Yes, congratulations, you did it. I have grown annoyed enough by the low quality of the comments I receive, that I have felt forced to introduce the no-normie policy. I’m not going to name names, but some of the comments are of such low quality, that I feel forced to introduce the no-normie policy. Other comments are of higher quality and may also end up running into trouble with the no-normie policy, but this is the way it is.

Now some of you may ask yourself “what the hell is a no-normie policy”?

It’s very simple. I spent two hours of my life that I’ll never get back, looking for a plugin that allows me to easily ask you an annoying question you don’t know the answer to. When you try to post a comment, you will have to figure out the correct answer to the question.

“But Rintrah, this will also affect people who are not annoying or dumb. You can’t expect us all to be erudite intellectuals or take the effort to Google the answers to your bizarre questions, I will just stop commenting and read some other blog.”

Well I have to be honest: That’s the price I’m willing to pay. Some of you claim to be far-right extremists, so I would imagine the no-normie policy must earn your sympathy: It finally allows us to increase the average IQ of the commentariat, which, let’s be honest, is long overdue! It’s eugenics applied to wordpress!

Please keep in mind: You can currently spoil the game, by commenting with the answer to the question, but if you do that, I will just change the question to a new question and I will also make it so that the correct answer is blacklisted, so that for the next question you won’t even be able to spoil it.

Commenting on my blog is from now on going to become a special privilege for the natural elite, something most human beings will never accomplish in their lifetime.

You want to argue the Earth is flat? Well, pass the no-normie test!

You want to complain about me? Pass the no-normie test!

You want to argue that I’m wrong about everything? Pass the no-normie test!

The current question is pretty simple, depending on how well this works out I’ll come up with a harder or an easier one next. Have fun! (Or don’t, if you’re a normie)


  1. That was an interesting read. thanks for requiring it.
    When i was a “student” one of my teacher had required reading and we were supposed to answer questions at the end of the chapter. it was a great motivator to Actually read the chapter. This felt much like that. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Well I suppose this development is a natural outgrowth so I won’t begrudge it. It is true that one needs to separate the wheat from the chaff eventually. One must however have a keen eye in discerning between “crap” and “that which offends my sensibilities” but I’m confident you are at least somewhat aware of that distinction

    More importantly: your commenting software here is the worst I’ve ever encountered. I hope your research into new algorithms will bear fruit in this regard. If you are not already aware, is widely recognized as the best commenting site on the internet. Perhaps you can backwards engineer it.

  3. Glad this was the question you choose. Huge Brontë fan, i listen to the Kate Bush WH ost the first thing i do when wake up and the last thing i do before i go to sleep.

      • Im gonna tone down being a dick too now that im in with the in crowd. That name btw was of importance to Horatio , i recommend you all to check his shit out. Solid daoist stuff.

  4. Gee, aren’t you doing the same what twitter, fb, youtube are doing? They have an implicit ‘how woke are you’-questionnaire which they fill in automatically from the content you publish. Ok, you’ve separated the question from the content but you are still trying to restrict the comments.
    Don’t get me wrong pls – it’s your blog and you obviously can do it. I just wonder why you fell like you have to.
    Enjoyed your content all along! Thank you for that. I won’t post here anymore as I am apparently a normie. Cheers.

    • Well see, the difference is that this is my personal blog. You can support free speech without feeling like leaving your door unlocked and allowing people into your house who start yelling through you whenever you say something and insist that you’re a retard who’s going to hell.

  5. I’m probably a normie as well and this will be my last comment because I’m not very inclined(no time) to google an answer juste to make a comment. I did read wuthering heights however and found it to be somewhat enriching.

    Maybe you should just remove the comments which you consider of low quality. I certainly wouldn’t take it personally if you remove one of mine. We all have bad days and do/write dumb stuff sometimes.

    I also think you should have moved to substack, not only for your posts about covid. I think all of your content is thought-provoking and interesting and there is certainly potential for tremendous growth. But obviously, you are a free man and so your are also free to continue to cast pearls before swine if you wish to do so.

  6. Just going to point out there are a lot of people out there who despise normies.

    Most of them can’t figure out how to grease a bearing, either, and are proud that they need technical assistance for such tasks.

    • One could also say that ppl who despise normies are more often than not misfits with all the psychological baggage this entails. I see no advantages in such thinking… the need to lower others to feel greater leaves a bad taste. Most of us are cogs in the machine in one way or the other and yet most of us also think that we are different and special without having much to prove it beside some opinions.

      The pervious comment was not the last I see.

      • A world without normies would be horrible, like i wouldnt recommend anybody to get a gf who identifies as “edgy”, “autistic”, “quirky” unt so weiter, but not everything is for everybody.. Theres blogs for outcasts and tiktok or whatever for normies,, all according to Gods grand plan.

  7. Nice stuff here on your blog! It is your good right to draw a line. I often think that the abolition of the estates and castes was a mistake. Not everything is for everybody. Not least with psychedelics.

  8. Hey, can your plugin “rotate” questions randomly? Perhaps you could start a thread where we all just submit some questions (without the answers!) and you choose the best to your liking for regular rotation.

    • Yes I can randomly rotate questions. I should probably rotate questions yes. Just have 10 or so questions that most people don’t know the answer too, formulated in a way that’s hard to Google. If you can figure out the answer to any single one of them, you make it into the club.

  9. I fully affirm the policy. I’m ideologically constrained to always affirm darwinism and higher standards wherever they are implemented. Good work!

    My question is, what was the plugin? I have uses for a similar plugin. I’ve considered making a random database of american LSAT questions (pre law, essentially college level logic and reading comprehension problems) mixed with algebra/trig/precalc problems.

    That’d be a very effective way to sift for basic mental capacity. Your method is interesting, as it puts before them a research problem, making it a blend of mental capacity, motivation, and proof of work.

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