Introducing: Boomer Rebellion

I know you are all smart skeptical critical thinkers, who can see straight through the elitist global warming scam from the mainstream media that the sheeple continue to believe in. So take a look at what happens, when a young Dutch man begins talking about the elitist global warming scam. His protest movement is called Extinction Rebellion, but what happened looked more like a Boomer Rebellion:

Turns out, literally everyone there feels the same way about climate change: None of them care, he’s met with endless booing and physically assaulted by wealthy babyboomers. He’s pushed or punched to the floor by an old man, right as he mentions that thousands of Nigerians just died in floods.

It’s almost like the dinosaur atmosphere enthusiasts are not a small enlightened rebellious minority of the population who see through an elitist scam that has captivated the dumb herd. Rather, it seems like there’s a small enlightened minority of people who figured out that we’re making our planet uninhabitable and the vast majority of people are docile sheeple who just don’t care and want to proceed with making this planet uninhabitable at full speed.

It’s almost as if the real elitist scam consists of pretending that you’re solving the problem with some solar panels, some electric cars and some vaporware technology, even as the immolation of our planet continues. It’s almost as if the real evil conspiracy consisted of companies like Exxon-Mobil and people like the Koch Brothers fooling dumbass low status white males into thinking it’s all a hoax.

A real solution would look as following: You eliminate all bullshit jobs, you outlaw eating meat or personal automobile possession and you ration electricity. Instead of paying people to perform their bullshit jobs, like selling Bitcoin, you need to reward people for doing nothing. But that’s not compatible with economic growth, or boomer cultural values, so it doesn’t happen.

I said a few days ago that I don’t like the painting protests because they don’t hurt. I do like this protest, because it does hurt. You hit the boomers right where it hurts. You could beat them up and they’d feel like victims. This is far more painful: You confront them with what they are. It hurts so much that they beat this guy up instead.

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If you want to become a smart person, rather than being like the average low status white male with a profile picture of himself sitting in his car while wearing sunglasses, complaining about a Swedish girl and a middle-aged German professor, I have a homework assignment for you. Read this study, entitled: “Was Agriculture Impossible during the Pleistocene but Mandatory during the Holocene? A Climate Change Hypothesis

If you’re smart, you already recognize that the laws of physics are fine-tuned to enable biological life. I don’t mean that someone necessarily programmed the laws of physics in such a manner as to enable biological life, for all I know there are other universes out there with physical constants that don’t enable biological life. Rather, I mean that the reason you can walk around right now is because the laws of physics are compatible with your existence. Tweak the physical constants subtly and you could not exist.

A similar thing is true for our climate. Agriculture is difficult. It requires a stable predictable climate, with various environmental variables tuned to the right position: If your annual hourly precipitation extremes are too intense, your fertile agricultural topsoils will wash away during brief natural disasters (our post-Holocene future). If your interdecadal temperature variability is too intense (our Pleistocene past), your children and grandchildren suddenly find themselves unable to sustain your community because your staple crops are no longer compatible with the territory you occupy.

We live in a universe where the laws of physics are fine-tuned to enable intelligent life. We also live under climatic conditions that were fine-tuned to enable intelligent life, scroll back a few thousand years into the past and they were incompatible with anything other than humans surviving as nomadic tribes of hunter-gatherers.

This is my recommendation to you today: Learn to understand that self-subsistence agriculture as practiced by your human ancestors and any humans who may survive on this planet in the future is only compatible over extended periods of multiple decades with a narrow range of environmental conditions.

Try being grateful for what the universe has made possible (it already takes extreme effort) and don’t demand of it what it can’t deliver us.


  1. I always enjoy your insistence that you are “high status” and that those who don’t share your exact beliefs are “low status.” It’s fun. And revealing about the purpose of beliefs.

    From your perspective, it’s easy to misunderstand the thought processes of those below you. You seem like someone who thinks about status a lot, but you also seem like someone who doesn’t wield a lot of direct power. (Obviously I’m making assumptions here, which may or may not be correct.)

    People in your position on the status hierarchy tend to place more emphasis on *beliefs* than those “above” you or “below” you do.

    The actual power wielders don’t care about how *real* Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming is, they care about how the proposed centralized solutions can increase their wealth, power, and/or the thrill of being exempt from the rules.

    They all plan to eat meat and fly private forever, while running governments and large corporations, the two entities which do all the REAL bigtime emitting of greenhouse gasses.

    And the common-sense non-status-obsessed people below you ALSO don’t care how *real* Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming is. They know that the “solutions” are designed to enrich and empower those proposing them, without much chance of doing any pragmatic good.

    So what if the climate IS warming? Does the Davos set have a good track record of solving problems like this? LOL. Their proposed “solutions” explicitly call for MORE carbon dioxide emissions from the third world, because “fairness.” They explicitly call for powerless individuals to eat less meat and more bugs, while almost ENTIRELY exempting big polluters like USG and the top 20 carbon emitting corporations from any responsibilities whatsoever.

    I’m not arguing against your basic premise. I agree! If anything, “climate change” is UNDERHYPED. I’m just saying that you are looking through too narrow a lens if you judge people based on how seriously they proclaim the problem. The real question is, what do people think about solutions.

    The powerful think the solutions can help them. The common sense people know the solutions can hurt them. And the status strivers in the middle think that any solution is a good solution as long as they can post their high-status opinions about the seriousness of the problem!

    • >I always enjoy your insistence that you are “high status” and that those who don’t share your exact beliefs are “low status.”

      Nah, I’m antistatus, I relate to status as antimatter does to matter. I dropped out of college and spend my days in a drug-induced haze.

      To be a low status white male just means you’re stuck in some job with low pay, you have a wife who bosses you around (or she already kicked you out of the house) and you vote for right wing populist politicians who promise to solve all the problems social media algorithms made you angry about:

      “Vote for me and we’ll make it illegal for your daughter to cut off her tits!”
      “Oh boy, I don’t want my mentally ill daughter to cut off her tits, rather than figuring out why all these girls are mentally ill and doing something about the cause of the problem, let’s make it illegal for them to cut off their tits!”

  2. Related: you gotta read this (or a summary of it).

    This book explains a lot. Many political beliefs boil down to one’s “vision” about human nature. The wannabe progressive problem solvers are utopians, and the conservative naysayers are pessimistic realists. The question isn’t about how *real* the stated problems are–the question is about how much faith each group has in the noble motives and shining intellects of their own self-interested “leaders.” I think you will like this book.

  3. I’m reading through Yuval Harari’s Homo Deus, and he says something interesting regarding the shift into stable agriculture over the “hunter/gatherer” paradigm. When humans began to domesticate and subjugate particular animals to become their food, they transitioned from regarding other animals as “equals” with whom they needed to negotiate passage (through their lands or into their presence) or offer respect as they killed them for food (thankful for the challenge or the sustenance) into regarding the domesticated/subjugated animals as beneath them, unworthy of attributing agency or subjectivity, and free for cruel or degrading treatment. Soon, how people treated cows and chickens and pigs spread outwards to other animals, and eventually to separations among groups of people. Dehumanization is a process already existing as the depersonalization of animal life, that had already happened with the valleys, the caves, the voices they heard all around. The panoply of gods and animate beings all throughout the spaces humans encounter collapsed into fewer and fewer gods, into the one God, and, today, into there being no gods, no ghosts, no selves, and no one inside any body at all. It’s all algorithms now.

    If the stable forms of agriculture produced a foundational separation in the consciousness of humans from other beings —that loss of the divine plaguing contemporary civilizations already captured by Myth and Lore as “the Fall” or losing one’s way within the Tao, &c, the other side of recognizing the fragility of human self-awareness in light of some version of an anthropic principle is becoming intensely aware even more of how much has already been lost for all the other beings around those humans. Humans have gained what they take to be awareness at the cost of being-alongside all these others, who are now silent, now dead, now inert, now machine, and they too now join them in extermination of awareness itself.

    • Yuval havari is full of shit. Cannibalistic tribes of natives the world over treated their third cousins in the tribe next door like they weren’t of any more worth than as a tasty pre dinner snack. Athiest liberal fucktards, as much as they annoy me, at least superficially try to avoid doing that (while doing it nonetheless to anybody not in their groupthink bubble tribe)

      Fucking noble savage mythological trash talk

      • Hey, at least they were eating meat, amirite?

        At any rate, if you’re not even bothered to spell his name correctly, what’s in it for you to respond? Let it occur to you that the very way in which you think you’re invalidating the observation demonstrates the point Harari’s making.

        I appreciate, though, that you want my attention and need that masochistic fix. Receive your dopaminergic reward for the day, and be blessed.

  4. So you are a fan of the “Many Worlds” interpretation of the double-slit-experiment? You think physic laws were adjusted for life, but it could also be the other way: Life adjusted itself to physics laws. Maybe life can adjust itself to any set of physic laws, even if the laws are extreme.

    While the world of science beliefes at the Copenhagen-Interpretation, I believe into the De’Broglie-Bohm-Interpretation of the double-slit-experiment (pilot-wave and stuff).

    So You, me and the world have no unity what really happens at the double-slit, but you do like as if it’s clear the “Many Worlds” interpretation would be true. It’s not.

      • In that case. Then constructive criticism about those people is better. Low status is dangerous for everyone in that position.

        With more allies at your back you are in a better position. For example on Meat. The Monks at Mount Athos have similar values to them.

        Yet their diet is very sustainable in comparison. If you read the Church Fathers(Clement of Alexandria, Polycarp etc) you will understand what I mean about those Low-Status alpha males holding similar beliefs to those Men but in a less sophisticated way.

        As for their skepticism of Global Warming its unfortunate. If it is pushed by Technocrats without their best interests at heart who are the same kind of people who push the vaccines. Its understandable.

        That the volume of skepticism has turned up so high that even real evidence gets dismissed. Its unfortunate indeed.

        In the same way even real proof of the Supernatural isn’t convincing to the most Ardent Atheists like Christopher Hitchens.

  5. Naive younger person, with no idea how long the global cooling, no global warming, no global cooling, no global warming, no climate change…utter bullshit has been going on, is surprised older people, who’ve lived through it, watched claim after claim be disproven by reality for going on half a century, and are totally sick of the utter bullshit, tend to know it’s bullshit…

    Gotcha 😉
    News at 6

    (I’m sure some purely conjectural perception of my masculine level and social status will somehow be made to seem relevant yet again, in yet another ad hom, by a feminised (vegan soy boy) mind, in attempt to avoid recognizing the fact that CO2 is at 500 million year LOWS and isn’t a notable greenhouse effect contributor past 50ppm or so anyway, but it really isn’t. Try to stick to the facts…or you know…even start speaking them in the first place)

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