It only stops when you embrace it


Conservatives never really seem to recognize an opportunity when it emerges. Instead of embracing this new development, of children identifying as non-human species, they’re trying to stop it. What they don’t recognize is that you can undermine the legitimacy of the whole system, by tacitly endorsing it.

I’m telling you this now, so that you can grab the opportunity while it’s still here: Once they start demanding to wear their cat ears and their buttplug tail in class, have the LGBTQI+-ally moms try to stop it on their own. Stand by and let this thing go on. Let it run to its natural conclusion. Let it crash and burn. Let them see what they have created. This is a very brief window you can now utilize, use it while it’s still here, before they settle on a consensus on what sort of deviance should be tolerated in public and what is just a perverted sexual fetish.

Here you have an opportunity, to throw water into the engine of the machine that is consuming your children and turning them into mentally ill neutered wrecks and you’re not grabbing it. This is why conservatives always lose. Progressives see an opportunity for numerous changes and they grab the ones that work in their favor. Conservatives try to stop all changes and it blows up in their faces. The only thing conservatives seem to want is to lose as slowly as they can. They see slowly losing as a form of victory.

If your daughter spent too much time on Tumblr and now thinks she is non-binary, have her take a shit in the gender neutral toilet, next to the autistic boy who doesn’t shower and shits in a litter box. That’s the best chance you have for her to grow out of it before she decides to have her breasts amputated. You live in a society that has an ideological motive to endorse mental illness and the way to get rid of it is to push it to its natural conclusion, by tolerating more forms of mental illness.

Corporations love the non-binary and the transgender phenomenon because if you have no ability to have children then they don’t have to worry about their mid-level manager suddenly getting pregnant and dropping her responsibilities at age 38. The average Silicon Valley office is filled with modern day eunuchs (who prefer to be called transgenders) and spinsters (who prefer to be called non-binary), for whom the office takes on the new role of a family. The Fortune 500 company now no longer has to compete for your loyalty with your own nuclear family. Like the Chinese or Ottoman empire, the corporations created a modern day eunuch caste to administer their realm for them.

The role that conservatives have played for the past two centuries or so is to remove the extreme insanity of progressives that society isn’t ready for. Rather than letting the experiment crash and burn, they are like gardeners who prune the branches of a bramble that’s taking over the whole garden. As long as the conservatives prune the bramble, people don’t recognize that the garden is going to shit. So my recommendation is to stop. Stop intervening. Stop trying to let this thing run to its natural conclusion.

You don’t want the bramble, you told everyone it’s a weed that’s going to ruin the whole garden, they told you you’re overreacting and they get away with tolerating it because you keep pruning it for them. Stop pruning it, let it run amok, let their dogs get caught up into it, let them tear their clothing as they walk through the garden, let it suffocate all the other plants, let it run so out of control that they will be begging you to get rid of the whole thing altogether once and for all.

This whole genderqueer phenomenon is a product of mental illness, childhood trauma and perversion. Instead of letting this be obvious to the whole world, by not intervening, the conservatives attempt to suppress it to the degree that it starts looking like they’re simply normal victims of hate and bigotry, instead of victims of trauma and mental illness, whose escalating perversions are fed by constant access to porn on the Internet ever since they were little children.

Conservatives, by upholding norms, prevent people from recognizing mental illness when it’s staring them in the face. As an example, you should just drop dress codes altogether. If the transgender boys want to dress up in skirts and wear cat ears in class, let them. As long as you’re around to condemn it, the bourgeois parents of these boys feel enlightened and progressive. Once you’re no longer around to enforce dress codes and gender roles and heterosexuality and Christianity and all sorts of other stuff, they’re no longer feeling enlightened and avant garde: Now they’re just the parents of a boy in a skirt.

If kids want to be trans-racial, let them. If kids want to be trans-animal, let them. The longer it “respectfully” continues, the more children it consumes. The more rapidly it runs its natural course, the sooner it’s over. This isn’t just in school by the way. You need to accelerate this everywhere. If your coworker insists on using they/them pronouns, then the next day, insist that your own pronouns are they/them too. When they suggest you’re mocking their pronouns, be offended by the fact that they’re not taking your pronouns seriously.

And once the HR department has implemented policies on this, start demanding your own litter box.


  1. “When the enemy kills you, you win” – You, the galaxy brain

    This is you gaslighting the right under the flimsy pretense of accelerationism. “Let them [the left] see what they have created” Oh? Except we have had them ‘see what they created’ for 60 years. This has done nothing to stop them.

    This is your argument: “See! If you just let the left abuse your society and normality disappear completely and your entire society depopulate itself by perverted memes that turn all who PASSIVELY consume them into eunuchs, then you’d totally prevail over the insane people pushing these memes. Instead you’re trying to lose more slowly? Idiots!”

    You almost make an analogy to a situation in which the left let conservatives win, only for the conservatives to have that victory blow up in their face. Except you can’t actually substantiate a single example. Instead you do a bait and switch and start talking about how the left wins because they’re more good at winning.

    Why are you motivated to attack the right all the time like this in completely disingenuous ways? Because you’re trying to justify your position as smarter than everyone in the room. But you’re not smarter, you’re just a dishonest midwit who likes to justify evil to make himself look superior. Of course it’s disgusting that conservatives uphold the liberalism of 3 years ago. But all you’re saying is “give the left everything” which solves nothing.

    There’s an argument to be made for accelerationism, but you’re not capable of making it, as you’re too high off your own farts and superiority.

  2. >This is you gaslighting the right under the flimsy pretense of accelerationism. “Let them [the left] see what they have created” Oh? Except we have had them ‘see what they created’ for 60 years. This has done nothing to stop them.

    Well no.

    It has always been some sort of compromise between permissiveness and social norms that pleased the center and kept the whole thing functional. Even Democratic presidents have to pretend to be Christian and Hillary Clinton used to reject gay marriage until twenty years ago, because otherwise they risk losing Hispanic and black Christians. They got away with building this dysfunctional society by gradually and incrementally feeding it to you.

    Now we have the opposite, where the conservatives want permissiveness and the left wants to enforce its social norms, mostly with the vaccines. Again, what we see there is a conservative backlash that just delays the whole thing. The government can’t force you to get the vaccine, but the corporations and the colleges can force you to get it on their own initiative, so the end result is the same, but slower.

    The proper response would have been to let the whole thing crash and burn and watch as million of people just quit their jobs in droves. Instead the conservatives play the role of keeping the system stable and allowing the left to get what it wants by slowing down the pace at which they destroy everything.

    This whole thing only ends when you stop fighting it. It will consume itself through its own contradictions.

  3. Regarding gender preference (they/ them/ theirs, etc.), why not use “it/it/its” indicating identity and solidarity with the universe you(lizards, tapeworms, lichens, protozoa, rocks, trash heaps, water, planetary bodies, etc)?

    Don’t be trapped and oppressed by anthropomorphic pronouns, embrace the stars!

  4. This approach of letting them eat up the soup they cook sometimes works (like surgery often induces reality to cure gender confusion problems by enforcing sobriety of some sort (but not the happy one, and the person is not cured, but now differently broken, which is also not a productive result)) is that you are assuming that those unfortunate people will get well all on their own. Have you ever tried to explain to a crazy person that they are nuts? And to add to that feat, convince them that sanity is the solution?

    These people do not even know what sanity is! Instead, their life is a confusing, dystopian mess, and turning into human cat is an escape hatch from psychopathic parents.

    And if they suddenly figured it out and demanded to be treated reasonably, there would be insanity hell to pay with their abusive parent, who already has them eating cat food and who isn’t going to pass up the chance of escalating their Munchhausen-by-proxy abuse hobby. (and note, the abuse you see is usually only a fraction of what goes on when the door closes, think about the steps needed towards making a human demand a litter box)

    And how do you think this kind of damage can be undone? It’s much harder than messing it up in the first place, and I’m going to claim it’s impossible in most cases (with very good reason), what is worse, it also will be carried over to the next generation if that person ever has offspring outside of a culture strong enough to shield children from their parents. Even if they are not evil and crazy, they will not know how to parent their own children if they ever have AND keep them.

    We no longer have a culture that protects children from insane parents, but we have social services who use kids as pawns to make lots of money in the fostering business instead. A child that does not have protection is just a resource for predators who have total legal rights over their little slaves.

    But the ‘war of life’ (aka evolution) is about the winners, not the losers, life improves and continues by only rewarding success and letting failures fade into obscurity. Tao is going to Tao.

    And think about it: repairing one cat child takes as many resources as raising many sane children. And even if you repair the kitty kid, you still end up with a severely emotionally crippled person who is never going to be reaching their full potential and always will be a danger to people around them and it will hurt the people who try to help them and also take them away from much more useful projects. Mental illness is contagious that way, the damage is extensive and generational.

    What do you personally seek by wanting to engage with such comprehensive destruction? Of course, you are mostly trying to help yourself, because this is why we want to improve the world.

    All what we do is all about us, always. And that is a good and wholesome thing. Because when we lose who we are and what we want, we too end up demanding that reality changes to serve our illusions and demands, thus joining our prospective charges in their predicament.

    The pain of seeing failures crash and burn is mean, but if you really want to make a change, build the intact out of the wholesome instead, and remember the lessons life has taught you by showing you the consequences of doing wrong.

    So yes, you are correct, you must leave them alone, but sadly so, you should not hold out hope that they will reform.

    • All fair points, but it seems clear to me that this damage can only escalate because the minority of people who are actively pushing this stuff and the much bigger crowd of people “tolerating” it don’t have the natural outgrowths rubbed in their face yet. As long as this slowly continues, people just grow used to increasing dysfunction.

      I mean, send parents of 1990 to today’s society and show them a classroom where the white and Asian boys are incels or femboys and where the girls are covered in cutting scars and claim to be “non-binary” and they would do something about it. People accept it because hell is being built in a gradual manner.

      • Group consensus is always pushed by small group dynamics, and the attempt to bully members into submission happens all the time, I cannot think of a group that is not explicitly and consensually policed for ethical manners where this is not the case. Most groups eventually arrive at good manners in order to be effective, but getting there and staying there is another thing — results may vary.

        Btw, dysfunction is also happening because as we get older, our outlook gets more discerning and we focus more on details. So we just discover things that were already there all the time that we had not noticed and suddenly it looks much worse than it all is.

        And we can move our Overton windows ourselves too, in fact we should strive to keep it firmly in the sane segment (if we can find it haha) It’s quite simple (but not easy) — just refuse to take part in nonsense of all kinds, never ever validate any delusions of persons older than 5 and avoid the mentally unwell.

        About the 1990’s society who are today’s parents: a lot of them were quite the feisty deviants and far more serious about sex & drug & rock’n’roll than todays confuzzled kiddies. Punks and co fought (and at times killed) each other in the moshpits, got hooked on smack to be fashionable and didn’t much care about picking up Aids, because thet all were sure that ‘No Future’ was the all the future their seemingly futile lives would have.

        Their parents were the 50’s and 60’s generation and the only thing they really did about the crazy stuff the kids celebrated was: point and laugh at the feeble attempts to be cooler than their parents. And quip: I told you so if things went badly, but you made your decision, so don’t whinge.

        Actually most of the punks worked out quite decently in the end and managed to grow out of the worst. And those that were the biggest fiends often ended up being very pleasant, sensible surprises, a prime example is Mr. Johnny Rotten himself.

        (btw, maybe kiddie rebellion is also only possible in realms that we adults still find suitably shocking enough to give the kids the reaction that they need. Currently there is not much left, all sharks are already jumped and we are about to run out pronouns too. I think the next generation might just be able to dress dapperly and shock their parents properly with some ‘good stuff’ 🙂

  5. Progressive schools have become California: a place so ruined that even the progressives who ruined it are now leaving. Except the progressives will only move into conservative areas and then start ruining them.

    The problem is progressive politics and no amount of appeasement will result in its destruction. The conservatives have to battle against it but it is a never ending battle, it cannot be won.

    Idealism is built into humans and is only destroyed by experience.

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