Introducing: Low status white males against climate change hysteria

Hey you!

Has the price of beef in the supermarket become unaffordable for you?

Is your city building bike lanes in your neighborhood where you used to park your car?

Do you have a soyboy beta cuck malnourished preachy vegan as a coworker, who insists on having a vegan option at the annual barbeque?

Do your stupid coworkers suggest to you to have some buns and lettuce with your hamburger, even though you’re on the Keto diet (which is most compatible with human evolution, as our ancestors evolved to eat pork lard, avocados and coconuts, not grains and seed oils)?

Are farmers no longer allowed to enrich your groundwater with extra nutrients, by dumping their manure on the soil?

Did your local supermarket start selling Beyond Meat, or worse, Oatly?

Is your government planning on imposing a ban on cryptocurrency mining?

Is your daughter brainwashed by that stupid autistic (aka subhuman) Swedish girl, who isn’t even fuckable (yuck)?

Then you should join our protest movement: Low status white males against climate change hysteria!

In contrast to most environmental movements, our movement is directly funded, not by satan-worshipping liberal pedophile elitist billionaires, but by regular low status white males like you, through cryptocurrency!

Our actions include:

Chaining ourselves to windmills, to raise awareness of the elitist WEF agenda!

Destroying preachy vegan woke fake meat in the supermarket!

Dumping cow shit in a nature reserve!

Our demand is simple:

An end to big-government statist intervention in the free market, by abolishing the subsidies for… FRUIT AND VEGETABLES! IF YOU PREACHY MALNOURISHED VEGANS WANT TO EAT CARROTS AND SEAWEED, HOW ABOUT YOU START PAYING FOR IT YOURSELVES?!? Once we get rid of all the subsidies and properly account for all the negative externalities, as you would expect under free-market capitalism, then it would become obvious that eating steak is the most affordable option. If liberal elitists then wish to eat mushrooms or lentils they can just pay for it themselves!

Update: We just lost all of our funds, because we stored all your donations on FTX, so they were used by that preachy malnourished vegan in the Bahamas to fund the re-election campaigns of Democrats!

Apparently he is a member of an Ashkenazi sex cult from Silicon Valley known as “effective altruism”, the purpose of which is to fool low status white males into giving them all of our money, so they can spend it on amphetamine-fueled orgies, shiksa prostitutes, beach front mansions and democrat reelection campaigns! I don’t know how we could ever fall for such a clever scam, because we are the master race, just look at our Roman statue avatars on Twitter!

But I have a solution: If every low status white male who donated to our protest movement spends the next three months eating bugs and soy and drinking oatly, we can save enough money to invest it in a new cryptocurrency project we just discovered, which is guaranteed to deliver us 35% monthly interest! The developer lives in the Bahamas and looks like this:

And yes, I know he looks a lot like the founder of our movement, Low Status White Males against climate change hysteria:

But they’re not the same person!

Donate today!


  1. You have to admit, people leaving the fake meat goo out and destroying it is pretty funny.

    The founder also thinks “if you wrote a book, you fucked up”

  2. >I don’t know how we could ever fall for such a clever scam, because we are the master race, just look at our Roman statue avatars on Twitter!

    You can tell a person’s IQ by their writing quality. So if their writing quality is bad while featuring this. This is more likely. But if not then those “Roman Statues” didn’t fall of that FTX scam.

    • Everything is always a scam to low status white males, except for fake internet money traded in the Bahamas that was invented by an anonymous guy who took 10% of the supply for himself, that’s totally legitimate.

  3. For a group with such low status and little power to control anything, let alone stop multinational cabals from injecting half the planet with experimental sauce, you seem to give them a lot of credit to low status males for having the power to hold back climate change reform.

    I know their views are frustrating to you, but by definition they lack the ability to effect any change and aiming invective at them is kicking them while they are already down to absolutely no effect.

    Meanwhile the elites who wanted to juice you up aren’t talking about how to cut down China’s pollution, just how to make sure the rest of the world suffers so that China can keep growing its power and its carbon footprint.

  4. >I know their views are frustrating to you, but by definition they lack the ability to effect any change and aiming invective at them is kicking them while they are already down to absolutely no effect.

    They managed to get Trump elected. They’re strangely competent at sabotaging government, even though they’re incompetent at running it.

    • It appeared to me that the prospect of a divisive, angry, possibly ill Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the establishment behind her, managed to get Trump elected. Not LSWM who neither were responsible for Trump’s weak Republican competitors during the primaries.

  5. First of all, thank you for your blog. A couple of years ago, I would have called anyone doubting that climate change is, for the most part, caused by humans, a complete idiot. I wouldn’t do that anymore. Covid has showed me how much scientists are willing to lie, if not because of some obscure political agenda, at least in order to keep their jobs. Nowadays, a geologist denying anthropomorphic climate change is as employable as a virologist denying that the worldwide vaccination program has been a success. I would appreciate any post showing scientific data regarding the topic. Mocking skeptical people, in this case, does not work for me. I’m quite tired by now of being called a moronic, misogynist, white supremacist, trump-supporter, conspiracy theorist for the mere fact of opposing the lockdowns back in 2020 and not wanting to get the jab. I’ve seen the farmer’s protests in the Netherlands on TV; maybe I’m missing something because I’m not Dutch, but I think those people had some legitimate reasons to complain. As for the WEF conspiracy part, it’s becoming more and more difficult not to be distrustful of powerful global institutions judging by the extent in which people in power have been able to conceal so many truths from the population during the last years. What do you think about critical investigative journalists like Whitney Webb in that regard?

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