systems, and you can’t just change one single thing and assume that it will fix something that has evolved throughout thousands of years.

  18. A naturally immune person should have B-cells that create NAbs against other parts of the virus than just the spike protein. Even if the B-cells that produce S-directed NAbs develop peripheral tolerance, naturally immune persons should continue to maintain B-cells that produce NAbs against other regions of the virus?

  19. A naturally immune person should have B-cells that create NAbs against other parts of the virus than just the spike protein. Even if the B-cells that produce S-directed NAbs develop peripheral tolerance, naturally immune persons should continue to maintain B-cells that produce NAbs against other regions of the virus? Or perhaps the seripositive-then-vaccinated retain other forms of mucosal/T-cell immunity that helps prevent re-infection? I seem to remember the re-infection rate was lowest for them.

    • Neutralising antibodies are neutralising because they bind to the receptor for cell entry (i.e. the spike receptor binding domain). Therefore, you wouldn’t get NAbs to other regions of the virus (membrane, nucleocapsid, envelope), because these other regions are not critical for infection. However, that does NOT mean that these antibodies aren’t effective. That’s just a lie to sell vaccines.

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