It’s already here, but you’re too dumb to see it

What amazes me is that people are not worried. So far, Canada’s wildfires have emitted 410 megatons of carbon. The previous record was in 2014, when the fires emitted 138 megaton. The wildfires in Canada this year emitted more carbon than German fossil fuels do. They tell you that the carbon will be sucked up again when the trees regrow. But this takes decades to happen. Before that time you’re going to be faced with more fires like this.

As you lose the trees, the carbon in the soil becomes vulnerable. Canada has 384 billion tonnes carbon stored in peatland and other soils. So far, humanity has burned 681 billion tonnes of carbon through fossil fuels. In other words, Canada has huge amounts of carbon in its soils that it can introduce into the atmosphere, once the trees that keep this carbon in place are lost.

But the bigger question to ask yourselves is what happens to all these black carbon particles, the dark soot that enters the air. When the forests in Canada burn, black soot tends to end up on the Greenland ice sheet. This absorbs sunlight, thus warming up the ice sheet and increasing surface melt.

Canada has now lost 5% of its forest coverage, in a single year. Outside Canada, hardly anyone is paying attention to this. We hear about Greece, Libya and Maui, because people are dying there. But in Canada, the nightmares of tomorrow are being born right now. This is positive feedback. It’s what we were being warned about decades ago.

This is why the original goal more than thirty years ago was to keep global warming below 1 degree Celsius. Above 1 degree Celsius they realized there was a risk of setting off chain reactions by destabilizing ecosystems. Unfortunately, the world went with Nordhaus’ 2 degree target. This target was not based on scientific understanding of how ecosystems function. It was based on an economist doing some back of the envelope math.

We’re not at the point yet where positive feedback from ecosystem degradation overwhelms the anthropogenic forcing. But we have set a reaction in motion, that can now continue even when we stop pushing. If we somehow get our own emissions down to zero, we’re going to have to figure out how to sequester the natural emissions that we triggered, or how to stop those emissions.

There are still things humanity can do. We can decide to slam the brakes. We could transition to a minimally land-using diet. We can easily return more than 75% of land to nature. We can stop flying. We can grow crops like cactus fruit for ourselves on degraded marginal lands. This would rapidly reduce the greenhouse effect and reduce the heat waves.

But with every day this madness continues, we’re making it harder for our species to have any sort of future on this planet. We are instead moving towards the Idiocracy scenario: A world of low IQ people on a planet suffering dust storms and failing harvests, who are beginning to die of hunger.

You’re living in a situation, where people just no longer have the cognitive capacity necessary to address the problems they’re faced with. That’s the theme of Idiocracy: There are problems, they can be solved, but the people are just too stupid to figure it out. In Idiocracy it’s: “Wait, why don’t we just give water to the plants?” On planet Earth it’s: “Wait, why don’t we just eat the grain and soybeans ourselves instead of feeding it to cows and pigs first?”

We have a similar situation to Idiocracy, where a handful of people realize what’s necessary to reverse this global crisis and are willing to do what’s necessary to reverse it. The majority of people however, especially the low IQ low status white males, are in denial about the crisis and unwilling to do what it takes to reverse the crisis.

The mistake that leftists make is to think that right wingers are evil. In our society, the political right basically fulfills the function of representing the interests and worldview of people with a low IQ. That’s why the whole demographic rallies around a figure like Donald Trump, rather than a DeSantis or any of the other contestants. There are all sorts of anonymous nerds who see some sort of future in rallying the mediocre low IQ masses behind their own favorite autocrat, but dumb people will tend to rally behind a dumb leader, so I don’t give them much chance.

Every attempt at convincing the political right that something needs to be done about reversing the changes to our atmosphere seems doomed to fail. That’s because the political right now exists to serve the interests of people not capable of understanding complex problems. The evolution from “resisting societal changes” to “being too stupid to understand why something needs to change” is a relatively natural and gradual one.

It’s a mistake to think the modern political right just represents the interests of white people. Trump had a higher share of the black vote than most previous Republicans. In reality, the modern political right increasingly just exists to represent the interests of low IQ people, specifically people with low fluid intelligence.

Crystallized intelligence is your ability to interact with the world from learned experience. Fluid intelligence just refers to your basic reasoning skills. Our fluid intelligence declines a lot as we age, but this is masked by the increase in our crystallized intelligence. We become too stupid to adjust to new situations as we grow older. So when you see that Trump mostly has white people vote for him, that’s largely just a product of the fact that white Americans are older on average than non-white Americans.

It’s a simple fact of the matter that we all want to be smart. We want to have a high level of intelligence, especially as we grow older, but for most of us this is just not one of the blessings we were granted in life. The result is that anything people associate with high fluid intelligence tends to attract a lot of hatred. People with high fluid intelligence tend to be open to new experiences. As a result, they follow strange fads, like getting sprayed by a water cannon while blocking the road. This hatred is largely just a product of envy. After all, you get the same sort of hatred simply for being vegan.

When you see a low status white male on the Internet complain that someone should just hit the hysterical climate alarmists with his truck when they’re blocking the road, you’re seeing someone with low fluid intelligence, angry at people with high fluid intelligence. This is nothing new. In high school these would be the dudes poking fun at the kids playing with Magic the Gathering cards.


  1. Global Nazi revolution -> holocaust all POCs worldwide -> consumption and emissions drastically decrease worldwide -> ALL problems solved for a thousand years

    This blog is full of unrealistic and extreme solutions so you’d be a fool to write this off on that basis.

    Hans, build the camps.

    • This is also no more cruel than the cartoonish oppression you prescribe for those outside your climate cult, nor anymore unequal as you imagine that your climate cult would be the one doing the oppressing.

  2. I have some of those Canadian wildfire particulates securely buried in my pulmonary alveoli, where they will remain until they can eventually be sequestered underground with the rest of me, far from the Greenland ice sheet. So I feel I’m doing my part.

  3. Car drivers are in the millions.
    You will need these millions in this way or another.
    You are doing all you can to offend them and beat them farther and farther into the arms of the Trumpers.
    I never saw a blockade of a Chinese Embassy. China is the biggest CO2 polluter in the world. Never I hear any word about China from the “new normal greens” or some of “Do not buy made in China” which is cheap crap anyways and a lot of these white guys you complain about know that. Let’s not start talking about Chinese animal farms. Who actually brought up the topic that a c19 could have emerged in the toxic waste pools of Chinese animal farms. Not even mention it to bring it in the mix. This actually is not about nations! It’s about domination, you are right. But blocking others is a tactic of domination too, sorry.
    The same goes for the American military that is the biggest single buyer of fossil fuels in the world. I do not see “Sorry guys, a war in Ukraine does not seem to be very environmentally friendly”. And on and on.
    Start fight in three, two, one, Ding!

    • China is a communist dictatorship. I have even less influence on them as the Chinese do. If you don’t want them to dump their fossil fuel waste in our atmosphere, don’t buy Chinese stuff and don’t export fossil fuels to them. Unfortunately Australian LSWMs keep electing dumbass governments that export coal to China.

  4. Sure, in Canada more land burned, maybe 7-8m ha above the average:
    In the same time, in europe 5m ha less land than the average burned this year:

    It’s easy to mistake a volatile equilibrium for a catastrophe if you only look in one particular direction.
    That’s what bothers me about discussing the climate and our co2 emissions nowadays. People conveniently stay silent on all the observations that counter the narrative. Great barrier reef is at record high – no word about it. Much less than average land burnt in europe this year – we’d rather say nothing. Record wild fires in Canada – sure, it’s the climate crisis.
    next year when the Canada fires are at a record low, but in Europe they are above average, you will switch the argument, no?
    I guess that’s what you call fluid intelligence! You move the focus of the argument whenever it is more convenient at the moment in order to sustain your beliefs.
    And of course, everybody who is sceptic and is not impressed by the one-sided alarmist talk is stupid and low status. People who were arguing against lockdowns and mass vaccinations, including You, were also labeled stupid. Don’t do the same mistake, radagast. You are way too smart for this shit

      • Nope, look at the GWIS Weekly Cumulative Burnt Areas plot for Europe, that I linked. Mean, as well as min/max are calculated from data from 2012 onwards.
        Apart from this – deforestation and destruction of ecosystems is a thing indeed. This one will not be solved by any government, because it’s not profitable for the globalists that are calling the shots. They want you to focus solely on the CO2 because it’s profitable and they can advance their control agenda. That’s why I think extinction rebellion is misguided.

  5. Can you help me understand, what is a low-status white male?

    Consider yourself, for example. You are a white male. What is your status? What is “status”? How is it determined? Why is your status not “low”?

    Is status determined by something measurable, such as net worth, number of scientific publications, or something else that is real?

    Do political beliefs automatically confer “status”? If so, is this definition self-referential and self-serving?

    • Igor, you make a good point.

      I recently went back to school for another degree (don’t ask), and I had the opportunity to rub shoulders with the younger generation.

      It was depressing. What I saw were hollow shells of humanity filled with status anxiety. Not the sort of status anxiety that “Boomers” like you and I might remember, but anxiety about money.

      These kids glom on to any belief system that accords with whatever Regime-approved narrative grants them status and entre into remunerative sinecures.

      A sobering portent.

  6. “That’s because the political right now exists to serve the interests of people not capable of understanding complex problems.”

    Honestly, what else do you expect from a bunch of people who believe that the world is less than 10,000 years old and the product of intelligent design?

    Anyways, this is all fucking Bill Clinton’s fault. America had the best nuclear scientists and engineers in the world working at the Argonne National Laboratory. In 1994 they had successfully tested and were ready to start building fourth generation nuclear reactors. You’ve criticized the feasibility of nuclear power before because it requires a constant source of water as coolant. Not so with fourth generation reactors, they use molten salt as coolant instead. They were the solution to the climate crisis but then along comes Bill fucking Clinton who shuts the whole project down to pander to the anti-nuke environmentalists.

    It’s ironic that in the fullness of time, these deluded antinuclear “green” activists may actually end up having inadvertently caused far more environmental destruction than the MAGA freedom loving patriots mining coal in the Appalachian mountains due to their arrogant closed mindedness and irrational fear of nuclear power. Their insistence that 100% renewables is the only solution will end up killing us all. You need either petroleum or nuclear for baseload capacity, with supplementary renewables on top of that. That’s the only solution. They will destroy the world with their hubris.

  7. Get a grip.
    DOZENS of arsonists have been ARRESTED in Greece, homeless meth heads starting fires have been a big problem in Hawaii for years now, and we’ve seen Canadians setting forest fires captured on video.
    Express your sorrow for the planet in your eloquent way, it’s interesting reading, but don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.
    And hurricanes are wonderful.
    More hurricane doom, please.

    • I personally think it was all HAARP and space laser beams. Except in Hawaii, where it was all just CGI of course.

      All intended to make low IQ low status white males believe in Al Gore’s CO2 hoax. But they’re not fooling me!

  8. Meanwhile, we enjoyed today having a city river (TM) to with 22°C in the midst of September. Quality of life goes up each decade here.
    The more we all enjoy life more we care less. And right now some fireworks go zp.
    Sorry, but these are the facts of normal humans. Normal humans enjoy having a more equable climate. The rest is logistics.

  9. There are tough times ahead for me and my fellow LSWMs. Many will die of starvation, for others it will be like Mad Max: Fury Road but without the TERF feminism. Radagast will be recognized as a genius and invited into a bunker the elites have prepared for themselves. However, one day he will realize it was because he is a strict vegan. Poor Radagast will be on the menu! Oh, the irony.

    • Nah, values don’t determine if you’re intelligent or not. Hating humanity because it doesn’t fit your idealized version of man doesn’t make you unintelligent, it just means you have high standards.

  10. I feel transported back to reading stuff on the Interwebs some twenty years ago. Certain people were insisting real hard that, simultaneously, these things are true: (a) “IQ doesn’t measure anything meaningful” and (b) “The Left has higher IQ than the Right, and this is really meaningful”.

    BTW, Wikipedia has a page on IQ and Personality which tells us that the correlation between fluid intelligence and openness sits at a whopping r=0.17.

  11. Dear Rintrah,
    please consider the possibility, that you may be wrong in your assumptions. Sure, the climate change IS real (though I suppose, the climate is always changing) – it is definitely getting hotter, we have way more hot summer days and strange storms in Germany – but is it man made? I have my doubts – mainly, because the narrative comes from those, who lied to us about everything else since more than 30 years – bird flu, swine flu, BSE, sour rain (don’t know, if that is the correct expression – but they said about 35 years ago that all forests would die soon in Germany – and they didn’t). They also had said, that the ice poles should have melted by 2003, we should have been flooded by 2015 etc. Then Corona, the vax, before that the refugee crisis – and now Climate change, before called Global warming. Its charm is that you can sell it so easily – just like with Corona, when everything was a sign for Corona, now everything is a sign for man-made climate change (it rains – climate change. More sunshine – climate change etc.).
    So I would be a bit careful if I were you – the road to hell is wide and it is still paved with good intentions. And it bears nothing to start calling your opponents this and that and giving them bad names – this is a slippery slope downwards, better not go there.
    Wishing you that you may stay committed to truth! And that you may find peace (and clarity) of mind.
    Best of luck

    • I don’t blame anyone thinking that kind of stuff. Climate change is put over to the masses by the media, who insult everyone’s intelligence and try to manipulate blatantly. The Covid Fiasco, strange definitions of “racism” (The Indigenous is “racist” for resenting the Immigrant, but the Immigrant is not racist at all for turning up)
      IMO climate change is probably true, but I think it is impossible to combat it. There is only a limited amount of fossil fuels left. They are useful, you can power a mighty military with them, have an agricultural system with far fewer people out there physically busting their humps. Or have cars and planes for fun and showing off. People of all races love fossil fuels and fossil fuel derived ease, fun, and abundance. Most of them anyway. Much of my life I thought like Radagast, I get his position.
      I think fossil fuels will get pretty much used up, it’s just a question of by whom and how fast. An acquaintance of mine from Uzbekistan told me developmentfests are taking place in Central Asia, the Chinese, Russians etc are working together, using up the fossil fuels they control and building new shit.
      I think climate change will just happen and anyone who lives in a climate change affected area will just have to eat it. Lots of countries are just plantations or sweatshops. If we retire the annoying word “racist” which many people just are anyway, whatever they say, the world is “areaist”, some countries are very poor, kind of slave zones, and they produce stuff for the richer countries, the “golden billion” as the Russians always say. That is mighty unjust, you can’t blame anyone for wanting to leave a slave zone and go to an overlord country like the UK, where even a pleb can drive a motor and eat kebabs and hamburgers to excess. But if they do that I think you can say they are “racist” against the Indigenous of the fancy countries, and “discriminate” against their own racial brothers who remained at home in the unfortunate slave states. Because darn it, they buy the cheap bananas and clothing from the slave states, just like anyone else in a fancy country. They drive motors. They breed it up.
      Anyway my opinion doesn’t matter. Europe might get reduced, against it’s own will, of course, down to plantation/sweatshop status. Then the average man’s “CO2 emissions” would plummet. But whoever ends up the new overlords would still swig the oil and burn the coal, the fossil fuels would get used up, the end result would be the same.

      • There is no shortage of fossil fuels. There is enough reasonably accessible coal for 400 years of use. You can do anything with coal that you can do with oil and gas; it is just a lot dirtier. The earliest cars were coal driven. My grandparents had a coal furnace. In Appalachia there is always toxic smoke since people burn tires to keep warm; as everyone gets poorer it will be everyone and it will be coal. We’ll all be hot and sweaty and covered with coal dust like a miner. Maybe the particles in the air will slow the warming?

        • Yeah the idea that we will just “run out” of fossil fuels is wishful thinking. The peak oil movement was mistaken. Oil use will peak when demand peaks.

          With hybrid and fully electric passenger vehicles we won’t even suffer oil shortage anytime soon and even if we were to suffer oil shortages, we could just make oil from coal. Americans are back to driving massive SUVs.

  12. At first I thought you betrayed your working-class roots, gave in to the indoctrination you received at the gymnasium and started campaigning for the renewable organic nonsense.

    But now I get it: you are just faking it. You created this online persona of a preachy asshole because you want people to read your blog and hate it. You turned your online presence into the worst caricature of Greta Thunberg, because you want to generate as much backlash as possible against the XR do-gooders. You evil genius!

    You have gone so far that you make Fucko the Clown sound like the saner voice in the conversation. People now basically scream your name when they ram into the A12 blockades on their SUV. Policemen write “This one is for you Radagast” on their batons before clobbering activists.

    And all just to serve the people’s cause against the globalist elites! Go Radagast!

    (Please tell me you are some sort of 3d-chess manipulative psycho and you do not really mean what you write.)

  13. Rintrah,
    You have a talent for identifying the problems of our society, but I think you are not taking the best approach to constructively dealing with them. It’s almost impossible to get people to change their minds by insulting them. Once people feel insulted their defences go up, their position hardens, and they cease to really listen to you. Can I suggest that it would be a better use of your talents to try and put yourself in the shoes of those you criticise, consider what their influences, hopes and fears are, and then work with those to try and bring them around to your point of view.

  14. > … YOU’re too dumb to see it

    Sorry, just read the title as the rest is tldr and not brief & to the point in 3 sentences (you definitely have too much time, what about getting a job or into real life instead of indulging into self acquired low white male blabla):
    carbon is a blessing and NO commercial GREENHOUSE boiils up when it is flooded with co2 to promote growth (if so, it would immediately get used as greenhouse heater in sunny but cold climates) and they even collect data about uv-index, air pressure, etc.

    Whereas deforestation is real (and causing its typical weather EXTREMES of eroded soils like drought/flood or heat/freeze and stormy winds), co2 taxation is a hoax and only dumb people fall for the still unproven !!GREENHOUSE!! effect propaganda (in this case microcosm probably perfectly fits macrocosm) of so called expert scientists (rote learners of universities, supported by oral whores of bought press) – dude, go plant a tree/bush which grow best besides motorways for good reasons… (producers of pure co2 should be praised instead of being blocked, but being stuck in oxygen depleted UNreflective brainstem (btw: activates the UNbinary reptilian cloaca…) causes brainfog/stupidity & unhealthy attraction to similar fermenting hysterical/instinctual emos like goth girls who even paint their lips & nails in rotten/deoxygenated blood colors to symbolically warn healthy individuals of their dying condition FOR A MAMMAL, a predominant user of reflective/binary cortex (and its according genitals) and therefore INDIVIDUAL SOUL with reflective empathy** which detests any archaic/primitive swarm mentalities)

    And stop censoring your commenters by preventative dictating what not to comment as it makes you look not much different of MSM you complain about… (besides that: your content becomes increasingly irrelevant dull rambling instead of what you delivered regarding c19)

    ** brainstemers only have emotions/instincts and zero empathy (a REFLECTIVE cortex is needed to change perspectives), their veganism is a mere projection of THEIR righteous fear of THEIR inherent cannibalism – colorful/diverse egglayers are matter over mind r-strategists and the weak/defective simply become food and the reason why they seemingly paradoxically have zero “emotions” for unborn life (it simply is not their anxiety/emotion as they are already existing/independent – have you ever thought that YOUR carbon-hysteria might just project YOUR oxygen anxiety regarding your obviously increasingly CO2 saturated / deactivated cortex, taking into regard your increasing low white & mating issues as well). Thanks to medical mafia over the last decades (keyword thick blood & estrogen-receptors: any women who was longer than 3 months on pregnancy faking hormones is NO MORE ABLE to give birth to a first born / alpha/aerobe male/female, only sort of more or less braindead followers are the result) there are now tons of people with overactive brainstems, their heads are kind of fermenting vats (named autism or adhs or schizophrenia and else), expressing their rotting stench by each single exhalation (and its obvious/visual skin disorders) and the jabs are tremendously increasing this decaying condition, activating archaic/neanderthal(?) genetics, some hybrids even notice their own partial stench and call it parosmia, hilarious!)

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