In defence of the WEF-phobic conspiracy theorists: The case against bureaucratic incompetence

The enemy of low status white males everywhere

I’ve been somewhat following Eugyppius discussion with Igor Chudov and the general Substack commentariat, in which he defends a mental model of hurried incompetence leading to embarassing (but not apocalyptic) failures, whereas Chudov and the randos in the comment section think there’s some sort of plot to kill everyone.

And Eugyppius makes some interesting observations about the logical fallacies people tend to succumb to, but I would want to point out that Eugyppius shares a big blind spot with most of the people he disagrees with, which happens to work against his model.

For Eugyppius and most of the rest of the substack crowd, elites are hysterically obsessed for no good reason at all, with a kind of global ecological crisis they mistakenly believe is going to dramatically reduce human carrying capacity in the years ahead. And by now you probably know me as that annoying dude who likes to point out that no, there is no WEF communist plot against Dutch farmers, we just really have a nitrogen crisis and no, CO2 is not just harmless plant food, it really causes problems when you have the fastest increase in CO2 seen in over 65 million years.

But I want you all to consider for a moment, that even if YOU think CO2 is harmless plant food and if it’s impossible for me by now to get this anchor out of your mental model of the world, powerful and intelligent people are still almost universally in disagreement with you: Consensus among successful, intelligent and powerful people is that we live in the Anthropocene, an era of converging series of sustainability crises that are going to radically transform the world and our lives in the years ahead.

That’s the blind spot in your mental model. And the blind spot in my mental model would be that I’m naturally biased against conspiracy theories, because I succumbed to a grand orchestrated global conspiracy model of the world as a teenager. Once you develop that view, you’ll be able to fit anything that happened into it, all the way up to the Sandy Hook school shooting (although I dropped it long before that point). And so once I abandoned this worldview, I became allergic to the idea of global conspiracies.

But I want to ask you all, to try applying Occam’s razor to this observation:

New-generation mRNA and adenovirus vectored vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 spike protein are endowed with immunogenic, inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties. Recently, BioNTech developed a noninflammatory tolerogenic mRNA vaccine (MOGm1Ψ) that induces in mice robust expansion of antigen-specific regulatory T (Treg) cells. The Pfizer/BioNTech BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 is identical to MOGm1Ψ except for the lipid carrier, which differs for containing lipid nanoparticles rather than lipoplex. Here we report that vaccination with BNT162b2 led to an increase in the frequency and absolute count of CD4posCD25highCD127low putative Treg cells; in sharp contrast, vaccination with the adenovirus-vectored ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine led to a significant decrease of CD4posCD25high cells. This pilot study is very preliminary, suffers from important limitations and, frustratingly, very hardly can be refined in Italy because of the >90% vaccination coverage. Thus, the provocative perspective that BNT162b2 and MOGm1Ψ may share the capacity to promote expansion of Treg cells deserves confirmatory studies in other settings.

The paper on this “tolerogenic vaccine” was released in January 2021.

So we have basically two competing theories to consider:

  1. Somehow nobody in any of the regulatory agencies and nobody in any of the vaccine manufacturing companies realized it’s a bad idea to deploy a vaccine against a SARS virus that is identical for all practical purposes to a vaccine they were simultaneously developing that was intended to treat an autoimmune condition affecting the brain by provoking a tolerogenic anti-inflammatory response.
  2. They knew that they were giving people a vaccine that induces tolerance of SARS2.

Theory one requires a mysterious amount of incompetence, most importantly incompetence among the Pfizer team. Is there really nobody at Pfizer who noticed: “Wait a second, our tolerogenic vaccine is identical to our SARS2 vaccine?” I find this hard to believe.

It gets especially icky when you realize the Pfizer vaccine was ordered by the US department of Defense in 2020. When you read between the lines it seems to be a case where the companies produce what the government orders, rather than the companies deciding on this strange new method of vaccine production on their own initiative.

So I’m very inclined to say we must move on to theory number two, which very rapidly gets you into “that creepy old bald German guy wants to kill us all” territory.

Because if we explore theory number two, there are two possibilities:

  1. They genuinely think inducing tolerance to a SARS virus that 99.8% of people at the time survived infection from and for which mortality was very much dependent on age was a good idea to promote their overall state of health.
  2. They were not trying to promote people’s overall state of health.

In defense of the first possibility, SARS viruses are known to be neurovirulent. And still, that makes me think it’s a bad idea to induce an anti-inflammatory tolerogenic response, because you don’t want to keep viruses like this circulating forever if you want people to be healthy.

I’m going to be honest and say I’m leaning again to possibility number two. Maybe if everyone was planning for “Disease X”, maybe if Disease X was then revealed to be a Sarbecovirus that looks man-made and maybe if you were then fired from your job and not allowed to go to college unless you took the same vaccine they’re using to induce immune tolerance in rodents but now against that same Sarbecovirus, somewhere out there, people really do know what they’re doing.

The mental model I would propose, is a kind of gradual mass euthanasia that was planned long ago as a kind of backup option, should it prove impossible to radically reduce our ecological impact. The program would be focused on the Western population, but extend to any other nations they manage to sign up for it. By now most of the developing world has figured out something isn’t right with these mRNA shots, so the execution stage of the program has come to an end for all practical purposes.

What I expect follows in the years ahead of us is an endless series of “oh oops the virus is back and it’s worse now”, as people have their brains consumed by it and descend into premature dementia (Sarbecoviruses generally focus more on the brain than the lungs), accompanied by declining life expectancies that become hard to attribute to a sole cause. That is, global virus induced anesthesia, with your immune system not realizing something’s wrong because it was taught to tolerate this virus through a tolerance therapy. And because your immune system doesn’t go into hyperdrive in response to the brain-eating virus, you won’t have a bunch of pro-inflammatory cytokines in your blood that make you feel miserable and depressed.

The elites themselves, who are educated about the crisis and who go to Western modern art museums in their spare time (have you ever seen how depressing most of that stuff is?), would be perfectly willing to go along and sign up for this vaccine. It means you don’t suffer brain inflammation when you get constantly reinfected by SARS2 and it means you don’t have to stick around on planet Earth once the whole world turns into Aleppo, you’ll be dead or a vegetable by then. It means you go quietly and peacefully into that good night, constantly reinfected by a SARS virus that consumes your body without any serious opposition from your immune system.

Maybe there was a kind of secret conspiracy to inject themselves, their children, their butlers and their mistresses (definitely not their wives) with saline, but I highly doubt it. The captains want to go down with the ship. They would see it as their noble duty. If you think they’re escaping it then I’d recommend looking at Nazi Germany in april 1945: All the elites wanted to die, as they had failed at their objective. If our elites had fixing the ecological crisis as their objective, that means they now want to die.

The mysterious Swedish girl being invited everywhere to berate a bunch of billionaires would be their last failed effort to trigger some kind of global social transformation. But you really wanted your steak. And you couldn’t imagine life without your SUV. Or your cruise vacation. Or your air conditioning. And you thought it was all just a big hoax anyway. So you got SARS2.

What you need for this conspiracy is three steps:

1. You need some people to make a new SARS virus. Most of the people involved in producing it would think it’s to stop a future pandemic, that’s all they need to know.

2. You need to peddle lockdowns on social media, to take down the viral shield of established viruses, that prohibit new viruses from properly spreading themselves in the population.

3. After enough time you need to deploy a therapy that disables the natural immune response against this virus, so that people constantly get reinfected and continually give rise to new versions of the virus.

All you need for this is a few dozen people in the US in government and pharma, with biographies that scream “recruited by the CIA decades ago”. I won’t name anyone, but look at any of these American “biodefense” spooks who have spent twenty years “warning” about bioterrorism and setting up fancy scenarios where bin Laden releases genetically engineered supersmallpox and it’s pretty obvious these dudes are on the payroll.

And if you really want to put on your tinfoil hat, you might even want to consider that Trump became president without interference from the three letter agencies, because to have that guy as president endorse the vaccine would be your best shot to get the naturally distrusting American white conservative rural underclass to sign up for the needle in their arms, instead of descending into their basements with their King James Bible, shotgun, two year supply of stored food and their radio tuned to the Alex Jones show. Why was Trump allowed to become president? To get Joe Sixpack to trust something he would never have trusted otherwise.

It’s not like the CIA pretends CO2 is plant food, they’re not as stupid as most of you people are. It’s part of the job of these people, to anticipate shifts in the geopolitical landscape. These people are all well aware of the nightmare that lies ahead, a world of 9 billion people pushed out of the Holocene climatic optimum, on a planet with eroding soils and depleted minerals. Climate change is a natural security issue, all the US government agencies recognize and acknowledge it as such.

And none of these elements require a lot of people, for the simple reason most people don’t have to be in the know. Most of your useful idiots think they’re protecting everyone from a future virus, by making a new virus. Most of your useful idiots will think locking everyone up inside their homes in march 2020 will genuinely protect them from a virus that is already everywhere. And finally, most of your useful idiots will think this vaccine really works, even though it looks identical to an immune tolerance therapy.

I’m inclined to think “everything they do somehow makes it worse because they’re morons and supposed to be humiliated by forces beyond human control”. But I just can’t get myself to sign up for “they’re so stupid, they didn’t notice their SARS2 vaccine is identical to their tolerance inducing vaccine for autoimmune encephalitis”. For me that is a bridge too far. There must have been people at Pfizer who would have understood the implications.

And once you make that flip, suddenly everything starts to make sense, which tends to happen when you were mentally stuck in an increasingly outdated paradigm. Maybe Western nations were just trying to frame China for accidentally releasing this virus all along. Maybe that’s why we’re now stuck in a not-so-cold war with Russia and China all of a sudden, two nations that insist there are a bunch of bioweapon labs in Ukraine used against them.

Maybe the lockdowns were meant to take down our interfering viral population all along. Maybe the vaccines were not supposed to work all along. Maybe they knew they would not lead to herd immunity, maybe that was just a lie to get more people to sign up for them. Maybe everyone was planning around Disease X for a reason all along and the whole thing was kind of “wink wink” for the clever folks.

And when I say “clever folks”, I mean less than a hundred middle-aged white American men from bourgeois backgrounds with three letter agency connections, who have all dined with each other at some point during their lives. And after they’ve had one glass of wine too many, you can imagine one of these dudes honestly confessing to a guy he’s known for twenty years now: “Man, let me tell you. You know I was invited to that future global security threat risk assessment yaddayadda at the agency where they try to model the year 2030, right? Well I’ll be honest to you: If it means I’m going to have to ride a bicycle and eat fungal protein grown on corn-syrup for dinner for the rest of my life I think I’d rather just go out in a blaze of good ol’ black tar heroin. I tried that stuff once because my daughter kept insisting on it, it tastes like cardboard, I kid you not. The fungus stuff I mean, not the black tar heroin. I wish the Chinese and the Indians good luck, but I’m not signing up for any of it.”

And then the other one begins to laugh almost like a maniac, gravy dripping from his mouth, pieces of grassfed beef and goose liver dropping on the floor, before he says: “Well gee, you figured it out. Took you a while, but congratulations, now you can’t unsee it, hope you’re happy. I told you not to go to that presentation, but you just wouldn’t listen. Hahaha I remember when I first met you twenty years ago, crying because of some Congolese kid who lost his mother to Ebola, oh you sweet sweet summer child. You know what, forget I said anything, how’s your wife doing?”

It’s the equivalent of a creationist imagining “what if the Earth is not 6000 years old?”. Suddenly you have an answer to all the mysteries that kept you up at night. Suddenly everything falls into place. How did they build those pyramids in Egypt just after the great flood, where did they get all the manpower? Suddenly you have an answer. Why did they sign everyone up for an immune tolerance therapy against a Sarbecovirus? Suddenly I have an answer.

Maybe there’s a reason when you go to a modern art museum funded by a billionaire there’s nothing pleasant, just some waste material in a sterile white room, some ambient noises in the background and a comment that the ocean will soon have more tons of plastic than tons of fish. Maybe that’s the sort of observation a culture that wants to die makes about the world. At least it’s not a cultural narrative that’s going to get you very far as a society. It’s obvious ecological problems are not new, but none of the Americans in the 19th century who were cutting down redwood trees felt like making miserable art like we see today.

Doesn’t Western civilization feel like a kind of strange Jim Jones cult at times to you? Maybe it’s not just Kool-Aid they’re giving you.


  1. Good scenario how both sides (covid policy skeptics and climate change policy skeptics on one hand, and science establishment “consensus” on the other) can be right and wrong at the same time for different reasons. A question: based on this and your earlier writings on the studies about igg4(?) tolerance, does it appear that the adenovirus vector platform (though having serious problems of its own) does not seem to have the issue of immune tolerance inducing antibodies?

    • >A question: based on this and your earlier writings on the studies about igg4(?) tolerance, does it appear that the adenovirus vector platform (though having serious problems of its own) does not seem to have the issue of immune tolerance inducing antibodies?

      Yep. So far they only seem to see the tolerance signature in people who received the mRNA junk before a natural infection.

  2. I often think lately how some creature living in the bottom of the ocean just doesn’t have to deal with human grade retardation at all, ever.

    If other members of its species get some retarded idea the only harm it causes is that those specific individuals with the retarded idea end up weeded out.

    If one tube worm got some kind of stupid idea that the waters far from the vent were Just As Good ™ as the hot sulphur water coming out of it, then that retard worm can go wriggle out of its shell and swim off and goddamn die and the rest of us will watch and laugh and that will be the end of it.

    The human version means never hearing the end of the stupid idea, and being pressured to abandon our shells and nutrient rich warm waters.

    This is the ultimate problem with all schemes of centralization of control – it makes it impossible for man to get free of men.

  3. Wow, what a material!!!! Those two weeks without psychoactive substances really paid off. Truly amazing writing Rintrah.

    I will think about how to properly spam your post everywhere – while clarifying that I do not yet endorse every single point you make.

    While your theory would likely not end up being 100% accurate (that would be an impossible feat), you are generally on target.

    You need about 10 people in the know (Schwab, Gates, Brin, Zuckerberg, and some scientists), and the rest can be useful idiots.

    In 2021, when observing the “rollout of the Covid vaccine”, I could not shake off a feeling that a global crime against humanity was underway. Their insistence on vaxing the young people was telling.

    And frankly, perhaps reducing the size of humanity to 300 million people will benefit our living planet? A question that must be asked.

    As I said earlier there is no sufficiently advanced extraterrestrial civilization that we can notice – and we may be witnessing the reason for that.

    • “As I said earlier there is no sufficiently advanced extraterrestrial civilization that we can notice – and we may be witnessing the reason for that.”

      How do you know? I’ve seen a UFO and I don’t believe for a second that what I saw was engineered by humans. If they are sufficiently advanced living on planetary conditions beyond our ken, it’s possible they have developed the capacity to build wormholes and travel the universe or interdimensionally. There’s countless footage of UFOs, they can’t all be dismissed as photoshops or secret government technology.

  4. It’d be fitting if all of today’s elites really did feel a mass impulse to seppuku over the environment, since their green revolution experiment in the 70s is what bred all of these non aryans flooding the earth, consuming like locusts, leaving nothing but desolation and garbage in their wake.

    If they never bred all of those blackskins by engineering new crops for them none of this would have happened. This is all their fault.

  5. Hey Rintrah. Check out your OWN post from Jan 25, 2020:

    A good plague solves every problem

    The first thing you need to hear is that all of the big problems in this world are caused by the excess number of people who crowd this world. Every big problem we face becomes smaller with fewer people. Animals are locked up in cages where they spend their entire lives, to produce food for human beings. Generations of human selection has deformed their bodies, they grow so fast that they are unable to stand on their feet, or they have udders that fill with puss and begin to hurt when they aren’t milked continually. Their burps are warming up our planet, their poop is poisoning our oceans, the food they’re fed originates from tropical rainforests that were chopped down.

    The living world would happily continue its course without us. Chimpanzees would dance beneath the waterfalls, beavers would merrily build their dams, elephants would get drunk on fermented fruit and feral pigs would bathe in the mud. But take away one billion of us and what is lost?

    And perhaps the bigger taboo is that a good plague doesn’t just make life easier for non-humans, it makes life easier for human beings too.

  6. May be there is a little hole in your theory: the “first” world has a lot of nuclear plants, chemical industry which shouldn’t be abandoned by killing the technical staff — until you want to contaminate the whole world over the next decades.
    “Saving” the planet just by putting it in great danger doesn’t sound intelligent.

  7. Yes but well done for approving it, you are doing your bit for freedom of speech.

    I heard Oleg Gazmanov had a holiday home in one of the Baltic countries confiscated or “requisitioned” or something, just because he expressed his own opinion honestly. He can’t use it, can no longer go there to chill out.

    He is a HSWM what with his money and connections. But still, he should be allowed to speak his mind without fear of losing access to his holiday homes!

    You talked of the “biome”. Maybe there is a kind of mass collective intelligence of humanity, and it is most definitely getting lower. Non freedom of speech MUST be playing a role.
    Most “self censor” almost as a matter of course.
    I noticed during the covid, some were swept away by the propaganda assault, but not everyone, you could tell many were aware that the narrative was riddled with illogicalities and bullshit. But they did not dare even discuss it. Cowards. But that’s nearly everyone, so we collectively get the intellectual environment we deserve.
    Fucko has a point.
    White people have probably squandered much of, the bulk, or a disproportionate share of fossil fuels that are necessary for comfortable life as we know it. But their numbers are now clearly falling, which would be a good thing for sustainability but there is absolutely no intention of having a smaller, more manageable, lower impact population. Government people speak of the need for new people to be imported to work in health services or old folks homes (spoon feeding mashed potato to ancient people) or that their presence alone will prop up pension systems. That fact that vital physical resources are disappearing fast seems not to play a role in their crummy calculations.

  8. The global cabal has psyoped you on climate change. CO2 is indeed rising rapidly but CO2’s relationship to climate is a minor factor. I would urge you to go to Dr. Peter Langdon Ward’s website: Dr. Ward relates most of the warming to the depletion of stratospheric ozone and increased incidence of highly energetic UVB on warming the earth’s surface, especially the oceans which absorb nearly 100% of the incident UVB and warms the upper 200m of the ocean which then releases CO@ because of inverse solubility of CO2 in water with temperature. The type of prevalent volcanic eruptions, quiescent or explosive, also determine the extent of the release of halogen into the atmosphere and halogens cause ozone depletion as CFC’s demostrate. CO2 content of the atmosphere 23Ma ago was 454 ppm, today its 418 ppm. Mammals thrived 23 Ma ago. How do I know PLW is correct? Because he has been extensively censored even more dramatically than the truth sayers about Covid. His theory is also consistent with the earth’s geology, 3 of the last 4 ages occurred during periods of much higher atmospheric CO2 concentrations than exists currently. The objective of the global cabal’s climate change agenda is reduction of agrigultural productivity and starvation of the masses. The increase of atmospheric CO2 from 350 ppm circa 1970 to 418 ppm today has increased the earth’s vegetation biomass by 15% as proven by satellite observations. Increaed CO2 increases plant’s utilization of water as can be seen in the encroachment of vegetation into the sourthern Sahara on satellite imagery. Increased agricultural productivity means increased availability of food for the human population which is what really terrifies the global cabal. What better way to reduce the human population, especially in developing countries, than committing murder by famine.
    PS: the biggest contributor global mean temperatures and absorption of IR back radiation is H2O vapor – a little hard to control give the fact that earth is a water-rich planet. Clear night are colder than cloudy nights. That’s why night time temperatures in the Sahara often approach 0C. Plate tectonics is the real control on global climate over the long term. Continernal rifting = warm periods; explosive subduction related dominated periods cool the climate as occurred from 65 Ma to the most recent ice age. Currenty the earth is in an interglacial ice age climate. Rapid changes as occurred during the Younger Dryas are a consequence. In addition, solar radiance is not constant. On has to explain the Little Ice Age, the Middle Age warm period, the Roman Warm period, and the Greek warm period – all of which show up in Greenland ice core temperature records though not on Mann’s ice stick graph Solar radiance variation can be seen in Beryllium 10 isotopic records and specifically was the cause of the Little Ice Age. Remember, we should all be glad we are not living during the days of “Snowball Earth” – late Eocambrian or during any of the Paleozoic 20 to 40 million year duration ice ages when the atmospheric CO2 concentration was 2000 to 7000 ppm. Now an ice age would really engender global depopulation.

    • >Dr. Ward relates most of the warming to the depletion of stratospheric ozone and increased incidence of highly energetic UVB on warming the earth’s surface, especially the oceans which absorb nearly 100% of the incident UVB and warms the upper 200m of the ocean which then releases CO@ because of inverse solubility of CO2 in water with temperature.

      Woah nice, a new low status white male theory on climate change. I will put this one in my collection.

      So far I have:

      -It’s caused by the sun
      -It’s caused by the Earth’s molten core (ethicalskeptic invented this one)
      -It’s not actually warming
      -It’s actually warming, but that’s actually a good thing

      It’s amazing how every LSWM has his own theory.

    • satellite observations…revealed expanding vegetation worldwide during much of the 1980s and 1990s. But then, about 20 years ago, the trend stopped. Since then, more than half of the world’s vegetated landscapes have been experiencing a “browning” trend, or decrease in plant growth”

      Earth Stopped Getting Greener 20 Years Ago

      Declining plant growth is linked to decreasing air moisture tied to global warming

      By Chelsea Harvey, E&E News on August 15, 2019

  9. Ice is nice but a warm climate = rice. And now we know rice cultivation is bad for the climate. Forgive my previous typos and mispellings. I would correct them if I could.

  10. A reversal of the magnetic poles is always followed by a shift of the stellar dome (if you prefer geocentrism), or by a shift of the geographical poles (heliocentrism). A sure sign of this occurring is an increase in the volume/quantity of mycobacterium in the atmosphere to such a degree where a pandemic can take place (especially if electromagnetic celullar copies of mycobacteria can be sent to the astrobiological mycobacterium, so that variants can appear apparently out of nowwhere, such D614G which had replaced the Wuhan strain in just two weeks with no travel history or R0 to justify the spread). Sars-Cov-2 is M. avium, and is turning into M. influenzae. This happens each and every time we are nearing the end of a world age (geological/astronomical).

    Question: how could those in charge have possibly have calculated WHEN that volume of mycobacterium would increase at just the right time? Can one do that in the heliocentrical setting? Not a chance.

      • In march of 2021, the exotic P.1, B.1.117 and B.1.351 appeared all over the regions in Easters Europe, with no travel history. In march of 2020, D614G had replaced the Wuhan strain, worldwide, without travel history to match the spread. 50,000 drones and the jet stream wouldn’t be enough. The pathogenic agent comes from the meteor showers, that is why there were huge waves right during the previous summers (the Beta Taurids meteor showers). In the 1930s, Kurt Blome had found out that bacteria communicate to each other through radio waves, even sending electromagnetic cellular copies to one another. By modifying M. avium in the lab, and using an antenna and an amplifier (HeLa cells and spike proteins), one can send such cellular copies to the mycobacterium in the atmosphere. That is how all of the variants have appeared. The same thing happened in 1918 (two main catalysts: the eruption of the Katla volcano on October 12, and the toxic doses of aspirin which had been given to tens of millions of people). In the spring of 2020, Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer did isolate M. avium in patients with Covid-19. The 1918 pandemic had actually started back in 1910, with the meteor showers from Comet Halley, then we got the Machurian plague of 1910-1911, and the Chinese workers brought the pathogenic agent in Europe, 1914-1915. In 1915-1917 there was a worldwide pandemic of “coronavirus”, actually M. avium, which was followed by the huge wave of 1918. That is exactly what is happening right now. Omicron, Mers-Cov-2 (it uses the DPP4 cellular receptor, same as Mers-Cov) was programmed to inactivate its prion domain for 18-24 months, and it is regaining it right now. XBB -> Sars 1, and CH.1.1 -> Mers 1. The cmRNA vaccines are coded with Pseudouridine, which is an isomer, that is why all of the binding IgG4 abs are isomeric antibodies, they have nothing to do with Sars-Cov-2 which is coded with Uracil.

  11. I think you’re making a few mistakes here
    1) you’re assuming they expect to be eating the same thing we eat and living the same way we live. Wrong. The first part of the plan is “you will own nothing and be happy”. Who will own everything then? Them. They will steak and you will eat bugs
    2) you are assuming they want to reduce the population of the developed countries. Wrong. They don’t need to do that. We’re already there with reduced births below replacement rate. Japan will lose half its population by 2050
    3) you assume that the lockdowns have to do with biology. Wrong. The lockdowns were to condition people to take the vaccines or else. Hence vaccine passports.
    4) most of all you assume they want to die. Wrong. They will cling onto life for as long as possible sacrificing as many people as it takes to get there

    Here’s what really happened
    1) virus was man made. Released in wuhan to hurt China and for plausible deniability
    2) they needed a fast way to manufacture and modify a vaccine. mRNA is the fastest. But they didn’t know how well it would work so they needed the largest clinical trial possible. Sampling is good. Testing on the whole population is best.
    3) within the batches they tries different RNAs, doses, ingredients, etc. to see what mods would work and which would kill or injure people

    This fits all the pieces. The simplest explanation when you also consider the timeline, geopolitics, and economics/finance.

    So NO. They don’t want to kill people with the vaccine/virus; they don’t care if it does.

  12. Regarding all this;

    Heard the name of the new virus variant? XBB.1.16 I believe. I dont know. I dont really keep up or care.

    But its been called ‘Arcturus’.

    Arcturus is a star on our sky. Or, rather, its how a very prominent star in our sky had been called.
    It usually denotes the coming of winter. Which is good because man, has that been blasted into our subconscious. ‘The winter is coming’ and multiple politicians talking about ‘a dark winter’.

    Anyway. Arcturus has been written about for millenia. Myths and legends and symbology. The Greeks did. I dont know the exact English name but in Dutch… arcturus means de ‘Berenhoeder’. Yeah. For its ‘place in opposition of de Grote Beer’.

    Mmyeah. The giant bear. Wonder what that symbolizes.

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