I have made something absolutely fantastic. I call it the INCEL NAZI SCHOOL SHOOTER STYLE playlist.

It features all the best music autists have listened to since time immemorial. This playlist has received the official stamp of approval from Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Cho-Seung Hui, Adam Lanza, Fouad L. (not from his teachers though), and of course, Elliot Rodger.

I have made sure to maximize the racism by including a lot of Russian witch house and German industrial.

Don’t shuffle it, I thought about the proper order.

You’re supposed to shoot yourself through the head when the second to last song finishes playing, then the last song is what you hear as you lose consciousness (assuming something in your brain still works).

Have fun!


  1. Nice, I remember watching all of Elliot Rodger’s videos before YouTube removed his channel a few years ago. Most of his videos were of him driving in his BMW in the SoCal sunshine blasting 80’s music from the car stereo. Here’s a list of the songs featured in those videos from “The Supreme Gentleman”:

    Heaven Is A Place On Earth – Belinda Carlisle

    Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic – The Police

    Walking On Sunshine – Katrina And The Waves

    How Will I Know – Whitney Houston

    Higher Love – Steve Winwood

    Father Figure – George Michael

    Oh Sherrie – Steve Perry

    • >Walking On Sunshine

      >Whitney Houston


      Elliot was not an incel. He was gay!

      No wonder the girls go wild over him. Twink and murderer!

      • For anyone curious, here’s a link to an archive of Elliot’s videos, some of them may be missing but most seem to be here:

        Some additional songs that I missed in my original comment:

        Boys Of Summer – Don Henley

        Papa Don’t Preach – Madonna

        Promises, Promises – Naked Eyes

        You Can’t Hurry Love – Phil Collins

        Suddenly Last Summer – The Motels

        Caribbean Queen – Billy Ocean

        There’s also a video of him at a Katy Perry concert. My own personal favourite video is “Dancing In The Car, Elliot Rodger Style”. It features him driving down the highway dancing around in his seat enjoying Whitney Houston while filming himself smiling and winking at the camera. You can tell from his body language, facial expressions etc. that he most likely suffered from Asperger’s, which helps to explain his difficulty with relationships.

        Also, the absence of his father’s influence in his life (who prioritised his career and money) certainty played a role. There’s another video on YouTube showing the family walking down the red carpet at the Hollywood premiere of The Hunger Games. You can see the disconnect as Elliot walks behind his parents. He looks lost. But he also definitely exhibited narcissistic traits. In his manifesto he describes that night and what it felt like to be an important person getting a glimpse of fame and stardom. He said that he felt superior to all the screaming fans and felt like shouting abusive language at some of the paparazzis and security, and at one stage gave them the middle finger while his parents weren’t looking.

  2. Speaking as an autist myself, I believe you have become genuinely, seriously mentally ill and should seek psychiatric assistance immediately.

    • Psychiatric therapy may be a little strong.

      I think simply stepping away from internet life for a while, to take a walk in nature would be better advised.

      Even better, a bicycle ride through little Dutch towns, something I wish had the luxury of doing.

      But don’t just ride through with your head down, Rintrah. Go into the little shops, buy a little trinket or two, and pay close attention to the little people you interact with. And don’t just perfunctorily go through the motions of interacting with the cashier.

      Pay close attention. Look into their eyes. Try to imagine their lives. Say a little thing which might surprise them. It doesn’t have to be profound.

      You might surprise yourself.

      • >I think simply stepping away from internet life for a while, to take a walk in nature would be better advised.

        >Even better, a bicycle ride through little Dutch towns, something I wish had the luxury of doing.

        I literally do that every day.

    • Anders Breivik is just too cringe.

      >copy paste other people’s writing for your sperg manifesto

      >kill blonde teenagers for your race war

      >let yourself get caught

      >complain you can’t play the video games you want to play in prison

      Sorry, I would be insulting Dylan and Eric by mentioning that cringelord

  3. I got through about 4 of them.

    Pretty horrid.

    But absolutely fascinating from a sociological point of view.

    I noticed that one chick had an @ that had “6669” in it.

    Kinda clever. Never saw that one before.

    I noticed the tunes were all pretty short in length.


    I actually have a degree in music, so you can believe what I say.

    I’d like to throw my hat into the ring, but I’m a Boomer* so the best I can muster is barely within this bizarre orbit:

    This is also cool

    *NOTE: not actually Boomer but GenX but Radagast has informed me everyone his age and younger considers us all Boomers

  4. Weird synchronicity (I often get it reading your blog) I just finished a good book on Columbine: ‘Columbine: A True Crime Story’ by Jeff Kass. It’s a good read. Prior to reading it I thought Eric was the instigator, the main manipulator. But after reading that book the two of them were really just as bad as each other. Both totally messed up individuals in a horrible horrible school.

    It arguably kickstarted the whole school shooting craze in America. I’m sure Eric would be overjoyed as the bombs failing to detonate must have been very very disappointing to him. If the canteen bomb had detonated, the could have killed nearly 1,000 people. God knows what that would have kickstarted.

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