Just like brown people, low IQ low status white males (particularly Americans) have endless theories about the Jews (or the modern euphemism “Zionists”) and their plans for humanity, about how they plot to expand Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates, about how they want to make white women sleep with black men, etc.

But speak to Jews in Israel like my best friend did when he went there, or go on a date with an Israeli Jewish girl like I did long ago, and these theories fall apart immediately. It’s heart-breaking, when you discover that most Jews really just want a normal life. Europeans want to rule the world. Arabs want to rule the world. Jews just want to stop being singled out. They just want to have their own little country, where they can just raise their families in safety and have a normal simple life.

Go look at the kind of movies that Israeli Jews produce. The Swedish produce the most abominable disturbing novels and movies you can imagine, I love them. In Europe, the Jews became tortured geniuses. The Israeli Jews? They produce romantic comedy movies. As much as I want to go to Amsterdam, to see the movies that the Jews produce, I can not get myself to sit and watch romantic comedy.

The Jews don’t want to rule the world. The Jews want to win the Eurovision song contest! No, it’s worse than that. The Jews don’t even want to win the Eurovision song contest. THEY ARE JUST HAPPY TO BE PART OF THE PARTY! For as long as I live, I hope that the Jewish state remains the only country in the world, who receive the privilege of being a honorary part of Europe. Australia needs to be kicked out, sorry. To make an exception for Israel, is our big middle finger to the rest of the world.

The history of the Jews, consists of their God constantly forcing them not to put up with how the world treats them. “Remember what Amalek did to you!” He cries out to them from the heavens above. Because what do the Jews want? They want to forget about it! They want to dance half-naked in the desert at a Psytrance festival, high on 2CB or MDMA, under the shadow of a giant Buddha statue!

The Jews who sought to poison the German water supply after WWII are notable, only because they are such an exception. It just doesn’t lie in their nature. When Otto Frank figured out who betrayed his family, he had just one request: Never to have to see that man again. That’s how the Jews are and that’s why their God constantly bails them out, with miracle after miracle after miracle.

One of the men whose daughter was murdered at the Psytrance festival, thought for years he could bring peace between Jews and Gazan Arabs, by hiring them for his tech company. It did not work. One of the elderly women in the villages who was murdered, inadvertently helped out the Arabs, by taking photos of her town, as part of a “peace project”. The Arabs used these photos to rapidly identify the whole area.

The Jews are surrounded by evil people, who shoot at children hiding in closets and under their bed. That’s what these people want to do to the Jews. What do the Jews want to do to the Arabs? Ask the two millions Arabs living in Israel today. The Jews want to do nothing remarkable to them.

One of those things that make life bearable to me, is the idea that there are young Jews in Tel Aviv, the vegan capital of the world, living simple happy little lives. The more naive and ignorant they are about how the world really works, the better. The American mind can not comprehend this.

I ask myself, what would the Jews who died under the regime of the wannabe-muslim and failed LSWM messiah Hitler have wanted for their grandchildren? World domination? Revenge on the Germans? Of course not. Happy innocent little lives.

During the medieval era, Jews were allowed to flee to Poland. When the black death broke out, people across the old world died in droves, entire villages were swallowed by nature. But Poland was spared, for reasons nobody really understands. If it happened once, it can happen again.

I would almost say I hope it happens again, because life, with all of the pressures and expectations that were placed upon me by other people, has made me bitter. But I don’t want to waste my energy, on hunger for revenge or envy. Instead, I just try to trust that whatever is supposed to happen will happen. And our universe will function, in whatever way it is supposed to function.


    • Even YouTube has a gay context thing, just like Twitter, because you can’t consume information anymore without Big Daddy (CIA/FBI/Intel agencies) telling you what to think. How did we ever figure anything out without having some info-manager commissar come down and tell us what we are allowed and not allowed to say and think? What a joke.

  1. Kicked out of a 100+ countries cuz they so good & friendly???

    Better read “200 years with them”

    But you’re so gamma, you won’t figure it out. It’s everyone else !!!

    • How many countries have the Romanies been expelled from throughout history. People were superstitious in the past and people who did not live like the majority were persecuted.

      • > How many countries have the Romanies been expelled from throughout history

        As has been noted by others, Jews are simply high-functioning Gypsies, so his point stands.

    • >Kicked out of a 100+ countries cuz they so good & friendly???

      Have you ever played Crusader Kings 2? Anytime you kick the Jews out of your country, you can steal all their stuff. You can borrow money from the Jews, then kick them out and take their possessions, so that you don’t have to pay back your loan and get their money. And then a few years later you can invite them back and do the same thing all over again.

      Good luck resisting that temptation.

      More people should play Crusader Kings 2, it taught me a lot about how the world works.

      • The most amazing thing is, this is not even ahistorical. This is literally just the trick that French kings used for generations:

        1. Expel the Jews, take everything they have.
        2. Let them back in.
        3. Wait until they have money again.
        4. Go to 1.


        >12th–14th centuries
        >France. The practice of expelling the Jews accompanied by confiscation of their property, followed by temporary readmissions for ransom, was used to enrich the crown: expulsions from Paris by Philip Augustus in 1182, from France by Louis IX in 1254, by Philip IV in 1306, by Charles IV in 1322, by Charles V in 1359, by Charles VI in 1394.

        And then centuries later, low IQ low status white males on the Internet see this scam as evidence that the Jews are bad!

        • Imagine being a French king and realizing your war chest is empty again. You ask your advisers what your options are. “Your majesty, we can expel the Jews again!”

          “But then my wikipedia page 700 years from now will say I was an antisemite.”

          “Well your majesty, we could also expel our low IQ low status white males and seize their belongings!”

          “Excellent, expel the low IQ low status white males and seize all their assets!”

          “Yes your highness!”

          A few days later…

          “Alright sir, here I have our seized assets so far:

          -Ten VHS copies of obscure Alex Jones documentaries
          -A big set of baseball trading game cards
          -Some funkopops
          -Five big black dildos
          -A big pile of ivermectin, nobody in our court will ever have to suffer parasite infections again! Your highness, I promise your royal heinie will never itch again!
          -The private keys to something called “ronpaul2024coin”. It seems to have been worth 250,000 dollar at some point, but we’re currently struggling to find an exchange that has a liquid trading pair where we can deposit these coins.
          -We found an ounce of silver buried behind a shed, together with a King James bible, some ammunition and a lot of stored food.
          -One of our low IQ low status white male subjects had some Beanie Babies, we’re looking for a buyer, they’re worth a lot in theory-”

          “Alright I’ve heard enough. Just expel the Jews again!”

          “On it your highness”

        • Good ol’ Spain lifted the expulsion… in the 1960s! That’s what they get for trying to turn Iberia into a colony.

          Perfect example of what Jewish people are— marching into Iberia with the Muslims when they were strong, then the Levant once the West was powerful. They are opportunists, not loyal allies. And flunkies, not the types to stage an armed resistance against a more powerful opponent.

          Best of luck to the Arabs as they stage their own reconquista!

    • Yeah Hard Rock Hallelujah was cool, I remember I’d listen to that with my friends.

      I hope Israel wins this time, it’s the biggest “fuck you” Europe can give.

  2. I initially thought as you did, that it was mere jealousy causing people to single out high iq jews; encounters with real live kikes was what convinced me that you are wrong about them and that while Hitler made a mistake in turning his society into an authoritarian hellhole, he was exactly right about kikes. The holocaust was based

      • I much prefer independent assessment of my iq to your fleeting and biased opinions. Actual independent assessment routinely puts me in the mid 130s, which is also the average for my vocation.

        In zoomer speak, “keep guessin nigga”

    • > I initially thought as you did, that it was mere jealousy causing people to single out high iq jews;

      A minor correction: I think you mean “high-status” Jews.

      And yes, like you, I was raised to believe anti-semitism was merely “jealousy.” I was born and raised as a Randian “Objectivist” (“Rand” nee “Alicia Rosenbaum” herself a Russian Jew) and I was taught well not to envy the rich or successful because “they earned it” and were “the prime movers” of any society, and that lesser-status white males should look up to them for inspiration.

      It wasn’t until I went down the JQ rabbit hole as an adult that I realized world history was not quite so simple as to be cast in simplistic comic-book morality terms like “SuperSmart GodLike Jews beset upon by the resentful trash of the world.”

      Power and influence is amoral and can be acquired through unsavory means. Power, intelligence, and influence are not necessarily badges of honor in and of themselves, but I am beginning to understand Radagast’s IQ-fetishism a bit better now.

      Medium Status White Males (MSWMs) who grok the JQ appropriately know it’s not “YER JUS JEALOUS!l” (although that has often been the reply MSWMs get when they raise the issue) but rather the particular, ethnocentric nature of the way that particular Power is wielded, and to what ends.

      “With great power comes great responsibility”.

      (Ghey, I know)

      It makes sense that Radagast would direct his readers’ focus to the many and varied lovely Low Status Jews (LSJs) for they are often quite intellectually stimulating and pleasant enough in a general sense.

      This takes the heat off of their more aggressive co-ethnics who are at the helm of all major industries.

      As someone who was copacetic with Jews in his younger years, and who once had a relationship with a Jewish daughter of a powerful Jewish scion, I understand the appeal, particular for disaffected sensitive and intelligent autists and schizoids. But I was sensitive and intelligent enough to take note of some of the unsavory “goings on” behind the scenes, which I only began to appreciate many years later.

      I’m also beginning to understand Radagast’s recent update to his posting-requirement: it seems he’s had this particular troll-bait in the chamber for a while.

      It remains to be seen if this comment is allowed to stand.

    • We have plenty of real enemies without needing to single out mishlings who are mostly white anyway. OK, jews are nepotistic and greedy, who cares? I don’t. No they don’t run everything, they’re just one interest group out of many other. Many of them are libtards? Yes, probably a similar portion to purebred whites too.

      Israel is a American proxy, the only reason why America has abandoned her is because libtards are running our government, and they hate the EMPIRE Bush and Cheney were building. Israel is America’s vassal, we should be declaring war on Palestine, Iran, and Syria in response to the invasion of Israel. I don’t care what daddy Hitler’s opinions on the joos were, I like Hitler, but he lived in a much different time and place.

        • I’m a Neoconservative, I don’t care about muh jews or anything else other than complete global American domination. I want to see America conquer the world and depopulate it. I want Bill Gates to be made Emperor of Africa and force all their women to go on birth control. I want greater Israel to swallow up Palestine so we can manufacture a border dispute to justify invading India next. I want Navy Seals to invade the Kremlin and burn Putin’s corpse next to Lenin’s before we force every Russian to salute the McDonalds arch at bayonet point. I want a New World Order, and so do many jews, those jews are based.

          • I meant to write “swallow up Pakistan” but all these sandnigger countries sound the same to me.

          • “Explain in your own words what an American is.”
            Founding stock White Anglo-Saxon Protestants and Germanic and Celtic people that have fully incorporated themselves into WASP culture. Anything else living here is an American subject, not an American.

  3. Sorry kikes, you’re never going to live in peace; based American WASP Neoconservative Skull and Bones chads are going to use your country as a proxy against the subhuman world, forever. You’re our slaves, and we’re going to continue use your people as meatshields in our conquest of the Middle East. When your women and children are brutalized by the sandniggers, that’s to our benefit as it gets normally xenophilic Europeans to foam at the mouth thinking about waging war on lower humans. God Bless America.

  4. “I hope that the Jewish state remains the only country in the world, who receive the privilege of being a honorary part of Europe. Australia needs to be kicked out, sorry.”

    What??? Australia is an ‘honorary’ part of Europe? I don’t think so. It’s time you guys joined the winning team down here!

    We should dust Angry and the rest of the Tatts off, including the dead ones, and send them up there to liven the place up a bit:

  5. I am convinced now. Jews are all collective members of an informal suicide cult. If you do not believe me, watch this video from beginning to end. At the end of the video, you will never be a holocaust denier ever again.

    If that does not convince you, get on telegram and watch all those videos of barbecued babies with their leg bones poking out like cooked chickens and disemboweled children screaming whilst still alive with their guts coming out of their mouths – Or IDF soldiers picking off children in the West Bank for kicks and giggles. One million have now been genocided in Gaza so far and 1.6 million still left to go. Call it Holocaust 1.5, electric Jooobaloo.

    Remember, I am a complete fuckkkking smooooth brain moronic retard. My opinion is meaningless. 6 billion people in the global east and south are however watching this shit every day on the evening news. Like I said before. Holocaust 2.0 is now inevitable. Jews, a suicide cult. How many times genocided over the last 2000 years, and they still repeat the same fucking sociopathic behavior, time and time again.

      • Our gorgeous LSWM Black Queen does not really say anything. Moshe does ALL the talking. This is why they sacked her. Her Jewish overlords are pissed big time. Moshe dug his enormous hole, all by himself, and there is no way possible to label her as “anti-semetic” and force her to apologize – because she said nothing. It is now beyond a meme. The Goy is cancelled, even if the Jew was the one doing all the talking. The Goy is now required to protect the Jew from his own retarded stupidity. My grandchildren use Tik Tok. China is now feeding them anti-Jew twice as hard. As always, China wins.

  6. “6 billion people in the global east and south are however watching this shit every day on the evening news. ”

    Good, I hope it drives them into a frothing frenzy to the point as many of them as possible attack Israel, so we can finally have an excuse to kill them all. Trump will lead the next crusade.


  7. Why do you invert reality so blatantly? The world sees a genocide in progress with the mass murder of 30,000 including 12,000 children, so far, the killing of entire families in order to eliminate journalists, torture, bombing Gaza to rubble, Israeli figures urging that the ‘human beasts’ be exterminated, Israel defying the ICJ interim ruling, and Israeli Jews blockading food relief when Gazans are starving, and you blather on about ‘romantic movies’.

    • They’re liked because they kill innocent people. Many on this blog are bitter social rejects and misanthropes who will empathize with whatever is killing off normies or causing suffering — COVID, climate change, bad diets, Israel, etc.

      Israel is a huge LARP. Their army — like America’s armies — doesn’t win wars anymore. It can only kill civilians.

      • Sorry, I didn’t care when Anakin slaughtered all the Tusken Raiders for killing his mom, and I don’t kill that the jews slaughter Tusken Raiders for raping and murdering their kids. 9/11 is justification alone to exterminate the Arab race. You’re a simp for the most subhuman race of inbred suicidal retards on the planet.

        You’re God damn right I’m misanthrope, most humans are stupid senseless scum! Animals are more sympathetic, naturally in-tune with their instincts and God, pure. Humans are retarded enough to believe in liberalism and chop off their own genitalia, so I have very little sympathy for them. I don’t eat meat, but I wouldn’t spare a glance to save an NPC.

        Strangelove, you should blow yourself up like the sandniggers you love so much, it’d make the world a better plaxe. Libtards like you are the only reason America hasn’t conquered the world yet. if you’re an American citizen you should move to Iran right now and live with the other durka durka kike haters you traitor, the Founding Fathers and God spit on you.

        • Your rhetoric is so toned up to 11 it reads more like an AI parody. It’s like an angry 9 year old trying to sound tough. ‘Mom, is this is what the American EMPIRE sounds like?’


          It’s a sign of libtardism to take everything as a personal insult.

          • As for some of the stuff you posted about, wake me up when the Pentagon exterminates the culprits behind 9/11– Saudi Arabia. Not Iran, not Hezbollah/Lebanon, not Syria: the Saudis, our #1 ally. I would support nuking them for 9/11.

            9/11 is the real outcome of all our time spent in the MENA region. Getting bombed by your supposed allies.

            No surprise about being a misanthrope.

        • Silly troll. The MOSSAD, Jewish sayanim and elements of the US Deep State did 9/11. The ‘Arabs’ were patsies.

      • > Many on this blog are bitter social rejects and misanthropes who will empathize with whatever is killing off normies or causing suffering — COVID, climate change, bad diets, Israel, etc.

        Whatever about some of the commenters on here wishing death on the vaccinated, there’s very few if any self-proclaimed efilists who are “willing on” a climate catastrophe.

        However, simply reading/watching doom porn out of morbid curiosity is a whole different story. Personally I’ve become a bit burned out on economic collapse doom porn, SARS2/vaccine doom porn and climate crisis doom porn. So for the time being, I’ve moved on to thermonuclear warfare doom porn:

  8. I am the least intelligent here, but it makes me sad that Europeans have forgotten their own tradition.
    Now, a basic explanation, about why Israel is very high, is the self-confidence that believing in the true God gives them.
    (a small correction: He is not just their God)
    Think about it: a dad-child wrestling makes the child self-confident. It is common knowledge. Then take a look here, the fascinating history of the renaming of Jacob to Israel (what the name Israel means):
    And then watch this, which is VERY moving:
    (Jews trying to kindly persuade their fellow Jews about Christ)
    There is more that we don’t know, because we have forgotten our own history and traditions, thereabout I will post later.

    • So, about the high self-esteem of Jews, I gave you one reason:
      1) They worship the true God, as a Father.
      The Christian Church is the New Israel, make no mistake.
      Israel is our elder brother, who as in the parable of the “Prodigal Son” (aka “The Loving Father”), has had a fit of jealousy for us ex-Gentiles (the younger prodigal brother), who returned to the Father. But they will go over that hopefully.
      Besides, very many ethnic Jews also became part of the original Christian Church. Not all of them denied the Messiah (Christ).
      Another reason is
      2) At least, partly they originate from extremely well trained merchants (like the Dutch), that is natural selection. The Phoenicians were siblings of the Jews. The Jews escaped Egypt (a religious pogrom?). We know the Phoenician alphabet was influenced by Egyptian hieroglyphs. The Jews were also influenced by Mesopotamia (Babylonian captivity. Freed by the Persians). This is why Jewish ancestry is based on maternal lineage. Because their enemies were (obviously) killing the male Jews. It is part of our history. You could study it. The Ashkenazi Jews were also naturally selected merchants, mostly from the northern Mid-East region, to Russia, Eastern Europe and beyond. Yiddish is said to have specific vocabulary for financial transactions in the order of hundreds. Remember how professional classes worked in the Middle Ages. (cf. Masons). Remember how loans with interest were prohibited among Christians. It is also true (mentioned by Radagast) that European Kings would get loans from Jewish bankers and then expel them.
      BTW, at least 4 ancient historians refer to a kinship between Jews and some Greek (some say specifically the Spartans; others, Dorians, Danaoi). There is a certain 1960’s work named “Hellenosemitica” about the NW Semitic influence on Greece.
      3) The Old Testament. Even though most of my fellow LSWM brothers who hang out here have Protestant origins, they seem to ignore how amazing are the OT books. You don’t even have to believe they are inspired by the Lord. Therein you will find almost every literary plot used in later works. It’s all there. No wonder why Tolkien admired it.
      I will be back with some things about Christianity, because Radagast behaves like a teenager when talking about our faith. In short, Christians are not “leftist essentially” they are “resistance”. They resist against everything. I will tell you more about how they took over the Roman Empire. You must have HUGE BALLS to deny that the Emperors were gods, and refuse to honour the other State gods too, and State ceremonies (incl. the “Mysteries”).
      This is why pagans hated them: out of envy and fear. They were afraid of the pagan gods punishing them. Also, some Christians probably “knew too much” being ex pagans.
      Reminds ye of something? Yes, how the State (and some vaxx’d) hate(d) the unvaccinated.
      Well, I have said most.
      NOTE: Most of what I say is based on ancient sources (including the Bible)! Others are common ground.
      Let us grow, at last. Let us stop being like spoiled teenagers.
      One might say I am proselytizing. I say I am just being honest and true to my LSWM brethren. I have to step up and assume some responsibility about your well-being.

    • I forgot a huge reason, maybe the foremost, for having self-confidence:
      4) The Jews had “meaning” in their lives, bc they worshipped the Creator, i.e. a personal God. And if you worship Him as a Father (like Christians do), that gives you even stronger meaning.
      If you worship an impersonal god (denying that the creation has a creator essentially is believing in impersonal forces), then: “Hello, depression”.
      It’s just an obvious consequence, I am not telling you what to believe. I wouldn’t entice you like that into returning to your fathers’ faith. You have to decide that journey yourselves. I am just stating something obvious.
      And that is probably why Radagast likes the Jews, and even fell in love with an Israeli girl. Because they have “meaning” (even if incomplete after failing to recognize the Messiah) in their lives, hence they don’t suffer from depression.
      Europeans are depressed bc of their spiritual mishaps.
      Our brother in Christ, Jozef van den Berg, pray for us.

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