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Welcome to my new website, The name Rintrah comes from William Blake’s cosmology, where Rintrah refers to a force of revolution.


I want a place where I can organize and publish my writing, which is what this site will be used for. If you’re new here and want to discuss any sort of stuff, you’re always welcome to join us over at Shitpost central, our open discussion page, where any kind of discussion goes.

I plan on gradually abandoning /r/accountt1234, because it’s no longer fitting my style and goals. I will probably republish some old content from /r/accountt1234 here eventually.

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The patients in the mental ward have had their daily dose of xanax and calmed down it seems, so most of your comments should be automatically posted again. Try not to annoy me with your low IQ low status white male theories about the Nazi gas chambers being fake or CO2 being harmless plant food and we can all get along. Have fun!

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