It’s completely over for the goyim

Still less gay than crying about Israeli Apartheid

My 112 year old great-grandfather Rebbe Moshe ben Eli’eser just got back from his council with the other Learned Elders of Zion. Once he returned home the news he delivered was so fantastic we all spontaneously began dancing until we collapsed of exhaustion, I am typing this from a hospital bed in Rotterdam.

We finally have green light, the Messiah has been born in Jerusalem and already performed many validated miracles. A member of the house of David of unbroken descent, His knowledge of the Talmud is without comparison.

Tomorrow Gaza will be sprayed with Sarin nerve gas and designated as a new wildlife reserve for the endangered white scavenger vulture. Righteous gentile and 33rd degree Freemason Biden (just like Noahide Trump) will instruct the mockingbirds at CNN and Fox News to blame this on premature detonation of Iranian supplied faulty missiles.

Every Evangelical mom in America will then recognize that the second seal of the apocalypse has been broken. She will drop her kids off at soccer practice and hurriedly rush back home in her SUV to wave her low status white male husband farewell before he flies off to die defending Israel from the angry invading Arab hoards, never to return home in one piece.

Autistic NEETs will have their Internet disconnected and be drafted to be put to work producing ammunition. Eating meat will be prohibited as a violation of Tza’ar ba’alei chayim. Carbon taxes will be centrally implemented by the WEF and used to fund the war effort, even though CO2 is actually just harmless plant food.

The al Aqsa mosque will be demolished and the third temple will be constructed in its place. Dutch former mayor of Amsterdam Job Cohen has already taken a flight back to Israel, he will be required as one of the Kohanim to prepare to make sacrifices of red heifers.

This will be followed by hyperinflation as prophesied in the book of Revelations, only wine and oil will be exempt. Eventually this culminates in a quarter of the world’s population dying from the sword, famine, disease and (human) beasts.

Once the dust settles, it will become apparent that the Jews have discovered through biotechnology how to postpone death, along with the experience of the passage of time. The passage of time itself will be neurologically brought to a near standstill. Gentiles will flock to Israel, yearning to live as slaves of the Jews.

Even the most hideous of Jewesses will then have her own a polycule of handsome blonde gentile men (typically referred to by Jews as “low status white males” or sometimes “goyim” in older texts), who will clean the house for her, massage her feet, spend their days at the gym to look pretty, apply perfume to smell pleasant and shave their arsehole.

Equality is false however, so there will be none of this non-hierarchical bullshit. Every low status white male will know where he falls on the ranking and there will be vicious power struggles for the higher ranks. It will be more like the Chinese imperial court system, the only acceptable style of poly.

And there’s nothing you can do about it.


  1. Another, how should I put it, uhh, “interesting” post, I suppose?

    “Once the dust settles, it will become apparent that the Jews have discovered through biotechnology how to postpone death, along with the experience of the passage of time.”

    Slightly off topic I know, but do you still study the science of longevity in your spare time? You’ve made a few posts about it in the past. Do you ever take senolytics like Fisetin? Any experience with prolonged fasting in order to activate autophagy and stem cell rejuvenation? Have you ever taken a biological age test? AFAIK the scientific consensus now is that telomere length testing is outdated. DNA methylation testing based on epigenetic clocks (e.g. Horvath clock) seems to be the most accurate method now. David Sinclair (Professor of Genetics in Harvard Medical school) talks about this in his book Lifespan.

    This guy, August Dunning is very interesting. NASA scientist, he worked on mission planning for expeditions to Mars:

  2. You say there’s nothing we can do, but i think you severely underestimate us LSLIQWMs.
    It’s not so much what we will do, as what we REFUSE to do, and we are still in the majority in Europe and North America.
    We’re not getting “vaccinated” anymore with the experimental gene therapy, we’re not paying anymore exorbitant taxes to fund idiotic wars, we’re not approving anymore mass immigration of barbarians, we’re not putting up with retards blocking the roads on our way to work, we’re not signing onto the LGBTQCIA+ agenda and watching deluded men compete against women, we’re not going to eat ze bugs, and we don’t have any sympathy for the muzztards.
    As the proud descendant of an angry medieval peasant, pitchfork in hand, I tell you, do not underestimate the power of NO!

  3. Yes Baruch HaShem the day long promised by the kabbalistic calculations of Isaac Luria has finally arrived. Exactly as planned and known by me and other initiated Elders of Zion. However, no matter soon we will all follow Hanuman into battle against Amalek!

  4. As Frank Zappa once sang,

    I want a nasty little Jewish Princess
    With long phony nails and a hairdo that rinses
    A horny little Jewish Princess
    With a garlic aroma that could level Tacoma
    Lonely inside
    Well, she can swallow my pride.

    • Superstitious primitives cargo-culting ancient religions without understanding them. No, the cows aren’t magical just because they’re red, they’re cows. The only true prophecies are self-fulfilling prophecies. Ancient Christians believed Nero was the Anti-Christ, and the world would end when he either came back (not actually being dead) or reincarnated. The Anti-Christ already came and went, and the world is still here. The real apocalypse isn’t going to be caused by the building of temples, invasion of angels or other ancient prophecies; it’s going to the sacrifice of our world so human garbage can feed and multiply endlessly.

      • I totally don’t know the real Anti-Christ and haven’t sold my soul to him btw.

          • Coolest damn kids ever! Anyway I think you’re right Wombat, even when this universe ends, I don’t think it’s going to shock or surprise anyone; since in a sense, the universe is always ending, just as we are always dying.

            Nice song btw.

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