Introducing: The Low IQ Low Status White Male challenge!

If I wanted to have a popular blog, I would drop this topic and write post after post about all the ways the vaccine makes you sick and how Klaus Schwab wants to make us eat bugs and live in a pod. But I just don’t feel like doing that. Instead, I want to humbly offer you what I call “the Low IQ Low Status White Male challenge”.

Generally speaking, it’s easier to solve a problem when 80% of people responsible for it want to solve it, than when 66% want to solve it. Consider gardens in the Netherlands paved with concrete. If you’re the only one in your street who doesn’t pave his garden, all the water from your neighbors will end up in your garden. If 66% have actual gardens, the water is more spread out. If 80% have actual gardens, the water burden from heavy rain becomes even less of a problem.

It’s kind of similar when it comes to climate change. It’s easier to address the problem when 80% of people figured it out, than when 66% figured it out. That’s kind of where we’re stuck in the West: About 66% of people figured it out, the other 33% think it’s some sort of hoax, mass hysteria, scam or conspiracy. And I like to think that with some effort, I might be able to help push that percentage a little higher. Maybe I’m wrong about that, but I feel like it is worth trying.

This is why I am today introducing the low IQ low status white male challenge. I’m not going to spend my days, debating with you whether the polar bear numbers are going up, whether the great barrier reef is doing fine or not, whether Chinese solar panels have a high carbon footprint or not. These are all attempts at debunking a forest fire by pointing out that a particular tree hasn’t burned down.

Rather, I will ask you a simple question:

Between 1920 and 2020, CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere increased from 303 parts per million, to 414 parts per million.

In other words, in a 100 year period the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere increased by at least 36%.

Now my question to you is: Can you, the low IQ low status white males who think climate change is not a real problem we need to do something about, find some other period in geological history:

1. During which CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere increased by at least 36% in 100 years.


2. Which was NOT associated with an episode of mass extinction?

No, I’m not offering you a million dollars if you can find it. I don’t have to, the oil companies would happily offer you a million bucks if you can do this. Heck, I’m pretty sure Rex Tillerson would let you screw his wife if you can do this for him.

See, here’s the thing. During the next to last deglaciation, back when the world transitioned into the Eemian, you see a very rapid increase in CO2. What is a rapid increase in CO2? It’s 21 parts per million in 300 years. We achieved 111 parts per million, in 100 years. The rate of increase during that rapid period was 0.06 parts per million, per year. Right now, we’re achieving about 2 parts per million, per year.

From the study I cited:

The following ~1 ky is first marked by an unusually abrupt and large CO2 increase (overshoot of 21 ppmv in w300 y). The corresponding rate of increase, of 0.06 ppmv/y, is two to three times larger than the most rapid increases observed during TI, at the beginning of the BøllingeAllerød, and at the end of the Younger Dryas (Monnin et al., 2001), and ten times larger than the rate of increase accompanying the w20-ppmv rise observed during rapid events of the last glaciation, such as the AIM events (Ahn and Brook, 2008). It is however much lower than during the Anthropocene (~2ppmv/y). Such rate of increase may be slightly underestimated due to the time resolution of our measurements and due to the smoothing of atmospheric variations by the enclosure process of air into ice at Dome C (interglacial width of age distribution of w200 y,Joos and Spahni, 2008), being close to the time resolution of the depicted overshoot.

So, right now we’re screwing things up almost twenty times faster, than during that period of “rapid” CO2 increase in our atmosphere.

In fact, many of the mass extinction episodes in geological history saw a rapid increase in CO2. But that rapid increase in CO2, was much less rapid than the currently ongoing rapid increase in atmospheric CO2. And that’s why the temperature increase right now is also more rapid than during previous periods of mass extinction.

Have a look at this graph:

If you look at methane, right now we’re still on track for RCP 8.5. If you look at CO2, we’re more on track for RCP 4.5. I don’t know about you, but when I look at the geological record and see that during every previous period where something like this happened the whole planet went to shit, it gets me a little worried.

And if I then look carefully and can’t really find a period when the atmosphere changed as rapidly as it’s changing right now, I get really worried.

Maybe you have your own unique little snowflake low status white male theory about how CO2 doesn’t cause global warming but follows it. Alright fine, I will play along with you. Show me a period of at least a century, in when CO2 concentrations increased at the speed at which they are increasing now, without things going to shit.

Can’t do it? Well, in all fairness, most women, brown people, high IQ low status white males and high status white males are not deeply aware of this problem either. In general, they just notice the weather has changed over their lifetime and they trust that the scientists who say it’s our own fault are onto something.

As low IQ low status white males, you don’t like trusting scientists. Fine with me. But if you don’t want to make decisions based on trusting others, then do the hard work yourself:

Find some period in which CO2 increased as rapidly as it is increasing right now, during which the whole world did not go to shit.

If you can’t do that, then I would say it’s time for you to acknowledge that humanity is engaged in a very dangerous experiment, that could go very wrong.

Maybe your low status white male gurus are all correct and global warming is actually just a giant hoax. I wouldn’t bet on it, but I’ll play along with you.

Well, here’s the thing: Oceanic PH depends on buffering reactions with carbon too. All the carbon entering our ocean right now, is causing rapid acidification. This causes huge problems for the ocean, including for plankton species that perform important functions in regulating our climate.

Again, find me some previous period in geological history, in which the ocean was acidifying as rapidly as it is today, not accompanied by mass extinction of oceanic lifeforms. I’m not promising you a million dollars. You’ll do just fine without my million dollars.

In case you didn’t notice yet: Yes, this is not a topic you can understand through Fox News soundbites, edgy memes or clever tweets by anonymous bodybuilders. You can either decide to trust that people smarter than you have already properly looked at this problem decades ago and figured out catastrophe is approaching, or you can do the work yourself.

To me it’s pretty obvious that we’re toast. I would say that bad things are going to happen, but they are already happening. People in Uganda and other countries are already getting screwed over by massive droughts. Vulnerable species are already going extinct from the rapid change in atmospheric conditions.

I’m pretty sure this catastrophic experiment we have unleashed on our planet will result in billions of deaths. My hope is to die with some dignity intact. It’s embarrassing that this country is still throwing billions of dollars in subsidies at fossil fuel companies.

That’s why this Saturday, me and thousands of other hysterical climate change alarmists infected by the woke mind virus plan on blocking the highway in the Hague, until the Dutch government agrees to end all subsidies for fossil fuels. It’s a simple demand, that is good at uniting a large group of people and makes a small difference. And if we achieve it, it will encourage people in other countries to do the same.

Maybe I’m planning on getting hit by a water canon and getting thrown in jail for a night for no good reason and it’s all just a giant hoax after all.

Maybe some of you out there are geniuses and prove to be able to complete the low IQ low status white male challenge, discovering that sometimes CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere rapidly jump up the way they’re jumping up right now without the whole world going to shit.

I know there are other low IQ low status white males out there who will insist that yes global warming will cause a mass extinction event, but… WHAT ABOUT CHINA!!! The honest answer is that I don’t really give a shit. I don’t live in China, I live in the Netherlands.

If the Netherlands reduced CO2 emissions by 100%, that would reduce global emissions by less than 1%. But here’s the thing: I don’t care. I’m well beyond that stage.

I’m the prisoner stuck in the prisoner’s dilemma, who is going to jail for the rest of his life, but knows the other prisoner is innocent so won’t snitch on him regardless of what he chooses to say or do. I am a man who wants to choose integrity.

If the Chinese or the Indians, or the Americans, or the Indonesians, or the Germans or whatever other country decides they want to keep using the atmosphere as a waste dump, that’s not going to change my mind. Let them destroy the planet.

I want some dignity, for my country. I don’t care if I can’t go on vacation in Spain. I don’t care if I can’t drive a car. I don’t care if I can’t get a new smartphone. I want my country to face this catastrophe we have unleashed with some dignity intact.

We lost a lot of dignity, during the occupation from 1940 until 1945. But a few thousands people, chose to defend our dignity, by protesting against the persecution of the Jews by the German occupying force. These people were gunned down with machine guns. They could have just said “well they will not stop just because I protested’ and chosen to stay home. But they didn’t stay home. I’m glad they did not stay home.

Low IQ low status white males can choose they want to continue treating the atmosphere as a waste dump, but then they’re merely revealing their own disgusting character.

I wish you good luck, explaining after your death to God that rather than choosing compassion for the world’s poorest people and humility, you chose to just blindly chase a dopamine high and pursue the maximal power principle. I’m sure if Jesus was around today he wouldn’t be some homeless loser, but would have two SUVs parked in front of his house in the suburbs.


  1. I am unable to complete “The Low IQ Low Status White Male challenge”.

    “Well, in all fairness, most women, brown people, high IQ low status white males and high status white males are not deeply aware of this problem either.”

    Because the true scale of the problem is not being communicated effectively to them. I recently read a newspaper article discussing how the heatwaves in southern Europe are disrupting the tourism industry. Here is a direct quote from the article:

    “A recent study by the EU’s Joint Research Centre says a clear north-south line is emerging and that there is an “unequivocal signal toward worsening conditions during summer in southern Europe”. Over the course of this century, its projections suggest that a temperature rise of 3C or 4C could reduce the number of summer tourists by almost 10 percent in southern coastal regions, and raise demand for holidays on northern costs by 5 percent.”

    So instead of saying billions could die, they say “10 percent fewer tourists”.

    And in a way it’s kind of understandable that LSWMs are skeptical of climate change because of the distrust and lack of credibility in the mainstream media. Take the journalists who write for The Guardian for example. They report truthfully on global warming, but these same far-left journalists were/are also in favour of lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates, transgenderism and modern monetary theory, all of which are obviously nonsense. It’s extremely rare in today’s divided polarised world full of political extremism to get non-biased objective views of the problems that we face. Which is what makes your blog so important and unique.

    • >So instead of saying billions could die, they say “10 percent fewer tourists”.

      Yep. There’s not really any honest discussion in most media about what we face.

      This failure to properly communicate the problem is the main reason we failed to solve it.

      • Exactly, the media is a disaster. I have thought that for over 20 years, and they are getting noticeably worse.
        I have one question. I have had it a while and just not asked you.
        You often slag the LSWMs for reading Zero Hedge.
        I have glanced at it from time to time, to me it seems less crap that the BBC.
        1) Covid Fiasco : During the covid fiasco their content seemed to be of better quality than the BBC. They pointed out the virus wasn’t too dangerous, the fuss was exaggerated, there was no guarantee a vaccine would work, it wouldn’t necessarily prevent people infecting one another, therefore discriminating against non-vaccinated was illogical and unjustified. etc etc. The BBC seemed to be stoking the fear.
        2) Ukraine : The BBC is as usual primitive and binary, Russia is aggressive and totally in the wrong, Ukraine is the blameless victim, let us show solidarity with Ukraine by flying their blue and yellow flag at home, in the pub, etc.
        ZH talks about Ukraine being used as a pawn in a proxy war against Russia.
        I don’t claim to know much about covid or Ukraine, I am a simple, low IQ dude.
        Anyway you see what I mean? What do you think?
        Don’t get me wrong, I pay very little attention to the BBC or to ZH or to any mass media.

      • This fact is why I’ve always proudly been an edgelord. Midwits are quick to cry autism but the truth is that most problems today are the result of social taboos prohibiting people from noticing or discussing problems. Humanity is a metaphorical ostrich with its head in the sand, and I intend to force it to stare reality in the face clockwork orange style. Step one is breaking them out of the brain jail of social taboos. Nigger nigger nigger.

        • “most problems today are the result of social taboos prohibiting people from noticing or discussing problems”
          There is plenty to this. But why is it such a humongous problem? Cowardice? Education factories that brainwash more than they help people improve themselves?
          The horrendous media has obviously wrought much damage. With its drivel.
          Your posts are refreshing, the “racism” maybe strikes people as overdone and ridiculous, but what people maybe don’t know is that many people throughout the world think like you. In the Old World there are all kinds of ancient hatreds. Eg Turks, Arabs, Kurds, Armenians all live in roughly the same area and therefore don’t look too dissimilar, but there can often be dislike and distrust amongst them, to put it mildly.
          Nick Clegg’s comment about not having a racist bone in his body is interesting, it shows how modern elites are out of touch with reality.
          Actually Fucko I don’t think you can help most people, the brainwashing runs very very deep.
          Radagast goes on about IQ and about how people don’t have enough. But I don’t think it is about IQ. I have a family member with an engineering degree from a “top UK Uni” 🙂 and an acquaintance with a maths related PHD. Neither of these feats particularly impress me but their IQs can’t have been that bad. I tried to discuss illogical covid tyranny with both. The former started regurgitating absurd drivel he must have heard on TV with a straight face. The little maths dude underwent a physical change, kind of looked scared as though alarm bells were going off in his head and again started parroting what the media had been saying.
          What I mean is, I don’t think IQ by itself is enough, if that impressive high IQ specimen doesn’t want to stare reality in the face, you’re better off with a lower IQ, but more honest, conversation partner.

  2. I don’t care about global warming. Maybe it’s the beginning of a mass extinction event, maybe not; either way, I can’t do shit about it. Because I don’t care about global warming, I haven’t read the literature, nor will I.

    However, consider the following. Our measurements of temperature are at a daily time scale with fairly accurate thermometers at select locations before being upgraded to satellites with global coverage and hourly (minutely now?) updates in the 1980s. The precision is < 0.1 deg C. Something similar could be said about CO2 concentration. These instruments did not exist, to my knowledge, 50 Mya. Now, how in the hell can you possibly compare the features resolved at decade or century time scales with modern (meaning since 1700) technology to some surrogate that had to age FOR MILLIONS OF YEARS? Clearly the passage of time and chemical decay in the ice cores or whatever acts as a low-pass filter. I'm not saying I'm smarter than all the climate scientists, but I just can't take these "OMG UNPRECEDENTED!" claims seriously. Millions of years is a long time.

    Will the super-intellegent crow version of Rintrah 50 million years from now point to similar graphs made using crow-thermometers and crow-satellites and crow-ice cores and say "SERIOUSLY CROWS THINGS HAVE NEVER MOVED THIS FAST IN THE LAST BILLION CROW-YEARS!"

    • Hello fellow Retard.

      There is something you can do about it.

      Release an engineered virus that will slowly make sure that in 2100 the global population will be less than 1 billion.

      There you go, easy, problem solved and no need to convince anybody.

  3. We are based LSWMs that want civilization to end.

    “Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.”

    And you want to go out and protest to keep the pig concentration camps going.

    • Dishonest rhetoric. He’s openly and ardently against the meat industry for its perceived contribution to climate change; there is no “protest” of his that is reconcilable with mass animal farming.

  4. > I wish you good luck, explaining after your death to God that rather than choosing compassion for the world’s poorest people and humility, you chose to just blindly chase a dopamine high and pursue the maximal power principle. I’m sure if Jesus was around today he wouldn’t be some homeless loser, but would have two SUVs parked in front of his house in the suburbs.

    I don’t have the slightest agreement with these religious sentiments at all. When our god created Adam and Eve as racial aryans in the image of the gods, and then exiled them from the garden, I believe we aryans roamed the earth as other races broke off in splinter groups and were cursed to be brown forever, so that Satan could have vessels for his agents on the face of the earth. I believe this is the case so that those of us who still carry the undiluted bloodline of God’s Master Race will be able to say on the other side that we were indeed sufficiently tested by the agents of Satan so that we could earn our reward. When the god of the old testament told only us that we should fight these cursed races, who have no part in the kingdom of heaven; I believe our tribe was commanded to engage in a campaign of largely bloodless friction and sabotage against the melanic breeds designed to drive them from our territory (read: anywhere we must settle, because this planet is all ours) or extinct them. I believe we are under commandment of God to have nothing whatsoever to do with the enemy races, to not worship their gods, eat their food, breed with them, befriend them, do business with them, keep promises to them, or respect their property.

    I don’t believe the depopulation of Uganda or whatever blackskin country is some sin upon our heads to repent of, I believe it’s the justice of the Lord and a foretold event. It’s the victory the prophets have been looking forward to since the beginning of our ancient records.

    Praise the Lord, that Uganda should be depopulated before the coming of the son of man.

    • That the religion the Christ founded could be twisted into this abomination is a surer proof of Satan’s existence than any other witness.

      • It’s very different from what you’ve been taught your whole life, but I assure you that everything I just described is present in the old testament and essentially affirmed by Jesus in the new testament.

        • I’m sure you could make a case for that. The devil can quote scripture as skillfully as anybody else. Current political contingency has blinded you to the true, virtuous meaning of master race. Plato said all that needs to be said against this kind of perspective when he recorded Socrates’ questioning of Thrasymachus 2500 years ago.

  5. One issue that people do not think about is the measured ppm level of CO2 and what it does other than ecological effects. In city business district areas the buildings and the streets below are starting to see 500 ppm levels at building air intake areas. Most AC systems recycle 90% of air and this is causing health problems when CO2 levels start exceeding 800 ppm indoors. If external ppm gets to the 500 to 600 range, then this will start to present cognitive issues especially in the elderly that have difficulty with expelling CO2 from their system already. Most public and office building AC systems will need significant redesign to accommodate this which is impractical.

    • It’s not impractical… it’s expensive and inconvenient and requires a lot of behavioral change and owners to accept that they just aren’t going to enjoy large profits anymore. It obviously requires regulation and enforcement too. Imagine the CO2 police beating down your door to evict and charge you because your CO2 is too damn high!

    • Yes you are correct. CO2 has a biological role in our bodies too. We’re increasingly exposing our bodies to concentrations of CO2 outside for 24 hours a day that are much higher than during any moment of the past 4.5 million years, the period during which we evolved our big brains.

  6. If what you want is dignity, all this self abasement sure is a funny way of going about it.

    There’s a difference between a problem and a predicament, namely, a problem can be solved, a predicament is something you just have to take. Climate change is a predicament, not a problem, even if it’s 100% human caused. The hoax, scam and or conspiracy is not that it isn’t real, it’s predatory psychopaths claiming that of course it can be solved, if only you hand them over absolute power.

    You don’t need a high IQ to see the problem with that, you just need survival instinct.

    • Yeah don’t hand power to psychopaths to stop polluting our atmosphere. That takes away power from the psychopaths who earn a living polluting it, like the trillionaire house of Saud!

      I’m glad LSWMs stick up for the Arab oil sheikhs.

      • Psychopaths:
        -Vegan moms of the Dutch party for animals who want us to stop using fossil fuels.
        -Climate activist groups
        -Nerds with Phds who study ice core samples and marine life

        Not psychopaths:
        -Rex Tillerson
        -The Bush family
        -The Koch brothers
        -Goldman Sachs
        -House of Saud
        -Royal family of Qatar
        -The Russian oligarchs

        Make sure we don’t empower the psychopathic vegan moms, by taking away the non-psychopathic group of people’s source of income!


        • Normies power the psychopath machine. We’re about to lose a lot of normies and their masters.

          Normally, when I have a problem I just try to get rid of it, that fixes the problem.

        • What America thinks she does:

          Team America: World Police (2/10) Movie CLIP – America F*** Yeah (2004) HD

          What she actually does:

          Rammstein – Benzin (Official Video)

          Examine the petrodollar: Babylon’s successor sacrifices the planet atop a green pyramid of greed. Each note promises a New World Order just like the Old. When the unruly forest is reduced to sand, then Sauron’s Eye oversees his chattel unimpeded.

          The heart of the Whore Empire beats with black crude pumped up her ass by grinning Saudi princes. Drink the cup she offers, lest she send her cucked sons to rain down fire. The Democracy she preaches is the equality of universal prostitution, that none may shame her.

      • I’ll ignore that you avoided my central point, because the bit about the oil sheikhs is actually interesting.

        The House of Saud has power because they’re proven worthy of it. They have the Mandate of Heaven. The instant that changes they’ll get the Gaddafi treatment, or worse. By contrast the Club of Rome was wholly unworthy of power, and never got it. Trying to seize power when you aren’t worthy doesn’t work. It doesn’t belong to you. Your lot aren’t any better than the Club of Rome.

        By the way, Mahomet the truck driver will have been awake for 20 hours on Saturday, he is on methamphetamine and he has a deadline and a quota to meet.

        • I’m going to start a new protest movement: Low status white males for the House of Saud.

          It’s like you people have Satan installed as your president and think to yourselves “well I guess this is what we deserve, this must be what God wants”.

          Yes, you deserve it because you put up with it.

          • Bill Gates is now investing millions of dollars into an insane scheme to cut down 70 MILLION acres of forest and bury it all to stop the dreaded carbon from reaching the atmosphere. I assume you approve.
            This is not misinformation. It’s actually true. The same billionaire who is intent on vaxxing everybody on Earth, who does absolutely nothing about species extinction, likes the idea of cutting down and burying MILLIONS of acres of forest.
            Your plan is to block people from going to work and cause them to idle in their cars, spewing unnecessary pollution for hours. That will wake them up, sure.
            Better rethink.
            Maybe you could attack artwork in museums! Have you thought about that to save the planet?

          • >Bill Gates is now investing millions of dollars into an insane scheme to cut down 70 MILLION acres of forest and bury it all to stop the dreaded carbon from reaching the atmosphere. I assume you approve.

            Depends on where these trees are. Humans are planting trees in places where they will inevitably just die of drought or fires within a few years. I would support burying those trees.

            But in general we need more trees, not less.

            I’m not angry at Bill Gates, I’m angry at low IQ low status white males, who want to eat beef. That’s what causes deforestation.

  7. It’s an axiom for you that CO2 is the main control screw for the global temperature. Like it’s an axiom for christians, that god created the world. Or like it’s an axiom for physicists that uninfluenced light propagates straight forward (which is wrong I think, because electromagnetic field lines are always curved).

    But usually axioms can’t be debated, because people don’t like it if the fundaments of their belief is questioned. As technician I will never believe into your axiom, for many reasons, and I know you won’t debate them. Because axiom.

      • Your challenge is meaningless. That’s because, in addition to other points made above, it, unlike the actual climate, relies on a single metric that is based entirely on models that have repeatedly failed or require completely unrealistic worst-case scenarios to justify the hysterics. It’s not even certain whether CO2 rise has historically preceded or following temperature rises. There is a great deal of evidence for the latter. And anyway, the post-Little Ice Age temperature rise that that you and all those who seek to control the world is not unprecedented, nor unexpected. Perhaps the term ‘Little Ice Age’ offers a clue as to why. If not, maybe the medieval-era settlements in Greenland should raise some questions.

        Deriding as LSWMs all who don’t fall in line with your tunnel vision doesn’t make your ‘challenge’ any more worthy, nor does it in any way address the credible questions raised by well-credentialed scientists. In fact, I find it odd you consider yourself qualified to pose such a ‘challenge’ without having made any effort to understand, let alone debunk, those questions. Come back with some answers and then we can talk.

  8. Maybe there shouldn’t have been all that geoengineering carried out over decades and decades and decades… with the least bad program chosen projected an outcome that was certain catastrophe and imposable to contain with any know technology… but just a little bit further in the future than the worse programs.

    Billions will die. Simple as.

  9. This is the first thing I have found that is remotely intellectually satisfying to me, of how the “green house” works.
    I am suspicious that something is going on, but there is so much noise and BS (or is that PS), it is difficult to have a clear view. And what to do, I already lead a pretty frugal life.

    Once upon a time (15 years ago) I was interceding with the Almighty to show me the state of the world. I was shown a clear picture of the world, and that humanity was like an itchy rash on the surface in a lot of places, and the world was about to shake us off… It is all very curious, the lord moves in mysterious ways, etc.

  10. I don’t really care about climate change aside from the fact that the government keeps wanting to stop me enjoying meat and forcing me to drive an EV. CO2 is plant food as far as I’m concerned the solution is to reforest the amazon/old growth forests so that they can absorb it.

    Please let us know if you end up on Twitter after an angry German motorists pulls you off the road.

  11. I haven’t noticed the weather changing in my lifetime. What I HAVE noticed is fewer animals and insects. They are not disappearing due to an increase in CO2 but because of habitat loss and poison chemicals. “Green energy” isn’t helping them one bit, as millions of birds are slain by windmills and forests are converted to “renewable” biomass, etc.
    I have the same problem with you as I do with Bill Gates. Gates thinks he’s wonderful for injecting his poison concoctions into billions of people for their health but he won’t spend 1% of his enormous wealth to save 4 species from extinction. What are you doing to preserve forests and save species? You’re going to save the entire planet from warming too much and thereby save everyone and everything. Aren’t you grand. Meanwhile prairie dogs and insects are going extinct because of the industrial scale farming of vegetables that you demand.
    Let me tell you, your highway blocking stunts to demand an end to oil and gas are simply idiotic and severely pissing people off to become hostile to your cause.

  12. Bingo card

    Column 1.
    Rubber Bullets
    Tear Gas
    Capsicum Spray

    Column 2.
    Beating from irate motorist
    Dragged off road
    Truck of Peace
    Vegan on vegan violence
    Ponytail drag

    Column 3
    Police side with protestors
    motorist arrested
    Free Space
    Orthodox Jew
    Favorable media coverage

    Column 4.
    Neo-nazi/antifa streetfight
    Exxon-Mobil capitulates
    Hand rubbing
    Suicide bombing
    Dutch government announces carbon concessions

    Column 5.
    Media blackout
    Rintrah personally humiliated on youtube footage
    live rounds
    Protest unattended
    Fossil fuels burned and wasted

  13. Species go extinct all the time. The human race, however, will not. I hardly care at all if millions of subsistence farmers in Africa or Asia die, in fact I consider this to be an upside if anything. I doubt this will happen, though.

    The current rate at which global temperature is increasing is driven by human activity, so it’s faulty to assume the pattern will match previous natural warm ages, and that Earth will reach a similar absolute global temperature. Industrialization and emissions are likely to taper off within this century. The extrapolation on the graph you have shown is absurd. Other graphs show very wide ranges and the only real basis for deciding which one to choose is how optimistic or pessimistic you happen to feel.

    Even if you are right about everything, the time frame in which climate doomsday occurs is distant. We have a century to deal with the climate at least, and a variety of more pressing socioeconomic issues. It seems ill-timed to suppress our economy with extremely cost-inefficient climate policy and regulations.

    The future is likely to bring about technological innovations that reduce emissions without associated productivity tradeoffs. People have been worrying themselves about climate change for a century prior to the invention of nuclear power. So long as western civilization doesn’t collapse in the meantime, the problem will probably solve itself if you take *your* Xanax and wait.

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